Konst – Filippinerna – Populära podcasts

  • Locutor:Erick Arellano y Invito:Samuel Suastegui

  • Join the captivating journey into the world of K's Drama with the incredibly talented Karylle!

  • I am naratting my favorite wattpad Filipino books. Hope you enjoy :)

  • "Mahal pa rin kita kahit may mga araw na parang hindi iyon ang pinakamahalaga. Ang totoong kalungkutan ay araw-araw na pagkaligaw at gabi-gabing pananahanan sa kung saan-saan. Hindi namamatay ang pagsusulat hanggang kaya nitong magsilang ng mga bagong pangarap at paninindigan."

  • What happens when a cosmetic dermatologist / cosmetic surgeon teams up with a yoga instructor / holistic health coach and starts a podcast? On this series hosted by Dr. Vicki Belo with co-host Katrina Razon, tune in to explore more on the realm of beauty and wellness.

  • A serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander. Original text version: http://unsongbook.com/

    The novel was completed in October of 2020. Now this podcast has switched to short stories by the same author.

  • Hey everyone! I'm Tetsuo. Usually, I tell scary stories, folklore, or people's personal stories (love etc..).You can also find me on-YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCraIFA9a81yUP6v7L33f4MgFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/tetsuotellsastoryTwitch:https://www.twitch.tv/tetsu_oh Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/tetsuo2/support

  • Chào mừng các bạn đến với Podcast "Phát triển bản thân" từ Fonos - Ứng dụng sách nói có bản quyền tại Việt Nam.

    Nếu bạn là một cá nhân không ngừng học hỏi, luôn muốn hoàn thiện bản thân và vươn lên những nấc thang cao hơn về kĩ năng, tư duy hay nhạy bén hơn trong việc ra quyết định thì hãy đến với podcast này nhé. Podcast được lập ra với mục đích chia sẻ những bài học quý giá về rèn luyện tư duy, hình thành thói quen, và các phân tích tâm lý... được viết bởi những tác giả, chuyên gia hàng đầu. Hi vọng, bạn có thể "nâng cấp" bản thân mỗi ngày để có một cuộc sống tích cực, phong phú hơn.

    Podcast bao gồm Phần mở đầu và Chương 1 của tuyển tập sách nói do Fonos tuyển chọn và gửi tới bạn. Bạn có thể đón nghe Podcast vào mỗi thứ 5 hàng tuần bạn.

    Ngoài ra, trên Fonos còn có nhiều đầu sách đa dạng về chủ đề, thú vị về nội dung, mời bạn tải ngay ứng dụng sách nói có bản quyền Fonos trên App Store hoặc Google Play để nghe trọn vẹn các nội dung thú vị.

    Bạn có thể download ứng dụng sách nói có bản quyền Fonos tại đây: https://fonos.app.link/tai-fonos

  • Audiobook Podcast Spotify. We hunt down the best Audiobooks on the Web, refine them and make them available on Spotify to save YOUR time. All Audiobooks are made available for download. This is the best and most independent Audiobook Podcast Spotify, because it is not sponsored, nor influenced by any book company.

  • A podcast examining all things Silent Film and Silent Film adjacent. Episodes of the Golden Silent Films Podcast will vary, from specific single movie breakdowns and discussions to full length biographies of the icon's who make these films and this genre so classic.

  • The Pambatang Pinoy Stories is a read-along audio and video podcast, where celebrities read and give life to Filipino children's books.

    Each episode features stories from our local publishers and highlights our rich culture and traditions. Listen, imagine, and enjoy the Pambatang Pinoy Stories podcast.

  • LIT Junction podcast features conversations on and discussions of the country’s contemporary literary landscape. The podcast reads and talks about Filipino authors' literary works in Filipino and English as well as current events, issues, and trends in Philippine literature. Founded in 2020 under the Escaping Chaos Productions, the group may be reached via email at: [email protected].

  • Hosted by Jazzi, Rory, Rosie and Tim, THAT Eurovision Podcast that talks about all things to do with everyone's favourite international singing competition. Ranging from national selections and approaches to controversial opinions, the hosts try to fuse the Eurovision Song Contest with sprinklings of life here and there!

  • Join us as we explore the wonderful world of coffee one conversation (and cup) at a time. From beans, brewing, and everything else in between, we got you covered.

  • Listen to Love is an audio drama series that adapts popular romantic books into narrative readings by today’s top actors and young digital stars. The Four Bad Boys and Me tells the tale of a nerdy loner girl who finds herself caught up in the world of the notorious school heartthrobs called APAT. Will chaos ensue or will love bloom?

  • A podcast to get to know creative Filipinos across different fields. We discuss the strategies and beliefs that help us stay centered amidst the challenges of creative work.

  • A podcast especially for Filipino fans of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga

  • Let my voice to be heard...
    May pa gay'on din naman 😄

  • Ryškiausius savaitgalio renginius, premjeras, ką tik išleistas knygas ar ekrane pasirodžiusius filmus aptarsime pirmadieniais nuo 10.05 val.

  • What happens when you pair two different visual artists/creatives with unique viewpoints and juxtapose their experiences in conversation? You get spontaneous unscripted talk of lessons learned, peer-to-peer tips and techniques, and the real life highs and lows of life as an artist. Hosted by artist and gallery owner Doug Kacena, each episode is a provocative and intimate conversation with a different set of artists, all fully armed with opinions, life-stories, insight, practical advice and humor.