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  • Dricksvatten, kastruller och kostförtydliganden. Många önskade förtydligande av det Ulf Kilman berättade om kost i avsnitt 290. Idag pratar vi med Ulf om detta, men också om annat. Du får mer inblick i hur hans klienter, idrottare och han själv äter – och vad han tycker är allra viktigast att tänka på med kosten.
    Vi gör två kortare avsnitt med Ulf – detta, samt ett kommande avsnitt om parasiter och … läs mer

    Inlägget 292: Ulf Kilman – Kost, förtydliganden, kastruller och dricksvatten dök först upp på 4Health.se by Anna Sparre.

  • Nu bryter Agnetha Fältskog tystnaden och delar med sig av sina tankar kring comebacken i en exklusiv intervju i Svensktoppen. Abba som denna vecka också går upp till förstaplatsen med Don´t shut me down. Lyssna på hela intervjun med Agnetha Fältskog i specialpodden här. (English translation available in the text)

    Agnetha Fältskog om nya låtarna Agnetha Fältskog berättar för programledaren Carolina Norén om varför Svensktoppen har en speciell plats i gruppens hjärtan, lyckan efter fansens hyllningar och varför hon än idag är restriktiv med intervjuer. Hon avslöjar dessutom lite mer om vad vi kan förvänta oss av resten av låtarna på nya albumet.Agnetha om mötet med Frida Tycker man om de här två första låtarna kommer man tycka om hela albumet. Det är väldigt mycket Abba-sound, vi försöker inte låta annorlunda eller påverkas av sånt som är aktuellt nu. Det blir väldigt mycket Abba när jag och Frida möts i studion. Det är som att våra röster gifter sig med varandra så det är nästan svårt att skilja på oss, säger Agnetha Fältskog.Hör också senaste nytt om det kommande albumet, hur inspelningarna gick till och Agnetha Fältskogs tveksamhet till om det här med en konsert med Abbatarer verkligen är en så bra idéDelar av intervjun sänds också i Svensktoppen söndag 19:e september 11.03-12.00 i Sveriges Radios P4 samt går att höra i sin helhet i vår app Sveriges Radio Play.Agnetha Fältskog interview - English translation In September, Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA agreed to grant Swedish radio presenter Carolina Norén an interview for the classic Swedish chart show Svensktoppen on Swedish Public Service radio. The interview was broadcast September 19.Carolina Norén: Don't Shut Me Down by ABBA and with me on the phone I have Agnetha Fältskog. Hello, Agnetha! Agnetha Fältskog: Hello, Carolina!C: And, of course, congratulations to entering the top of the chart, Agnetha! A: Wow, what a surprise! That was amazing, really fun.C: Let's just say that I wasn't that surprised, and neither was the rest of the world. However, ABBA.s last number one here on Svensktoppen was actually Waterloo, back in 1974! A: Was it that long ago? Well, there you go. It was about time, then.C: It was about time! Exactly. A: I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you how happy, grateful and moved everyone in the group is by the enormous reception. It feels very nice and warm inside.C: I'm thinking, the first time you received a call like this from Svensktoppen, and I don't know if you remember this, Ulf Elfving was calling. It was in 1968, you were 17 years old and Jag var så kär (I Was So in Love), had reached number three. A: Yeah, it's been quite a few years, ha ha.Agnetha Fältskog: Svensktoppen obviously means a lotC: What has Svensktoppen meant to you over the years?A: It means a great deal. We're so used to charts, and have enormous success in several countries, but Svensktoppen it's our native country and the audience we have back here, and it obviously means a lot. We're very moved by the reception everywhere. I remember that first interview with Ulf, I was very nervous, and almost couldn't believe that I'd entered Svensktoppen, it's something you don't forget. This was also an enormous surprise, because you can never really know how it will turn out. One is never sure that something is going to be successful, and one is glad when it happens.C: I was actually thinking about that a bit: I know that you love spending time in the studio working, and so on, but was there any point while working on this new material where you started to feel doubt or fear: what if it doesn't work? A: Yes, we said that in the beginning: a long time had passed since we recorded, and you can never be sure that the voice is going to hold up was it going to sound old? However, we heard pretty immediately from both Frida's voice and mine that it sounded more or less as it did back then. However, you may have to make another kind of effort, and give more, or how to put it, of your ability to tell a story, to empathise with the song. I always used to do that, but it's a lot more now that one has lived an entire life. You put more emotion into it.C: I was thinking, whose idea was it to do this who was the driving force behind the comeback?. I mean out of you? From the fans' point of view, it's always been a given. A: Yes ... Well, one thing lead to another, somehow. We felt that we wanted to do a few new songs for the avatar project that will open in May next year, in London. So we said let's do a few songs and see how they turn out, how it sounds. One thing led to another with a few more songs, and then Benny kind of said why not make an entire album?. Yes, and that's how it happened, and since we enjoy working in the studio, it's fantastically fun to be able to create and such.C: Yes, and you have said that it's sometimes easy to tempt you into doing things if they sound like fun. A: Yes, that's true.Agnetha Fältskog about the avatar project: I had to give it a thinkC: So you weren't hard to convince, when it came to doing this? A: No, I don't think any of us were. Not doing this. The avatar project, I had to give it a think, since it meant a lot of work, as it were, on stage. Because I'm not a stage personality in that respect, but I can convey more feelings in the songs.C: Indeed. The rumours around this comeback started back in 2018. We got to know the song titles, and it feels like these two songs that we have heard, have been underway for a while. Have you polished the songs over the years? What has happened since we first heard of them in 2018? A: Well, we have been at it. At first we worked on the avatars throughout February...let's see, was it the year before last? No, it was last year. We had just finished working with that, when the Corona situation appeared. Then, after a while, we started recording these songs and it's continued like that.C: When the songs were released a little over two weeks ago, fans gathered around the world simultaneously. Björn and Benny participated in the live stream and you and Frida were part of the edited program. Björn and Benny said that you were following the broadcast from a distance. How did it feel watching it? A: It was actually enormous. I've been watching our fans a little, when they're listening to the songs, and they're actually crying. It's quite enormous what a reach it had all around across countries. It's almost hard to take it in, actually.C: I was present at Gröna Lund (in Stockholm), where fans had been invited, and there were many fans from other countries. I can really attest that emotions were enormously strong. It was, you know, almost sacred. Just like you said, they cried and were deeply moved. One thing many of them said, at least the ones I talked to, was that they missed you the girls, they said: Agnetha and Annifrid. A: Yes.C: Do you know when you will get together next time? A: I don't really dare to say. We're a bit older now, and have our minor ailments, ha ha. But we struggle on. But I don't dare to say, because it's a bit uncertain. At the moment we feel happy that we got this together, and let's hope everything goes well in London, at the premiere over there.C: Right, in May next year. The avatars. Incredibly cool, actually. A: Right.Agnetha Fältskog: I like to sit down when I sing. Frida usually stands upC: You touched upon the thing about the voice, whether it would hold up. When you released your solo album in 2013, you mentioned in an interview that you'd had the same worry, and had taken singing lessons which turned out to be one lesson. How was it this time, Agnetha? Did it end up being any singing lessons? A: Haha. No, it didn't. One knows this, that it has to do with support from the stomach, that you shouldn't ruin...so it doesn't become too much for the throat. Instead, you find support in the belly, and it just fits so well, once you're in the studio. You just, wow, it holds up!. One has different I like to sit down when I sing. Frida usually stands up. It varies a lot, how you feel that you get the power.C: You are the one doing the main vocals at least most of them on the single Don't Shut Me Down. I should add that I Still Have Faith in You is also in the chart, at number four. A: Yes, how fun!C: How does it work when you divide it between the two of you? Do you choose your favourites, or is it directed by the respecive voice registers? Do tell. A: Yes. It's probably the guys who are in charge of that. We get some lyrics, get to listen a bit, and try a little. It's also happened that one has felt this one I'd like to do. There are no fights about anything. We try it out, but it's usually the guys, I think, who already know who is supposed to sing what. We're also part of each others'... Even if one of us sings the solo verses, we're always join together for the choruses, for the most part.C: You have also a background as a songwriter, and ran your solo career in the beginning. These days, Björn and Benny usually end up talking about the project. How much are you able to go in a change things, or feel that doesn't work, let's try this. A: Back in the day it happen pretty regularly, but these days it doesn't. I can come up with a lot of ideas: could we add some finesse at this point in the song? I'm also pretty good at harmonies, but the guys handle most of it. We do as they say, and it turns out well.C: Another thing when one talks about ABBA and ABBA's music, your songs have been quite associated with you as people over the years. The most obvious example may be The Winner Takes it All, which is about divorce. How about today what do the songs say about you as people, and artists today? A: It's probably mostly in the lyrics, and you should probably let Björn answer. One can read one thing or another into composers', songwriters' or lyricists' work, and of course you add a bit of it's about him, or me. But it's general, how to say, relationships. Because it's often about love.Agnetha Fältskog about the new album: If you like these two songs, you will probably like the entire albumC: The two most recent songs, maybe a little more general. Now that we are talking about love, I've go to ask you: you have said that you're are a romantic person, Agnetha. A: Yes, I am.C: And you like romantic music. Will there be more romance on the album? More love? A: Haha! Well, it's very varied. I can't say much about it now, but it's very varied. I can tell you this much: if you like these two songs, you will probably like the entire album. I do think so.C: Right. That's good. I feel I need to scratch the surface a little more. What we have heard is a timeless ABBA sound. Can one imagine that it will continue with that sound as well? A: What do you mean, on the CD?C: Yes, on the album. A: Ah, yes. It's very much the ABBA sound. We're not trying to sound different or letting ourselves be affected by other, current things, so to speak. We're trying to keep ... It becomes what it becomes and it becomes very ABBA when Frida and I get together in the studio. It's almost like a marriage between our voices, and almost hard to tell them apart at times.Agnetha Fältskog: None of us probably really knew what to expectC: Now, I know that a lot of people are looking forward to the concert in London in May next year. First, there's the album, in November. The one we were talking about. We mentioned the avatars. What went through your head the first time you heard of the idea? A: Haha. Well, yes, none of us probably really knew what to expect, but we've worked with it a lot, so you grew into it, eventually. We stand there, doing these songs, with I don't know how many cameras and people. And then, somehow, it was technologically transferred, in some way that we don't even understand, to other people that are going to be on stage as us but it's still us, haha! I can't really explain it, it's so hard, but there's a lot of technology and lights involved. But it felt great to do in the end. Because it was so different. Also, there was a vibe, one felt that maybe it's the last thing we do. Same thing with this album.C: Ooh, you can't say that, ha ha! We want more! A: You can cut that out.C: Jonas and I will cut that out! Solo album in 2013. I can reveal to you, here and now, that in the summer of 213, Dance Your Pain Away was the only thing I listened to. A: I see! That's nice.C: I know it inside out, but I won't sing it! A: Yeah, that was cool, actually.C: Is there anything in the pipeline solo another solo album from you, Agnetha? A: Not at the moment, no. I think, and I feel, that I've done a lot now. So I can't promise you that. We have got to find joy in what we have, and all that awaits.C: Indeed. May I also add that I was very happy when I heard that you would be with us and share. Because I've learned that you are somewhat restrictive when it comes to doing interviews. What do you think, are there further public appearance from you ahead? A: Not really. But, as you say, I've never really retired that way, but I am restrictive, and I feel that a lot of things are being written, and have been written, about us. We agreed to do, and have done, so many interviews. There's a risk that you ruin it by talking too much. You want keep a little something to yourself. Something private.C: Agnetha, we respect that, and we are very happy here at Svensktoppen, and, I would imagine, that the listeners who haven't perhaps fainted from the surprise, and have stayed with us, are happy that you could join us. Once again, huge, huge congratulations to topping the chart. A: Thank you. I also want to send greetings from the rest of the group. I know that they are all very happy about this. It means a lot to us.C: Wonderful. I hope we can talk again. I almost get shivers suddenly doing the presentation here. So I say: new number one: ABBA and Don't Shut Me Down. Thank you very much, Agnetha. A: Thanks so much to you, too!English translation by Anders LundquistCarolina Norén - programledare och producent carolina.noren@sverigesradio.se

  • Patrik och Fredrik drar till Kalifornien och gömmer sig under en ny identitet som rektorer med spritflaskorna ständigt närvarande och med två gäster i form av Matti och Ulf från podcasten Film till Fikat, allihopa ständigt drömmande mardrömmar. I nästa ögonblick är de tillbaka i Haddonfield för att leka dokusåpa hemma i Michaels gamla hus, vilket slutar i en blodig variant av Big Brother.

    Dagens filmer:

    Halloween H2O / Alla helgons blodiga natt - 20 år senare (1998) Klicka för att komma till IMDB 20 år har gått sedan de mardrömslika händelserna när Laurie Strode attackerades och flera av hennes vänner mördades av hennes bror Michael Myers. Nu lever Laurie under ny identitet som rektor för en privatskola i Kalifornien, men skräcken lever fortfarande kvar i Lauries medvetande. Mardrömmarna återkommer ständigt och hon har problem med både alkoholen och 17-årige sonen John som är elev på skolan.

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    Halloween: Ressurection / Alla Helgons Blodiga Natt 8 (2002) Klicka för att komma till IMDB Freddie Harris är mannen bakom Dangertainment.com ett företag som tar dokusåporna till en helt ny nivå. Han hyr in sex modiga tonåringar som bevakade med videokameror ska överleva en natt i ett övergivet hus. Men det är inte vilken natt som helst, utan under Halloween. Och det är heller inte vilket hus som helst utan seriemördaren Michael Myers barndomshem. Men när de äventyrslystna ungdomarna väl blir inlåsta lägger sig snart deras förväntans- fulla munterhet som en klump i magen. Huset är långt ifrån övergivet. Han är tillbaka ondskan har slutligen hittat hem?

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  • Agneta Melin - en engagerad ledare med 18 år utomlands.

    Agneta Melin har spenderat 18 år utomlands i USA, Spanien och Japan. Sedan hon permanent flyttat hem, tillbaka till Uppsala, har hon hunnit med tre år som populär ordförande för SWEA Stockholm, världens största SWEA-avdelning. Nu är hon drivande inom SWEA Sverige, det nya samarbetet mellan SWEA-avdelningarna i Stockholm, Göteborg, Örestad och Malmö

    Hon och maken Ulf har genomfört en downsizing eller “döstädning” som det ibland kallas. Numer bor de på ett intressant seniorboende, Ekeby Hus i Uppsala.

    Vi samtalar runt ledarskap, om vikten av att vara engagerad, lyssnande och flexibel speciellt som ansvarig i en frivilligorganisation.

    Hur håller man igång karriären när man hänger med sin partner ut i världen?

    Glimtar från livet i både Barcelona, Kobe, Tokyo och Scranton, Pennsylvania i USA.

    När i livet ska man börja tänka på seniorboende, egentligen? Agneta berättar hur hon har tänkt och gjort - många goda tips och idéer utlovas.

    Gästvärd för detta avsnitt är Jessica Hill Holm, vice ordförande i SWEA Stockholm samt ansvarig för SWEA Professional Sverige.

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  • Kerstin Ekman är tillbaka med en berättelse om skogen, djuren och ett gammalt äktenskap i "Löpa varg". Huvudpersonen heter Ulf och han och hustrun Inga bor i en by i Hälsingland. Ulf är skogsägare och jaktledare med kärlkramp, utmanad av mer oerfarna jägare. Och en dag ensam i husvagnen uppe på skiftet ser Ulf en varg. Men han säger inget till sin fru när han kommer hem.

    Kerstin Ekman debuterade 1959 med deckarromanen 30 meter mord. Genom åren har hon skrivit ett trettiotal böcker. "Löpa varg" är en berättelse som Kerstin Ekman haft i kroppen sen 2008. Det är hennes första roman på tio år.Kerstin Ekman vill skildra människans dilemma med hur vi ska förhålla oss till naturenBoken handlar om den pensionerade jägmästaren Ulf och hans möte med en varg - ett möte som förändrar honom i grunden och allt måste omprövas. Utom äktenskapet med Inga. Kerstin Ekman: "Jag vill försöka skildra ett dilemma som jag tror många av oss har, hur vi ska förhålla oss till det naturligt växande och naturligt levande."Marie Lundström intervjuar Kerstin Ekman på Ingarö, Värmdö, utanför Stockholm. Där bor hon med sin man Börje sedan några år tillbaka.Skriv till oss! bokradio@sverigesradio.seProgramledare: Marie LundströmInspelningstekniker: Andreas AlderviRedaktion: Maria Askerfjord Sundeby och Anna-Karin Ivarsson (producent)

  • Äntligen så kommer här ett avsnitt där jag tillsammans med veckans gäst pratar om: tidsresor!
    Ulf Gran går igenom teorier, begrepp och det som är allmänt accepterat i frågeställningen huruvida det går att färdas i tiden. Ulf är biträdande professor på Chalmers där huvudområdet är strängteori kopplat till kvantmekanik och allmän relativitetsteori plus mycket, mycket mer.

    Ett STORT tack till dig Ulf Gran för att du tog dig tid för att prata om detta med en novis och jag hoppas att ni som lyssnar tyckte att det var lika intressant som jag gjorde.
    Mycket nöje!

  • Kost och kosttillskott med Ulf Kilman.
    Ulfs erfarenheter kring vilken kost de flestas kroppar vill ha och vilken kost ingen verkar må bra av att äta. Vi pratar om hur man ska tänka när man kombinerar olika sorters mat i en måltid, om kosttillskott mm.
    Dessutom tar vi upp några lyssnarfrågor kring det här med nervsystemet och muskeltester som vi pratade om sist. I avsnitt 288 pratade vi ju med … läs mer

    Inlägget 290: Ulf Kilman – Kost & tillskott som din kropp vill ha. Eller inte… dök först upp på 4Health.se by Anna Sparre.

  • Han reser runt världen som musiker och traumatapper. Certifierad mental tränare, hypnoscoach, NLP practitioner, Havening trainer, forskare mm. Ulf arbetar brett inom sitt skrå och precis som jag älskar han att hjälpa människor. Främst har han fokuserat på att hjälpa hårt drabbade av PTSD i krigshärjade länder runt om i världen. Fått Humanitarian Award för sitt arbete som han bl a gjort i länder som Rwanda och Congo och har spridit de kraftfulla självhjälpsverktyg han arbetar med till 100 000 tals människor i över 20 länder. Han är grym på det han gör! - Och att han älskar det han gör ligger nog till stadig grund för det. Följ oss i ett spännande samtal om TTT (trauma tapping tecnique) Om havening, neurobiologi, operant betingning, energi psykologi och självklart mycket annat. Happy listening!

  • Flera av Sveriges mest framgångsrika idrottare ser Ulf Kilman som anledningen till sina medaljer. Men alla med hälsobesvär verkar få hjälp av Ulf. Vi ska konkretisera vad och hur han gör, och hur du själv enkelt kan testa om tillskott och mat du äter gör dig gott eller inte.
    Hur kan vi genom att kommunicera med kroppen via nervsystemet förstå vad som händer och vad vår kropp behöver?
    Ulf har … läs mer

    Inlägget 288: Ulf Kilman. Förstå din kropp mha nervsystemet. Kinesiologi mm förklarat dök först upp på 4Health.se by Anna Sparre.

  • En av trädgårdskonstens största världsstjärnor är svensken Ulf Nordfjell. Inspirerad av den svenska naturen skapar han trädgårdar som uppmärksammas och hyllas långt utanför Sveriges gränser.

    I radiodokumentären "Ulfs trädgård" följer reportern Elise Bakke Arntzen landskapsarkitektens mödosamma väg för att skapa den perfekta trädgården på Chelsea Flower Show, världens främsta trädgårdsutställning. Utställningen drar 165 000 besökare, bland dom i stort sett varenda kändis i det trädgårdstokiga Storbritannien inklusive Drottningen. Ulfs plan är att vinna en guldmedalj på utställningen med sin trädgård men en iskall vår, försvunna leveranser och förstörda växter sätter käppar i hjulet. Vi vill gärna höra från er lyssnare, vad betyder din trädgård för dig? Skriv i fältet nedanför.