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  • A dastardly darkly comic look at life's solutions as seen by an evil lawyer, former stand up comic and all around rapscallion. A guide to dirty tricks only the most twisted evil lawyer would consider applied to everyday life, peppered with law and disorder, general mayhem, exciting entirely true but unbelievable courtroom war stories and the occasional celebrity guest.

  • Climate change is upon us. Fires, droughts, hurricanes, sea level rise, and melting ice caps are all part of our new normal. But something else is happening as well. Scientists, innovators, organizations, cities, companies, and citizens are taking action, making progress, and finding solutions.

    Climate Break brings you stories of climate progress, climate challenges, and interviews with climate innovators in California and around the world, 90 seconds at a time.

    Climate Break is a production of Project Climate at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, & Environment in conjunction with the U.C. Berkeley Journalism School.

  • Welcome to LaSalle Street, a podcast on derivatives markets, clearing houses, and emerging issues shaping our global financial markets. This show is hosted by the Financial Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, headquartered on LaSalle Street in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. On the podcast we’ll explore new research and hold discussions on central clearing, trade execution, financial technology, and systemic stability. So come join us on LaSalle Street.

  • The PYD Lab is the podcast for implementers and young leaders who want to examine innovative approaches to Positive Youth Development and hear stories of young people leading change in their communities.โ€ฏ

    This podcast is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under the terms of YouthPower2: Learning and Evaluation Contract. The content and opinions expressed in this podcast are the sole responsibility of the host and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

  • Simpson Thacher and ACA Group invite you to The Regulatory Roundtable, a quarterly podcast series offering insight from leading regulatory and enforcement lawyers and compliance specialists.

    With increased regulatory scrutiny from the SEC and other agencies, staying on top of regulatory trends has never been more important. This podcast will take you behind the scenes on important policy, exam and enforcement issues affecting funds and the asset management industry.

    Each episode will feature leading attorneys and compliance specialists with deep knowledge of the funds regulatory landscape who will explore today’s most complex regulatory and compliance issues. We look forward to having you join us at the table.

    To hear about future episodes, be sure to follow the show in your favorite podcast app. To learn more about our discussion or to reach out with questions or topics you would like to hear about on a future podcast, visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you.

    This podcast was recorded and is being made available by Simpson Thacher and ACA Group for general informational purposes only. Listeners should not consider the information available via this podcast to be an invitation for an attorney-client relationship, should not rely on the information provided during the podcast as legal advice for any purpose, and should always seek the legal advice of competent counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. Listeners should not act, or refrain from acting, based on any information made available via this podcast, and Simpson Thacher and ACA expressly disclaim all liability in respect of actions taken or not taken based on any contents of this podcast. By accessing this podcast you acknowledge that Simpson Thacher and ACA make no warranty, guaranty, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in the podcast. The views, information, or opinions expressed during this podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect those of Simpson Thacher or ACA Group.

  • Podcast ini dibuat sebagai bentuk publikasi naskah tugas sistem politik indonesia

  • Ending hunger, poverty and reducing inequality will take a whole lot more than what has been business as usual for us. We bring African voices to share their take on what the future holds.

  • This is Bunge is a Political podcast show providing avid commentary on political affairs. It is a youth centered engagement platform. Delving on issues ranging from regional to international politics. As well as key thematic areas such as political ideology and history. Be sure to tune in, to listen to this and more.

  • The Council on Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics created Get a Grip on FARE to provide a resource for those looking to learn more about the bureaucratic institutions that support The United States of America by providing information on the status of food, agriculture, and resource economics.

    We will also create timely content to educate those interested in important issues as they arise. The institutions we plan to cover first are USDA ERS, The Office of The Chief Economist, and more will be announced at a later date.

  • Upaya Peningkatan Keselamatan Penerbangan di Indonesia bersama:

  • The TWP Community Podcast features TWP CoP Director, Alina Rocha Menocal, interviewing experts on a variety of topics to do with thinking and working politically. If you’re interested in TWP, politically aware approaches to development, adaptive programming, and political economy analysis, then this is the podcast for you!

  • The year is 1896. The United States is rocked by the election of an unlikely president. On election night, riots broke out in the streets of New York. The city was paralyzed with dread. Mobs organized under the lead of Anarchists and Socialists. Farther South, people celebrated. This was a President elected by the working class and he was a President who followed through with his commitment to fight for the rights of the people. This president would fight to end the enslavement of the people by money lenders, big bankers, corporations and government overtax. But can he be successful in a society that is rapidly absorbing socialist ideologies?

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