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  • Game of Thrones: Season 8 Redux (GoT:S8R) is a ten-part fanfiction podcast, presenting an alternative final season to the HBO show Game of Thrones.

  • Podcasten Framtidsland är ett samtal med en miljöengagerad forskare om dennes arbete och hur fantasi, berättelser och science fiction kan bidra till en hållbar utveckling.

  • Life Without Consequence is an science fiction novel... in the form of an audiobook... posing as a podcast.

    The future of 2076 isn’t the brightest for Parker Ludere, but he doesn’t want much out of life. He’s perfectly happy to coast through the end of the world avoiding responsibility, selling moonshine to a local bar, and trying to stay out of his girlfriends bad books. Parker thinks he has all this and more firmly within his grasp when a neighbors suicide leaves him and his friend Benj in possession of a cell phone capable of teleportation. Of course, nothings ever that simple and the old friends quickly discover their new teleporter will only send them to a collection of seemingly useless destinations saved onto the device. 

    Despite its limitations Parker and Benj try their best to use the teleporter to their benefit. Sadly, they only succeed in making their lives, and the lives of anyone close to them unimaginably worse.

    During a last ditch effort to undo some of the damage they’ve caused the two friends manage to strand themselves in the past of suspected alternate dimension where problems for the duo only evolve. Jail time and sobriety don’t seem so bad in comparison shape shifting monsters and revelation that their new teleporter might actually be one of the keys to all reality.

  • Den här följetongen för lyssnaren till Byn som bjuder på färgsprakande överraskningar, slita-sitt-hår-frustrerande cliffhangers och lika mänskliga som magiska karaktärer.

    Hanna Silva är psykolog, författare och andlig vägledare. Då och då dyker det upp ett poddavsnitt om kreativitet, om att läka genom pennan och om att bearbeta verkligheten genom fiktion.


  • New episodes will be available for free every Thursday wherever you get podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early, uninterrupted access to new episodes.
    Friends growing apart happens, but creatures crashing a fantasy convention… not so much. 
    Five high schoolers bonded over the Bloodthirsty Hearts novel series turned slightly-erotic movie franchise as kids, and now it’s what brings them back together for the first-ever fan convention. However, what starts as fun and games quickly turns into a fight-for-your-life event as creatures from the same universe invade. Will the childhood friends be able to work past their differences and survive the night? Perhaps their shared obsession will prove to be useful after all…
    From the makers of Classified and Ronstadt comes Bloodthirsty Hearts, a supernatural comedy premiering everywhere July 7. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at
    Produced by QCODE and Tenderfoot TV (Up and Vanished, Radio Rental). Created and written by George V. Ghanem and directed by Sam Beasley. Starring Victoria Moroles, Gus Birney, Sofia Bryant, Sivan Alyra Rose, and Cheyenne Haynes with Taran Killam, Happy Anderson, Naomi Grossman, and Ezra Buzzington.

  • Den blodiga konflikten mellan de rivaliserande gängen Shottaz och Dödspatrullen har pågått sedan 2015. De inblandade själva kallar det för ett krig, och i krig är allt tillåtet. Mot en fond av droger, vapen, rån och svek, finns det en fråga som hänger obesvarad i luften: Varför dödar ni varandra?

    Tills alla dör berättar om den dödligaste gängkonflikten i Sverige någonsin, om en förlorad generation unga män, om en våldsspiral som inte tycks ha något slut. 

    Poddboken Tills alla dör är en förkortad, ljuddramatiserad och bearbetad version av Diamant Salihus prisbelönta bok med samma namn.

  • Stephen King-älskaren och komikern Jonas Strandberg bjuder varje vecka in en gäst och pratar om en favorit ur den digra katalogen av Stephen King-romaner, noveller och filmatiseringar.

  • In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township, Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley.

    Recently, their recordings appeared online.

    In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the recovered sound files.

    ”Tell me a story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley” is a serialized, found-footage, biweekly horror podcast.

    /// The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the podcasters and participants, and do not represent the official policy or position of the Iphigenia County Police Department of Porter Township, Pennsylvania or its associates. ///

  • Ljuddrama av Folkets Husby baserad på Folkets Husbys Trygghetsundersökning 2020 “Utsatthet och gemenskap i Järva” skriven av Leandro Schclarek Mulinari och Sima Wollgast. Trygghetsundersökningen bygger på 715 svar från boende i Järva och genom en story möter vi karaktärer från området som går igenom rapportens begrepp och statistik kring våld, trygghet, gemenskap och mående. Projekt samordnat av Nader Attiyah. Regi och manus, Nader Attiyah och Siamak Hatami. Produktion, originalmusik och ljuddesign av Siamak Hatami, framförd av Daniel “Badji” Badjelan.

  • سفرنامه ابراهیم بیگ، این داستان تاریخی از شاهکارهای ادبیات قبل از مشروطه می باشد که مفاهیم تجاری اجتماعی فرهنگی تاریخی و سیاحتی در آن به وفور یافت می شود
    علاوه بر این داستان در دیگر داستان های این مجموعه طنز و جد و عشق و شور و جوانی و پیری و جنگ و صلح و
    راز های زندگی

  • En tripp in i mina och kanske även dina mardrömmar.

    Instagram: riden_av_maran

  • Pojkmottagningen är dramatiserade terapier, baserade på autentiska fall. Psykologen Olof Risberg har arbetat med våld och utsatthet bland barn och unga i 30 år. För att klienten inte ska gå att identifiera är olika fakta och skeenden ändrade. Så även personer och platser. Nytt avsnitt varje tisdag. Producerad av Novel Studios. 

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  • Tales Yet Told is an actual play podcast, dedicated to telling weird and fun stories full of imagination, thoughtful characterization, and inclusivity.

  • Tales of Bone and Ice is a Horror Comedy Actual Play DnD 5e podcast with players from LGBTQIA2S+ and neurodivergent backgrounds, as well as Canadian Aboriginal. Set in a world of our collaborative creation, our story takes place atop an ocean that has frozen over long before we rolled our first skill check, as the gods abandoned the world for reasons yet unknown. Enhancing our story is entirely original music composed specifically for this adventure to create a more immersive listening experience for the audience. Come along and enjoy our Tales of Bone and Ice.

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  • A satirical dark comedy about Secret Societies and Internet Conspiracy Culture.

    Conspiracy loving Flat Earthers, Randy Dunning and Gayle Kruger, will do anything to make the next great viral video. They’ll even kidnap a Freemason and keep him locked in their basement until he tells them what the Masons are really doing behind those closed doors...

  • Two mental health professionals who are siblings start reading Jane Austen together. One of them, Kate, has read all of Austen and is very obsessed. The other, Theresa, has not and is not. Kate's hope is to convert them by the end of their Pride and Prejudice read through.

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  • Creepy Cuts is an interactive story based podcast with a different stories regularly. Stories are being developed as the show progresses! (Written day of) Join Creepy Cuts Reddit OR Discord for your input and discussion! Leave voice messages now here: .. All 100% original plus any write-ins sent with permission ( [email protected] credit will be given). Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Slasher + **Visit the webpage**


  • Enter The Knight - Batman Comics Issue-By-Issue - Detective