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  • I’m Matt Maruca, and this is The Light Diet podcast! After struggling with health issues as a young kid, I’ve spent nearly half my life seeking to understand how our bodies work in order to achieve optimal health.

    On my journey, I learned about little-known Western research from expert scientists confirming that our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, meaning that we are truly beings of light, and our body’s functions are controlled by light. This research opens the doors to an entirely new and deeper understanding of previously misunderstood Ancient Eastern wisdom about health, energy, and wellness.

    As the saying goes, heaven and hell have the same address: half way between our right and left ears. My goal is to travel the world and learn from leading Western Experts and Eastern Masters all of the things that we can do in our time on this earth to live in the states of bliss, flow, and love that everyone has experienced, but we have been taught to believe are only accessible under special circumstances.

    Achieving optimal health and self-realization in the modern world involves more than just diets of our food and exercise. It requires a new relationship with Light, externally and internally.

    Welcome to The Light Diet!

  • SULTYS – pirmasis podcastas Lietuvoje apie seksą, kūną ir santykius.

  • Apie motinystę ir pačius įvairiausius jos atspalvius kasdienybėje kalba mamos. Tinklalaidę kuria Marija Keršanskienė.

  • The Bear Market Brief (BMB) podcast explores politics, economics, and their intersection in Russia, Ukraine, and the post-Soviet space.

    BMB Russia & Ukraine is a project of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Philadelphia. Visit to learn more, or follow us on Twitter @bearmarketbrief or @FPRI.

  • Tesla Daily is a podcast covering all things Tesla, Inc., published every weekday. News on Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Network is discussed in a concise and consistent manner, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest from Tesla. Dedicated to keeping investors and customers well-informed, Tesla Daily host Rob Maurer provides analysis and opinions on Tesla as a company, TSLA stock, and the future of the many industries Tesla competes in. Support this podcast:

  • Hank the Cowdog, the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security,” finds himself smack dab in the middle of a host of tangled mysteries and capers that span the universe of the Texas Panhandle cattle ranch Hank calls home. Hank is joined on these tail-wagging, tongue-slobbering adventures by a motley assemblage of characters, not least of which is his less-than trusty sidekick, Drover, a small but uncourageous mutt. Listen in as Hank the Cowdog always claims to know the answer, is the last to realize he doesn’t, but is the first to run headlong into tales of courage, loyalty, and friendship.

    Hank the Cowdog podcast stars and is executive produced by Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey. Written, directed and executive produced by Jeff Nichols. Also featuring performances by Jesse Plemons, Cynthia Erivo, Kristen Dunst, Leslie Jordan, Joel Edgerton, Scoot McNairy, Michael Shannon, and John R. Erickson.

    Presented by H-E-B Proudly serving Texans since 1905. @HEB

  • Want to know how I've sold over $1,000,000 of beats online without relying on tons of subscribers or social media followers? The Midi Money Podcast is going to pull back the curtain and share how you can do the same. --> Learn more at

  • 2 года назад я написала книгу "Never Stop" про...

    Кто-то считал, что она про бег. А кто-то понял глубже, что она про настоящую жизнь.

    Я сделала аудиокнигу "Never Stop" для того, чтобы ее слушали на пробежках, и когда не хватает поддержки и сил дойти до конца, и когда нужна энергия, чтобы сделать шаг.

    А самое главное – она для тех, кто может читать только прикосновениями пальцев....

    Я решила записать свою книгу своим голосом, без профессиональных дикторов, для того, чтобы она получилась максимально искренней и честной.

    Маленькая мотивация в кармане.

  • Du bičiuliai ir kolegos psichologai, verslo konsultantai iš Kitokie projektai komentuoja aktualijas. Kuo mažiau moralizavimo, kuo daugiau gyvų patirčių.

  • Imaginable Futures and UNICEF present Learning to Overcome, a podcast series that features discussions with educators, innovators and entrepreneurs on strategies for ensuring equitable access to quality remote learning and supporting students’ well-being through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.During its peak, around 1.5 billion children and young people—or 91% of students worldwide—had been impacted by COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, schools around the world have had to delay opening this fall or implement a remote learning strategy. This abrupt shift has disrupted learning and upended lives, especially among the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Still, real-time responses during and after COVID-19 can provide catalytic opportunities to take a collective leap forward towards providing more inclusive and equitable quality education for all children. This time also unearths challenges we need to overcome to ensure children can continue learning.

  • Idiot besties playing minecraft and spilling the tea.

  • Psiaudo buitinė filosofija audio blogo formate.www.buitinisfilosofas.ltPATREON PARAMA: Support this podcast:

  • Powered by Gowling WLG, one of the world’s leading law firms, “Accelerating Business”, explores the challenges and opportunities facing businesses and business leaders in today’s global landscape.

    Each episode, we shine a spotlight on the change-makers, industry disruptors and transformational businesses and their leaders who are reshaping the way we work, live, and play.

    This podcast is for anyone interested in better understanding those forces that are impacting economic activity, whether regionally or globally, through the voices of the business, educational and government leaders that are driving and responding to them. Brought to you by one of the world’s leading sector-focused advisory firms, Gowling WLG.

  • Hosted by Shakera Jones, part of the SOMM TV Podcast Network, find out the wines that changed the lives of the most influential people in the wine and culinary worlds.

  • Welcome to The GRC Pundit Podcast with Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 Research. This podcast explores the challenges organizations face in the context of governance, risk management, and compliance and innovative ways to address these challenges through strategy, process, and technology.

  • In dem Podcast hört Ihr alles rund um das Sozialrecht, angrenzende gesellschaftliche Fragen, unser (Sozialrechts-) Studium und was sonst noch fürs Studentenleben wichtig ist.​

    In regelmäßigen Abständen sollen von nun an neue Folgen erscheinen. ​

    Falls Ihr Fragen, Anregungen oder Themenwünsche habt, schreibt sie uns gerne. Zudem könnt ihr uns gerne Feedback geben. Wir freuen uns von Euch zu hören!

    Bildvorlage: zur Verfügung gestellt von Daniel Reche auf Pixabay.

  • Do you want to learn about the current and future state of cannabis in Europe? Then look no further! Tom and his guests have you covered. Each episode ex-budtender (with a rock’n’roll past) and Smells Like Business co-founder Tom Pettit talks to different cannabusinesses, ganjapreneurs and cannabis specialists making it easier for you to enter, and better understand, the European cannabis industry.

    Theme song by Alex Camp, @campstagram1

  • Pagrindinė šių laidų prielaida yra ta, kad daugelį sąvokų vartojame nesąmoningai, t.y. negalvodami apie tai, ką jos reiškia, kokiomis jos aplinkybėmis atsirado, kaip keitėsi ir ką jos reiškia dabar. Tinklalaidės metu pabandysiu paklausti žmonių, tyrinėjančių vieną ar kitą temą, kaip jie suvokia ir galėtų paaiškinti mano pasirinktas sąvokas. Šių laidų tikslas – pabandyti praskaidrinti mūsų visų suvokimą apie svarbias politines ir socialines idėjas tam, kad galėtume vartoti žodžius labiau sąmoningai.