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  • Megtörtént bűnesetek feldolgozása MAGYARUL. Ha Te is True Crime és krimi rajongó vagy, hallgasd a sokszor hátborzongató igaz történeteinket. Hidd el, nincs jobb forgatókönyv író, mint az élet!
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  • A Sokkoló Akták című műsorban különféle megtörtént esetekkel foglalkozunk: retélyes eltűnések, bűnncselekmények, emberrablás, true crime, egmagyarázhatatlan, sokkoló esetek.

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  • True Crime Podcast. Ismert és kevésbé ismert megtörtént bűnesetekkel. © Julia Fél, minden jog fenntartva. GEMAfreie Musik von

  • PRETEND exposes the masterminds behind some of the most notorious scams and cons. From cult leaders to con artists and undercover FBI agents, this podcast pulls back the curtain on those who've pretended to be someone they're not.

  • این یک پادکست قصه گو نیست. پرونده های جنایی واقعی حاوی مصادیق خشونت، حوادث آزاردهنده، مسائل جنسی و سوء مصرف مواد هستند و می توانند برای کودکان و افرادی که روحیه حساس و آسیب پذیر دارند اثرات مخرب و گاه جبران ناپذیر داشته باشند

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  • Over the course of nearly half a century, Siegfried & Roy performed 30,000 shows for 50 million people and generated well over $1 billion in ticket sales. Although the German-born illusionists and pop culture icons were mega-famous, much about their private lives, eccentric public personae, and tragic final show remained shrouded in mystery…until now. Emmy®-winning filmmaker and journalist Steven Leckart, in his very first podcast, takes you behind the velvet curtain to reveal shocking moments, surprising details, and hidden truths about two men who were lionized by millions of fans, lampooned by the media, criticized by animal welfare advocates, and endlessly scrutinized by the public.

  • Each week, professional psychic Victoria Laurie will use her intuition to delve into an unsolved mystery and pull clues out of the ether. She and her cohost will also discuss the topic of intuition and mediumship, offering tips to audience members on how to develop and use their own intuition.

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  • A Podcast dedicated to UK missing people and unresolved cases.

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  • In June 1993, Elizabeth Stevens, 18, was murdered on her way home from the bus stop. Her death began a seven-week reign of terror for the people of Frankston. A serial killer was on the loose. No one was safe, not young mother, Debbie Fream, 22, taken on a trip to the shops, nor Natalie Russell, 17, murdered on her way home from school. The serial killer, Paul Denyer was captured and sentenced to life in prison. On appeal, he was granted a 30-year minimum sentence. Fast forward 30 years and Denyer has applied for parole. Award winning crime writer Vikki Petraitis was on patrol with police the night the final  murder took place. She wrote the bestselling book, The Frankston Murders which has never been out of print. Vikki has revisited the case in a longform podcast to remind the world why Denyer must never be released. The Frankston Murders Podcast uncovers new material and new victims stalked by Denyer in the lead-up to the killings. Vikki interviews prison guards, police officers, family members, and people caught in the periphery of a serial killer.

    Created by Vikki Petraitis
    Research and writing by Vikki Petraitis
    Audio production and scoring by Mike Migas (
    Audio production by Anthony Telfer
    Archive production by Catherine Seccombe/Arcdive (
    Archival audio supplied by The Footage Company / Nine Network Australia

  • Ένα ελληνικό true crime podcast με ξένες υποθέσεις •Απόκτησε συνδρομή επί πληρωμή:

  • Haunting Cases is a true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by Kaitie Gardner and Rhiannon Watkins. Kaitie covers chilling tales of murder, unsolved cases, serial killers, and much more. Rhiannon recounts paranormal happenings including stories of ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and urban legends. Join us every Friday for a spooky good time breaking down some true crime and paranormal cases!

  • .هر هفته روایتگر دلخراش ترین جنایت ها و سرگذشت قاتل های بی رحم خواهد بود

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  • A wild car chase comes to a tragic end in a Paris tunnel. Inside the crumpled wreckage, the most famous woman in the world. A decade of inquests by French and British authorities found the same outcome: “wrongful killing” at the hands of a drunk driver, complicated by a tail of paparazzi. However, 22 years later, unanswered questions point to something far more sinister. Fatal Voyage: Princess Diana is a 12-part audio documentary that follows Princess Diana’s fatal voyage and sets out to answer one question: What really happened that fateful night?
    Former Detective-Sergeant Colin McLaren returns to the scene to uncover a decades-long conspiracy of secrets and speak to the one man who will blow the case wide open.

  • This is the sibling to the podcast 'Spionpodden'. We are proud to have created the new English version of this series. Here you get a chance to go inside the universe of the hidden and secret world of spies, intelligence and disinformation (fake news) on all different levels. You will meet experts, writers, people from the entertainment industry and of course some spies themselves. The contributions of the different sources and guests make this podcast not just fascinating and unique it is also a history lesson on how we are where we are now..and maybe what we will become. So, we welcome you to take a part of the journey behind the scenes of the vast intelligence community with us.
    Creator, Mikael Hylin

  • True Crime stories from around the world. Hosted by Cork man Shane Smiddy.

    Socials; @thc.pod

  • Criminal Μinds: Σε αυτό το Podcast η συγγραφέας Μιμή Φιλιππίδη ερευνά τα εγκλήματα και τις τραγικές ιστορίες που συγκλόνισαν την Ελλάδα και τον κόσμο.

  • This podcast is about Lori Vallow, and the disappearance of her 2 children, and the killing of people around her.

  • Hey Creeps! I'm just your average investigoogler bringing you true crime stories like we are discussing them over a cup of coffee!

  • True crime podcast az áldozatok emlékéért.