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  • Driving Brand Growth is where:

    Savvy marketers come to find stories.

    Advertising veterans share their experiences.

    And gurus and beginners alike can share a laugh or two.

    As a team with a love for Storytelling, Content, and Marketing Strategy, we invite fellow professionals from across the industry to joining us on the show to share their wisdom and their passion for the work we do.

    Grab an episode on the go to learn about upcoming trends and tactics. These will help broaden your mindset and grow your brand.

    All you have to do is hit play.

  • This is a podcast for geopolitical enthusiasts, where we simplify current affairs so you understand how the world works and how it impacts us all.

    With this podcast we will uncover geopolitics in our everyday lives. From the books we read to the TV series we binge watch. From fantasy films to wartime documentaries, and all the travel that is now possible thanks to globally shared technology. Politics is everywhere and we can’t wait to share these geopolitical musings with you.

  • Performance Talk addresses key issues, opinions, theories within the modalities of strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, rehabilitation, etc... Our guests are recognized for their aggressive approach to improving the world of human performance In sport.

  • The Sport and Rights podcast is brought to you by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. Focusing on how the worlds of sport and human rights are coming together to achieve positive change in the lives of people around the world, we will be hearing a range of perspectives - from athletes, sports bodies, governments, trade unions, sponsors and broadcasters – on where sport is getting it right, and where there is still work to be done.
    Sport has a unique power to be a force for good in society. Join us for this new podcast on how sport can help shape a world that respects the dignity and rights of all people.

  • Tervetuloa mukaan maailmanympäripurjehdukselle Juhan ja Mikon seurassa!
    Tässä podcastissa seurataan Ocean Globe Race -maailmanymäripurjehduskisaa. Kisaan osallistuu yhteensä 14 venekuntaa, mutta meitä kiinnostaa erityisesti Tapio Lehtisen kipparoima Galiana With Secure ja Jussi Paavonsepän luotsaama Spirit of Helsinki. Tarjoamme päivityksiä muutaman viikon välein kisan edistymisestä, taustatarinoita kisaan osallistuvista veneistä ja tiimeistä, analyysejä veneiden reitti- ja purjevalinnoista sekä haastatteluja kilpailijoilta. Kuule hurjia tarinoita purjehduksen kultakaudelta ja lähde mukaan seikkailuun, jossa moderni teknologia jää kotiin ja luotetaan vanhan ajan navigointivälineisiin. 

    Sohvapurjehtijat instassa: https://www.instagram.com/sohvapurjehtijat/
    Ocean Globe Race: https://oceangloberace.com/

  • What's up friends! This is Guys Time With The Brys Podcast! Along with my co-host Chris Turak, we will dive into sports and entertainment topics from past and present and provide our opinions and commentary on some of the biggest news in sports and entertainment.

  • Do feminists just hate men? Is the gender pay gap even real? Join Aileen (@tindertranslators) and Dan (@the_nice_ish_psychologist) as they take on the myths of the manosphere, one 'fact' at a time. Content note: there will be sexism, and lots of swears.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • From hard-hitting to heartwarming, Hometown Stories will guide you through the Blue Ridge Mountains and into the heart of Virginia. Hometown Stories is a production of WDBJ7-TV based in Roanoke, Virginia.

  • aBout that is a podcast hosted by B. Terrell covering ALL things WNBA and women's basketball including analysis, interviews with players, coaches, journalists and more.

  • Dr. Carlos provides a daily briefing on national security from around the world

  • Jesse Morton, once an al-Qaeda propagandist, and Matthew Heimbach, former white nationalist and right-wing ideologue, discuss the threat posed by an increasingly transnational far-right wing extremist movement. Together, they dissect the nuances of key far-right propaganda pieces and discuss how they shape the constantly mutating far-right ideology and movement. By including personal experiences they hope to draw similarities across extremist movements, encourage others not to be deluded by the extremist mindset and to leave extremist movements if they are actively involved.

  • The Investigative Journalism for Europe (IJ4EU) fund supports cross-border investigative journalism in the public interest. It is run by the International Press Institute, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the European Journalism Centre.

    IJ4EU provides grants to journalistic teams collaborating on investigations on transnational subjects, along with editorial and legal support. It also runs the annual #UNCOVERED conference and the IJ4EU Impact Awards.

    Listen to the stories behind IJ4EU-funded investigations, from the journalists who worked on them: how they came across their subject matter, built cross-border teams, overcame obstacles and created impact.

    Visit ij4eu.net for more information.

  • Analizaremos diferentes situaciones de la actualidad e historia de las Relaciones Internacionales.

  • En podd om politik och samhรคlle fรถr hela familjen!

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Chris Mowrey (21) and Harry Sisson (20), two passionate Gen-Z Democrats, dive into the world of news, politics, and current affairs in their podcast, Chris & Harry Unplugged. Coming from a background of creating short-form content on TikTok and Twitter, Chris and Harry bring their unique perspectives and engaging discussions to a podcast format.

    In each episode, Chris and Harry discuss relevant political issues, dissecting the latest headlines and sharing their thoughts on the ever-changing political landscape. From policy debates to social justice movements, they explore a wide range of topics that resonate with Gen-Z.

    Chris and Harry feature special guests from various backgrounds. These guests, including activists, politicians, and thought leaders, add a dynamic and diverse perspective to the discussions. They also engage they're audience, answering questions via email: [email protected]

    Whether you're a fellow Gen-Zer, a political enthusiast, or simply curious about the current political climate, Chris and Harry Unplugged offers an entertaining and informative platform. With their fresh perspective and engaging banter, Chris and Harry deliver an unfiltered take on news and politics.

  • Tämä podcast on Arvoistasi politiikkaa. Ohjelman juontaa Kristillisdemokraattien puoluesihteeri Asmo Maanselkä. Olemme arvojesi asialla ja pyrimme käsittelemään poliittisia kysymyksiä sinun arvoisesti.

    Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan!

  • Sanavalta on podcast julkisen puheen, kielen ja yhteiskunnan ilmiöistä. Äänessä Maija Alander, Vilppu Rantanen ja vaihtuvat vieraat.

  • Kaikki Paskaksi & Ystävät on podcast, joka syväluotaa meemikulttuuria ja tutustuttaa ihmisiä admineihin meemitilien takana.

    Joka jaksossa käsitellään haastateltavan adminin historiaa ja tilien sisältöä, jonka jälkeen nähtävästi ajaudutaan aina uusille urille vähän milloin minnekkin...

    Ohjelmaa tuotetaan yhteistyössä Voiman kanssa.