• Great listen right here. One of few audio-cast I have put out on the internet, among many. This is freshly produced on 02/17/2020. You don't want to miss out if you have dealt with rejection before or currently are. The title is going to be " The Highway of Rejection: The Exit You Take is Crucial", a topic not so popular, but a situation we may all have dealt with .In this video I'm going to cover the topic of "Rejection" , the root cause of it, how to recognize the its nature, ways it may affect a person; for the good or bad. One quote the goes with this audio-cast is this one we all know "Hard time can either make you or break you" but there's some much in the quote that's not put on spotlight...The Lord has reveal to me in greater perspective about this particular quote..What He thought me is that, when hard time makes a person, it can make them a good, and strong individual or just the opposite, a bad, and wicked hearted individual...This is one thing that's not mentioned on that quote, that need to be mentioned...This audio-cast is going to be mention criteria information regarding rejection, that you don't want to miss out on. #overcomingrejection #Jesusisthetruesolution #Christian #Rejection #betrayal #pastpain #pasthurt #tribulations #brokenheart #friends #family #leftout #outcast #overcomingwithJesus #prophecy #prophetic #audiocast #podcast

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