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  • «101 вдохновляющая история» – серия подкастов образовательной платформы BEMIND о людях, которые не побоялись рискнуть и добились успеха в своём деле.

    Ведущая и автор подкаста Алина Шепель создала этот проект с целью показать слушателям на примере приглашённых гостей, что границ не существует и человек может добиться всего, чего он желает.

    Inst BE MIND: @bemindintellect
    Inst Алины: @alinaashepel

  • Welcome to Duchess - the podcast where the Duchess of Rutland explores the historic homes of Great Britain, and meets the inspiring women who lead them today.

    Have you ever watched Bridgerton, The Crown or Downton Abbey and wondered what it's really like to be a Duchess? If so, this is the podcast for you.

    Stately homes are manors, palaces, and castles of great historic significance. They were built by the finest architects, adorned with the finest treasures and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. They homed the most powerful families and, with their wealth and social pedigree, shaped the world we live in today.

    Emma grew up far away from the aristocracy but her life changed forever when she married her husband - the 11th Duke of Rutland - and moved into Belvoir Castle. At once Emma became both a Duchess and custodian of one of Britain's most important buildings.

    The Duchess wanted to learn more about this world, these homes, and the other empowering women who, just like her, work tirelessly to ensure they see tomorrow.

    In this podcast the Duchess will travel to breathtaking homes, learn the epic tales of their construction, meet the historic figures that walked their halls, hear chilling ghost stories and the heartbreaking tales of romance. All of this whilst getting to know the inspiring, powerful women that work to find the delicate balance between preservation and transformation.

    Join Emma on a very special journey. This is Duchess, the podcast.

  • Herzlichen Willkommen zu unserem Podcast! Wir sind Lucrezia und Lisa und unser bilingualer Podcast beinhaltet sowohl italienisch als auch deutsch. Er ist somit für forgeschrittene Lerner einer dieser Sprachen geeignet und sensibilisiert für den Wechsel zwischen verschiedenen Sprachen.

    Benvenuti nel nostro Podcast! Siamo Lucrezia e Lisa ed il nostro Podcast sarà condotto sia in italiano che in tedesco. É adatto a tutti gli studenti che padroneggiano una di queste due lingue ad un livello avanzato. Cercheremo principalmente di facilitare il passaggio dall'italiano al tedesco e viceversa.

  • Le Monde et l'Agence française de développement présentent "Femmes en lutte, un combat mondial", un podcast dédié aux féminismes.

    Partout, tous les jours, des femmes et des hommes luttent pour l’égalité, la liberté, le respect. Ces luttes sont plurielles et le combat est mondial.

    Cinq histoires de courage et d'engagement, narrées par la comédienne Julie Gayet.

    Un podcast réalisé par François-Charles Domergue, co-écrit par Elodie Ratsimbazafy et Joséfa Lopez, produit par Joséfa Lopez pour Le Monde et Narration : Julie Gayet. Identité sonore : François-Charles Domergue. Identité graphique : Mélina Zerbib, Solène Reveney. Voix-off : équipe vidéo du Monde. Préparation éditoriale : Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Joséfa Lopez, Charlotte Bozonnet. Partenariats : Sonia Jouneau, Marianne Wachowiak, Valérie de l’Hortet, Hélène Guinaudeau. Partenaire : Agence française de développement.

    Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

  • Adele Doan - Career Coach. Mình nói về sự nghiệp, phát triển bản thân và kinh doanh

    Facebook: Adele Doan
    Instagram: adeledoan

  • Zapraszam w podróż po świecie kawy, biznesu i światach pokrewnych.

    Do usłyszenia!
    Łukasz Mrowiński


  • DJ Show "FROM TALK TO PLAY" - скромное провинциальное радио шоу про электронную музыку.

  • Jeżeli ciekawość jest pierwszym krokiem do piekła, to w niebie można umrzeć z nudów. W każdy czwartek premiera w Radiospacji, w piątki na Twojej ulubionej platformie z podcastami.

  • Welcome to "JOKES ON YOU COMEDY CLUB SEASON 2 !!" SERIOUS TOPICS ARE BROUGHT TO THE TABLE , discussed by the "Funniest of Men & women featuringTolu Afilaka , worthy chukwuemeka , Ayomide Jegede , Philip Okonkwo & Bishop Chukwu It’s all about JOKES ! #ProudlyAfricanFounded 23rd November 2019 Support this podcast:

  • In your city or mine?, Julio Bruno – Time Out Group CEO, culture guru and global citizen – chats to the world’s most influential trendsetters, thought-leaders and policymakers about the stuff that’s shaping our cities. Bringing knowledge and experience gained from a globe-spanning career in sectors that include travel, technology, media and e-commerce, along with active involvement in the start-up world as an investor and board adviser, Julio takes inspiration from the remarkable ingenuity that has surfaced across countless communities during the Covid-19 pandemic to ask his guests about the trends, topics, individuals and ideas that are transforming cultural and city life.

  • The LoFi & ChillHop Radio by Ol Wallace, bringing you an hour mix of your favourite lofi & chillhop music. Featuring labels such as: Cali Soul, BLNDR, Lofi Girl, Lofi Jazz Soul, ChillHop Music, PalPal, Effortless Audio & More!

  • Эксперты школы HackerU разговаривают с представителями IT-индустрии о том, как складывается их карьерный путь и куда расти специалисту. Рассказываем, как разработчику и пентестеру повысить свою квалификацию и какие вообще существуют пути для роста. Чем занимаются пентестеры и веб-программисты? Как устроен их карьерный путь? С чем они сталкиваются каждый день? За что любят и ненавидят свою работу?
    Это Mastertalk — подкаст для тех, кто работает в структурах кибербезопасности и стремится к постоянному развитию.

  • Все о цифровых технологиях: история развития и прогнозы на будущее.

    These videos address topics of the importance of people uniting before the impending events, about the peculiarities of relationships between people in society and the family, the causes of conflict origination and their resolution. About the freedom of choice and mutual respect. Cognition of oneself and observing the consciousness' illusory game. Why is it impossible to perceive the spiritual world with one's consciousness? What is true Love? About the peculiarities of spiritual formation of human, how to maintain attention and live by the spiritual world.

  • A Luke-based podcast that talks about things Lukes think about. Support this podcast:

  • At the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future, we bring together top Republicans and Democrats to transcend partisan divisions and explore solutions to our most pressing national and global challenges. Join veteran strategists Bob Shrum and Mike Murphy along with other Center staff and major voices in the Bully Pulpit for fun conversations that advance civil dialogue and practical politics. When President Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase bully pulpit, bully meant “wonderful”; and Roosevelt, according to the Oxford Dictionary, was envisioning “an outstanding opportunity to speak out on any issue.” Hear from famous people who’ve known success and setbacks, whether they worked for Donald Trump or Barack Obama, G.W. Bush or Bill Clinton, the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. The conversations go behind the curtain with elected officials, campaign staff, journalists, academics, pundits, and political operatives. Every exchange is guided by standards central to the Center’s mission: Respect each other and respect the truth. Opponents are adversaries, not enemies. And if you lose, don’t burn down the stadium. The Bully Pulpit was formerly called Election R&D. All our podcast episodes are available at The Bully Pulpit is a member of the Democracy Group network of top political podcasts about democracy, civic engagement, and civil discourse.

  • From the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex. In-depth discussions about research and knowledge that matters to us all, covering many of the issues and challenges we're regularly confronting, from psychologists known for their expertise on these topics.

  • Want to learn what really goes on in the recruitment industry? Ever wonder what HR really does or where your CV actually goes? Maybe you are wondering if this is the right time to move jobs - or maybe you are just joining because you love listening to me?

    Either way... the show will not disappoint. Each Monday I will be bringing you in to my space and the many layers of the recruiting industry. I am here to talk about all those regular questions you have as well as bringing on some awesome no nonsense guests to brighten your day!
    Join me on this journey and click follow to show your support!