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  • In 1991, I began my journey as a DJ, initially in Potsdam and later in various clubs in Berlin, although there are so many venues that I can't even recall them all. My time spent at Delicious Doughnuts, where I had a six-year residency, had a profound impact on me. Since then, I've developed a preference for playing sets that span at least four hours.
    Throughout my career, I've witnessed a great deal and consistently strived to uphold the values of the early 1990s. I've made a conscious effort to steer clear of any form of commercialization of techno and house, and I've never been fond of the DJ cult phenomenon. Instead, I've remained focused on the music itself, supporting emerging talents and ensuring that electronic music remains connected to funk, jazz, soul, and contemporary art.
    And if you're convinced by my sound then it would be great if I see you at one of the irregular gigs somewhere in Potsdam or anywhere. Please check:
    And - I really appreciate feedback on my mixes!

  • House, Tech House, Deep Tech, Minimal Tracks & Mixes.

    Our release premiere series are all selected by @ronmexicodj for consideration please email [email protected]

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    The Online Dance Music Authority.
    Dancing without prejudice since 2008.

  • Meditation music

    In case you need it

  • Az After egy hetente új adásokkal jelentkező műsor, amelyben Sajó Dávid, a Telex újságírója popzenéről, szórakoztatóiparról és kultúráról beszélget különböző meghívott vendégekkel. Elemzések, portréinterjúk, zeneajánlók és műfaji magyarázók mellett a műsor célja, hogy érdekesen mutassa be a jelen és a múlt legizgalmasabb kulturális és szórakoztatóipari jelenségeit.

  • Pure Hardstyle is a monthly podcast that will bring you the best hardstyle of the moment. A podcast where it’s all about the music. Selected, mixed and presented by KELTEK. KELTEK is the one of the most influential hardstyle artists of the moment, known from hits such as Dark Sun, Through The Night, One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 anthem) and Kingdom Comes.

  • A podcast about electronic music by Ben Cardew. Formerly home to Braqueberry and Philip Sherburne. Picking at the threads of electronic music. Now available on Radio Primavera Sound ( We also have a Substack:

  • The House List is a casual, long-form conversational show by music industry veteran Peter Agoston. Agoston got his start on terrestrial radio in 1994 and from there set off on a long journey that continues to this day. Years spent contributing print writing and photography for the likes of Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, The Source, Miami New Times, Wax Poetics and more. He also spearheaded an influential boutique record label and video magazine. For over the last decade he has worked as a booking agent. This podcast is a long-running return to form, as an interviewer.

  • CT DJ: Chris Thomas
    Glasgow, Scotland. UK
    Infusion Underground - Progressive House & Melodic Techno.

    CT has been DJing for over 20 years. He held a residency at Glasgow's Underground Club 'Soundhaus' and appeared as a guest DJ at several club nights and pre-club bars across the City of Glasgow and the surrounding area in the late '90s and 2000s.

    Infusion Underground is a monthly podcast of progressive house & melodic techno music selected and mixed live by CT.

    Turn it up, listen loud, get lost in the journey of the music and enjoy!

  • Your monthly dosis of the best peak time techno tracks from around the world, hosted by Belocca.

  • A bridge and catalysing element for the right artists to be in the right time and to get to the next level and maybe beyond.

    Secrets, views, music theories and lots of practical advices.

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  • Underground dance music imprint curated by

    Download latest release:

  • Ernie started djing in 1995 with Parties, Club, Bars & Weddings. While Djing in various nightclubs in the city he learned to love House music at the time hence created the alias Cevin Kullins pronounced (Kevin). While djing open format parties he has still kept his love of house music while expanding to all genres and starting his own entertainment/dj company in 1997. To this day Ernie dj's private function, corporate events and weddings.

  • Szénégető Richárd, vagy ahogy talán többen ismerik, RicS podcast csatornája! Minden, amit csak szeretnél, de főleg zene, filmek és könyvek!
    Ha bármi kérdésed lenne:
    [email protected]
    Ha szeretnéd, hogy több RicSCast készüljön, akkor támogasd az adást a oldalon! :)

  • Late morning show egy dalról.
    Vendégünk a zenekar, műsorvezető Csorba Lóci és Lévai Balázs.

    A podcast története:
    2020-ban Lóci megkérdezte Balázst, hogy nem lehetne-e folytatni a Dob + Basszust, ami a királyi televízión ment több mint tíz évvel ezelőtt, de egyfajta amerikai típusú rádiós műsorként. Balázs azt mondta, csak akkor, ha megmarad a nyomozás: ki lehet-e bontani egy dalból az együttes teljes történetét? Lóci pedig azt mondta, oké, de ahhoz ragaszkodom, hogy legyenek benne játékok! Egymás kezébe csaptak, vettek két mikrofont, és felhívták a kedvenc együtteseiket.

  • Zenével gazdagon illusztrált stúdióbeszélgetések népzenéről, dzsesszről, rock és popmuzsikáról hazai és külhoni muzsikusokkal, előadóművészekkel, mesterekkel és tanítványokkal. Könnyűzenei klasszikusok itthonról és külföldről. Új lemezek bemutatása, koncertek, események ajánlása, interjúk és zenék. A világ legjobb jazzfelvételei, ritkaságok a gyűjtő ajánlásával, nagy öregek és fiatal tehetségek bemutatása.

  • A podcastjében a hazai elektronikus zenei közeg legérdekesebb szereplőit ültetjük mikrofon elé.

    Sajtóanyagok, hirdetés: [email protected]

  • Online Broadcast of DJ's, Producers and Music collectors direct from Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia

  • Tune into the Neoborn And Andia Human Show, where every week, we take you on a ride through the highs and lows of our world with a blend of critical insight and unapologetic humor. Forget what you know about regular news commentary shows; we're here to shake things up. From tackling the latest global shenanigans to dissecting cultural peculiarities, Neoborn Caveman and Andia are not afraid to call it like they see it or to poke fun where it's due.

    Neoborn's razor-sharp wit and thorough research combined with Andia's deep dives into topics means you're in for a treat. They are opening up their tea-house of thought in a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of satire, candid discussions, and the kind of laughs that can make you think - and even them. If you need to escape from the echo chamber, this is a place where diverse perspectives aren't just welcomed—they're the main attraction. Can we build a living community with and for those who love to question, laugh, and ponder the world in all its absurd glory? Whether you're here for the incisive commentary, the belly laughs, or the sheer unpredictability of what each episode brings, you've found your tribe. So, if you're ready for something different, something that challenges the status quo while entertaining you, give us a listen and subscribe! And if you are in for more, visit our Patreon page where weekly specials and other treats are waiting for our supporters and fans. And if you like sneak-peaks, our YouTube channel has a lot, even from the interviews. Plus, on X you can even ask directly the Two Purple Rabbits.

    After all, the Neoborn And Andia Human Show is where serious meets the ludicrous, and everyone's invited to join the conversation and listen during your commute, your work or leisure time; this is for you who can think, feel and intrigued about art, human connections and this planet. But let's not just talk about the world—let's question it, laugh at it, and maybe, just maybe, understand it a little better together.



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  • Gabriel Dancer's one-hour compilation features NEXUS RECORDINGS releases, favorites from other major labels, combined with pre-release pieces, week after week.

    The NEXUS RECORDINGS label, founded in 2023, took off at rocket speed, since in just one month of operation, it is among the TOP 50 labels of TECH HOUSE and ELECTRO POP HYPE in the quarterly report of out of thousands of labels, and it is marching forward on a daily basis, presenting new music all over the world every week. from the wider world.