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  • A light weekly podcast covering the history of India, from 6th century B.C. Enjoying the podcast? Please consider donating to the Snehal Sidhu Memorial Fund (http://tinyurl.com/prkvwll)

  • Interviews, musings and extra material from the makers of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If it did not fit in the HH feed it's probably here

  • Learn the lessons of military history by looking at the great battles through the lens of the Principles of War. Part of the enduring nature of war, all good Generals follow the 10 Principles of War. The great Generals of history have the ability to know which of the principles are most important at the decisive moments of the campaign.

    We study the great battles to draw the lessons on strategy, tactics and leadership.

  • This podcast will bring out those historical events of Indian history which are either unremembered or deliberately forgotten. In this podcast I will narrate those events describing how they shaped India's past and present. These episodes will be thoroughly researched and presented to you after carefully removing fiction from fact and stories from history. Each episode will be complete in itself and topics can range from ancient to modern India.

  • For More Tamil Audio Stories Please Visit: https://tamilrejiya.com/
    பொன்னியின் செல்வன் தமிழில்... ரெஜியா
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Story (Tamil) by Rejiya...

  • More than 50 first-hand accounts of significant moments in WW2. Looking back at almost six years of global conflict, from Hiroshima to the Holocaust.

  • The Indian Podcast provides a glimpse into the future by revisiting the past. Join our host, Alisha Anand (ex radio host), as she takes you on a riveting & insightful journey that bares it all on how we have evolved as a society, culturally, politically & socially. As she interview academicians, historians, anthropologists, authors and literary doyens among others, learn from their perspective on issues and stories central to understanding Indian history. These are the stories you 'want to learn' rather than you 'had to learn'.

  • History of Tamil Kings - from Karikala Cholan to Raja Raja Cholan to Rani Mangammal to Kattabomman. The 3000+ years of History of the Tamils in super-informative audio chunks. For the video version: www.youtube.com/c/UngalAnbanHemanthT

  • Greek mythology and history inspire Janell Rhiannon's adult mythology series, The Homeric Chronicles. In this podcast series, she shares how her research informed major plot structures and the various surprises that cast new light on old (and new) Trojan War characters. Her ultimate goal is to elevate the female voices of the Trojan War era, bringing a wider female audience to a genre that is most typically geared toward masculine perspectives. **For exclusive content become at Myrmidon Elite Member @ https://greekmythologyretold.supercast.tech/

  • For history lovers who listen to podcasts, History Unplugged is the most comprehensive show of its kind. It's the only show that dedicates episodes to both interviewing experts and answering questions from its audience. First, it features a call-in show where you can ask our resident historian (Scott Rank, PhD) absolutely anything (What was it like to be a Turkish sultan with four wives and twelve concubines? If you were sent back in time, how would you kill Hitler?). Second, it features long-form interviews with best-selling authors who have written about everything. Topics include gruff World War II generals who flew with airmen on bombing raids, a war horse who gained the rank of sergeant, and presidents who gave their best speeches while drunk.

  • The Maritime History Podcast is a chronological look at maritime history and its numerous facets. Beginning with ancient history, the podcast looks at trade, exploration, boat and ship-building, economics, and the relationship between the ocean and the development of society and culture throughout history. Learn more about the podcast at http://maritimehistorypodcast.com.

  • The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles look at capitalism through a Marxist lens. Support the show on Patreon and get early access to episodes and more: https://www.patreon.com/davidharveyacc

  • I familien Rothschilds våbenskjold ses en handske, der holder om fem pile. Historien bag motivet er den, at familiens stamfader, den jødiske bankier Mayer Amschel Rothschild, omkring år 1800 sendte sine fem sønner afsted til fem forskellige europæiske storbyer for her at opstarte selvstændige bankvirksomheder, som skulle videreføre hans indbringende geschæft. De fem byer var Frankfurt, Napoli, Wien, Paris og London. Resultatet blev særdeles vellykket, lad os bare kalde det det. Rothschilderne blev nemlig Europas rigeste og mest magtfulde familie, og deres navn giver ekko i evigheden. Radio24syv har bedt historikeren Thomas Oldrup følge de fem pile i Rothschilds våbenskjold til de fem byer - Frankfurt, Napoli, Wien, Paris og London for at fortælle historien om Rothschild-dynastiet.

  • Professor Buzzkill is an exciting podcast that explores history myths in an illuminating, entertaining, and humorous way.

  • Vandhargal Vendrargal Tamil Audio Book

    தோராயமாக, கி. பி. 900 முதல் 1800 வரையிலான இந்திய துணைக்கண்டத்தின் வரலாற்றை பற்றி அறிய விரும்புவார்களுக்கு இந்த நூல் மிகவும் பயனாக இருக்கும். (கட்டாயம் படிக்க / கேக்க வேண்டிய நூல்)

    வந்தார்கள் வென்றார்கள் பிரபல எழுத்தாளரும் கார்ட்டுனிஸ்ட்டுமான மதன் அவர்களால் எழுதப்பட்ட வரலாற்று நூலாகும்.
    தைமூர், முகமது கோரி, கஜினி வரலாற்றிலிருந்து, இந்தியாவினை ஆண்ட பாபர், ஹுமாயூன், அக்பர், ஜஹாங்கீர், ஷாஜகான் , ஒளரங்கசீப் முதலான முகலயர்களின் வரலாற்றினையும் இந்நூல் விவரிக்கிறது....

  • The same-old same-old white murderer, white killer, white kidnapper, white stalker, WHITE WHITE WHITE. NO MORE! The Desi Crime Podcast brings you Desi crimes. From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other brown communities, we’ll bring you cases that can only be described as Desi. Crimes that take place in the Indian subcontinent aren’t remotely similar to Western crimes— desi crimes are gory, complicated, corrupt and hardly documented. After thorough research on the most sinister cases, we’ll take you on a bumpy, funny, jaw dropping ride around South Asia. Remember, crime isn't black and white. It can be brown too.

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  • Twenty five minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.

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  • The Origin of Things or TOOT for short is a podcast hosted by Deepak Gopalakrishnan AKA Chuck. You might have heard him on another IVM show called 'Simblified', but on the much shorter and crisper TOOT he focuses on the origin story of various things. For starters, we're going to be looking at the origin stories of world famous brands. But there's a catch -- Chuck will tell you the fascinating story, little by little dropping some hints, but the brand is only revealed at the very end. Will you be able to beat Chuck at guessing the brand? Find out by tuning into a new episode every Wednesday on the IVM Podcasts Network.

  • Technology coverage from across the Slate Podcast network

  • Criminal Broads is a true crime + history podcast about wild women who’ve ended up on the wrong side of the law, whether for leading a cult, serially murdering their husbands, swindling billionaires, or faking ectoplasm. The podcast is hosted by Tori Telfer, author of “Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History.”