• Anime-only friendly!Look, it's a weekly podcast after all! And who better to join me for episode two than twitter's biggest Porco and Reiner stans: Alina James and drunkhelos aka Pokko. The first half is us gushing about the episode and the warrior family. In the second half we say goodbye to our anime only fans and dive into manga spoilers, as well as answer some questions from our listeners!

  • Momtaku is joined by friends Brienne and LSJ to discuss the pure adrenaline ride known as Chapter 135, "Heaven and Earth"


    0:00 Intro1:39 Chapter impressions5:56 Battle of Heaven and Earth?9:29 Who let the pigs out?18:56 Who let the titans out??25:04 Fantastical beasts and where they came from27:57 Ask from Monica So31:46 Is Zeke Alive? Do the re-animated titan have a consciousness43:26 Shout out to Pieck49:01 Uh... What manga am I reading??55:16 Ask from Paris58:19 BAMF Mikasa1:01:29 Annie Leonhardt: World's worst babysitter1:04:13 Ask from RubyGus1:11:56 Muv-Luv ending explained1:20:12 Alliance in action. How's it sitting with you? 1:26:11 Shout out to Connie1:27:14 Shout out to Hange1:28:05 Armin and the ghost of Erwin's past (take 5)

    1:31:46 Break

    1:32:20 LSJ's ending theory: Mimir's Well1:54:02 Brienne's ending prediction1:58:09 Ask from Paris2:00:29 Polkka's Quick Fire2:06:21 Thank yous and goodbyes


    - MMA Fighter wordplay references with Armin: Khabib Nurmagomedov - MMA Fighter wordplay references with Bert: Manny Pacquiao - Muv-Luv Saga info: https://tinyurl.com/y4o2dxdw - Muv-Luv Alternative info: https://tinyurl.com/y26mqhpm - Brienne's Theory: Why Levi is Still Going to Kill Zeke and Why it Matters: https://tinyurl.com/y3xsc6qd - LSJ's Ending theory: Another World Where Light Can't Reach: Mimir's Well: https://tinyurl.com/y6a3gxqr

    **About this Podcast**YHBG is a monthly Attack on Titan chapter discussion that is available on Youtube, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes. If you enjoy our content and would like to help offset costs, please consider supporting us on Kofi or Patreon. If you’d like to be a guest, please visit our website.

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  • Anime-only friendly!Luna flies solo this month, as she's joined by returning guest Coffee and Titan Teatime's James for a completely new podcast focusing on Season 4 of the anime. The first half is focusing on episode 1 "The other side of the sea", with some manga spoilers included at the end (don't worry, you'll be warned!). The second half Coffee talks about her experiences at the final exhibit in Fukuoka and the statue unveiling in Isayama's hometown, including her short, yet awkward encounter with our favorite mangaka.

  • Welcome to our chapter 134 discussion, aka Group Therapy for Momtaku. Tumblr's Hamliet and podcast regular Puppet join in the conversation.


    0:00:00 Introduction0:00:52 Chapter impressions

    Historia0:06:35 I concede NOTHING! This was a FAKE PREGNANCY!0:09:57 What women want: Luna puts Yams on blast0:13:13 Hamliet explains it all0:18:38 The mysteries nobody cares about anymore0:20:04 The final guessing game - Who's in the final panel?

    Rumbling0:24:29 Black London Bridge is falling down0:27:14 Where's Waldo and the Cliffside of Chaos0:36:41 Has Eren won or do we need a recount?0:40:46 Torii shrine gate: a beacon of hope?0:45:44 Gone in the blimp of an eye0:50:28 Ask from Shanto "Beast Titan: Fake or Real?"

    The General's speech.0:58:12 Luna hates the speech0:1:06:58 Poll question: Is the world at fault or ErenDid Isayama humnaize Eren too much0:1:12:50 The Moral of Story - Was genocide inevitable?

    0:1:21:35 BREAK

    1:22:11 Karina is the worst1:33:57 Where are Zeke's grandparents?1:38:16 The Alliance Arrives aka Reiner Helos Yes Baby Yes1:40:04 Is Eren ok with killing his friends?Was this reiner's helos moment. That whole discussion happens between 1:38 and 1:45 is reiner helos stuff1:46:44 will killing zeke do anything useful?1:51:30 Armin's big words to Eren1:55:10 Puppets prediction on how the battle goes1:56:55 Poll: death predictions2:05:50 2% til the ending?when does this series end?2:09:22 Ask from Sofia Amundson"Will Connie or Jean get an impactful scene and who will kill Zeke"2:16:42 Other twitter commentsParis, Rubygus,2:20:36 Are we more excited for the anime or chapter 135?2:30:02: Statue unveiling in Hito2:33:43 QuickFire2:40:41 Thank yous and goodbyes

    LINKS THIS EPISODEHamliet's blog: https://hamliet.tumblr.com/Coffee's pics from the statue unveiling in Hito: https://twitter.com/attackonmomlifeJohn Boyega's tweet about Onyankopon: https://twitter.com/JohnBoyega/status/1323945598924558336

  • Flying titans, a failed Talk no Jutsu , and OG Ymir magically appearing like a boss! Our guest is Tumblr meta writer Linkspooky. We hope you enjoy listening to our chapter 133 discussion.

    Episode Timestamps

    0:00:00 Introduction0:02:11 Chapter impressions0:08:59 Bombs on a plane? What could go wrong.0:14:57 Is there a chance that killing Zeke would affect the rumbling? 0:18:30 "We are all the same." Wouldn't this be the perfect time to mention Bert?0:26:46 Is Reiner correct that Eren wants to be stopped?0:38:18 Mikasa or Reiner - who will stop Eren?0:50:14 The failed talk no jitsu1:00:00 What is up with Ymir???1:13:46 What's up with Eren?1:20:44 Is Eren willing to kill his friends?1:28:22 Levi's extra finger - Mistake or no?

    1:30:30 BREAK

    1:31:15 Falco the Flying Titan. Are we really surprised? 1:32:58 Links theory: "The X-Men Limit"

    Fandom perception of the new developments: 1:37:14 Flying Titan 1:40:43 Falco getting Zeke's memories 1:44:54 Female Titan Powers 1:55:34 Could Falco's dream be from Eren?1:58:33 Meanwhile at Fort Salta2:06:35 Ask from Shanto: where did Annie get her scream2:10:10 Ask from Paris: Was the S2 OP an Easter Egg?2:14:10 Ask from Minty: Optimstic or Nihilistic ending?2:20:11 What would you like to see next chapter?2:24:54 Polkka's Quickfire Round 2:31:21 Thank you's and goodbyes

    Links this chapter:

    Our guest: https://linkspooky.tumblr.comWhat Eren Wants: https://linkspooky.tumblr.com/post/631326967474667520/what-eren-wantsAlbert Kamus "The Fall": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fall_(Camus_novel)Jungian Archetypes: https://www.carl-jung.net/collective_unconscious.html

  • It was a chapter filled with farewells as we bid a temporary adieu to Annie and a more permanent one to Floch and Hange (Or did we? Momtaku is still screaming about the afterlife). Youtube sensation Andrew Allstars and Twitter's FirelordSiCa join us for our discussion of chapter 132, "Wings of Freedom."


    0:00 Welcome & Guest Introduction3:39 Chapter Impressions

    Annie's okay8:17 Time to Say Goodbye - Annie deuces out12:26 Mikasa's discovery of AruAni17:56 Fandom reactions to Mikasa and Armin concerning their resolve to stop Eren23:38 Ask from Don Xabier: Mikasa's involvement in Eren's death25:38 Ask from Minty: "Isayama pulled off aruannie, right?"28:18 Will we see Annie return?34:26 Has Annie deserved her rest?

    Yelena - Zeke apologist until the end37:28 Zekrets no moar, Yelena spills all the beans.47:21 Momtaku, the new-born Zekestan and why his plan was better than Eren's.

    Floch - A cockroach no more55:00 Good character or waste of potential?1:06:20 Ask from Rise of the Warrior: Did Floch live so Hange would die?1:10:34 Ask from Minty: Jean's resolve after hearing Floch's Red Swan song1:15:07 Was Armin the best choice to be Commander?1:25:53 Bird theory or ghost theory?

    1:28:06 - Break

    The end of Commander #14, Hange Zoe1:28:40 Did we see their death coming?1:34:00 Ask from Minty on Twitter: Does Hange's death "work"?1:36:07 Is there an afterlife?1:51:41 Shinzou wo Sasageyo for the Wings of Freedom1:54:25 Levi: Last Manlet Standing1:58:07 Remember the Titans?1:59:49 Hange's best moments this chapter

    2:02:20 Levi's fate2:03:00 Levi vs Zeke?2:09:32 Zeke & Eren

    Q&A:2:13:44 Question from Twitter: 3 characters you want to live?2:16:07 The final guessing game: Who did you predict will live and die?2:18:36 Ask from HooveredBraunie on Twitter : Who will end Eren? Reiner or Armin?2:21:15 Ask from on TJtheGreat on Twitter: Final Arc: Top 3 Worthy or Nah?

    2:23:31 Next Chapter Predictions2:27:07 SiCa's and Andrew's AoT beginnings2:30:20 Just a little bit of fanservice

    A Wild Floch Polkka Appears!2:31:33 Polkka mourns worst boi Floch2:36:22 Polkka's latest Quickfire!

    2:46:30 Momtaku and Andrew discuss their AoT Fashions2:49:03 Thank Yous and Goodbyes

    Links this Chapter

    Firelordsica: https://twitter.com/FireLordSiCA

    AndrewAllStars:Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewAllStarsYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKvm9Rzy0G0al4qLa6ypuATwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/andrewlivestars

  • We have another almost two hours of content this month featuring chapter impressions from old and new guests as well as bonus clips from the cutting room floor.

    It feels wrong to call this a bonus episode since it's essentially another complete podcast, so maybe 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza Part 2 is the better title. Either way, we hope you enjoy!


    2:03 Chapter impressions from Grimmheim7:53 Chapter impressions from Erik15:48 Chapter impressions from Sica22:07 Chapter impressions from Brienne27:53 Chapter impressions from Vlax34:10 Chapter impressions from Linkspooky46:39 Intro to Session 1 bonus clips47:31 Puppet and Leslie: Can we trust what Eren is saying?51:02 Renan: Did this chapter improve 126?51:55 Wait! Neetaku liked a chapter?

    57:36 Break

    59:04 Humble asks Rune Lai Will Armin use Child Eren stop Adult Eren?1:06:46 Rune Lai asks Humble What's the best possible ending for Eren now?1:12:10 Humble, Safflora, Momtaku, Teetan: Is Eren a villain?1:22:34 I sure hope Humble sill feels this way.1:24:19 Teetan Jaeger predictions.1:29:19 Session 2 off the rails. What are the remaining mysteries of the snk world


    Grimmheim: https://www.instagram.com/grimmheim/Erik: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGTOrqNP5syErZ3fiZf3fA Sica: https://twitter.com/FireLordSiCABrienne: https://twitter.com/NonchalantDroidVlax: https://twitter.com/vlax332linkspooky: https://linkspooky.tumblr.comPuppet: https://www.reddit.com/user/_Puppet_Renan: https://bl.reddit.com/user/renannmhredditNeetaku: https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/User:NeetakuRune Lai: https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/User:RuneLaiSafflora: https://safflora.tumblr.com/TeetanJaeger: https://teetanjaeger.tumblr.com/No longer human - Osamu DazaiSnK Wiki: https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/Attack_on_Titan_WikiSCNK Colored Manga: https://imgur.com/gallery/9Gqp4iR
  • It's our birthday! We turn two years old this month, and instead of celebrating with cake (cause we can't fit into our jeans as is), we decided to celebrate with our former guests. Join us and twelve of our previous guests as we discuss The Rumbling with all its terrifying might. After the break, it's just the Big Girls. We look back on our first year of podcasting to see at what we got right and what we got horribly wrong (not as wrong as the Rumbling though!)

    Episode Timestamps

    00:20 Introduction04:36 Petter's thoughts08:38 Coffee's thoughts15:08 Leslie's thoughts21:00 Polkka's thoughts25:06 Annie thoughts from the Big Girls31:55 Renan's thoughts36:56 Big Girls discussing Eren's mental state43:06 Puppet's thoughts45:41 Big girls discuss Eren's "disappointment"52:45 Neetaku's thoughts55:35 Rune Lai's thoughts59:40 Why is Eren a kid?1:04:59 Teetanjaeger's thoughts1:09:02 When did Eren decide to Rumble the world?1:15:18 Humble's thoughts1:22:05 Is Eren the villain?1:29:38 Safflora's thoughts1:33:55 Can we get an Angry Birds sponsorship already?!1:38:33 What's up with Ymir-chan?1:41:10 Heidi's thoughts1:49:01 How do you feel about Eren now?1:53:10 Luna and Momtaku remember to give their thoughts too!

    1:56:01 Break

    1:56:43 YHBG: a retrospective2:00:51 Humble's Ask2:08:24 Anon's Ask2:12:52 Kingsgrave's Ask2:15:23 Polkka's Ask

    2:17:09 Clip from 107: You are the weakest link, Luna. Goodbye!2:18:29 Clip #2 from 107: Momtaku's boundless optimism2:22:24 Clip from 112: Momtaku hates on Zeke a little more2:23:09 Big Girls discuss Zeke's role2:28:32 Clip from 116: Momtaku shines bright like a diamond2:31:53 Clip from 119: Scambled eggs all over Luna's face2:33:51 Big Girls discuss what characters will still get a moment in the limelight

    2:39:14 Polkka's special quickfire2:53:16 Thank yous and goodbye

    Links this Episode

    Angrian's AruAni postAndrews live reactionAndrews twitch live reaction channelRogersBase's reactionSamoove's reactionReiner birthday art by KikuchiyoReiner birthday art by Alina James CoffeeLife photos from the Chronicle Movie CollaborationCoffeeLife photos from the SnK Final Event in Kobe

  • https://youhearbiggirls.podbean.com/mf/play/9wosmj/130-final.mp3

    With Eren finally doing the unthinkable, we thought it would be a great idea to invite back two Eren enthusiasts - one who was mortified and the other who now credits Isayama for his newfound love of genocide (kidding!!). Please listen along as @safflora​​ and YouTube's Soul join us in discussing chapter 130 "Dawn for Humanity."

    Episode Timestamps

    0:00:00 Intro: Safflora and Soul0:06:55 Overall chapter impressions0:15:15 Saving friends vs saving strangers. Is the contrast important?0:20:35 What's next for Annie?0:30:33 Uh... what's up with the birds?0:35:47 Safflora's thoughts on Possible Ymir Shenanigans (Part 1)0:39:02 Memory Shatter Mysteries. Did Eren kill his mom?0:42:51 Safflora's thoughts on Possible Ymir Shenanigan (Part 2)0:49:38 Unpacking the Eren POV: Did Eren have a choice?1:03:38 Yelena and Floch Flashbacks1:14:45 Mini Historia QuickFire

    1:16:42 BREAK

    Eren and Historia Conversation1:17:56 Safflora's thoughts aka Possible Ymir Shenanigans (Part 3)1:21:01 Soul's thoughts aka Historia secretly wants to rumble the world1:27:15 Luna's thoughts aka at least it wasn't as bad as it could be1:29:52 Momtaku's thoughts aka the pregnancy is a fake just hear me out

    1:38:45 Momtaku's final rant: Eren is the worst and all his friends deserve better1:42:44 Zeke ships Eremika and we all owe him an apology1:45:46 What's up with Fez-kun?1:52:00 Is Eren's main driving force friends, freedom or vengeance? Does he view the outside world as animals?2:00:00 Thoughts on Eren's Final Titan form2:10:20 Why do the world's military refer to Eren as "The Attack Titan"2:12:01 Ask from Kingsgrave: Has Eren Changed?2:17:40 Ask from Paris: Did you catch the Odin reference?2:22:59 Ask from Don Xabier: Has it been foreshadowed that Mikasa will kill Eren?2:27:22 Asks about Zeke's role moving forward2:28:32 Ask from Fabio10c: What is Soul's favorite chapter?2:31:06 Thank yous and goodbyes

    Links this EpisodeThe Genius of Eren JaegerAttack on Frost Giant: How Shingeki no Kyojin Examines the Nordic Cycle of Fate
  • For our 128 podcast we were excited to be joined by tumblr’s @grimmheim​ and from the AOT Wiki, Neetaku. Listen along as we relive our love of Shadis the Chadis and cry over the sailing and sinking of the S. S. Shagath. Other topics include far too much about Floch, Falco's titan design, and predictions for next chapter.

    Content Warning: Discussion about possible sexual assault from 0:51:03 to 0:53:58

    **Episode Timestamps**

    0:00:00 Intro: Grimmheim and Neetaku 0:02:57 Overall chapter impressions 0:07:09 Two Chads, One Ship: The sailing and sinking of Shagath 0:20:39 Ask from Shanto (twitter) about what's in Eldia's future with Shadis and Magath gone 0:26:53 Ask from ephemeralnerd: Shadis and Magath parallels - Hot takes on hotcake Magath - The logistics of Shadis' timely arrival 0:40:42 Floch and the duality of his personality 0:49:30 Floch's fate and future 1:03:03 Best new ship?

    1:04:03 Break

    1:04:39 Annie not beating the gobshite out of Reiner, but working together with him 1:13:20 Annie are you okay...going to Odiha? 1:23:17 Falco's Titan - The Bird is the Word 1:28:32 Neetaku's rant: Should Galliard have survived instead of Peick 1:36:14 Poll: Fandom thoughts about the latest Jaw titan 1:40:57 Don Xabier (twitter):Will Mikasa use her possible influence in Hizuru to persuade that country to help Paradise/Eldians post rumbling in any way? 1:41:56 Honeylemon (twitter): Who do you think will die from the main cast and how? It's the endgame now, I expect someone or a few major characters to die. 1:44:29 Rubygus (twitter): With 5% left of the manga, what arcs do you think will or won’t be wrapped up before the end. 1:47:33: Don Xabier (twitter) Why do you think Isayama didn't show Levi in this chapter, hidden in a panel one time, when we saw everyone in the ship? Do you think It will be a «love boat» or «sex boat» in the next chapter? In that case, which couples? Thank you for your work, you are pretty good 1:52:02 Polkka's Quickfire Round 1:55:03 Thank yous and goodbyes 1:57:30 Character Death Prediction competition: http://www.youhearbiggirls.com/quiz

  • For our 128 podcast we were excited to be joined by tumblr’s @safflora​ and kings-grave. Topics include Magath’s apology, Annie’s assessment of the SC, the return of Daz and Samuel, BAMF Kyomi and of course, sauna sauna sauna.

  • For our chapter 127 podcast we invited two guests. Our first guest was Petter, who hosts a fellow SnK podcast called Titan Teatime and hails from Sweden. Our second guest is one of our favorite past guests, our friend @attackonmomlife who is best known for two things - loving Eren Jaeger and attending and reporting on SnK events in Japan.

    Episode Timestamps


    0:19 Introducing Petter and Coffee4:00 Chapter Impressions5:59 How does 126 hold up now?

    MVC: Most Valued Character

    7:39 Gabi - Signifying Change10:01 Jean - Fantasy turned Nightmare11:15 Hange Stewing13:30 Yelena - Drive & End Goal

    Speculation Gone Wild

    20:44 Last supper theory22:37 Jean and Floch25:30 Man in the window29:28 Final Panel Spoilers - Coffee's ending theory Jean and Reiner30:59 Jean - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly33:17 Did Jean go too far?35:36 When will Reiner have his moment?41:30 Will the Warriors ever catch a break from Isayama?45:49 Luna’s and Coffee's catfight (we need to stay off Twitter)

    Holocaust or Nolocaust?

    54:56 "Is genocide justifiable?" part 345,05859:32 Ask from Ahmedzubeyr25 (reddit) - Paradis' fate1:02:23 Character favorability: what goes up, most come down1:04:40 What is the final solution?1:10:02 Which characters would support the rumbling?

    Hange and Levi

    1:16:38 Anon (Tumblr) ask - Death Flags and Successors1:23:59 Anon (Tumblr) ask for Coffee - Levi and his one track mind?

    1:28:25 - BREAK Eren et al.

    1:28:59 Floch - HOT OR NOT?1:35:49 Could Mikasa kill Eren?1:38:01 Humble’s ask (twitter) What will the 104th do with Eren?1:43:34 Where in the world Eren Sandiego?1:45:12 Manga Exhibit Spoilers - Ending Audio1:55:29 The Helos Ending: Who will save the world?


    2:00:16 Statue unveiling in Isayama’s hometown2:05:31 Next chapter hopes and expectations2:11:37 What else could get #coronacancelled?2:14:16 Ask from Ambassador Ogweno (twitter): Japanese vs. Western manga opinions2:16:20 Polkka’s Quickfire Round2:25:37 Wrapping Up2:31:33 Thanks yous, how to support us, how to be a guest, good bye2:33:38: What the hell?!
  • For the chapter 125 podcast we’ve invited #1 Annie Fan, reddit’s /u/stiller3. We hope you enjoy our discussion of chapter 125, “Sunset”

    Thanks as always for your support!

    MP3: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/tp7cu7/125.mp3Provide Feedback: https://www.youhearbiggirls.com/episode-feedback/

    Discussion Timestamps

    00:01:00 – Chapter impressions00:08:01 – French translation00:11:17 – Keychains by Leeyaspark00:12:09 – Fandom reaction on The Rumbling00:13:06 – What side is Isayama on?

    Hitch & Annie00:15:00 – Ask from Hhaunterzz about Annie’s return00:25:55 – This chapter's MVP00:28:07 – Ask from Motoss about Annie’s coma00:34:30 – The science and mechanics of SnK00:35:30 – Ask from Motoss about Annie’s dad00:38:17 – Annie and the roach

    Shadis00:40:22 – Shadis

    Mikasa and Armin00:45:34 – Ask from SergeantGross about Mikasa's (unhealthy) devotion to Eren?00:57:45 – Armin getting mad at Mikasa01:00:16 – Where did Mikasa's scarf go?

    Floch and Jean01:01:10 – Asks from Nahsonnn01:01:45 – Did Jean rock it?01:03:53 – Why did Floch lie about Levi and Hange?01:05:20 – Did Eren tell Floch everything?01:10:42 – Why was Jean so shocked?01:13:26 – Hhaunterzz's ask: How will Floch meet his maker?

    Connie and Floch01:15:40 – Hhaunterzz's ask: What will Connie do with Falco?01:19:13 – Where did Falco recognize Connie from?

    Pieck, Magath, Hange & The Mummy01:21:21 – Did you see this coming?01:25:54 – The meaning of "Sunset"01:30:30 – Levi's role: what's left?

    01:36:09 – Next chapter predictions01:39:56 – Aome's ask about our favorite chapter this final arc

    – BREAK –01:44:03 – Polkka’s QuickFire round01:47:53 – Closing, thank yous and outtake


    Luna’s new charms by @leeyasparkChapter title discussion by @tsuki-no-ura

    About this PodcastYHBG is a monthly Attack on Titan chapter discussion that is available on Youtube, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes. If you enjoy our content and would like to help offset costs, please consider supporting us on Kofi or Patreon. If you’d like to be a guest, please visit our website.

  • YHBG ~ Chapter 124 ~ Thaw

    This month there was only one person we wanted as guest and that’s Connie’s biggest fan, reddit’s Lady_Moe. We were also joined last minute by one of our favorites, Wiki admin Neetaku. We hope you’ll enjoy our chapter 124 discussion, “Thaw.”

    We’d like thank everyone for their support this year! We don’t have stats from Spotify or Stitcher but according to our YouTube year in review, our 13 videos generated 4,444 total hours of watch time, which is just incredible. Thank you so much!!

    MP3: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/gpepxg/124-2.mp3Provide Feedback: https://www.youhearbiggirls.com/episode-feedback/

    Discussion Timestamps

    00:01:39 - Chapter Impressions00:07:30 - Reiner and Gabi moment discussion00:10:55 - Thoughts on the Gabi-centric chapter and her parallel with Eren00:17:59 - The return of children of the forest00:26:34 - Ask from Humble about Kaya’s forgiveness of Gabi00:33:23 - When will this series end?00:36:51 - Our reactions to Jean and Connie00:45:47 - Asks from Puppet and Firefan87 about Connie’s eventuality00:51:29 - Ask from Motoss “Was Connie always this interesting?” Discussion of issues with Isayama’s uneven character pacing.01:01:09 - Ask from Staraves about Connie’s potential death01:07:37 - Why did Floch want to round up all the volunteers. Neet’s rant about Floch’s inconsistent character development01:17:37 - Asks from Honey Lemon and Monica So about Eren’s care for his friends and why he didn’t stop the mindless titans.01:25:10 - Does Eren’s character arc feel authentic?01:31:36 - Final shout out to Shadis as we close our chapter discussion and thoughts about who should take charge now.

    – BREAK –

    01:33:38 - FireLordSiCA asks “What purpose can Annie fill in the story?”01:35:38 - SurvivorSpiff asks “What role will Annie play now that she’s back?” Kiza100 asks “Will Reiner and Annie will meet again?”01:38:25 - huxandthehound asks “Will Reiner’s armor be restored? Did Eren intentionally do this?”01:42:58 - FireLordSiCA and Hiryugan ask about Zeke’s future role.01:47:57 - CoffeeLife asks about how we feel about the series ending and future plans.01:56:06 - Polkka’s QuickFire round02:04:05 - Closing, thank yous and outtakes

    About this Podcast

    YHBG is a monthly Attack on Titan chapter discussion that is available on Youtube, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes. If you enjoy our content and would like to help offset costs, please consider supporting us on Kofi or Patreon. If you’d like to be a guest, please visit our website.

  • We’re back!! This month we did things a little differently and focused primarily on our twitter and tumblr asks, and we actually managed to keep ur discussion to a reasonable length! Join us as we discuss chapter 123, the chapter poll, and our recent vacation.

    Provide Feedback: https://www.youhearbiggirls.com/episode-feedback/


    00:02:21 Chapter Impressions00:05:17 Is Eren Bluffing?00:11:09 Review of Poll Question: If Eren is not bluffing, do you think he’s justified? Do you think Eren is the villain in this story? Lelouch & Light Yagami comparison? Eren’s final titan form - hot or not? Is Historia on Eren’s side?00:23:11 Humble Servant asks “Which moment did you find the most wholesome?”Kingsgrave asks “Favorite Survey Corps moments this chapter?”00:27:08 Haunterz asks. “Were you surprised at Eren’s decision? The importance of Mikasa’s perspective? Historia’s role? Who will be Helos and stop Eren? Which Mikasa is the cutest - ice cream or ocean?”00:40:04 Ask from Staraves. “What message could be shown if Eren is presented as justified?”00:49:53 Vairre’s ask “Considering how full of optimism last chapter was, who do you think will slay the monster?”00:54:24 Anon asks “Are you expecting Annie to wake up since the rumbling has started?”00:58:10 Additional chapter thoughts. Berlin Wall anniversary. Why did Eren announce his intentions to all Eldians? Norse Mythology. Is the shape of Eren’s titan important?1:04:14 eykonto said:Don’t you think it would be better if Wit Studio didn’t animate season 41:08:23 Details about mom and luna’s recent vacation

    Links in this episode

    Angrian’s post about the important of history and why the rumblng is unnecessaryaotophma’s post talking about Eren as Light YagamiReddit post on Reiner as HelosFan art of Eren’s titan

    About the podcast:YHBG is a monthly Attack on Titan chapter discussion that is available on Youtube, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes. If you enjoy our content and would like to help offset costs, please consider supporting us on Kofi or Patreon. If you’d like to be a guest, please visit our website.

  • While Momtaku and Luna spend a few weeks vacationing together, Reiku takes the helm of the podcast. She's joined by by two of the subreddit mods, Allouola and Erechan. Listen along as they discuss chapter 122, "To you, 2000 Years Ago'

  • For our chapter 121 discussion we were joined by The Humble Servant and Akaikitsu, a member of the SCNK who is responsible for amazing manga colorings like the one below.

    Since Humble and Akai are both very much fans of Eren Jaeger and we are not, the conversation very much became a discussion of Eren’s mindset and morality.

    Discussion Timestamps

    00:00:00 Introductions00:01:45 Chapter impressions00:05:26 Importance of panels with Mikasa and Armin00:09:02 “From birth I’ve always been like this.” Discussion of Eren’s motivation00:22:14 Luna’s view of Eren now and Humble and Akai’s response00:26:11:00 Was there a chance of peace before Eren’s attack Liberio31:32: Momtaku’s issue with Eren34:25 Discussion of why a character is our favorite49:19 Ask from @cyborgboy9551:41 Do You Think Isayama’s Evil Portrayal Of Eren Is A Ruse?57:54 To What Extent Do You Believe That The Ends Justify The Means?01:06 At this point in the story is Eren a villain?01:07:26 Eren kicking puppies :)01:11:47 Let’s talk about time travel01:13:26 Determinism vs Compatibilism01:18:13 Which plan do you agree with Karl? Eren? or Grisha? Does the rise of Eren Jaeger make sense? Should we trust Eren?01:23:53 The Hug™️01:31:37 Was Grisha’s reveal always planned by Isayama?01:36:26 Next chapter predictions01:39:45 Question from Kingsgrave regarding Eren’s monologues in chapters 90 and 9701:43:07 Q&A with Akai about her work with SCNK 01:51:30 How to support us, special news about next month and goodbyes


    Time travel explained by Skyclad__Observer. Colored manga chapters by the SCNKAkai’s youtube and instagram

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  • You Hear Big Girls Super Mega Anniversary Podcast Outtakes + Giveaway

    We’ve (mostly) recovered from our super mega anniversary podcast, but with close to 15 hours of recorded time quite a bit hit the cutting room floor. We thought in honor of Isayama’s 10 year anniversary, we’d publish a special episode of outtakes.

    Stay tuned to the end for a special giveaway announcement courtesy of our friend @attackonmomlife


    00:20 - Introduction00:55 - Podcast 120: not our brightest idea

    Session 1 - Soul, Angrian, Renan and Polkka:01:24 - Explaining first outtake - Session 103:43 - What’s in Outtake #103:49 - Outtake #1: You get a tangent! And you get a tangent! and EVERYBODY GETS A TANGENT!05:27 - Connie’s merit07:50 - Pixis’ death08:30 - Characters that may be alive10:30 - Mikasa, a slave (to her scarf?)11:20 - The Sufferboi Cronicles14:00 - Clout17:03 - Soul’s Time Management

    Session 2 - Neetaku, Rune Lai, LSJ and Lady Moe:17:50 - What’s in Outtake #218:30 - Outtake #2: Connie: best boi or worst boi?23:45 - Sasha’s death25:00 - Who won? + introducing outtake #326:15 - Outtake #3: The Manuel Rant32:34 - Introducing outtake #432:56 - Outtake #4: The Moses Braun emoji35:01 -The Aftermath (Neetaku, you’d better be listening!)

    Session 3 - Reiku, Puppet, Erik and Alluolla:36:35 - Where are the outtakes?!

    Session 4 - Coffee, Darth and KennyH:38:48 - Introducing Outtakes from Session 440:20 - Tomato/Tomahto40:57 - Iced Cocoa?41:33 - Quick like…42:01 - The Affair42:27 - Child-Eren of the Forest

    Session 5 - Q&A with the Big Girls43:45 - We mess up as well44:58 -The Perks of YHBG45:15 - Who has the most uploaded content?45:49 - Fofty

    Special Announcement:46:16 - Giveaway details

    47:41 - Outro48:17 - Outtake

  • Chapter 120: “A Fleeting Moment”

    To celebrate our one year anniversary, we made the insane decision to invite back all of our previous guests! We had to record 4 groups in 5 sessions to fit everyone in. The final podcast is 4.5 hours in length. Timestamps are below so people can pick and choose what they’d like to listen to.

    GROUP 1 SoulMadness , @renannmh, u/ichigosr5 and Polkka (u/Iamnormallylost)

    3:54 General chapter impressions and discussion19:21 Discussion about the PATHS Dimension, who has control of the Founding Titan power now and why the passage of time is different in that realm38:42 Polkka’s "Super Ultra Mega" Fifth Quickfire round

    GROUP 2 Rune Lai, @ladymoe6, LSJ, and Neetaku

    48:23 General chapter impressions and discussion51:22 Do we trust what Zeke is telling us about Ymir? Is it even Ymir or is it "Krista". Neet's first rant about how time travelling Eren did not appear in season one (1:17:13 ) Is this trip through memory lane impacting the past and future. Did Eren plant memories in Kruger's mind? Lots of Moses love and Reiner talk :)1:38:11 Group 2 Quickfire

    GROUP 3 u/Qrowin-Shitposts , /u/_puppet_@reikukaja and u/alooulla

    1:52:22 General chapter impressions and discussion1:56:25 Discussion of the opening pages, the head catch, the frozen battle and memory shatter. What is the best in-story explanation for the Caste on Titan easter egg? Ask from The Humble Servant on Twitter: Which Memory Shatter Panel is your personal favorite or most liked?2:33:25 Group 3 Quickfire

    GROUP 4 @attackonmomlife, KennyH and u/DarthMewtwo

    2:39:45 General chapter impressions and discussion2:42:36 Discussion of Zeke and Eren’s relationship and the Bruh Bruh moments. What were your feelings about Grisha before this chapter? Did this chapter change your feelings? Will Zeke seeing that Grisha transformed change anything? Is Eren coming out of this alive?- Ask Kingsgrave on Twitter: Is Zeke Redeemable- Ask from Mosab from Twitter: Eren is bezt mc ever what you think3:25:32 Group 4 Quickfire

    NEWS with ​3:32:48 Discussion about second half of the SNK Final Manga Event, what changed, what didn't. News about the accident at the factory that produced the large scale Titan Reiner and Eren Figurama

    QA with Mom and Luna

    3:50:36 Spicy asks from The Humble Servant about who our favorite and least favorite guests are, favorite and least favorite chapter discussions and what are some pet peeves you have of your co host?

    4:13:37 Ask from Pollka: Ten chapters ago where did you see the story heading and how right or wrong where you?

    4:17:28 What's your favourite crack theory or head canon?

    4:18:58 Ask from Kingsgrave: Congrats on the year of podcasts, always the highlight of my month. Do y'all have plans for a podcast after Attack on Titan's manga and anime is over?

    4:22:15 Podcast conclusion and thanks

    About the PodcastThe YHBG podcast is also available on Youtube, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes. If you enjoy our content and would like to help offset costs, please consider supporting us on Kofi or Patreon.