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  • Anu Saagim, Brigitte Susanne Hunt ja Laura Valk kinnitavad ja lükkavad ümber värskes podcast'is erinevaid ihaldusprintsiipe, toetudes oma kogemustele. Podcast'is saab selgeks, kas mehed armastavad Eestis ka „mõrdasid“ või pigem mitte.

  • Tänapäevane suhte- ja suhete loomise maailm on muutumises. Kes ja kuidas algatab suhteid? Kuidas viia suhe uuele tasemele? Kas kõik ongi kolinud Tinderisse? Kuidas viia kokku virtuaalne arvutimäng ja päriselu? Kuidas suhteid hoida ja arendada? Suhteklassika on pöördumatult muutunud. Vanad reeglid ei näi enam kehtivat. Missugused on aga uued?
    Uue podcast´ide-sarja saatejuht on Eesti Naise peatoimetaja Heidit Kaio, kes ootab teie küsimusi tutvumise, kohtingute, suhete loomise ja hoidmise kohta või miks mitte ka lahkumineku otsuseni jõudmise või, millele annab vastuse enda kogemuse põhjalt. Saadetes on ka külalisi, nii mehi kui naisi, kellega suhtekogemusi vahetada. Saada oma küsimus või teema-ettepanek [email protected]

  • Donut Racing Show (DRS) brings a cheap beer mindset to the champagne-popping podium of Formula One racing. If you only watch the race on Sunday, you’re missing 70% of the picture... and that’s where we come in. Let Donut Media’s Nolan Sykes, and motor-journalists Alanis King (Business Insider, Jalopnik) and Elizabeth Blackstock (Jalopnik), be your friendly guides to the wild world of Formula One. From the frustrations (FERRARI!) to the glory (RED BULL!) to the downright disappointing (MERCEDES?!), Donut Racing Show is here for you.

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  • Звуковая дорожка одноименного YouTube канала об играх.


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  • Lemmikloomadest pajatavas taskuhäälingus Loomaarst taskus võtame luubi alla kõik meie kallid karvased ja sulelised sõbrad.

  • F-14 Tomcat Radio Show/Podcast "Straight Outta Calverton"--> bringing you inside the world of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the Brave Men and Women which were apart of the Greatest History in Naval Aviation, We dedicate this to all of you, Navy/Grumman!

  • Welcome to The Amish Furniture Podcast, a mini-series for the Amish furniture fan. Whether you're actively shopping for furniture, have Amish made furniture in your home, or are simply curious about the Amish, this is the podcast for you.

    We'll bring you behind-the-scenes stories about what it's like to work with the Amish, tips about shopping for Amish furniture, and much more. Hosts Beth and Milca bring experience from their work at DutchCrafters, the largest Amish furniture website.

    This podcast is produced by DutchCrafters Amish Furniture:

  • In this podcast series you will learn all kinds of legendary monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore and mythology.

  • Podcast yang beneran bahas semuanya, entah itu cerita, menjawab pertanyaan, pengalaman, pokoknya semuanya.

  • Õhtulehe podcast Ussikeeled võtavad ette kõik teemad, alates seksist kuni supini. Meie elu on vahel piisavalt segane, et tuleb teada, kuidas seda mõistetavamaks lausuda. Pajudest Pariisis ja muust oskavad mõtiskleda Keit ja Manona.

  • Meile Meeldib Mängida on mängude teemaline saade, mida saab YouTube'is otse-eetris vaadata ja kuulata igal pühapäeval kell 20:00. Saatejuhtideks on Erik Kiss, Omar Talu ja Tarmo Toomepuu.

  • An audio documentation of a survival playthrough.

  • Kolm noormeest räägivad, miks neile meeldib pilte ja videot teha ja jagavad nippe, kuidas ka teistel võte paremini välja tuleks.

  • Новости технологий. И ничего больше.

  • Aparaadio podcastifestivali korraldajad saavad kokku kord kahe nädala tagant ja jutustavad festivalikorraldamisest.

  • Also known as @cassidyeats, Host Cassidy Ceresa is riding shotgun on your wellness journey cheering you on. From thoughts on how to have a better relationship with yourself to candid conversations about body image, this show is your chance to dive deeper and gain new perspective into all the things approaching 30. Join her each week for exploratory and honest conversations with one of your best friends you didn't know you had.

  • KVEST on Eesti lauarollimängu kommuun, mis on loodud pakkumaks ühist vestlus- ja arenemisplatvormi kõikidele huvilistele. Kommuun sai loodud aastal 2019 ning toob huvilisteni eestikeelseid artikleid, videoid, tööriistu, arutelu kui ka poe täis Dungeons & Dragonsi tarvikuid ja raamatuid.Kuna Dungeons & Dragons’i maailm on suur, enamasti inglise keelne ja mööda internetti laiali, siis otsustasime luua keskkonna, mis koondaks selle kõik ühte kohta.Meie eesmärk on tutvustada seda maailma lauamänguhuvilistele ja pakkuda kõigile uusi mängukogemusi.

  • In the year 2186, Commander Sela Shepard activated the Crucible over planet Earth, destroying the Reaper threat to galactic life. Five years of reconstruction later, and a new threat looms on the horizon. Documents detailing the origin of the reapers and citing the technological gains discovered by Cerberus fanatics have gone missing just as a rise in political pressure from a joint alliance of Batarian, Vorcha, and Yahg threatens to disrupt Council programs to reconnect the Mass Relays which greatly facilitate galactic travel. To those with sufficient clearance to access them, these documents are known simply as... The Leviathan Files.

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  • Creativity. It’s as mysterious and elusive to humans as love. We stalk it. We crave it. We try to bring it out in ourselves. 

    Every creative work you’ve ever loved has a hero’s journey behind it. Whether it’s a book or a building. A movie, a mural, a musical. It starts with a spark. Then: Endless iteration. Inevitable setbacks. Magical people who appear to help. And the breakthrough idea — that takes on a life all its own. 

    On Spark & Fire, for the first time ever, you’ll hear what was happening in the mind of a creator as they brought their iconic work to life. But this isn’t an interview show. It’s a story — told entirely in the artist's own words — against the backdrop of originally composed music of the prepared piano. 

    In Season One, you’ll hear from Yo-Yo Ma on the Silk Road Project, director Rian Johnson on making Knives Out, Isabel Allende on The House of the Spirits, Kemp Powers on Pixar’s Soul, architect Thomas Heatherwick on The Vessel, choreographer Bill T. Jones on Afterwardsness, book designer Chip Kidd on the cover of Jurassic Park, executive producer Kamilah Forbes of the Apollo Theatre, Susan Orlean on The Orchid Thief and more.

    With host June Cohen — cofounder of WaitWhat, former executive producer of TED Talks and co-host of the TED conference — in her first hosting role since TED.

    What really happens on the road to success? You’re about to find out. Let these epic stories spark your own creative journey. 

    Spark & Fire is a WaitWhat original series.

    Episode 5 of Spark & Fire, "Turn crisis into art: Tony-winner Bill T. Jones on Afterwardsness, his pandemic masterpiece," has been nominated for a 2021 Webby Award as one of the five best individual podcast episodes produced in the past 12 months.