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  • Andersen Legal is the Greek member firm of Andersen Global that provides innovative and practical legal services on business issues that matter. Our mission is to follow your business wherever it is. Our team of passionate professionals creates a series of episodes to help you keep up with today’s shifting legal environment by analyzing trends, sharing news, discussing legal issues, and offering fresh perspectives on the legal industry's future. In a world overloaded with information, we shed light on the most interesting legal-related matters. Put on your headphones and stay tuned!

  • The Tortoise Investigates feed is the home of the best of our investigative podcast series, where you can find all our chart-topping, award-winning stories in one place.

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  • AG from Mueller, She Wrote and The Daily Beans Podcasts reports weekly on Biden's Department of Justice and Intelligence Agencies as we rebuild the damage caused by Trump, work to apply equal justice under law, and hold the Trump administration accountable.

  • In 2017, Jonathan Darling Reynoso and Audrey Luise Moran disappeared in the Southern California desert.

    Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, KTLA journalist Samantha Cortese starts to look at what happened in her hometown. She also worked there as a journalist, developing sources for half a decade.

    In this podcast, she shares what is known about what happened to Jonathan and Audrey; the investigation, the last time they talked to anyone, blood hounds, cars set on fireโ€ฆ No one, especially in this small desert, just vanishes.

    Follow Samantha in California Crime: The Disappearance of Jonathan and Audrey

  • “A collaborative project between political analyst Richard Heydarian and YouTuber extraordinaire Marc Gamboa on the latest developments, and everything in between, on the Philippine Republic's domestic politics and foreign affairs, the wonderful Filipino people, and the 7 plus thousand islands they live in ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ♥๏ธ”

  • Italia a Tavola è il quotidiano che si occupa di food service, horeca, enogastronomia, pizzerie, pasticerie, bar, salute, turismo, travel e wellness. Italia a Tavola è un quotidiano online (www.italiaatavola.net) ed è attivo su tutti i principali social.

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/justin-parnell/subscribeWelcome to Keep That Same Energy Podcast the Abbreviation KTSE stands for keep that Same Energy this is a Podcast hosted by Justin P , Maurice Savage Jr where we talk about all Major Sports NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL,NCAA men's and women's Sports and also UFC, Boxing , Pro Wrestling and other top topics as well such as politics ,Fashion , Business Promos, Hip cop culture , Music , Food Etc Welcome to the Podcast and Enjoy and always #KTSE ๐Ÿ”ฅ.

  • The co-hosts of "The View" are taking you Behind the Table to dive deeper into the big, headline-making moments that happen on the show every day. They’ll share reactions to some of the most talked about interviews, have candid conversations about their lives, answer viewer questions and sometimes our guests will stick around for an extended chat. Hosted by executive producer Brian Teta, our special podcast series will also introduce members of the "View" Crew that have made the Emmy award-winning show into the political and pop culture must-watch TV of a generation.

  • Corea La Buena es un podcast sobre cultura y sociedad coreanas presentado por Nhoa Lee y Jen Herranz, contado desde un punto de vista crรญtico y fresco. Y para frescas, nosotras.

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  • Rediscover the 80s is your retro news and talk station hosted by Jason and Wyatt. Listen to the "Memory Jogger" talk show for a Gen X mind jolt. "The 80s Weekly" delivers the latest retro pop culture headlines with reaction. "Rediscovered" reviews obscure TV, film, and animation from the '80s. Plus, more specialty shows!

  • A Block timer program in Home Radio 93.5 Cagayan de Oro, hosted by for former ABS-CBN talents, award-winner broadcast journalist Art Bonjoc Jr and the number 1 multimedia talent in Northern Mindanao, Bernie Bitokbitok.Weekdays, 7am to 8am. The show launched in October 12 2020. Bernie Bitokbitok & Art Bonjoc Jr.Gahi sa Balita! Gahi sa Kalingawan!Like and Share our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/GahiNiBaiOfficialalso Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqrgLS35lJBgHoGmQkcCPJQ

  • Welcome to Fashion Law Network! I am a patent attorney at Caldwell Law, the go-to firm for patent filers. This is a monthly podcast where I will be discussing fashion related legal news and lawsuits. If you would like to learn more about my firm, visit caldwellip.com. Enjoy and thank you for listening!

  • A series of podcasts by journalist Erik Green focussing on the 2020 US Election Campaign. Includes interviews with key political figures, analysis and commentary.

  • "La Cittร  Invisibile", attualitร , politica, testimonianze, arte, innovazione sociale, connessione capillare con il territorio, le sue attivitร  e la sua storia.
    Tutto questo racconta "La cittร  invisibile" riportando le notizie in forma tridimensionale fuggendo dalla superficiale frenesia con la quale circolano le informazioni.
    Siamo un presidio "Slow media"! ๐Ÿ“ป
    Il programma รจ a cura di Simone Iovine, Francesco Lauri, Giacomo Tarsitano.
    Ascoltateci, non fermatevi alla descrizione!

  • On Your Left is a political podcast hosted by Mj Kelly and Aidan Cox with the goal of educating fellow teens on current issues and political theory.

  • What happens behind the closed doors of the jury room? How do twelve ordinary people balance their emotions with the cold hard facts? Will they handle the pressure of reaching their all-important verdict? Brand new CBS Reality original series โ€œThe Jury Roomโ€ re-examines true crimes with real murder cases where convicted killers have always maintained their innocence. The accepted facts are presented to the twelve members of our CBS Reality Jury and you at home. As our jury reaches its verdict, we ask: in the CBS Reality Juryโ€™s view and in the eyes of our audience โ€“ are the convicted killers Guilty or Innocent? 'The Jury Room' Sundays 22:00 only on CBS Reality. SKY 146 | VIRGIN 148 | FREEVIEW 66 | FREESAT 135 THE JURY ROOM - A CBS Reality Original #JuryRoom

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  • When I was in second grade, I had a lunchbox with Bert and Ernie on it. On the lunchbox, Bert was carrying a lunchbox, with Bert and Ernie on it. On that lunchbox, Bert was carrying a lunchbox...and I wondered: how far do the lunchboxes go? Am I in a lunchbox too??

    You're opening the Infinite Lunchbox, for a fresh take on what's going on. I'm Stephanie Lepp, your monochromatic host.

    If you're new here, start with DEEP RECKONINGS, How to Transcend Post-Truth, and How to Agree on Science. If you prefer video, watch episodes on YouTube: bit.ly/influnch

    The best way to be in dialogue is to follow me on Twitter: @stephlepp โœจ

  • 4NEWS is Malta and Gozo’s first morning news roundup on weekdays, presented by 4MALTA chief editor Michael Kaden