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  • The Listening Skills Podcast brings you the first podcast that is completely focused on making you a better listener. Each mini-episode covers one listening skill that will help you powerfully connect with others. The skills taught in this podcast are the most powerful way to connect with others.

  • Welcome to Mum Made Me Do It.

    Join Saffron Barker and her mum Wendy as they chat all things mums and daughters in everyday life, totally unfiltered.

    They'll be chatting about everything from relationships to body confidence, growing up to YouTube, giving you guys some advice and getting their bug bears off their chests.

    Get involved!

    Email us with your questions, ask for advice and of course send in your bug bears to: [email protected] OR 07745 266 947

    Follow us on Instagram: @Saffronbarker @wendybarker100 and @mummademedoitofficial

  • Prvi hrvatski podcast o majčinstvu. Bez tabua. Bez cenzure. Iskreno o majčinstvu.

  • Pozdravljeni v podcastu Minimellows, kjer so tematike namenjene predvsem bodočim in aktualnim staršem. Nove epizode lahko poslušate vsak 2. teden, z različnimi gosti pa bomo zajeli čim več tematik, povezanih z otroki in starševstvom. Za kakšno idejo, komentar ali vprašanje pa mi pišite kar na [email protected] 💙

  • Egy haladó apuka, és egy kezdő anyuka babakibeszélő podcastja.

  • About unicorns hopefully with my twin and it is about newest toys and other interesting thing anyone is welcome to join for kids by kids🦄❤

  • Short daily messages of motivation for Moms! Challenges, guest podsters, laughter, stories, inspiration, and lots of love to share.

  • Life as a mum in this modern world is very different to how it use to be. We are all juggling a crazy amount of things and yes, it can be a chaotic, delightful mess. I am always on the lookout for ways to make my life easier and create more space in my day for ME. A lot of the time hacks and solutions to my everyday problems I have learnt from other mums. Whether it is organisational hacks in the home, what to cook, how to move my body, menu planning, kids, balance, homework rituals, breathing or just where to hide in my house when I have had enough of the kids and need a break.......This podcast is about everyday mums making things work. It is a celebration of wins and also failures because that is how we all learn. It is a community of mums and chicks raising each other up to thrive in this crazy mess we call motherhood.

  • Are you an Audacious Mama? A mom in business for herself who’s running the show at home, raising, kids, and building a profitable business? Audacious Mamas show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and they do! But how do they make it all work behind the scenes? Join Steph as she interviews victorious moms juggling it all and sharing how their home life ties into their business. Learn tips and strategies for getting is all done while staying sane. We’ll also explore products and systems that make life and business easier for work from home mompreneurs. Subscribe and join the Audacious Mamas Community - we’d love to have your input!

  • The one thing that I am sure of, is that I am not the stereotypical east london teenager that is often portrayed by the media. But I am definitely a teenager, and I definitely live in east London. Everything else, I’m figuring out along the way.

    In an effort to boost my confidence and learn a little bit more about myself, I am going to share some of my stories, thoughts, feelings, dilemmas and difficulties each week.

    Whether you are in the same boat as me, or an adult looking to learn a little bit more about the youth of my generation, I hope you enjoy enjoy listening.

  • V novi, deseti sezoni Ribič Pepe šest osnovnih šol postavi pred prav poseben izziv. Zapeti in zaplesati morajo na njegove pesmi pred vsem mestom.

    Otroci vadijo, združujejo plesne korake, pripravijo kostume in scenske elemente. A da ne bo šlo vse gladko, se vrača tudi Foksner! Njemu se zdi strašno zabavno kvariti tuje načrte, zapletati priprave in zavajati Kakaduduja.
    Kateri od šol je šlo najbolje? In koga je premagala trema? Se je največ ljudi zbralo v Kočevju, Kopru ali Ljubljani? Ali pa se je žur stoletja zgodil na Ptuju? Morda v Idriji, Kranju? Čaka nas nora, glasbe in zapletov polna sezona.

    Se vidimo vsako soboto, ob 8.10 na TV SLO 1.

    Na sporedu je vsako soboto, 8.10 na TV SLO 1, s ponovitvama v torek popoldne na TV SLO 1, in četrtek 18:55 na TV SLO 2.

    You tube kanal:

  • Doug Parker gives weekly cruise news, ship reviews, money saving tips, answers your travel questions, and helps you make the most of your cruise vacation.

  • Der Paartherapie Podcast ist dein Podcast für glückliche und erfüllte Beziehungen.
    Du erhältst psychologische Tipps, Tricks und Erfahrungsberichte aus der Paartherapie von Psychologin, Autorin & Paartherapeutin Linda Mitterweger.
    Der Paartherapie Podcast unterstützt dich dabei, Krisen in deiner Beziehung zu meistern und die Qualität deiner Partnerschaft langfristig zu steigern.
    Mit Hilfe des Paartherapie Podcasts kommst du mit deinem Partner oder deiner Partnerin ins Gespräch über eure Bedürfnisse, Wünsche, Ängste und Träume.
    Mit diesem Podcast tust du etwas Gutes für deine Beziehung - und damit für dich!

    Weiterführende Informationen:

    - Erfahre mehr über Linda Mitterweger & den Podcast:
    - Hier findest du das Buch „Paartherapie für zu Hause“:
    - Buche dir einen Beratungstermin:
    - Folge Linda auf Instagram: @linda.mitterweger oder unter
    - Anregungen oder Feedback per E-Mail gerne an [email protected]

  • In this unfiltered podcast about infertility, Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two Ali Prato, who went through secondary infertility and IVF herself, talks to women—and some men—about the messy, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking, absurd and sometimes hilarious journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby. Each episode tells a different story about family building, getting real about miscarriages, egg freezing, sperm and egg donation, IUIs, endometriosis, male factor infertility, adoption, surrogacy, genetic testing, single parenting by choice, LGBTQ+ fertility, living childless not by choice, depression, relationship issues, money issues, jealousy, PTSD, and so much more. Ali covers all of the outcomes in this safe, non-judgement zone: the happy endings, the soul-crushingly sad ones, and the ones still in limbo.

  • This will be for students, house wives, young and old generation... Stories which will/can inspire anyone to fight with little hurdles we come across while passing each day..
    And we ourselves can be motivation to some one else... Karo kuch Aisa ki duniya karna chahe aapke jaisa... Keep smiling keeping motivating...