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  • This is Life is a fun, interactive and conversational podcast where we discuss real issues with a positive and wholesome perspective. Engage with Cornelius and Heather Lindsay during their special segment, "Ask the Lindseys," where you can ask real questions and receive real answers. We’re talking about everyday issues that affect everyday people with personal insight and our own mix of straight-talk and humor. New episodes every Friday morning. Hope you join us! Subscribe today!

  • Derek Broes', former life, he served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at Paramount Pictures, A Viacom Company. At Paramount Broes has been responsible for establishing digital strategy, marketing and helping to drive the companies most public partnerships such as the Apple Itunes, Amazon, and Walmart partnerships. Prior to joining Paramount in 2006 Derek lead the global wireless strategy and business development team for Windows Media® at Microsoft Corp., pushing entertainment convergence within the wireless space. Broes has been at the forefront of media and technology for more than a decade and is nationally recognized as an influential leader in the film and high-tech industries.

    Before joining Microsoft, Broes was an entrepreneur of successful media and technology companies, including the post-production feature film industry’s first all-digital post-production sound design and editing facility, located in Burbank, Calif.

    He was appointed as executive vice president for the world’s largest streaming media aggregator and later as chairman and chief executive officer of a digital media security company. Broes also helped pioneer the development of key technologies used by copyright owners in preventing piracy of music and films over the Internet’s peer-to-peer community.

    Broes started his career in Los Angeles, where he spearheaded a production company called Goodbro Pictures with Hollywood star and partner Cuba Gooding Jr. Broes was Gooding’s personal manager and later executive producer through several critically acclaimed and successful films, including the popular “Jerry Maguire,” for which Gooding earned an Academy Award.

    In addition, in May 2002, Broes founded the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) , a nonprofit organization working toward a viable framework for the Internet peer-to-peer community agreeable .

    He now teaches truth.

  • The podcast of faith, home, and lifestyle blogger, Edie Wadsworth, author of the popular blog, lifeingrace.

  • Join Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi as he unravels one of the most heart-wrenching stories in the the Seerah of the Prophet (SAW).

    Study the biography of the single greatest human being that ever walked the surface of this earth, whom Allah sent as a Mercy to Mankind.

    For any general feedback or technical issues please contact: [email protected]
    If you would like to support: Please keep Yasir Qadhi and me in your Duas.

    Copyright @ Memphis Islamic Center

  • Training prophets since 1999 Apostles Craig and Colette Toach have seen all the patterns and quirks that make up the Lord’s prophet. Never fitting in, passionately loving Jesus, and always saying the wrong thing... you are in good company. Everything changes from here prophet! The moment you push play to listen to this podcast your whole world will be flipped upside down as you discover how the Lord has been grooming you to become his treasured next gen prophet.

    Welcome to the place where fitting out is fitting in!

    Connect with Craig and Colette Toach:

  • Décryptage religieux ou spirituel.
    Une production de RTSreligion présentée par Carole Pirker.
    Fichiers audio disponibles durant 30 jour(s) après diffusion. - Pour un usage privé exclusivement.

  • A show covering everything paranormal, from Ghosts, Ufo's, bigfoot, Demons and More!

  • This Podcast features the ministries of Generations Church Leaders and Guests. For more information about Generations Church of Granbury go to

  • Beschreibung Herz über Kopf – Spiritualität erleben – Dein Podcast für Spiritualität, (Selbst)-Bewusstsein und Lebensfreude. Hier werden spirituelle Themen, einfach und bodenständig angeschaut. Es erwarten dich Coaching-Tipps, Geschichten aus meinem Leben und eine Menge Herzlichkeit. Ich freue mich auf dich.

  • Der offizielle "LIEBEZURBIBEL" Podcast zum bestehenden Instagram und YouTube Kanal von LIEBEZURBIBEL.

  • The Next Level Soulยฎ Podcast is a podcast that helps you navigate life's journey and connect with the power within you to make changes in your life. Host Alex Ferrari asks the big questions about living and thriving in the world today by having candid and inspiring conversations with some of the world's best teachers and thought leaders from every walk of life.

    The show discusses all the mysteries of life's journey and reality. Topics like: Spirituality, Near Death Experiences, Channelers, Quantum Physics, Creativity, Ancient Civilizations, Lost History, Spiritual Masters, End of Life, Mindset, and Healing & Wellness. We are here to help you shift your level of consciousness and help you on your life's journey.

    New episodes of Next Level Soul air every week anywhere you listen to podcasts. Let's take your SOUL to the next level. To learn more, visit our website at

    Guest Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guests and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any, Alex Ferrari, subsidiaries, or any corporate entities they represent.

    This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

  • Ici tu peux écouter les podcasts de HOME LAUSANNE.

  • Information: Dieser Video Podcast wird per Ende Juli 2021 eingestellt. Künftige und bisherige Episoden finden Sie auf unserem Play SRF Portal ( Die «Sternstunde Religion» ordnet ein, fragt nach und schafft Zusammenhänge – in Form von Dokumentarfilmen oder Gesprächen.

  • Anything that I can provide to aid witches on their path in witchcraft

  • Der Wunsch nach einem Leben im Jetzt dürfte den meisten nicht unbekannt sein. Wir leben in der Vergangenheit und in der Zukunft, denken über Worte und Taten nach, die im Gestern oder Morgen liegen, und vergessen dabei immer wieder, den jetzigen Moment zu leben. Wir wollen uns dem Jetzt voll und ganz widmen! Im Rahmen der Eckhart Tolle Tour 2019 erscheint nun unser Podcast „Jetzt oder nie! – Tolle | Typen | Talks“. Unser Verleger Joachim Kamphausen spricht mit AutorInnen und KollegInnen über ihre Erfahrung mit der Lehre Eckhart Tolles.
    - Ein Podcast der Kamphausen Media GmbH

  • Lowercase Kingdoms with Ariel Anderton offers inspiration, encouragement and specific approaches for maturing believers in Jesus to know, grow and guard their hearts so that the Kingdom of God grows in their lives. If there are places in your life that feel disconnected from love or where you know there are opportunities to grow in relationships (so that is all of us, dear hearts, as we wait for Jesus to come a 2nd time - am I right?) this show is devoted to partnering with the Holy Spirit in our lives to connect to God's love and all that He has for us. Let's drive out fear, shame and death by the Spirit, with Love and let Him pour into us, restoring us more and more into our Kingdom selves.

  • Der Podcast rund um das Thema Spiritualität für Jedermann:
    Mit diesem Podcast nehme ich Euch mit auf meinem Weg zum Medium.
    Ich, dass ist Annette, ein Medium mit Herz.
    In den Folgen geht es um die Themen Spiritualität, Sensitivität, Medialität, mein Geistführer und ich, meine Arbeit als Medium, Interviews mit Menschen die mich auf dem Weg zum Medium begleiten.
    Und das alles mit ganz viel Leichtigkeit und meinem Kurpfälzer Charme.

  • Dieser Podcast ist das Ergebnis unserer Leidenschaft für starke Paarbeziehung und Ehen. In unseren 5 und mehr Minutenimpulsen geben verschiedene Leute spannende Einblicke in ihre ganz persönlichen Erfahrungen zum Thema Ehe und Beziehung und sprechen offen über die Challenges, die mit dem Eheleben einhergehen. Etwa 1x monatlich posten wir auch längere Interviews von Beziehungsexperten oder Beziehungsfreaks. In jeder Episode gibt es außerdem immer eine ganz praktische Anregung zum Ausprobieren, die Wachstum einer Beziehung bewirken kann.