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  • DJ Naid and Terence Rhoda along with guests, take you on a journey of Soulful & Deep House from a South African DJ's perspective. With featured guest DJ's from all over South Africa, you are sure to be entertained as a Soulful & Deep House music lover.

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    ◆◆ "First of all, Romanian electronica is considered its own genre because of its very specific movements and ambient grooves which most other music doesn't have. No other genre of music that I've heard had such complex production methods where you can mix amazing bass grooves with minimalistic percussions/details, super organic sounds and elegant break-beat kicks which fit so perfectly together (and I've heard all from old school house to new deep techno and all in between). As far as Romania getting the title,it's mainly because they are the ones who took it to the next level,mind you this music is a form of micro-house/minimal that had been already in production for many years but on a very underground level - until Romania made it more popular (of course with the help of Ricardo Villalobos). The style of music really is something special,more intellectual in my opinion,because it takes a very trained ear to really understand it and enjoy it. For everyone whom is criticizing that it's only for druggies, this is very invalid information. Maybe the fact that it's so complex - it takes the average listener to take drugs in order to expand their mindset to listen and understand, but for those that get it, they do not need anything in order to enjoy such great abstract style of music." ◆◆

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  • Baba Beach Club, located north of Phuket on the seemingly endless sands of Natai Beach, is the sassy little sister to Sri Panwa, one of Thailand's most fashionable hotels. Expect day drinking, rock star-ready rooms and flaming sunsets

  • Conversations With Matt Dwyer is a music podcast that focuses on the lives and work of legendary, established and emerging new artists. The interviews are not your typical Q&A format but an unfolding organic conversation that shines a light on the lesser explored corners of an artist's work, life, triumphs and challenges. Some past guests included Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Van Dyke Parks, Lou Barlow, Donita Sparks of L7, Boots Riley and Jenn Wassner of Wye Oak/Flock Of Dimes. Conversations With Dwyer was also the catalyst for John Lurie selling his series "Painting With John," to HBO.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Hello and welcome to Tomlin’s Harmonica Podcast where I will be hanging out with players and teachers and having conversations loosely based around harmonica…

  • Get Physical Radio is all about bringing you your monthly dose of the newest music. Let's Get Physical!

  • 24Herbs have lively and insightful conversations with top Hong Kong creatives.

  • HK Radio FM merupakan streaming radio Harian Kalbar. Ikuti HK Radio dan dapatkan info berita, musik dan pencerahan lainnya

  • 我的聯繫方式:

    *If you'd like to contact me, welcome email me here. 如有任何想交流歡迎 mail 聯繫:[email protected]
    *Providing Christian songs for personal worship is my commitment to service to God.
    *The newest songs will be upload on YouTube Channel:
    *目前主要彈奏為:讚美之泉, 約書亞樂團等華語詩歌

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  • Contraconto
    notas e contos em contraponto

    Um programa de Bruno Santos
    com Eva Barros e Catarina Sobral

  • Australian Jams is a little podcast about new Australian music. Celebrating recent local releases on a fortnightly basis with different guests from the local music scene.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Music Destinations - Музыкальный лейбл созданный в 2020 году, для выпуска музыки разных направлений.
    Создателем и Владельцем лейбла является Российский топовый Артист, музыкант и продюсер "Евгений Никитин" известный под своими основными музыкальными проектами "NIFIANT" и "XM".
    На пути своего развития и движения, лейбл за короткое время достиг больших высот в развитии и продвижении музыки своих Артистов. На данный момент лейбл выпускает музыку от своих основных проектов...

  • Ouça. Descubra. Explore. Fale sobre música! Toda quinta às 21h30 na Rádio Sens em Reprises nos sábados às 8h e domingos às 15h. Disponível no Mixcloud e em formato podcast na segunda-feira seguinte.

  • O Fora da Ordem destaca os principais lançamentos, discute o mercado musical e entrevista artistas.

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  • Cairo Braga conduz uma navegação pelos espaços siderais da música e da vida, ao vivo toda terça às 22h na Rádio Sens:

  • 暫且拋開煩擾的工作,

    播出日期:11月30日 (逢星期日)

  • 主持 : Jav、深,自稱為 Wazzup 最長壽最離譜 最個人化最亂咁來的日本節目 ! 有時會呃鐘,有時會補鐘, 有時會講日本,有時會以身試食, 有時以身犯險,有時仲會交流SHOW! 無敵嘉賓陣容包括:百寶貓,女歌星,豆腐人...

  • My self indulgent musicwhoring starts here. Indulge my self induglency!