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  • Hello, I am a marital therapist, communications trainer and author. I have thirty-five years helping couples and individuals make better relationships. I have written twenty-plus self-help books which include the international best-sellers ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’ and ‘How can I ever trust you again?’ My books have been translated into twenty languages. I trained with RELATE the UK’s largest counselling charity.

    Perhaps it has been turning sixty but I have become interested in spiritual as well as psychological questions. Who am I? What are my values – as opposed to my parents, my teachers and the wider society? What makes my life meaningful? What do I believe about life, the universe and everything? Although my clients might come to me because of destructive arguments, falling out of love and infidelity, they are also interested in having more meaningful relationships and a more meaningful life.

    So what is the meaningful life? Why do we so easily lose our way and get lost in depression, anxiety, doubt, addictions and obsessions: the swamplands of the soul? One thing I know for sure is that there is not one answer. Each of us has to find out for ourselves what makes our life meaningful. But we can learn from each other, share our experiences of how to navigate the journey, how to endure and learn from the swamp, and finally how to find solid ground.

    I have decided to use my original training in radio and journalism to interview witnesses for what makes life meaningful. Each week, I invite someone who is a therapist, academic, self-help coach or who has an enlightening personal story to share their knowledge or experiences. I hope our discussions will help you discover what makes your life meaningful and find more purpose and contentment.

  • Exploring ways to make your personal and professional life better with gratitude. We know that there are numerous benefits to being grateful including increased happiness, health, joy and emotional well-being. Hosted by Scott Colby of Say It With Gratitude, and the author of The Grateful Entrepreneur, The Daily Gratitude Minute empowers people of all walks of life to live in gratitude, lead with gratitude and love with gratitude in both a personal and professional setting.Tune in for your daily does of inspiration to create a happier and more joyful life!

  • Join best buds Loose Willis and John Travulva as they delve into all things DRAG KING.

    The Drag King Cast is a brand new comedy-cum-queer-culture podcast from the boys of award-winning, all women and non-binary Drag King collective Pecs Drag Kings.

    Esteemed kings John and Loose are used to performing in front of screaming crowds. Gazing at themselves in the mirror hasn't quite cut it during lockdown, so they're bringing the incredible world of kinging to your ears instead. Expect interviews with the best Drag Kings and Things on the scene, dips into queer history, sex and fashion through the ages with your favourite kingly experts and plenty of smashing the patriarchy.

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  • Two regular guys living on the beautiful island of Malta, with interests in gut health, research chemicals and spirituality combine, to go on a journey through the unknowns in alternative health, fitness, medicine and science to create more awareness for themselves, in turn providing small doses of positive information for their listeners.

    Jamie and Stephen aim to tackle difficult topics covering mental health, auto immune illnesses and spirituality, through interviews with experts and those who've experienced struggles, sharing their perspective and insights into how they managed to live with or overcome their hurdles.

    And they do this all with a smile, in safe place where no judgement is cast, for the benefit of the interviewees, listeners and their own growth.

  • Discussions of the many facets of Motherhood, with a particular focus on the Postpartum journey. You've had the baby - now what?! As told from a Doulas perspective, helping women to empower themselves from fertility through to postpartum. Sharing ways for women to be supported in order to heal, thrive and kill the mom game.

  • A podcast about beating anxiety through healing the underlying causes. And learning to acknowledge, discover, accept, and embrace the real issues in our life.

    I am an athlete, blogger, and coach who has inspired and helped people around the world with my open and honest discussion about anxiety. Having struggled with general anxiety, panic disorder, and OCD I know first hand how one feels who live with this struggle on daily basis.


  • A perspective on fitness through the eyes of everyday normal people

  • A podcast series to bring awareness to your breath and refocus your attention with the goal of helping to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and feel more energized. Since most mindfulness exercises are simple and short, they can be used anywhere and are especially helpful during times of transition or when you need to rest your brain to prepare for your next activity.

    St. Joseph's Health Care London's Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) treatment program provides support, training, and education for people with acquired brain injury, their family members and caregivers.

  • Welcome to the regular addition of The Burnt Chef Journal hosted by Kris Hall founder of The Burnt Chef Project.

    Join us as we explore mental health and wellbeing within the hospitality world and talk openly with our guests about the journey through their careers and experiences with mental health and stress.

    Listen whilst prepping, on your break, at the gym or at home as we discuss what a mentally healthy hospitality workplace looks like.

    We hope that you enjoy the content and that you find the open conversations refreshingly honest, relatable and potentially provide some tools to use to benefit you or your team.

  • Get the latest scientific information on health and wellness strategies, tips and tools through on how to live L.E.A.N— L = lifestyle - how we live, E = exercise - how we move, A = attitude - how we think and N = nutrition - how we eat. These are the 4 dimensions of LEAN program. You’ll learn a new healthy, sustainable and realistic way of living from a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Master Certified LE.A.N coach so you get real long-term results from eating real foods!

  • Welcome to Pathology Made Non-Toxic by Dr R. We will be discussing about the basics you need to know in Pathology. It will be informative for everyone interested in Pathology

  • Are you feeling stressed? Do you need more relaxation in your life? How about clarity and stillness? Join Yogi Bryan for guided meditations on stress relief, gratitude, relaxation, and so much more. Meditations open to all levels. Don't over think it. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and relax. Enjoy!Visit www.yogibryan.com to sign up for my email newsletter for exclusive meditations, memes, loves notes, and much more.When listening to the meditations please do not drive or participate in anything requiring your full attention. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/relax-with-yogi-bryan0/support

  • Sally Mullins is a veteran stand-up comic in her fifties who does older woman porn vids on the side. She offers advice to the younger generation on getting into comedy and/or adult work health and relationships. Questions are submitted by both aspiring comics, horny fans and full-on stalkers. Sally is the perfect "porn mom" with her cougar lifestyle and fun facts from the eighties and her guests are fellow creators on the OnlyFans platform. Check out the visual of Porn Mom Podcast on OnlyFans.com/MsJamieFoster

  • The LGBTQ+ mental health podcast. Rock bottoming and beyond. This is not a sex podcast, but if you came here for that, stay anyway. Contact us: bottomingpodcast@gmail.com @bottomingpod www.bottomingpodcast.com

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  • We’re all gonna die one day, but we can fight back!
    On est tous condamnés à vieillir, mais on peut résister tout de même!

  • Welcome to Springbrook's Converge Autism Radio, featuring viewpoints and insights about autism for parents and professionals who support children with autism every day. We select our speakers and guests based on their expertise and experience in the field of autism, and we want this program to bring you fresh ideas, practical tips and renewed hope. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily the viewpoint of Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health.

  • Join us while we talk to infection preventionists to learn the facts about infection prevention, the truth about some common myths, and tips to keeping yourself and the people around you safe. Brought to you by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

  • HAPPY LIFE - der Podcast für mehr Achtsamkeit & Entspannung.
    Meine Name ist Anna Katharina Leiner und ich freue mich, dass du hierher gefunden hast.
    Für mich sind Achtsamkeit & Entspannung wichtige Bausteine für ein glückliches und ausgeglichenes Leben! In diesem Podcast möchte dir deshalb verschiedene Achtsamkeitsübungen & Entspannungsverfahren vorstellen.

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