• Fred is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, most famous for co-founding Australia's leading personal finance comparison website Finder. With business partner, Frank Restuccia, the pair bootstrapped Finder in 2006 and grew the business to be worth about $250 million, operating in 83 countries, seeing 10 million unique visitors each month – all with no funding! Fred spearheaded the group's venture capital arm, Finder Ventures, to launch new business ideas. The first was a cryptocurrency brokerage, HiveEx.com, which traded $100 million in its first year. More recently, Fred is led the Finder App launch on February 2, 2020, which is an Australian-first that will connect your bank accounts and automatically compare products for you. Fred speaks at events around the world, is a regular media commentator and columnist, and launched a startup community called The Disruptors' Club.Fred talks about his journey, challenges and learnings from building startups without funding, growth hacking, brand, culture, being bold, innovation & the finder App..

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  • Insync Network Group is an Australian-based community of returned expats. A recent study found that the majority of Australia's returning expats struggle to re-settle in Australia, which is one of the reasons why this community was started three years ago. Since, it has grown to cover three cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane).  Margot is an expert in career and leadership management, who also lived and worked in London for 7 years. Upon returning to Australia, Margot noticed that re-settling at 'home' was more challenging than she had anticipated and underestimated the need to both translate international experience in the local Australian market, and re-integrate socially and emotionally in her home country. These are common challenges faced by many returning expats, which continues long after the jet-lag subsides. She also discusses her ‘Talentinsight Australia’ business. ‘They work with both individuals and businesses alike and are passionate about assisting senior professionals and executives understand their true value and how they can in turn maximise both their contribution and personal fulfilment. They work with organisations to support leaders maximise their own career performance so that they can in turn genuinely support the success and capability of both the business and those within their own teams’.

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  • Daniel is the Managing Director of Chironix which operates throughout A/NZ and the USA. He has a deep interest in artificial intelligence, space technologies, mobile robotics, human memory, cyber operations, cognitive studies & social processes. Daniel also served for two years in the Navy Strategy Executive in the Office of the Chief of Navy as the Deputy Director of Technological Solutions. Chironix’s Machine Learning and Data Engineering team provides consultancy services with significant expertise in delivering effective solutions to our clients through the process of human machine teaming. This forms a core capability from which their product arms interact. Augmenting this centralised capability are two product verticals: Robotics and wearables. The Robotics capability is focussed on autonomous field robotics performing tasks that either humans should not be doing (as we do not do them well), or roles which are dangerous too humans. The final vertical is in wearables, where they have collaborated with Google X as a foundation partner with Glass for Enterprise — the new Google Glass. Daniel is also a Research Fellow with the Perth USAsia centre where he writes on strategy (both national and military).

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  • The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is a not-for-profit, industry-led organisation that was formed as part of the Federal Government’s Growth Centres initiatives and tasked with supporting (and advancing) Australian manufacturing in all of its forms. Part of that task was to set out the direction of the industry through research, support manufacturers (via networking/briefing events) and our online Manufacturers Academy (peer-to-peer learning), and finally, support innovative Australian manufacturers with co-funded grants (they call them projects). They are now entering the finalisation of some of these projects, many of which are or have contributed substantially to the Australian economy, grown jobs and upskilled workers along the way - all while preparing for the advent of Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution).Manufacturing is the answer is a nice simple way to encapsulate everything Jens is passionate and a good place to start the conversation’.To provide context to that statement; when you consider the following points, advanced manufacturing is the answer to the transition towards zero-low carbon future (hydrogen), Recycling issues/Circular economy, Climate change, Disaster relief & Productivity.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • PT Blink is a technology platform that enables multi-storey developments to be built very quickly, via its unique Design, Manufacture & Integrate  (DMI) process. It is a quantum leap for the Property Development Market. The open nature of the PT Blink DMI Platform encourages a local community of participants that bring expertise in specific areas. From structural design to interior and exterior component design (facades, glazing, bathrooms modules, etc) through to manufacture, the platform is designed to accommodate multiple stakeholders in a collaborative ‘design to manufacture’ process.  Murray, who is also a governor of the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at Sydney University, has developed scalable building technology using a patented steel structural backbone strengthened using post-tensioned steel cables. The components are all manufactured and stressed off site, with reinforcement, fire collars and services included. The solutions do not rely on the lift core for stability empowering much faster outcomes. While PT Blink is a start-up, it’s been three decades in the making. Murray has worked around the world on large and complex projects. He developed post-tensioned steel technology for long-spanning projects like stadiums and aircraft hangars and recognised the potential for multi-storey construction. Physically the backbone is made from post-tensioned steel in a factory, no matter how tall or wide the development. The platform forms the incredibly accurate motherboard for each approved manufacturer. They provide their manufacturing model onto the blink platform, together with cost, delivery time and quality attributes. At the heart of PT Blink’s process is an innovative delivery method – design, manufacture and assemble or DMA – which is safer, more accurate, faster and cheaper.

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  • Greg has been involved in the development, financing and operation of large infrastructure projects, particularly energy generation, for over 25 years. Initially he was involved in conventional energy generation and transmission followed by renewable energy projects including; Biomass projects in Queensland, Wind projects in Australia & Solar projects in Europe,He discusses GreenPrinz.com a Carbon Offset Digital Platform for corporations providing not just the carbon offset to attain ESG targets but also a financial return paid monthly from acquiring an interest in the solar farm. In essence the Platform democratizes involvement in the Renewable Energy revolution & enables investment in a solar farm which provides ownership of a commensurate amount of the Green Energy produced which in turn provides a carbon offset for the use of fossil fuels, such as for electricity and transport. This Carbon Offset reduces each customer’s Carbon Footprint and will assist in meeting corporate sustainability targets and ESG and CSR goals. In addition the customers of the Platform receive a dividend from the solar farm of 5% pa, paid quarterly. Furthermore the interest owned in the solar farm acts as a hedge against rising electricity prices.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Neville Vincent is Vice President, South Asia Pacific at enterprise cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure leader Nutanix. An industry veteran, Vincent is a senior entrepreneurial sales leader with more than 20 years’ experience across the Asia Pacific. He joined Nutanix in August 2018 and is focused on changing the nature of organisations’ IT environments for the better. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the company’s bread and butter and they tell that story through the lens of solving business and tech challenges. HCI isn’t a well-known topic to many business leaders in Australia and Asia – but Nutanix believes it’s a vital part of solving some of businesses’ key challenges this decade. These include avoiding disruption from competitors and data security / sovereignty. We’ve all seen the Ubers and the Airbnbs of the world and what they’ve done, quite quickly, to long-standing incumbents and even entire industries. Advancements in technology and the speed at which new competitors can gain a foothold and undo companies is now a threat for every business. To avoid disruption and companies need to be able to disrupt themselves and move faster. That’s where HCI comes in.

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  • Chargefox, a technology driven business that’s simplifying electric vehicle charging and management across fleet, private and public networks. Chargefox is constructing Australia’s largest, open ultra-rapid EV charging network and by the end of 2019, its public network will allow EV owners to drive from Adelaide to Cairns without any long charging stops. Prior to this Marty founded Cogent, a Melbourne born business focused on using strategy, design and development to help founders and teams turn great ideas into thriving digital businesses. With over a decade of experience building software for some of Australia’s most successful online businesses, Marty has helped bring countless digital products to life. When he’s not busy playing semi-professional pool, Marty invests in promising Australian startups and speaks about the technology needed to support the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads. Marty is “committed to making EV charging simple, fast and clean, and are thrilled to be leading the way in making this a reality for all Australians” The establishment of a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network within the next five years has been identified as a national high priority initiative by Australia’s infrastructure auditing and advisory body.

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  • Dr. King is a specialist Radiation Oncologist, founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios, a former elite swimmer and Team Doctor for the Australian Swimming Team. Social entrepreneur, movement maker and a globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose driven and sustainable businesses. Some of the first patients Bronwyn cared for at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre were suffering from lung cancer. However, while doing her best to treat these people, Bronwyn was unaware she was also supporting the global production of cigarettes. It was only during a meeting with a representative of her superannuation fund in 2010 that Bronwyn learned some of her money was flowing to tobacco companies through the default option of her superannuation fund. In the knowledge that many of her colleagues would be similarly unhappy with their unwitting investment in the tobacco industry, Bronwyn approached First State Super which had shortly before merged with Health Super. Following numerous meetings and a presentation to the Board, First State Super undertook a detailed analysis of the issue and in 2012, proudly made the decision to go tobacco free. Bronwyn is delighted with the willingness of the finance industry to engage and act on this issue. The work of the Tobacco Free Portfolios now has a global focus. She discusses the Stamp of Approval Program that now replaces the old Tobacco Free Portfolios Verified Tobacco Free program. The initiative now has an extensive global reach with Tobacco Free Portfolios working with 100+ pension funds, Sovereign Wealth funds, banks, insurers and fund managers in twenty countries. Bronwyn has received countless awards in recognition of her outstanding expertise and accomplishments. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the Year.

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  • Founded in 2017, Hearth provides high-quality support services for people with a disability, with a focus on people with more complex disabilities. Today, the Melbourne-based business employs more than 250 staff. The types of support services Hearth provides its customers (or ‘participants’) with include flexible in-home support (assisting participants with their mobility, personal hygiene tasks and grooming, meal preparation and mealtime assistance, the use of aids and equipment); rehabilitation support (TAC); and assistance with community access.  Prior to starting Hearth, Justin had a successful corporate career working in senior finance roles for organisations including Telstra, Cadbury Schweppes and Carlton United Breweries. However, as a father and disability carer to his 13-year-old son who is living with Cerebral Palsy, Justin chose to leave the corporate world and commit his professional life to establishing Hearth. As he says: “I observed a sharp contrast in worlds; a corporate world focused on customer service and a world in disability that clearly wasn’t focused on the customer or the services our family needed.” Given this disparity and his family’s experience, Justin set about creating a business that would enable people like his son to live their best life.

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  • Carla's business is known as a venue finder. Big businesses go to her to find out where they should host their events, conference, meetings. The website covers venues and meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). The regional conferencing solution allows conference organisers to select a region and add suppliers they like to a wish list before receiving all the suppliers' details in a checklist format in their inbox. Organisers then contact each supplier directly, maintaining control of their event at all times.  The streamlining saves an estimated 10 to 15 hours of planning and research. She is from NSW’s Southern Highlands and advocates for practical bushfire recovery. She discusses working hard to promote fire affected regions to attract business trade back into the areas. The hotels and venues suffered major cancellations and they are really struggling & there is a need to provide real economic support for the local ‘mid-week’ economy. Carla explains which areas are ready for business, the flow-on effects of conferencing in regions and why this is one of the easiest ways to meet your company's CSR goals for the year.

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  • Adrian is the CEO for Standards Australia, the nation’s peak standards development body. Established over 100 years ago, Standards Australia ensures everything from sunscreen to energy grids and cyber security has a certified standard.

    Throughout his time with Standards, Adrian has witnessed a major shift in emerging industries and businesses who are are seeking to innovate and implement new technologies, specifically artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been an area of interest for Standards Australia - how does one measure, monitor and implement a standard on such a complex field? What sort of powers do Standards Australia have to implement & enforce these standards? 
    Standards Australia is the nation’s peak standards development body, developing Australian standards to support and create value for Australian businesses
    Standards Australia has been making Australian communities safer since 1922, helping our economy grow and connecting our nation to the world for almost 100 years
    They bring together experts across a range of fields, who provide their expertise and capabilities to create Australian Standards which help industries work safely, sustainably and more effectively
    They work with industries all across the country, connecting the right people with technology and the solutions to innovate and improve their work
    Standards are important. They keep people safe and ensure things work
    Standards Australia makes a positive impact by developing standards that cover products, processes and services that people use every day
    Standards Australia assists businesses and industries when they are seeking to innovate and implement new technologies
    Standards Australia ensures things work, by setting a quality benchmark for a range of products, processes and services

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  • Jean-Christophe (JC) de Beaulieu joined the business in February as Head of Investments, Australia and Zhe Chen joined late last year as Associate Portfolio Manager, Research. Acadian Australia is wholly-owned by Acadian Asset Management LLC (collectively, Acadian). Acadian Asset Management LLC is a U.S. SEC-registered investment management firm based in Boston. The investment team in Australia is part of the broader global team and tailors Acadian’s quantitative investment process to manage Australian equities strategies. JC leads the local investment team that runs a range of long only and long/short systematic Australian equity strategies, and he will have both portfolio management and research responsibilities.

    Prior to joining Acadian, JC was the Managing Director of the active emerging market equity portfolio management team at State Street Global Advisors. In this role, JC drove the top-down and bottom-up research agenda while managing a global team of investment professionals. JC also represented active long only, long short emerging, and frontier equity strategies with clients and consultants. He has a strong quantitative background, and - importantly for the ongoing development of the Acadian business in Australia - extensive experience of running a team that tailors a global systematic possess for regional and country portfolios.

    Acadian is not a passive / index investor, not your traditional active manager. Rather it is a systematic manager that looks at up to 90 factors to determine where to invest. And it reviews those factors daily. These factors range from macro-economic, to stock/asset specific through to ESG.

    This enables Acadian to compare assets of different types – equities, fixed income, etc and how to develop multi-asset portfolios through to specific ones like income-generating portfolios. Broadly discusses low rates, increased uncertainty & what's next for investors.

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  • Mazuma Mobile are the UK and Australia’s largest and most recognised independent Mobile Phone trade in company and has bought and sold over five million USED Mobile phones, tablets and smart devices. To date the bulk of those have been from UK consumers however, Australian businesses are now capitalising and cashing in by unlocking value from their unwanted tech as Businesses Trade In Smart phones, tablet PC’s and Tech through Mazuma Mobile as businesses look to get more out of their budget and onto their bottom line.

    Mazuma offer a quick and easy to use service to Businesses and the General public to trade in their unwanted Phones and Tech for cash through our accredited on line service. They then refurbish or remanufacture those devices and now also resell them through recognised partners and directly to businesses and consumers.

    Australia has more old phones stored away than there are people in the country – that equates to two for every household, and that figure is rising. By 2028, it is predicted that Australians will be holding onto nearly 30 million old mobile phones.

    Mazuma was recognised as starting the “Circular economy” and reuse best practices generating revenue from reuse as a private start-up commercial business without grants or sponsorship. HRH The Prince of Wales in his 2015 speech at Cambridge university named “Rewiring the Economy” where HRH used Mazuma’s Global activity as an example of excellence in working differently to create wealth from perceived waste.

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  • MOVUS is a Brisbane company that develops and provides an intelligent device that monitors the condition of industrial equipment. The MOVUS FitMachine is attached to industrial machinery and uses a sensor to monitor the machine’s vibration, temperature and acoustics. It sends an alert, using artificial intelligence, at the first detection of machinery malfunction, saving business owners’ valuable time and money. The hockey puck shaped sensor is called FitMachine, which is described as a 'FitBit' for heavy equipment, mainly found in manufacturing. It simply attaches itself magnetically to machines. FitMachine works by combining AI technology/algorithms to 'teach' itself (machine learning) once it is attached to equipment.

    Since its inception in 2015, the company has grown to 25 full-time staff and has moved to a new office in Spring Hill. Along the way, the company has been supported by several government grants and was also a finalist at the 2018 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards. He says: ‘Employees are very much at the heart of everything we do,” says Brad. 'One of the most unexpected benefits of owning a small business in Brisbane is building a top-notch team; Brisbane has become such a vibrant, diverse and multicultural city over the past 20 years.’

    He says the biggest challenge is educating the market. Because he says the product is so unique and innovative, we need to educate the industry, prospects and clients. MOVUS has a great board of advisors, comprised of accomplished and experienced professionals with lots of business and industry experience.

    His purpose is in "fixing the planet, one sensor at a time". By this, he means to try and keep machines maintained and running for as long as possible, to delay or prevent them from becoming industrial/electrical waste. Thus trying to make a sustainable contribution which also is financially beneficial to businesses because they're not having to replace parts or can avoid costly shut downs in production. He is a big advocate for Made in Australia and believes this also helps to keep local talent in jobs. 

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  • Rade was based in the USA, in Florida, and knows well the perils of natural disasters. His interests include changing population demographics and catastrophe exposure, climate change adaptation, disaster planning and modelling. He has a lot of experience with storm pathways and hurricanes, and has some insights into the bushfires disaster.

    Rade has extensive experience globally, particularly in Asia Pacific (e.g. China, Southeast Asia). Previously he was Chair of the International Actuarial Association’s Resource and Environmental Working Group. He is currently a member of Actuaries Institute’s Climate Change Working Group and Co-Chair of the Institute’s Insurance Affordability Task Force. He is also Principal at Finity Consulting. 

    Rade is the Actuaries Institute’s spokesman on climate, and the Institute’s climate index, which measures extremes in weather every quarter. The index measures extreme weather conditions and sea levels across Australia, and how these vary over time. It was launched a little over a year ago, to show changes in the frequency, or rate of occurrence, of extreme high and low temperatures, heavy precipitation, dry days, strong winds and changes in sea levels. It is collated at the end of each season following the release of data from the BoM. The data is collected nationally and grouped into 12 climatically consistent regions. Each season is compared to the same season in previous years and against a reference period of 1981-2010.

    It’s a first for Australia. From the last index release: ‘Recent events, including the devastating bushfires in multiple states, underscore how important it is to get an objective view on climate patterns. The Australian Actuaries Climate Index clearly shows extreme weather is happening more often.’

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  • With 30 years of experience, Ray Brown is actively involved in strategy, design, and oversight of projects, working across multiple teams in mixed-use commercial, residential, education, and cultural sectors. Sensitive to how buildings relate to their surroundings, Ray understands urban context and believes the best design solutions are underpinned by rigorous analysis and supported by open and collaborative client engagement. He advocates for design that is led by end-user perspectives to achieve commercial viability, efficiency, and civic value.

    He has formed successful collaborative relationships with several prestigious international architects, most notably with acclaimed German studio Christoph Ingenhoven to co-design the multi award winning 1 Bligh Street and residential tower 505 George Street.

    A conceptual and forward-thinker, Ray is skilled in identifying opportunities for innovation, especially in the areas of sustainability and responsible urban development. Ray has been a driving force as Architectus explores new territory in high-efficiency facade design and natural ventilation technologies that will significantly reduce the carbon footprints of future buildings. Architects has experience substantial growth over the last three years, comprising 400 employees nationally across Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

    Ray is an active member of the Australian Institute of Architects and from 2009 - 2013 was Studio Leader for the Master of Architecture program at the University of New South Wales focusing on complex urban projects.

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  • Suzanne is a highly skilled campaigner and member of the Places You Love Alliance leadership team, Suzanne is an expert in national environmental policy and regulation. She has leveraged her background as a trained ancient historian and senior policy officer in the federal public service to hone her strong policy analysis expertise.

    Over the last ten years, she has run successful campaigns safeguarding Australia’s nature, including protected areas, threatened species, and our oceans. As National Environment Laws Campaign Manager with The Wilderness Society, she’s working hard to reform Australia’s failed national environment laws along with her diverse and talented team. As a campaigner, advocate and alliance member, she has built strong working relationships with ministers, government officials, business leaders, and community leaders and members. As a Director for a Not-For-Profit and through her experience in the NGO and government sector, she has developed a special interest in governance.

    Suzanne discusses the loss of wildlife and habitat across the country after our worst bushfire season ever. She more broadly discusses the loss of Australia's 'natural wealth'.in terms of the decline of Australian Wildlife & habitat leading up to this bushfire crisis. Australia has the unenviable reputation as ‘leading the world in regards to extinction rates’. https://www.wilderness.org.au/


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  • Before founding thedocyard, Stuart practised as a corporate lawyer both in a large law firm partnership with Colin Biggers & Paisley in Sydney and in-house with the Tesco Group, a Fortune 100 company in London.  With over 15 years’ experience as a corporate transactional lawyer and as an admitted solicitor in both NSW and England & Wales, he has acted for a variety of large private and listed corporate clients, primarily on M&A and transactional matters. This deep experience both on the advisory and client side is what led to the insights from which thedocyard was created.

    About thedocyard: thedocyard is a cloud-based deal space built specifically for managing the entire lifecycle of any corporate or commercial transaction. With thedocyard’s dealtech solution, all project documents, communication and management are in one place. It is designed and used specifically to be an organisation-wide solution for internal and external collaboration between all stakeholders on both sides of a deal.

    thedocyard takes people into a modern, secure all-in-one cloud-based environment to run every aspect of their deal. It significantly optimises the process and the experience for all deal participants. He says they are a proudly Australian technology company that is determined to take the world by storm. ‘We are on a mission to be a leading provider of deal technology to the world and have made significant headway on that already.’

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  • Sarah Liu is the founder and MD of global diversity and inclusion consultancy agency, The Dream Collective. She began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 when she founded The Dream Collective. What began as a mere passion project, quickly became Australia’s most influential network of high-calibre young women. Through this networking platform, The Dream Collective has been responsible for empowering and equipping thousands of professional women into leadership roles through leadership training and mentoring opportunities.

    Sarah discusses how execs can break down invisible d&i barriers and how the Dream Collective can assist organisations to foster ambition among up and coming female talent.

    The business pivoted a number of times, as they started off mainly as an events group. They would invite senior executives and speakers to come and speak about various topics.

    Sarah says of the next step in the business development: 'That was okay, we had good attendance and growth, but it got to a point where I felt that wasn’t having the biggest impact. People were only being inspired once every two or three months, and they needed support every day, we realised having the bottom up approach was not having the greatest impact, so that’s when the business pivoted'.

    'We also had to start to look at ways to monetise it and scale it properly. We ended up with a business-to-business model where companies nominate their top talent to go into our program and go through our training course. The conversation around female empowerment is a lot more mature and sophisticated, and people are understanding it’s time to put action behind it'.

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