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  • Za one koji me ne mogu vidjeti ni nacrtanu! ;) Just kidding.
    Vratimo zajedno zabavu u čitanje i čitanje u naše živote.
    Tipkamo se i čitamo na www.bibliovca.com i IG @bibliovca

  • A returning fan to the Warrior cats series combs through all 70-something books in a hedonistic exercise of nostalgia and literary curiosity. Along the way, he is joined by other fans, new and old, from within the Warriors community to discuss the canon works, the fan works, and the impact the books have had on their lives. And also whatever else they think of.

  • Have you ever wondered how the user interface (UI) design was created for a game, website, or app you love? What about the time you were using a website or app and thought, "this could be a better experience, but I wouldn't even know where to start"?

    UI Narrative shares the stories of black/people of color interface designers and researchers and their contributions towards creating user-centered experiences.

    We also discuss Tolu Garcia's experience as a Senior Product Designer and how she continues to level up as a black woman in the tech space. Join Tolu bi-weekly to get constructive advice, tools, and insight to help you create successful products.

  • What lurks in Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau's basement? Subscribe to this podcast to find out! Cara has a knack for striking up casual conversations and you'll feel as if you are eavesdropping on candid conversations with rock stars, actors, comedians, authors and all types of entertainers. She has been a radio on-air personality in Chicago for two decades, currently on 101.9 WTMX "The Mix". This podcast is not affiliated with any radio station - it really is from Cara's Basement!

  • Want to learn the skills, techniques and strategies that will help elevate your career in the entertainment industry?

    Join Ashley Green each week as he lifts the lid on the things that have helped him and his clients, to pursue an ever-growing career in the entertainment industry.

    If you want to learn to book more gigs and make more money as an entertainer, you won’t want to miss this podcast.


  • Deliver Us is a paranormal Podcast brought to you by story teller James Deverell. All stories are based on true events.

  • Ami a könyvekből kimaradt: beszélgetések irodalomról, könyvekről, olvasásról.

  • باغ سبزعشق - داستان زندگی مولانا - نویسنده زهرا غریبیان لواسانی
    باغ سبز عشق کو بی منتهاست
    جزغم و شادی در او بس میوه هاست
    عاشقی زین دو حالت برترست
    بی بهار و بی خزان سبز و تر است

  • Discover every The Shadow episode currently available!
    If you like this series, check us out at https://otrpodcasts.com for even more classic radio shows!
    Audio Credit: "The Shadow" by The Old Time Radio Researchers Group

  • WANTED: The most attractive man in fiction. Join best friends, Lainey and Mariah as they laugh, and recap the romances they've read in their quest to find the number one man.

  • Tips and tricks on how to conquer business challenges, talking without filter, in all honesty from pure experience.

  • Sonica is an electronic music collective mainly focused on artists, clubs and events in Barcelona, London and Berlin. Send us your demotape or event info. Contact us at www.sonica.es

  • Between the Lines gives you the stories and emotions behind Bryan Hammond’s poetry!

  • Творчество выдающегося украинского художника и писателя Леся Подеревьянского собранное в его альбоме “Цікаві досліди".

  • Find out how video games get made! The official podcast for Game Developers Conference brings you illuminating conversation and commentary from brilliant people in the video game industry. Hosted by Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft and news editor Alissa McAloon. Music by Mike Meehan. Published monthly.

  • The Jewish Lives Podcast is a monthly show that explores the lives of influential Jewish figures. Hosted by Alessandra Wollner, each episode includes an interview with an acclaimed Jewish Lives author. Jewish Lives is a prizewinning series of biography published by Yale University Press and the Leon D. Black Foundation. Join us as we explore the Jewish experience together.

  • The unofficial podcast of literary misfits everywhere who want to engage with books of "substance" (i.e. serious, respected, heavy, philosophical, classic), or at least considered such.

  • Intimate, personal conversations with the biggest talents from professional theatre, tv, film, and more. Hear their secrets, what makes them laugh, stresses them out, and how they manage the anxiety of success. We feature both stars and creatives such as producers, stage managers, directors, press and marketing agents, or even the people who own the theaters or productions themselves.​
    This is a podcast for artists, made by artists. With over 2 decades of experience in film and theatre both as cast and creative, host Alan Seales speaks with Broadway, TV, film and beyond’s biggest talents to learn more about not only how the world of theatre and performing operate, but also what makes it so real and human. In-depth, personal, behind-the-scenes conversations will highlight special details of the industry that most people may not know exist, will always find out what makes the guests love their craft, what makes them tick, and what truly inspires them.
    Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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