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  • Christine Dancke har i en årrekke snakket med artister om musikken og livet, og fortsetter her med det samme - hver mandag.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Official World of Ambient™ Podcast hosted and mixed by Stars Over Foy. The most relaxing space ambient, soundscapes and drone music in the WOA podcast.

  • Trzech muszkieterów mających zamiast szpad mikrofony w dłoni. Za ich pomocą, ramię w ramię i do ostatniej kropli krwi, bronią resztek dobrego gustu i przyzwoitości w polskim Internecie.
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  • Hugo Jarocki is a Circuit Progressive House DJ. His solo career begun in 2018 after playing around Europe with the duo XCUBS idealized and made by him. Colourful and full of energy by nature, he distributes happiness and freedom with his music in every party he plays.

    Brazilian, he lived 7 years in Dublin where he became resident of two big parties out there: PROFILE and DADDI. He started to gather attention for his different attempt to bring beats that you never heard before making his statement as “Less is more”. His signature tunes are grooved songs that moves people with the bassline.

    Currently studying music production to bring his House Music point of view to the world, always aware of what is new in the market and updating himself to better entertain and do what he loves most: connecting people through music.

    Parties played around the world:

    Beyond - Fire (London)
    L’Omega Club (Nice)
    Bigger Party (São Paulo)
    SAME - Duel Club (Napoli)
    WOOF Bear Pride (Luxembourg)
    UTOPIA Festival (Athens)
    Boate Metrópole (Recife)
    XTRA Party (Padova, Florence)
    VAULT (Bulgaria)
    Diversity Pride Party - Joy (Madrid)
    Rainboworld/Olympus (Malta, Nice, Lódz, Barcelona, Strasbourg)
    Mucca - Skala Heaven (Maspalomas)
    DADDI Gay Pride (Maspalomas)
    DADDI meets MADBEAR (Torremolinos, Madrid)
    AQUA CLUB (Torremolinos)
    BANANAS (Dublin)
    ToyBoy (Dublin)
    Euphoria (Dublin)

    Resident DJ:
    XTRA Italy

  • MindTrip music, Founded by Pfirter 2006.
    Reinvented and relaunched in 2012 under the new name MindTrip.

    MindTrip Music was the creation of Buenos Aires born Juan Pablo Pfirter in 2006. The digital-only label acted as a springboard for upcoming Argentinian artists and of course, Pfirter himself, introducing those talents to the rest of the world. Over the years, the fledgling label allowed Juan Pablo the ability to experiment and play with music, sounds and textures and develop his own sense of direction and focus. Collaborating and drawing influence and experience from fellow MindTrip Music artists like Jonas Kopp, Flug, Markus Suckut, Psyk and Monoloc, both the label and Pfirter grew in symbiotic proportion. But after 6 years and 48 releases, Pfirter felt the need for change.

    Having released on CLR, Stockholm LTD, Stroboscopic Artefacts & Figure, Pfirter’s brand of hypnotic music has touched dancers and listeners the world over. Not only limited to the clubs, Pfirter’s productions have delved deep into the experimental side too. This is the focus and framework of the new label.
    Juan Pablo reinvented and relaunched the MindTrip imprint, showcasing the full degree of his sound. The label changed its name from MindTrip Music to
    just MindTrip, releasing vinyl as well as digital utilising a bespoke artwork profile.
    This is MindTrip music!

  • Decibel is a project based on a club events, music podcast series and video sets. It all initiated with two fans of electronic music, Babiński & Lord who in the last couple of years have participated in organising many techno music parties in Krakow. The fascination of their favourite artists, observing them up close during showcases as well as personal performances on the other side of the decks resulted that early 2018 they started the Decibel project where you can hear DJ's presenting music that is close to their hearts.


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  • Electronic Podcast and Label with a lot of newcomers.


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  • An Indo-Spanish cross-pollinized record label!
    Home to Arjun Vagale @arjun-jalebee
    & Ramiro Lopez @ramirolopez

  • Ważne albumy utwór po utworze
    Rozmawiają: Kuba Ambrożewski, Borys Dejnarowicz, Michał Hoffmann

  • Kino, teatr, książka i muzyka są tym, czym pasjonują się ludzie inteligentni. To właśnie dla nich powstał podcast W Tonacji Kultury. Nasz podcast będzie miejscem gdzie znajdziecie wywiady z ludźmi ze świata szeroko pojętej kultury. Zapraszamy do posłuchania! :D

  • Muzyczne fascynacje między pokoleniami.

  • Blackout: Feed The Machine is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of Blackout, the label that releases all of your favorite drum and bass, founded by Black Sun Empire.

    For this podcast, we interview the artists behind the music, and talk to them about how they got started in the scene and what inspired their sound. What drives them, what limits them and how did they get where they are today?
    We also share sneak previews of new releases, so you can be the first to hear what's coming up next from your favorite artists.

  • STRONA B to podcast, w którym poruszamy drugą stronę branży muzycznej.
    Wychodzimy naprzeciw temu co dzieje się kulturze klubowej i nie tylko. Rozmawiamy i odpowiadamy. Zapraszamy gości i dyskutujemy oraz przedstawiamy to co było, jest lub będzie. Co tydzień będziemy poruszać temat o czymś innym.To będzie fajna przygoda i nowe doświadczenie!

  • Audycja poświęcona w głównej mierze muzyce elektronicznej, rodzimej scenie klubowej i festiwalowej, poruszająca tematy bliskie sercom czytelników Stałymi twarzami podcastu są Łukasz Kowalka, twórca audycji Duszne Granie, DJ i PR manager w agencji TBA Music oraz Hubert Grupa, content manager i

  • ✖ Вхожу в TOP 100 DJ’s России
    ✖ Треки играют лучшие диджеи планеты: Tiesto, Don Diablo, Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand, Ummet Ozcan, Cosmo & Scoro, Slider & Magnit и многие другие.
    ✖ Музыка ротируется на DFM, Radio Rekord, Love Radio
    ✖ Являюсь тёрнтейблистом (скретч, бит-джагглинг)
    ✖ Автор подкастов, набирающих десятки тысяч прослушиваний
    ✖ Десятки выступлений в городах России и Казахстана

  • "To me, it's always been about the music. Not only did I want to be a dj, I wanted to create music." - Rick Perez -

    "Life is a Party, Drink It Up." - Omar Perez -

    You can check out more tracks and mixes on and

    For all requests, email me at [email protected]

  • Nasi redaktorzy lubią rozmawiać o Eurowizji... Między sobą, z zaproszonymi gośćmi.