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  • We list out our favorite horror films: creature feature, haunting, possession, slasher, found footage and body horror - and we tease diving into the absolutely bonkers film "Malignant" (which will be our next episode)!

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  • We're taking a crack at something old, something new, something awesome and something ew. The classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day has some common threads with The Tomorrow War, so let's talk about it!

  • From Wikipedia:

    As Lyra, Will, and the witches continue travelling, Serafina sends two witches ahead as scouts. Elsewhere, Ruta Skadi overhears creatures called cliff-ghasts discussing a coming war that Asriel cannot win without Æsahættr. In Cittàgazze, Mrs Coulter captures and then tortures a scout witch with a spectre to reveal Lyra's location and the prophecy that states Lyra will be the second Eve who brings a second Fall of Man. After finding the adults' campsite, Angelica and Paola leave Mary, who continues searching. Pursued by Magisterium soldiers, Lee urges Parry to flee while he fights them off. Lee is mortally wounded and summons Serafina with a cloud pine branch, but dies before she arrives. Parry summons his son, Will, through a vision. Reunited, Parry urges Will to fulfil his destiny as the knife bearer before they can return home. Parry is fatally shot, and, before dying, tells Will the angels will guide him to Asriel. In a desolate world, the angels pledge Lord Asriel their support in the coming war against the Authority. Will returns to find Lyra missing after Mrs Coulter has abducted her. On an airship, Coulter vows to protect Lyra, who appears drugged and is confined inside a trunk. In a post-credits scene, Roger and Lyra call to one another in an unknown location.

  • "Malice" - From Wikipedia

    The witches see angels flying overhead. Ruta Skadi believes they are joining Asriel in a coming war. She follows, wanting to find Asriel to help them destroy the Magisterium. Fra Pavel informs Cardinal MacPhail that that the alethiometer shows Mrs Coulter is searching for Lyra, who plays a part in a disastrous prophecy. Paola, Angelica, and other children, wanting to avenge Tullio, attack Will and Lyra. Serafina arrives and saves them. The witches cast a healing spell on Will's wounded hand, but need more powerful medicinal plants growing in their lands. Spectres nearly devour one witch, but Will repels them with the Subtle Knife. Mary arrives in Cittàgazze, unknowingly protected by angels. She encounters Paola and Angelica and promises to help find their adult counterparts. Boreal and Mrs Coulter also enter Cittàgazze, searching for Lyra, Will, and the Subtle Knife. They encounter spectres which Mrs Coulter can control by suppressing her humanity. She fatally poisons Boreal, stating he hinders her ambitions. Lee and Parry, flying to Cittàgazze, are pursued by Magisterium airships. Parry uses his shaman powers to summon storms and a flock of birds that take down two airships. A third ship shoots Lee's balloon, forcing him to land.

  • "The Scholar" (from Wikipedia)

    Cardinal MacPhail claims the witches' deadly airship attack is a sign that the Authority is punishing the Magisterium for lacking devotion. McPhail then falsely accuses Father Graves, his former rival for the cardinalate, of losing faith and has him arrested. He instructs his alethiometrist, Fra Pavel, to learn Mrs Coulter's location and what she seeks. Mrs Coulter and Boreal arrive at Boreal's other Oxford house to wait for Lyra and Will's arrival. Mrs Coulter visits Mary Malone, introducing herself as Lyra's mother. Later, the Cave instructs Mary to play the serpent, journey to another world, and save the girl and boy, before shutting itself down. Paola and Angelica blame Lyra and Will for the spectres consuming their brother Tullio's soul. Lyra arrives at Boreal's, distracting him, while Will cuts a window into his house to retrieve the alethiometer. Lyra is shocked to encounter Mrs Coulter there; Pan viciously attacks Coulter’s daemon. Will, struggling with Boreal, grabs the alethiometer and cuts a window back to Cittàgazze, escaping with Lyra. Boreal warns Mrs Coulter about the spectres when she wants to follow Lyra. Mary steps through the window to Cittàgazze.

  • Episode Synopsis pulled from Wikipedia:

    Will visits his mother while Lyra heads to Oxford where she encounters Charles Latrom (Lord Boreal). The alethiometer guides Lyra to Mary Malone, a physicist researching Dark Matter (Dust). Lyra shows Mary the alethiometer, and Mary demonstrates her research that similarly allows computer communication with Dust. Cardinal Sturrock dies, leaving Father MacPhail a possible successor. Dr Lanselius, the witches' peace envoy, testifies that Ruta Skati's attack was a lone act. He is then falsely convicted of spying, heresy, and treason. Will meets his paternal grandparents who want his father's letters. Will leaves as they call to report him to police. Mary connects Lyra to her computer. The particles form screen images that Lyra interprets. Lyra tells Will the alethiometer told her to help him. At Mrs Coulter's urging, MacPhail takes a bold action and bombs the witches' territories. Thorold, Asriel's jailed assistant, tells Mrs Coulter that Asriel intended to sacrifice Lyra to open up the other world. When MacPhail is chosen Cardinal, Mrs Coulter threatens blackmail to ensure his continued cooperation.

    The witches vow retribution for their destroyed lands. A mysterious figure whispers for Lee Scoresby to "return." Lyra flees Boreal's henchman who confronts her in Mary Malone's office. Outside, Charles Latrom (Boreal) offers Lyra a lift. After exiting his car, she discovers the alethiometer missing from her backpack. Scoresby, searching for Grumman, finds his balloon has inexplicably flown to Yenisei. Dr Haley, an astronomy scholar there, confirms Grumman is alive and declares him a heretic. Haley, a Magisterium agent, attempts to shoot Scoresby, who is arrested after killing Haley in self-defence. In Cittàgazze, Will sees someone inside the tower. Mrs Coulter arrives in Yenisei and discovers Scoresby jailed there. He conceals Lyra's whereabouts, but Mrs Coulter later frees him, knowing he will keep Lyra safe. Mary attempts to communicate with Dust. Serefina Pekkala's daemon, Kaisa, and Iorek discuss Lyra and the prophecy. Lord Boreal will return the alethiometer if Will and Lyra bring him a knife hidden in the Tower of the Angels in Cittagàzze.

    A narrator recounts the Subtle Knife's origins and why spectres were unleashed. Scoresby finds Jopari, a shaman who confirms he is Grumman. He claims he "summoned" Scoresby and needs his help to find the Subtle Knife, named Æsahættr, and bring it to Asriel. Mary rejects Boreal's offer to fund her and Oliver's research. Lyra and Will ascend the Tower of the Angels in Cittàgazze and encounter Giacomo Paradisi, the elderly knife bearer. A youth named Tullio has just attacked him and stolen the knife. Will recovers the knife, but his right-hand little fingerand ring finger are partially severed during the struggle; Paradisi proclaims Will is now the knife bearer and shows how to cut portals between worlds. After Lyra and Will depart with the knife, Paradisi, no longer protected, fatally poisons himself to thwart the spectres. Tullio's soul is eaten by the spectre. Scoresby agrees to help Jopari if Lyra is put under the Subtle Knife's protection. Mary communicates with Dust, which are angels. Lord Boreal leads Mrs Coulter through Cittàgazze to the alternate Oxford to find Lyra. Serafina Pekkala and Ruta Skadi attack the Magisterium airships guarding the portal, then travel through to find Lyra.

  • We're ripping through the end of this book, guys! Your hosts are eating it all up, except for Gracious Wings' name maybe? We talk so much about the book that we didn't even get to talk about the show. Instead you'll get a packed episode next week that will be ALL about His Dark Materials on HBO/BBC.

  • A synopsis usually goes here, but this episode is so packed, suffice it to say that we cover a LOT of ground. Please listen, like, subscribe an comment! Any reviews are also greatly appreciated.

    “Even if it means oblivion, friends, I'll welcome it, because it won't be nothing. We'll be alive again in a thousand blades of grass, and a million leaves; we'll be falling in the raindrops and blowing in the fresh breeze; we'll be glittering in the dew under the stars and the moon out there in the physical world, which is our true home and always was.”

  • At the same time Lyra and Will are talking, Tialys and Salmakia are holding their own conversation about the knife. They know they must keep even closer to Will now that the knife is being mended. While Salmakia believes that they can win Lyra over and use her to keep close to WIll, Tialys is not so easily convinced. Skeptical, they watch as Iorek begins preparations to mend the knife. The children return from the woods and Iorek enlists them to help as he mends the knife, with Lyra overseeing the gas pit while Will tends to the fire. Iorek warns Will that the knife will look different after it is mended. He performs his craft with precision; as he meticulously joins the pieces of the knife, Iorek calls on Will to hold the pieces of the knife together with his mind. In doing so, Will can feel each atom of the knife link to one another, “...strengthening and straightening” (Pullman, 169) themselves into a new blade. When the forging is finally complete, Iorek, Lyra, and Will fall into exhaustion. Iorek asks Will to follow him out into the cold, dark mountainside. Once there, Iorek says that the knife should not have been made and reveals that he is troubled, expressessing doubt about having fixed the knife. Fearing he has been foolish like Iofur Rakinson, Iorek asks Will what he plans to do with the knife. Will explains the plan to go to the world of the dead. Iorek tells Will that if he wants to succeed in his task, he must put aside all thought of his mother. They return to the cave where Iorek tells Will to stay with the knife so he can say farewell to Lyra. Will examines the newly mended knife, which is shorter and more dull, and determines it is ugly. Lyra returns from her farewell talk with Iorek and tells Will that everything seems to be falling on them, even though they are too young for such responsibility. Wary of the impending arrival of the gyrocopters, Will and Lyra test the knife and open a window to sleep in another world. The Gallevespians protest, insisting the children stay. Will tells Tialys that they are leaving, so they can either come along to the other side or die trying to stop them. Once through the window to the other world, Will and Lyra immediately fall asleep while the Gallevespians open the lodestone resonator and begin playing a message into the darkness.

  • Will and Lyra awaken within seconds of each other and are disappointed to find that the Gallevespians are still keeping watch over them. With the help of the lodestone resonator, Tialys informs Will that the Consistorial Court’s army has retreated, and that King Ogunwe captured Mrs. Coulter and plans to bring her back to Lord Asriel. Lyra checks the alethiometer, making sure that the coast is clear; then the group moves back through the window. On the other side of the window they encounter the aftermath of death and destruction from the great battle. Will is worried about Ama, but Lyra tells him the alethiometer says she is ok. They begin a day of long, hard walking; Will and the Gallevespians are handling the trek well, Lyra is trying to hide her pain and exhaustion. After the Gallevespians check-in with the lodestone, Will applies ointment to Lyra’s badly blistered feet. After another hour's walk, Lyra cries out with joy upon finding Iorek Byrnison. Iorek fills Lyra in on all that has happened since she had gone to sleep, including the fate of Lee Scoresby. Wanting to speak with the children alone, Iorek, Will, and Lyra make their way to the edge of the cave mouth, where Will tells Iorek the knife is broken. Almost instantly, Will calls the Gallevespians out of hiding, confronts them. Iorek meticulously inspects the knife and agrees that the knife can be fixed, however, he highly cautions against it. Iorek instructs Lyra to consult the alethiometer to make sure she understands what she is asking. She is confused by much of what the alethiometer shows her, but ultimately discovers that the answer is yes. Under the guide of gathering wood for the fire, Lyra and Will go off to speak privately. She tells Will that the alethiometer said the knife is to be the death of Dust, but also the only way to keep it alive. It told Lyra that they might die if they go to the world of the dead. Lyra feels that even though it is dangerous, she and Will must go to rescue Roger and Will agrees to the plan.

  • At present, Will and Mrs. Coulter are engaged in a ruthless standoff with the Galevespians, one of whom is being held hostage by the Golden Monkey while the other holds a poison spur to Mrs. Coulter’s neck. Will swipes at the Golden Monkey and knocks him off of his perch, allowing the Lady Salmakia to escape. In the confusion, the Chevalier Tialys orders Will to follow him to safety, checking first to see if he is still in possession of the knife. They dart out of the cave past Mrs. Coulter, who screams and cries for her darling Lyra. Rather than follow Tialys, Will plans instead to make his way to the window he cut behind a bush but Swiss soldiers intercept them and Balthamos must come to Will’s rescue. Unable to fight them off, Will must shoot a man in order to escape. He and Lyra jump through the window and discover that the Galevespians have followed them there. Will discretely asks Lyra to consult the alethiometer about mending the knife, then tells her about Balthamos and his father. Lyra tells Will about her plan to find Roger in the Land of the Dead and Will suggests they use the knife to rescue him. The Galevespians want to take the children back to Lord Asriel but Will refuses and they reach another stalemate. They offer to help Will find Iorek Byrnison if the children promise to go with them later, to which Lyra eagerly agrees, though she has no intention of doing so. Night comes and WIll quickly falls asleep, while Lyra, who dutifully keeps watch over him, only wishes to rest her eyes before falling into a deep sleep herself.

  • In Lyra’s world, Ama and her daemon Kulang play a game among the rock shelves on their way to deliver food to Mrs. Coulter. Rounding the top of a waterfall, Ama is startled to find a bear and a boy peering at her from over the edge. The pair explain that they are looking for a cave with a sleeping girl inside. Surprised by this, Ama reveals that she knows this cave and has special herbs to wake up Lyra. She leads Will to Mrs. Coulter’s cave and they plan for Ama to return with the medicine when she delivers the evening meal. Will watches Mrs. Coulter from afar, but is discovered by the golden monkey. Shortly after, Will meets Mrs. Coulter for the first time. She explains that she keeps Lyra asleep in the cave because she wants to protect Lyra from the forces of the Church. Will knows that Mrs. Coulter is lying; he leaves the cave but remains captivated by her. Meanwhile, aboard the zeppelin of the Consistorial Court, two Gallivespian spies hatch their special dragonflies. Through a device called the lodestone resonator, they receive a message from their chief, who tells them to cooperate with Will. Lord Asriel’s troops and the Consistorial Court are almost at Mrs. Coulter’s doorstep while high above, the Gallivespians take shelter in the trees and keep watch. Will plans to cut a hole from another world to enter the cave and rescue Lyra. When he does, Mrs. Coulter springs awake and grabs at him, struggling for the knife. As they skirmish, Will looks at Mrs. Coulter and thinks of his mother’s face; his heart fills with sorrow and the knife lodges in the air, breaking into pieces. Ama gives Lyra the medicine and she awakens. Will gathers the broken pieces of the subtle knife and stores them in its sheath. Outside the cave, the zeppelins are closing in and Will calls for Balthamos to help him. Before he can answer, Mrs. Coulter yells in pain and drops her weapon. As Will grabs for the pistol, he finds Mrs. Coulter in a strange stalemate, for the Golden Monkey holds the tiny Lady Salmakia hostage while the Chevalier Tialys digs his poison spur into Mrs. Coulter’s neck.

  • As they head south towards the Himalayas, Will and Iorek discuss the unique properties of the subtle knife. Will explains how he came to possess the knife and shows Iorek the wound he obtained fighting for it. He tells Iorek that he is supposed to take the knife to Lord Asriel but first he must rescue Lyra Silvertongue, to which Iorek pledges the bears’ help. Once they reach the shore, Will shows an awestruck Iorek how the subtle knife opens windows to other worlds. Afterwards, they begin the three day journey to Lyra, unaware that both Lord Asriel and the combined forces of the Magisterium are also on their way. Meanwhile, in the world of Ci’gazze, Father Gomez listens as a little red-haired girl and her brother tell him about a woman who passed through town, unaware and unafraid of the Spectres, on her way south towards the mountains. He thanks the children for their help and sets off through the hot, silent streets towards the south. Further ahead, Mary Malone has learned a great deal about the mulefa she is traveling with. After three days in their company she discovers that these creatures have language, fire, and formed a society. Mary realizes that, while they are not human like she is, the mulefa are indeed a people. She consults the I Ching about what to do next and it replies that she should continue her stay. Mary is taken by the mulefa and works to become a useful part of their intricate and intimate society. One afternoon, while Mary helps to repair the roof of a hut, a flock of giant white birds called Tualapi attack the mulefas’ village, emptying the food supplies and demolishing the wheel store. As a final insult, the Tualapi defecate throughout the decemated village before heading downstream towards the sea. Reeling after the attack, Mary collects the few seedpods that remain to the relief of the anxious mulefa, for despite the great effort, care, and love that they give them, the wheel-pod trees are inexplicably dying.

  • As Father McPhail warns of the Tempter, Mary Malone bids farewell to the kind, elderly couple that assisted her when she first crossed into the world of Ci’gazze. Unsure where to go next, she consults the I Ching, a Chinese method of fortune telling kindred to the alethiometer. After hiking a mountain path for four hours, Mary discovers a window to another world. Once through, she is astounded by what she finds. Miniscule insects and tiny hummingbirds fly in sharp relief to the wide, red-gold trunks of the new world’s enormous trees. Yet nothing is as strange as the creatures Mary finds in the grove. Called mulefa, the creatures have short trunks like elephants, diamond-shaped bodies, and claws that they hook through wheel-shaped seedpods they ride through the countryside. Mary communicates with the mulefa, who are able to mimic her in broken English. They befriend her, gesturing for Mary to travel with them as they leave the safety of the grove. Meanwhile, in Lyra’s world, Balthamos suddenly senses that Baruch has died. He is overtaken by anguish and guilt, almost unable to go on, but Will is able to convince him to continue for Baruch’s sake. As they travel, Will and Balthamos encounter a priest who warns them of a village in the south that is plagued by armoured bears. The bears are attacking because the villagers refuse to refuel them. Will and Balthamos make their way to the village where Will comes up with a plan to stop the fighting. He says he will challenge one of the bears; if Will wins, the villagers must refuel the bear’s ship so they can be on their way. The bear agrees; but when Will displays the power of the subtle knife, he refuses to fight such a weapon. The villagers keep their word and refuel the bears’ boats. Will tells one of the bears that he is looking for Iorek Byrnison to help him find his friend, Lyra Silvertongue. The bear reveals to Wil that he is, in fact, Iorek Byrnison. Fascinated by Will’s knife, Iorek agrees to help Will find Lyra, allowing him to travel with the bears as they make their way toward the Himalayas.

  • As chapter five opens, four angels pursue Baruch through a lake of molten sulfur on his way to Lord Asriel’s fortress, the Adamant Tower. Baruch keeps low to the ground, which has kept him safe but added time that he doesn’t have to his journey. Fearing his message will arrive too late, Baruch risks taking to the skies. Almost immediately, two of Metatron’s angels attack and the three struggle in midair, rising and falling among the rocks. At the western end of the saw-toothed mountains, a great fortress seems to rise and burst out of the ancient lava flows. Through a small sentry gate, a wounded Baruch is assisted by three hooded figures who take him to Lord Asriel. Gravely injured, Baruch tells Lord Asriel that the Authority has retired deep inside the Clouded Mountain and no longer attends to the daily affairs of the Kingdom. The Authority believes that conscious beings have become perilously independent, and the church, corrupt and weak, so Metatron is going to more directly intervene in human affairs starting by destroying Asriel’s Republic. Baruch continues; he tells Lord Asriel about the subtle knife and reveals that the boy who wields it is none other than the son of Stanislaus Grumman. Moreover, the boy, Will, is friends with Lyra and is looking for her. Asriel asks Baruch if he knows where Lyra is and to show him on a map. Suddenly, a soldier bursts through the door. Already struggling to keep himself together, the draft proves too much and Baruch dissipates into the air, whispering Balthamos’ name with his last breath. Immediately, Lord Asriel summons several of his allies. Meanwhile, Fra Pavel sits in front of the Consistorial Court, one of several warring factions inside the Magisterium, and tells them that Lyra is with Mrs. Coulter somewhere in their Himalayas. Knowing that she is to be the new Eve, and fearful of the implications, the Court sends a lone assassin, Father Gomez, to find and kill her. It is understood that once he leaves the safety of the Court, Father Gomez will be disavowed by all involved. Father McPhail gives him one last piece of advice: Do not look for the girl; rather, look for the Tempter, for in doing so she will lead him straight to Lyra.

  • In Lyra’s world, the climate is changing because of the rip in the sky that Lord Asriel made. Serafina Pekkala flies to the north to find Iorek Byrnison, who is struggling to hunt down a walrus on the melting ice. With great guilt and remorse, she tells Iorek that his friend, Lee Scoresby, is dead, and that she preserved his body with a spell so that Iorek could pay his last respects. Iorek tells her that he will go to Lee’s body, but then continue south to relocate his kingdom. Serafina reveals that she is going in search of the Gyptians to enlist their help. All the while, scavenging foxes, possessing a crude grasp of language, listen in on Serafina and Iorek’s conversation. Iorek swims the long journey south, passing from his world to the next. He comes upon the place where Lee Scoresby died, finding him perfectly preserved due to Serafina’s spell. After paying his respects, Iorek removes the enchanted flower that maintained the spell and proceeds to eat the remains of his friend before continuing his journey south. Back north, a group of Cliff-ghasts capture and devour a fox who is babbling about a “balloon man” and “king bear.” Back in the Himalayas, the young servant girl, Ama, perseverates on Mrs. Coulter and on Lyra’s condition. Wanting to help the beautiful holy woman, Ama sneaks away to procure a remedy for Lyra’s sleeping sickness. After acquiring the special powder, Ama makes her way to the cave to find Lyra, restless and unattended. Suddenly, Mrs. Coulter and her monkey daemon arrive back at the cave, forcing Ama into hiding. From her narrow hiding place, Ama sees Mrs. Coulter concoct a sleeping draught and force the now conscious and frantic Lyra to drink from it. As Lyra falls back into a deep sleep, Mrs. Coulter sings her a lullaby, snipping a lock of Lyra’s hair and placing it in a locket. Meanwhile, the golden monkey heartlessly tortures and kills a bat provided by Mrs. Coulter. Once Mrs. Coulter falls asleep, Ama sneaks away, making her way back down to her village. Horrified by what she has seen, Ama resolves to use the powder to revive and rescue Lyra.

  • At the opening of The Amber Spyglass, we find that Mrs. Coulter is keeping Lyra in a cave in the Himalayas of Lyra’s own world. Pretending to be a holy woman, Mrs. Coulter relies on the help of a little servant girl named Ama to bring her food and other necessities. Ama tells Mrs. Coulter that, while they are happy to have a holy woman in their care, the villagers are frightened of her rumored companion, who they fear is dangerous and powerful. Mrs. Coulter shows Ama that her sleeping companion is simply her young daughter, Lyra. After Ama leaves, Mrs. Coulter feeds Lyra a sleeping potion to keep her unconscious during which Lyra dreams she is speaking to Roger. Back in the world of Ci’gazze, Will and two angels, Balthamos and Baruch, argue over what to do. They insist that Will come with them to Lord Asriel, but Will says he has to first find Lyra. Baruch agrees to fly ahead to look for her, and Will and Balthamos make their way down the mountain. While practicing with the subtle knife, Will learns that each world has a different “feel” to it, and he is able to accurately open portals to his world, Lyra’s Oxford, and the world of Ci’gazze. Baruch returns, having discovered where Mrs. Coulter is hiding. As they make their way towards Lyra, Metatron, the Lord Regent of God’s angels, attacks Will, Baruch, and Balthamos. There is a brief struggle but they are able to escape. Afterwards, Balthamos tells Will that angels are made out of Dust. He also tells Will that God was not the creator of the universe, but was rather one of the first angels. When he gained power, he started telling the other angels that he had created everything. Another angel eventually found out the truth, so God banished her and all the angels that followed her. God is old now and Metatron rules in his place. The trio agree to part ways; Baruch decides to go to Lord Asriel alone and talk to him, while Balthamos agrees to pretend to be Will’s daemon and to help Will find Lyra.