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  • La Compagnie Générale des Autres déploie son action en direction de trois grandes causes: des professionnels de la solidarité mieux reliés et plus coopérants; des territoires mieux maillés ; des organisations engagées sur leur territoire. Dans toutes ses actions, la CGA mobilise les outils et méthodes de l’intelligence collective, du design social et de la communication. Enfin, elle diffuse des publications et des podcasts dédiés aux solidarités locales pour nourrir la réflexion, susciter et renforcer l'engagement.

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  • Voir Dire is an interview-based podcast about criminal justice reform. Sometimes, we share the conversations taking place on Harvard’s campus; other times, we start conversations outside of those small classrooms. Working or living in the criminal legal system can habituate you to the cruelty and wastefulness of the whole thing. In this podcast, we try to contextualize these systems, pick the brains of the most thoughtful people in criminal justice reform, and think big about how to ameliorate the mass incarceration crisis. Hosted by Schuyler Daum.

  • Join political scientist Karena and total civilian Anna on a trip to Obscuristan. Each week, Karena and Anna dive into a truly bizarre story from Eurasia in its full political, social, and imperialist context. Join us, and you’ll find out why Obscuristan isn’t so strange at all when you consider the sh*t it’s been through.

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    Music by Sarven Yapar.

  • Coupons court au suspense : Radio France ne nous a fait aucune proposition ! De toute évidence, Vincent Bolloré ne compte pas non plus nous intégrer dans les rangs CNewisés de la nouvelle rédaction d’Europe 1. Nous ne déboulonnerons pas Yves Calvi de sa matinale sur RTL, ni ne côtoierons Manuel Valls sur RMC, où il occupera un fauteuil dès la rentrée… Nous débarquons – évidemment – sur les ondes d’une radio libre : Radio Cause Commune et en podcasts sur Spectre !

  • Politique, société, culture : toutes les interviews d'Europe 1

  • "بین سطور" به تشریح زوایای ناگفته تحولات و وقایع مهم ایران می پردازد. هدف از این بررسی، درستی‌سنجی روایت‌های کلیدی با توجه به مستندات گذشته و حال، یا شفاف سازی ابهاماتی مشخص است.

  • Congressional Dish is a twice-monthly podcast that aims to draw attention to where the American people truly have power: Congress. From the perspective of a fed up taxpayer with no allegiance to any political party, Jennifer Briney will fill you in on the must-know information about what our representatives do AFTER the elections and how their actions can and will affect our day to day lives.
    Hosted by @JenBriney.

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  • email: [email protected] In Legal Terms, hosted by Professor Richard Gershon from the University of Mississippi School of Law with some of Mississippi's top legal leaders and experts as guests, airs Tuesday mornings at 10 am central on MPB Think Radio and on

    Have you ever wanted to know the definition of a legal term? Do you find yourself wondering what your rights are when it comes to your property, marriage, or health? If you answered yes to one of those questions, In Legal Terms is the show for you. Tune in and learn more about your legal rights and how the law affects your day to day life. The show is set to consistently provide thought-provoking commentary and opinions on legal topics, whether local or national. Court trials, U.S. Supreme Court arguments, hearings, and other timely legal topics are all covered on In Legal Terms.

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  • The PlanIt Podcast is the new part of the 2017 PlanIt Training Program on Comprehensive Plan Updates. This series will feature monthly episodes on a variety of topics that are not required elements of a comprehensive plan through conversations with planning experts and professionals outside of the Metropolitan Council.

  • “How We Run” investigates the multi-faceted approach needed to run a non-profit. We tackle topics such as managing your board, fundraising, and measuring your impact. Each episode features an interview with a successful nonprofit director who shares their insight about running an organization.
    Hosted by Julie Lacouture (non-profit consultant and founder of Good Ways Inc) and Trent Stamp (founder of Charity Navigator and CEO of the Eisner Foundation).
    Season 5 starts April 2022.

  • Listen to the ABA Journal Podcasts for analysis and discussion of the latest legal issues and trends. Podcasts include ABA Modern Law Library and ABA Asked and Answered, brought to you by Legal Talk Network.

  • Écoutez un autre son de cloche de la société en transition numérique : celui des femmes et des hommes bâtisseurs des villes intelligentes et des villages connectés. Spécialistes de la réponse aux besoins essentiels, ils rendent le service public, par le numérique aussi. Élus, agents publics, animateurs sociaux, enseignants… et avec eux les citoyens, toujours contributeurs, les responsables associatifs, les entrepreneurs, les universitaires.

    Écoutons leur enthousiasme créatif. Comprenons, à leur timbre de voix, à leur choix des mots, comment ils affrontent les doutes et nourrissent les espoirs, dans une société où l’humain doit choisir ses outils. C’est leur expérience qu’ils nous donnent à entendre chez eux ICI, DEMAIN !

    Une série proposée et réalisée par Florence Durand-Tornare et Antoine Gouritin. Une production VIA soutenue par la Banque Française Mutualiste et la Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale.

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  • Pacific Exchanges is a podcast from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The show features interviews with experts in economics and finance to explore emerging trends around the world such as new uses of financial technology and their impacts on financial health and inclusion.

    The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Federal Reserve System.

  • The National Committee on United States-China Relations is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization that encourages understanding and cooperation between the United States and Greater China in the belief that sound and productive Sino-American relations serve vital American and world interests. With over four decades of experience developing innovative programs at the forefront of U.S.–China relations, the National Committee focuses its exchange, educational and policy activities on politics and security, education, governance and civil society, economic cooperation, media and transnational issues, addressing these with respect to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.