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  • Alexa Sand and Ian MacInnes explore the world of medieval and Renaissance animals, real, fantastic, and fantastically real.

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  • This podcast will explore the development of the art, architecture, culture and history in Italy, from ancient Roman times through the Renaissance. Listeners will develop an understanding of Italy’s role in the development of Western civilization and an ability to appreciate and understand works of art in their historical context.

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  • Discussions with scholars of women's history about their new books

  • In 1996,TWA 800 crashed off the coast of East Moriches, New York, killing all 230 people on board. Among the passengers were 16 high school students and 5 chaperones from Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Today, the little town remains devastated by the crash. This podcast explores how experiencing a tragedy in the public eye can change a community and the people in it.

  • 세계에서 세 번째로 넓고, 인구도 세 번째로 많은 나라 미국. 여러 민족과 다양한 문화가 어우러진 '자유와 기회의 나라' 미국이 어떻게 세워졌고, 세계 최강대국이 됐는지 역사를 통해 알아봅니다.

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  • Әр заманның, әр адамның ерекше естелігі болады. Көнекөз қариялар көпті көрген, демек естелігі де көп. "Әжемнің әңгімесі" подкастын жүргізетін Дина әженің немересі Дана Маратова. Подкаста бұрынғы тарих, бүгінгі өмір, болашаққа болжам айтылады. Үш шақтан да үмітті Дина әже қазір 80 жаста, 40 жыл мектепте тарих пәнінен сабақ берген.

  • 誓做中華兒女,不做馬列子孫!

  • History Teachers Talking is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to providing you with an entertaining way to learn about history from your friendly neighborhood history teachers. Every weekend, Thomas Reszka and Peter Zablocki will talk to you about random history, pop culture, politics, and education in a way that sounds like you are sitting in the classroom having a fun discussion with your favorite teacher. The conversation is always very straightforward, light-hearted, and easy to follow.

  • The 19th Century - the American Spirit really comes from here.
    Fighting, Food, Fashion & Fraud
    Plus mayhem, bombast, fornication, mendacity, debauchery, slander, sensationalism and vapid triviality... and swearing.

    Yet it's the least understood American century - far more than the Civil War, the Railroad & Cowboy Movies. Through 20th & 21st century TV & Movies, Jamie Lewis of Plague Of Strength & Greta Hardin of The History of American food will take up on a wild ride through the most exciting parts. These history junkies will talk you through a wild assortment of media as we discuss things like:
    physical culture & body buildingmedicine showscarnivals & the circussex workorganized crime& ever so many fightsPlus the 19th century is the source of: artificial purple dye, electricity, coast to coast instant communications, gas lighting, photography, the bowie knife, the colt revolver and the gatling gun, cardboard boxes, cigarettes, refrigerated train cars, bodybuilding as entertainment, modern gymnastics, all the current fighting sports, the submarine, and the very first automobiles.

  • Một kênh phát thanh chính thức của Di Tích Nhà Tù Hoả Lò tại Hà Nội, Việt Nam. Hãy cùng chúng tôi lắng nghe những giai điệu của lịch sử.

    An official podcast channel from Hoa Lo Prison Relic based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Listen to the history with us.

  • A place to share my honest feelings with all the audacity and actual passion in which I am grateful for my life.

  • Gender Troubles is a podcast dedicated to debunking, demystifying and making accessible the world of academic feminism. Eva and Emma talk through different feminist movements and moments from a critical, leftist lens. Episodes aim to shake up the feminist canon and provide a new spin on feminist history, movements, and icons.

    Hosted by Emma Austin and Eva Espenshade

    We are a proud member of the Harbinger Media Network

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  • In this podcast, we will be discussing many crucial and obscure moments in geopolitical history that have more greatly affected the path that the modern world has taken than most people might think it has.
    Additionally, in a podcast mini-series, we will discuss one crucial moment, person, or aspect of each AP United States History unit that is seldom talked about in the actual class and course. by giving more context and knowledge about the events that occurred in United States history that the AP course leaves out for one reason or another.

  • A reintroduction and reading of the Federalist Papers, first penned in 1787-1788, to support and defend the Nation's New Constitution.

    As you listen to the subsequent writings throughout this podcast, and contemplate the task they were trying to achieve, you might ask yourself if history is repeating itself and if our nation, its people and their representatives need a reminder on why this constitution is necessary to satisfy the nations need’s today as it did in 1787.

    The ensuing podcasts will be relatively short, typically between 5 and 10 minutes each. They will consist of a brief summary of the Paper Number, followed by a full reading of the text, as originally published.