• Michael Rixon 29, from Victoria, was featured in a Herald Sun article representing the Sperm Donation Australia community, his contribution can be seen as a way of giving back to the community that has brought him so much joy in an altruistic sense. It was 3 years ago that Michael came across a story in the Age, he read that inspired him to go down the pathway of becoming a donor himself, he has currently successfully helped 7 families and wants to share some of the magic he has gotten from the experience thus far.

    Michael represents a growing trend in our society of men wanting to achieve career dreams of rising the corporate ladder. With that comes the sacrifice of having his own family, which makes logical sense of preferring to help others with more current dedication towards parenthood. He shares with us, his setup and some of the relationships and friendships he has established from being a donor.

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  • Sylvia, 35, from Brisbane, Queensland was married for 13 years, spent the early years laying the foundations building a house together and travelling before starting a family. Entering their 30s it was time to start this chapter and they had a baby boy however relationship-wise, it didn't go to plan the stresses of it all the lack of understanding and the inability to navigate through it successfully spelled doom for their relationship with her ex then moving out, even marriage counselling to salvage their relationship failed.

    Sylvia was an only child from a small family she always knew that her family would be incomplete with one child. She even asked her ex if he could be a donor for a sibling, which he declined. The only option was to use a donor due to the complications and duress with her ex, she didn't elect to pick a known donor because of the fear of further complications. She shares her brave journey and doing what it takes to add to her family unit and move on from a long-term relationship.

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  • Jenele Riley 33, from the North Western Suburbs of Victoria embarked on the known donor route with her partner and she gave birth to her daughter in December 2020. It was a first-cycle success via Ai, right on the cusps of the COVID lockdowns which shut down the country and made her pregnancy journey support-wise a bit more challenging, with the restriction side of things.

    Later in September 2023, she gave birth to a baby boy, however, due to her donor having a negative experience with other recipients and combined with a busy stage of his life he was no longer available to provide a sibling, which led to them back to the drawing board. Having strong family values and after exploring how donor-conceived adults feel it was important for them to find another open and transparent donor. She shares their story on how all this works, as well as some tips on how they conceived first, time both times.

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  • The decision was made to board a plane and head out west to Perth to try for a baby, which resulted in a first-cycle success. With roughly 6 weeks to go before the due date Pia shares of her pregnancy journey that included brutal morning sickness not to mention a gender reveal that went horribly wrong and left her in the hospital for a couple of days.

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  • Kenn Israel who lives between Uzbekistan and California has over 3 decades of experience in dietary supplements, functional food, and natural products. He is the founder and manager of Innovation Nutrition Consulting LLC, in other words, he is the full bottle when it comes to the importance of understanding this innovative field of expertise and I tracked him down to share his words of wisdom to our community.

    We speak about a large number of fertile vitamins and supplements on the market, we explore options for those experiencing Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and what they can take to restore balance. What Vitamins do you have to stop taking once pregnant that could become harmful? How Do you identify and pick the best prenatal vitamin? What's the difference between folic acid vs folate? What are other key active forms ingredients that actually make a prenatal effective? All this and more a must listen to those who are serious about their fertility and the baby's health.

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  • Wendy Kramer is the Co-Founder of the Donor Sibling Registry which was formed in 2000 because there was a gap in the market that was starting to emerge and curious people were seeking answers or seeking connections. She was that parent back in a time when doctors told their patients to lie about their child's origin to go against the grain. Transparency was key in her mind and her son Ryan first asked about his origin at the age of 2 which set the ball rolling on how she was going to prepare for this road ahead.

    Over the past 2 decades, Wendy has dedicated her life to donor-conceived people, she shares her stories and the studies that have taken place within her 89,000 community, and she continues to produce educational resources in a working week that consists of 70 hours plus. In this episode, she shares her vast array of knowledge and shares her thoughts on where the sperm banks are failing us.

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  • Stef Kozaczuak mother of 4, the former Californian, now living on the East Coast found out she was donor-conceived via a 23 and me test at the age of 32. It was a test her partner bought for her to take during a Black Friday sale which was to lead to many more Black Fridays ahead, as her DNA was holding secrets that only her parents knew about previously and that they still remain in denial about relinquishing.

    Peter the father who raised her was also a part of an Evangelical Church as a minister, where many forms of abuse were carried out during her childhood years, making her story come from a very dark place. She has triumphed like the true Queen she is and now has become an advocate for the donor-conceived.

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  • Ties Van Der Meer 44, is the chairman of the Donorkind Foundation in the Netherlands. His story is unique in the fact that not only is he donor conceived himself, but he also followed in his donor's footsteps and became a sperm donor. He shares his upbringing dynamic that involved his mother separating from her partner at just 3 years old and being raised with an adopted brother from Columbia, it becomes a tale of searching for family.

    He shares that he is aware of 18 donor children from his contributions to the clinic and how he wishes not to have any more children, even though his wife may wish to have children one day, and what might be alternative options for her.

    In recent times the Netherlands has had its biggest civil court case involving Dutch sperm donor Jonathan Meijer who fathered hundreds of children and the Donorkind Foundation found itself at the forefront of all this. We look at the court outcomes and discuss this story in the lead-up to the Netflix release.

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  • Pete O'Irish from Ohio was your typical American donor-next-door kind of guy. A Grad school student looking for that extra income to score himself some pizza and beer. This very cliche story of coming across a sperm donor advert in a student flyer that lures men in with the promise of anonymity and a 10-family limit was and still is an attractive proposition as a fair trade-off to enhance the quality of life during these tough studying years.\

    Everything was going to script until Pete read an article around 2005 predicting anonymity to be dead with new technologies of DNA testing coming through. Lo and behold his father signed up to Ancestry and was tracked down, with the threat of the cat being released out of the bag, Pete spilled his most well-kept secret to his wife that was none the wiser, and from there his thought process evolved, to where he has now become a part of some of these donor-conceived peoples lives to date he has 18 children accounted for and he explains navigating those relationships as everyone has different expectations from each other.

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  • Strap yourself in for a 4-hour marathon with Michelle Carlon 32, from New South Wales she has a lot to say and a story to tell that will keep you entertained throughout. To begin we looking into Genetic testing at the clinics and how they're not giving customers copies of their results and therefore not telling them what gene mutations they may have. We then move on to Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and the dangers that these clinical drugs can impose on women.The second half of this episode gets deeply personal, Michelle shares her story of a failed relationship after the tremendous IVF toll, and the unexpected pregnancy of her child to a new partner, that relationship didn't last and she is now trying to negotiate to have a 2nd child with her fiance who is very skeptical after everything she has already been through and would hate to lose her through her pregnancy risks. We delve into her pregnancy journey where she was told the terminate her child at 23 weeks and then at 30 weeks another unexpected huge curve ball is thrown at her, where she had to hold on from giving birth or risk losing her child, everything that could have gone wrong during this pregnancy did so. After going through that intense story we finish our conversation chatting about egg donation.

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  • Aayize Diaz 30, based in Miami Florida is a gay talented rapper who came onto the American donor scene a number of years ago, yet due to poor lifestyle habits and fondness for Mary Jane, it took him 3 years to achieve his first pregnancy. He decided to tone down his consumption of weed and got 4 quick pregnancies he is now on his way to helping contribute to 11 lives born from his contribution. At the start, he was carelessly throwing his seed around to any takers as he has become more educated and has learned to refine his donating to people who live locally and that are willing to give him some limited involvement with the children.

    Aayize shares some fascinating stories of smoking weed with his recipients before the point of insemination, unusual places he has donated, and his first-ever sexual encounter with a woman being a 3some while trying to create a baby. We debate whether gay sperm is more popular than anti-vax sperm plus much more.For more information on this episode and where to contact Aayize visit: https://ivfdonationworld.com/episode-64-let-it-come/

  • David Starlyte lives a nomadic lifestyle that currently has him residing in Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. Many would view him as a shaman healer, that focuses on coaching in the arts of soul mentoring and non-duality consciousness healing, he takes me on a spiritual journey in the episode and enlightens me with his views on life, and dissecting our instinctive nature and situations he has been confronted with thus far in his donor pathway to date.

    David has also had some clinical experience donating to a lady in Israel and then in around 2016 while he was living in Perth, he visited two separate fertility clinics in the state and donated enough sperm to potentially help 5 families at each clinic, we are led to believe in Australia there are strict monitoring systems in place, yet when we dissect this real-life event, we realize it’s all sugarcoating, and businesses will run as businesses are set up to do and that’s for profit.

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  • Shane Wagner the Melbourne Native has donated to a handful of families in Victoria, he is currently relocating to Darwin where there is currently a donor shortage. Despite some interesting negative experiences he faced so far in his donor journey, he describes his overall experience to date right up there with some of his life's most memorable moments, and that if he was to have done this at the clinic it could not possibly come close in levels of fulfillment.

    Scott explored the clinic option before turning his back on it, he looked at the $50 compensation offered for a donation as a bit of a joke. Being a single man he shares his encounters with a single woman and how one circumstance found him in a relationship that ultimately didn't work out. He shares with us his concerns about privacy and respecting boundaries as well as some interesting stories.

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  • Shane Maynard, 35 years old from Western Australia is the hottest donor in town at the moment, and with 6 donor children on the way already within his first 6 months of donating, we may as well hand him the keys to the city now and crown him the new King of Perth. After a friendly conversation with a friend looking for a sperm donor, Shane was pointed in the direction of Sperm Donation Australia, where he first slowly observed the scene and did his own research.

    Shane discusses in this episode, artificial insemination (syringes and soft cups), we talk about our recent media on Channel 9 news and the clinic alternative, we look into lube and should taking Super Annuation really be an option. We analyze how many donor children a clinic is allowed as opposed to an online donor, which has a safe system register in place, plus much more.

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  • Greta French-Kennedy from Adelaide, South Australia is the real deal female empowerment health coach, in the age of social media where coaches are popping up left right, and centre, many talk the talk but do they walk the walk? In a time in society where the biological clock ticks fast, in a period where most relationships don’t last the test of time, sometimes it takes bravery to forge your own path toward creating your own destiny in starting a family and this is exactly what Greta has done and she is here today to share her story and inspire others.

    Greta first explored the option of the clinics, as a person who is health conscious this didn’t sit comfortably with her, also the idea of picking an American donor from a sheet of paper hardly sounded appealing, this is when she discovered Sperm Donation Australia and started exploring the known donor option which felt right for her. We discuss all this plus more.

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  • Brooke Withington is a busy mum, whose life turned, even more, busier overnight when her TikTok video went viral sharing her donor conception story. The Gold Coast, mother of 5 chalked up over 750K views and now holds the record worldwide for the most impactful media influential piece for online sperm donation. Currently, 700 women and counting were inspired by her story that they’re now exploring the donor option.

    Brooke describes herself as an independent person that just loves her children and has a passion for baking. After noticing modern-day dating trends and the lack of longevity these days, she elected to go down the donor path, of her children the child conceived via known donor sperm has been the less stressful. She shares with us today much knowledge from her experience of going down this path and the potential of a 6th child to come.

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  • As I am about to embark on my upcoming tour to Adelaide, was important to take in some local knowledge of what to expect and what to do, but also hear a lovely story along the way that shows good things can happen here. South Australia has the unwanted reputation of having the least amount of donors in Australia compared to other states. One couple who managed to buck that trend is Tamara and Brodie who matched with their donor quite easily and successfully conceived their baby "River" first shot.

    For them, it all started with the clinic as the first go-to point, before discovering Sperm Donation Australia, and with the consideration of having a wedding and a baby nearly simultaneously, the budget needed to be reeled in. A more natural, less stressful process became the logical choice. We talk about their journey from how they met, deciding on who to carry first, and explaining to a 5-year-old where donor babies come from plus much more in this episode.

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  • Israel has ties to one of the world's most prolific online sperm donors in the world in that of Ari Nagel, yet despite that, the people of Israel often think a clinic is the only option and the online way of donating hasn't really taken off. Enter Torem Zera, whose modelesque features that come with a decent sense of intelligence make him the most sort out local donor in Israel's history starting in 2015 now with 20 children he will reach born during 2023.

    As a Single man still looking for love and to eventually one day start his own family, we chat about dating and the responses from women when he reveals he is a donor. We take a trip down memory lane about his first donations and the feeling of his first successful birth as a result of his help.

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  • iara Rae Schuh, 25, from Chicago is a donor-conceived person from a solo motherhood journey. The youngest of 2 siblings, her mother now seen as a pioneer was career-focused and found herself in the predicament of wanting to start a family without being in that established relationship, with time no longer on her side the sperm donor option was the only logical option. The way she raised her children to be able to process their own identities is a testament to her character in a time when there were no real known guidebooks on how to navigate such circumstances.

    In November 2022, Kiara released the book "Chosen Family" which explores her story, her views, and the relationships she has created along the way with her donor and currently 23 other half-siblings.

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  • Residing in the very liberal grounds of Queens, New York we find the right-winged Jaye Wilde. He identifies as anti-abortion and pro-life. He is very passionate about his human rights to say no to what he calls the death shot. and discusses his views and theories on human population control. Jaye formed a long-term relationship in his late teens and got married, but like many marriages in society these days, they grew apart after creating 3 children together and Jaye had finally found himself single without much previous dating experience.

    It was soon after a lesbian lady approached him about sperm donation and exposed him to this world, where he dived straight in, full speed ahead guns blazing. In 2.5 years on the donor scene, he has contributed to the births of 18 children. With experience, he has now slowed down and is currently putting plans into place to create a potential polygyny-style family.

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