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  • Cranford is likely the best known novel of Victorian author Elizabeth Gaskell. Set in a small rural town, inhabited largely by women. This is a community that runs on cooperation and gossip, at the very heart of which are the daughters of the former rector: Miss Deborah Jenkyns and her sister Miss Matty. But domestic peace is constantly threatened in the form of financial disaster, imagined burglaries, tragic accidents, and the reapparance of long-lost relatives

  • A podcast by pop culture fans for pop culture fans. A discussion of the best in TV, Movies and Comics as well as our own journey as fledgling creatives trying to tell some stories.

  • Michele Dalai, scrittore, autore e conduttore, racconta 21 storie, una per ogni lettera dell’alfabeto, per affrontare e sconfiggere tutto ciò che ci spaventa.

  • A Unique Horror Audio Drama Podcast! Haunting tales, crafted to guarantee thrill and mystery, shock and illusion, phantom and imagination... Close your eyes and listen.

  • Heimsökt är en fiktionell skräckpodcast där varje avsnitt innehåller en fristående skräckhistoria. Poddens utspelar sig i Österbotten och besöker platser som Vörå, Larsmo, Jakobstad, och Vasa. Heimsökt görs av Amanda Sandvik för Vasabladet och Österbottens tidning.

  • Clear Skies is an actual play of Star Trek Adventures. Come Join the Crew of USS Ross- Captain Azeri Sull (Orion, them/them) by Sam de Leve | Executive Officer (XO)- Lt. Cmdr EXEO (Hologram, she/her) by Gina DeVivo | Chief Medical Officer (CMO)- Lt. Cmdr M'Qrell (Caitian, she/her) by Bonnie Gordon | Chief Science Officer (CSO) Lt. JG. Jane Lakat (Cardassian, she/her) by Revati Dhomse | Chief Engineer- Master Chief Petty Officer Theq Lynadas (Bolian, he/his) by Xander Jeanneret | Ambassador Olyn Madzhin-Nil (Deltan, they/them) by Aki

  • This is a horror roleplaying game "real-play" podcast, featuring Chris, his wife Kimy, and their good friend Tony. A bunch of folks who grew up in the '80's and occasionally like to hang out and play games on occasion, occasionally.
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  • Richard Brown Winters: bestselling author and legendary recluse. It’s been almost a decade since anyone’s heard from him, and most of his readers have given up hope of ever finding out the fate of wasteland warrior Casio Zook and his loyal falcon. But that doesn't stop one ardent fan from joining a ragtag group journeying to Winters’ desert cabin — and what they find threatens to destroy the Wintersverse forever. The Final Chapters of Richard Brown Winters is a Spotify original podcast and a Gimlet production.

  • Podcast for Tamil POP culture fans
    Marvel And DC fans are always welcomed

  • Intha podcast la Neenga Ketka porathu (Fitional Stories) Yenudaya Karpanai kathaikal. Ithu romba different ahhna kathainga. Ithula more new world's more galaxies and love, relationship, Friendship, war, Gods intha mathiri varum Friends.

  • At New Dawn, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Through our programs and services, we offer a range of innovative tools and practices designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, connect with others, and explore new dimensions of the self.

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  • Ruskiga historier, vandringssägner och magiska väsen i denna skrämmande podcast med Joachim Wilsson.

  • סיפורי פסנתר הינו מופע ספרותי-מוסיקלי שהעלה הסופר יואב בלום יחד עם הפסנתרנית ענבר רוטשילד. המופע משלב סיפורים קצרים עם יצירות קלאסיות לפסנתר. הסיפורים נכתבו בהשראת היצירות הספיציפיות ובהקשרן.
    ביחד, כל סיפור מקבל רובד נוסף על ידי שמיעת היצירה שעליה הוא מבוסס והיצירה מקבלת "תמונה" ספרותית. על הבמה, יואב מקריא כל קטע או סיפור לפני השמעת היצירה שבהשראה הוא נכתב או שאליה הוא קשור. כך גם אני מומלץ לשמוע את הפודקאסט הזה– לפי הסדר, מקטע הפתיחה עד לקטע הסיום, ברצף.
    לאתר של יואב בלום:
    לעמוד היוטיוב של ענבר רוטשילד:

  • Подкаст от издательства «Носорог», где о книгах и текстах вкрадчиво говорят авторы и специалисты: слово за слово. Так речь наполняется пульсирующей весомостью, создает облачное пространство смыслов, в которое можно попасть, слегка приподнявшись над землей.

  • Страшные истории на ночь с мистическим женским голосом заставят вас спрятаться под одеяло и начать прислушиваться к каждому шороху😈Не боитесь?! Еще не поздно повернуть назад!

    Ну что же, мы вас предупредили!

    На канале вы найдете:

    - Страшные истории;

    - Мистические истории;

    - Истории ужасов;

    - Жуткие рассказы.

    Будет сильно страшно и очень интересно.

  • Enter the mysterious and terrifying world of The House on the Borderland by William Hodgson and discover a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Follow the story of a man who becomes trapped in an ancient and otherworldly house, as he confronts the horrors that lurk within its walls. With its atmospheric setting, spine-tingling plot, and themes of cosmic horror, The House on the Borderland is a must-listen for anyone who loves a good horror story. So why wait? Start listening to The House on the Borderland today and let Hodgson's writing terrify and captivate you from start to finish.

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  • Ratapihalla vartijana työskentelevä Odessa palaa tajuihinsa junassa, joka ei suostu pysähtymään. Pian selviää, ettei törmäyskurssilla ole ainoastaan juna, vaan myös ihmiset keskenään sen kyydissä. Express on viisiosainen audiotrilleri, jossa yhdistyvät kuunnelman ja äänikirjan keinot.

    Käsikirjoitus, ohjaus ja tuotanto: Akseli Kuhalampi. Hahmojen äänet: Heidi Finnberg, Teemu Kataja, Janne Lonka, Elsa Kalervo, Anni Kröger ja Jussi Urpalainen.