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  • Образовательно-развлекательные разговорные форматы с комиками и не только.

    История на ночь: Женя Чебатков, Расул Чабдаров и Томас Гайсанов разбирают крупные исторические события

    SEGOZAVTRA: учёные + комики исследуют будущее

  • Life stories of people dealing with tax, from all over the world. Stories for, about and by businesses, fraudsters, judges, attorneys-at-law, prosecutors, authorities, politicians, professors, writers, journalists. Your host with more than 25 y. experience in tax has some stories too.

    Music by Karlis Lacis;
    Cover art by Mara Vulfa

  • 💡Lai stiprinātu no aizspriedumiem brīvu un seksuālo dažādību iekļaujošu, vienotu sabiedrību, atklātās sarunās kopā ar studijas viesiem - pašmāju seksuālo labklājību aktualizējošiem nozaru ekspertiem, viedokļu līderiem un sociāliem aktīvistiem - papildināsim savas zināšanas, paplašināsim savu redzesloku un iedrošināsim viens otru atvērtākai komunikācijai par personības seksualitāti un ar to saistītajiem izaicinājumiem un iespējām.
    Seko mūsu kanālam un uzzini:
    ❓ kas ir seksuālā inteliģence un kāds ir seksuāli inteliģents cilvēks,
    ❓ kādus resursus var izmantot, kuri veicinās Tavu seksuālo inteliģenci,
    ❓ kādi dzimumu stereotipi pastāv un kāpēc tie traucē veidot attiecības,
    ❓ kāpēc par seksualitātes jautājumiem ir jārunā,
    ❓ kādu nozīmi seksualitāte spēlē mūsu ikdienā.

    Gan šos, gan daudzus citus ar personības seksuālo labklājību saistītus jautājumus mēģinās aktualizēt klīniskā psiholoģe, konsultante seksualitātes un partnerattiecību jautājumos Kristīne Balode un aktieris Maksims Busels.

  • "Empty Inside" is a podcast where host Jennette McCurdy talks with a different guest each episode, doing a deep dive into a specific topic. General topic areas are comedy, eating disorders, filmmaking, jealousy, therapy, and the crippling sense of doom we all face as we desperately try to fill the void within.

  • Pieturzīmes ir pirmais valodas podkāsts Latvijā. Runāsim, diskutēsim un domāsim latviski par latvisko. Pieturzīmes cilvēkos, grāmatās un valodā.
    Aiga Veckalne ir valodniece un tulkotāja, kurai latviešu valoda ir ne tikai izglītība, bet arī aizraušanās, darbs un hobijs. Ikdienā viņa strādā Ventspils Augstskolā, kur arī studē doktorantūrā, bet brīvajā laikā vada valodas podkāstu “Pieturzīmes” un lietišķās sarakstes un iedarbīgas valodas seminārus.
    Ja vēlies atbalstīt "Pieturzīmes", to var izdarīt šeit: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pieturzimes.
    Sūti ieteikumus uz aiga@pieturzimes.lv!

  • Freedom Fridays is the safe place you need to be free and stay free. Your moment and space for inspiration and encouragement. Equipping you with the tools to break free from limiting beliefs and the ability to help someone else do the same. Join creativist and founder of All For Freedom, Michele Mitchell as she shares stories, spotlights others, and speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves. "You are more powerful and amazing than you could ever imagine. So come on in…it’s Freedom Friday." Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/freedomfridays/support

  • ctrl+s podcast ir par to, kā pelnīt, ietaupīt un stulbi netērēt naudu, lai veicinātu vairāk un atklātākas sarunas par naudu.
    Dalāmies ar savu pieredzi, aprēķiniem un izpētīto.

  • Casual interviews by a father & son duo with the most influential entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and more from around the world.
    We hear their life story, their hardships and what lead to their greatest achievements.

  • Gathering inspiring stories of how we navigate through this life in our human meat suits. From sharing tools for your body, mind and soul to talking about my own experiments with yoga from Western 'good vibes only' to strict classical yoga at an ashram, meditation and silence, psychedelics and microdosing, travels as a way to forget and embrace new me and most recently mindblowing Burning Man and re-inventing my own life from a very bottom of depression.Why? Because I want to know. Because you inspire me. Because together we grow, through support, understanding, compassion and love.Reach out, leave a comment and connect - IG: ommmsomeommmsome@gmail.comwww.ommmsome.com

  • Cilvēku stāsti. Par dažādiem karjeras ceļiem - gan kardināliem, gan viegliem, gan ne tik viegliem.

  • Sarunas ar iedvesmojošiem cilvēkiem dzerot svaigi spiestas sulas.

  • Trina Talk is the podcast where guests share their stories of pursuing their passions, doing what they love, living a fulfilled life, and empowering others.

    Trina Talk is a weekly unscripted conversation that will inspire, educate, and empower people of all ages and in all stages of life to focus, pursue their purpose, and keep striving to create the personal or professional life they deserve.

    The host, Trina L. Martin, is a motivational speaker, technologist, author, and retired US Naval Officer.

    Trina shares her experiences alongside speaking with brilliant people from around the world who are leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers on their struggles and successes which led them to create the life they desired. The conversations will inspire you!

    Website: https://www.trinalmartin.com

  • All guests are experts in a particular field, from CEOs and artists in the Baltics to media strategists and leading researchers from around the globe. Listeners get a glimpse into their lives and insights about their respective fields, be they economics, banking, media and others.

  • The SavvyCast is a podcast of the Family Savvy blog, where Jamie Tarence will host savvy guests to discuss real life topics that affect us all. Food and family. Marriage and divorce. Fitness and health. The Enneagram and relationships. Each episode is designed to entertain, educate and inspire all who listen. Everyone is welcome at the table! So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk.

  • It's about the emotional intelligence .How we can achieve high EQ level. If you will achieve it , you will definitely gonna be successful and happiest person, so work on it, it's not a task, its a life long process or skill should be master on it.

  • (Introvertiem draudzīgi) Saucam lietas, ko darām, vārdā, lai tās mūs kontrolē mazāk.

  • Welcome to Conversations with Kat & Tully where we explore Conscious Relationship, our journey through parenthood & deep dive into all things lifestyle creation.
    We are excited to share some magic with you all.

    You can come find us on Instagram at
    @the.kat.oconnor & @tullyoconnor

  • Dejotāji - atklātā sarunā par pasauli, dzīvesstilu, pašizaugsmi un nedaudz par dejām!
    Raidījumu vada: Ieva Biteniece un Artūrs Fatjkins.

  • Vegan Skinfood by Donata™ |
    Skin therapist |
    Educate • Tips • DIYs |
    Helping you achieve healthier skin, naturally

    Donata Joseph believes in making her mark and changing lives.

    In 2011, Ms. Joseph founded Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation to empower families of children with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She wanted to share her experiences, challenges and tips for raising two children diagnosed with ADHD.

    In 2012, she decided to break the silence and address the escalating issues of
    Domestic Violence. Her blog, Behind Closed Doors, chronicled a seven-year abusive relationship. The post elicited responses from people all over the world. The Foundation sponsors events and programs that bridge the gap between mental health and healthy relationships. Through motivational speaking, youth mentoring and parenting education, she encourages, empowers and elevates individuals in all walks of life to reflect on their overall mental wellness. Prior to founding Adding Doses of HOPE Daily foundation, Ms. Joseph volunteered in a variety of community settings, including nonprofit organizations, youth centers and churches.

    In 2013, Ms. Joseph created DONATA, a natural vegan skinfood line that also offers skincare, nutrition and health seminars. She uses this platform to empower teens and adults to see the connection between their mind, body and spirit. The proceeds from DONATA help fund programs for Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation.

    Ms. Joseph obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida International University with an emphasis in Behavioral Analysis. She was a research assistant in the University’s Center for Children and Families, where she focused on research and treatment of evidence-based approaches in child and adolescent mental health. Ms. Joseph is currently enrolled in a dual program to obtain her Bachelor’s in Health Science and a Master’s in Oriental Medicine.

    She lives in Miami, Florida with her three children.