What do you think they're going to do for their first date in the outside world? Maybe Ten Pinn Bowling?

    Mike and Priscilla are here to celebrate the final with Kem and Arielle. We're so happy to see them and they are totally loved up. We ask Mike about his mad moves and Priscilla spills the beans about their strong matching outfit game.

    It's time for the final debrief - we talk prom, declarations of love and tangoes. It was all very cute, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

    MOVE OVER THE OSCARS, it's time for the world's most prestigious awards: The Morning After Awards! We run down the top gong-worthy moments from this series.

    Thank you so much for spending your mornings with us for the last 6 weeks - you absolutely lovely lot. You've really worn our hearts like a fleece.

    Congratulations once again to the happy couple, Pinn and Faige.

  • We just had a look at Ched's Mum and Dad's schedule, turns out they had the Love Island Villa at 6 and then Cape Town Fashion Week at 7.

    Kem and Arielle are joined by Vick Hope this morning (it's now a tradition that she comes on for the parents episode) AND they have a quartet of lovely Islanders for you... Callum, Molly, Natalia and Jamie are all here!

    We get the scoop about villa life and future plans from our Islanders. Is there any hope for Jamie and Natalia? And do Callum and Molly really pop each other's spots?

    So close and yet so far... Priscilla and Mike have been dumped just before the final. We caught up with them after they left the villa to see how they were feeling. Can you believe that there are now no OG boys left?

    HOW CUTE WERE EVERYONE'S FAMILIES?! It was wholesome af - but it sounds like quite a few of the Mums and Dads were slightly shocked by some of the less than wholesome revelations from the breakfast club.

    So. We did it. Last night we voted for the couple that we want to win on the Love Island App... It was a very difficult decision to make - everyone is so loved up!

    If you've missed anything from this week, catch up before the final on ITV Hub. After that, go and get some snacks and hot choccy for your final viewing party - then get ready to join us for the last debrief on Monday morning.

    This is your last call to send us your best tweets on #LoveIslandPodcast - we're going to miss hearing from you lovely lot every day.

    We're going to spend the weekend helping Jess's Dad do the big shop. The new fridge REALLY is massive.

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    Klicka här för att uppdatera flödet manuellt.

  • Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, Dave Grohl, Meg White, Officer Mike From Love Island. Pretty sure that's a comprehensive list of the best drummers of all time.

    It's just Kem and Arielle this morning and, not going to lie, they just go off on one and talk about themselves for the whole time. It's proper lovely.

    It must be love, love, love - how cute and wholesome was that whole episode?! We really don't want it to be over.

    Siannise and Luke T dropped the L-bomb on their fairytale date at that INSANE castle and Luke M and Demi had their own private string band and danced by the side of a lake. You don't need to remind us what Kem's final date was. It was a rock.

    The Islanders dropped some MAD talents last night. There was singing, there was dancing, and there was -erm- a history quiz?

    Someone call Tom Cruise and tell him he's been made redundant - because the boys did their very own mission impossible last night. We're actually SO surprised that Luke M managed to get Paige to basically be his slave, but we're not that surprised that Mike volunteered to kiss every girl... a stone cold legend.

    And couples, listen up! Kem has a tip for something you can try with your partner tonight...

    We've only got a few days left, so if you have loved this series - make sure you leave us a review, and send us your best memes on #LoveIslandPodcast before the series is over.

    Wait, what do you mean you didn't have a Mad Turk Assembly at your school?

  • Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we watched that episode with Shaughna?!

    The dream duo Arielle and Kem are back together this morning and they have assembled the ULTIMATE girl gang - because Honey Ross and Shaughna are in the studio!

    Shaughna spills the tea about her time in the villa and SHE. DOES. NOT. HOLD. BACK.
    She's all in for one couple to win (it's not a surprise which couple it is) and she sparks a very heated debate about tea making technique.

    The Islanders voted to save Mike and Priscilla, so Callum and Molly were dumped from the Island. We grabbed a steaming hot exclusive for you and pulled them for a chat after they got dumped to see how they felt about leaving...

    Sorry, but how is it time for the mega-dates already? Mike had the best day of his life on safari with Priscilla, Jess and Ched got spicy with some sausages and Paige and Finn had a, erm, sandy island dinner. They were all cute as heck, and everyone's well loved up. We love to see it.

    This is an important announcement. If you would like to join our Crush Club - you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com and we will ask your crush out on the podcast. This is your final call. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Get involved! Send us a cheeky (soz Arielle) tweet on #LoveIslandPodcast.

    PLEASE nobody tell the Breakfast Club about Ched's massive sausage. They won't be able to handle it.

  • We're starting this morning's podcast with some memories of our friend and colleague Caroline Flack. We will miss her so much.

    Kem has got his best pal Chris Hughes is in the studio to keep him company while Arielle's away. We know that the two Lukes have their eye on the best bromance crown... but this one is still going strong.

    Nas and Eva are here! They're looking sunkissed and gorgeous, obvs. We get their take on what went down in Casa Amor, meeting each other's families and life as a couple outside the villa.

    We fire up the Time Capsule and see how Eva and Nas predicted their time in the villa... Did Eva have her eyes on Nas from day one? And how did Nas think he would react if someone pied him?

    Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooh! It was the parenting challenge last night. We all know that Chris got VERY emotional over his baby Cash Hughes - did any of our Islanders live up to his parenting skills?

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    Send us some tweets on #LoveIslandPodcast - we love hearing from you guys.

    Remember, listening and talking can help - whatever you're going through. Call Samaritans on 116 123.

  • Who cares about The Crown Jewels? Someone needs to put Siannise's paper crown into the Tower of London.

    Kem and Arielle have been reunited, and Liv Attwood is in the studio. What a treat! Prepare yourself for a lot of giggling (and Liv digging Kem out about his antics in the villa)

    We've said goodbye to Shaughna! It's fair to say a couple of weeks ago, we would not have expected that... but was it her time to go? We caught up with her after she left the villa to see how she felt about being a single pringle.

    *OFFICIAL COUPLE KLAXON* Siannise and Luke T have made it official AND on Valentine's Day! Someone call Richard Curtis and tell him to make their love story into a rom-com, please? But most importantly... was Kem impressed by Luke's "proposal"?

    We'll be back with you on Monday morning, but if you miss us in the meantime, tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast and join our Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com

    That tandem bike looked cute on the date - but it would be less cute on our commute down the A10. We'll stick to the bus, thanks.

  • What Do You Mean Shaughna likes Justin Bieb- we mean, Luke M? Well... this is Love Island, Baby (baby, baby, oooooh). You can Never Say Never. Sorry, Demi.

    Arielle has another one of her bestest pals keeping Kem's seat warm this morning - it's Kat Shoob!

    It's Valentine's Day, and what do our Islanders get as a present? A dumping. Who do we think will be leaving the villa? It's all down to who the boys pick... and some of the girls *cough* Shaughna *cough* have been moving mad - so anything could happen.

    It looks like most of the couples managed to squash the drama after the Newsplash challenge - Luke T enjoyed getting told off by Siannise, didn't he?!

    We're giving Cupid a run for his money today - because we have a MEGA Crush Club for you this morning. Love is well and truly in the air, so if you want to join in - tell us about your crush on themorningafter@itv.com

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    You're my favourite girl in the villa. You're my favourite girl in the villa. You're my favourite girl in the villa. You're my favourite girl in the villa. Whoops, sorry - we let Mike borrow our computer and he must have left his copy and paste on.

  • Every day is hump day if your name is Officer Mike.

    Arielle has another one of her best pals sitting in Kem's seat this morning - it's Luke Franks! Jordan and Rebecca (fresh off the jet - btw) are also here to spill the tea on their time in the villa. Don't worry, we made sure there was no avocado toast within a two mile radius of the studio before Rebecca got here.

    The Newsplash challenge was SAVAGE. How do we think our Islanders are going to deal with the fall out? It looks like there are going to be a couple of arguments in tonight's episode. Eeeeek.

    Mike and Priscilla went to the hideaway. There was cream involved. Do we need to say anything more? It was a lot.

    So, what do we think about Shaughna getting the feels for Luke M? It kinda came out of nowhere - but we're kinda here for it. Rebecca and Jordan give us the low down on what they think of that potential pairing...

    IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY TOMORROW. This is your final call if you want to get a Crush Club shout out in before the big day - email us at themorningafter@itv.com!

    Really glad that Jess and Ched didn't p-p-p-pick up a penguin on their date. It would have been very cruel to take them away from their natural habitat.


    Kem's away, so Munroe Bergdorf is in the studio with Arielle to debrief last night's rumpy pumpy action.

    We've officially said au revoir to Nas and Eva, and obvs - we've got villa exclusives for you! We caught up with both of them after they were dumped to see how they were feeling.

    Arielle's thrilled with the abundance of Scottish Islanders this series. Jamie took Shaughna and Demi for wine tasting dates - but did they actually have time do any wine tasting with all that flirting?! Who do we think got on with him better? And is he going to step on any toes?

    Luke T was MAJORLY PRANGING when Demi was out on her date... and then it got even more confusing when Demi snogged him. We're going to need some glasses because Demi is very hard to read.

    Mike. Foot pump. Need we say any more? We know who to call if we need any repairs on our bikes...

    We finally have an update for our Crush Club proposal - is it good news? If you want to shoot your shot, or if you have a special Valentine's Day message, email us on themorningafter@itv.com

    Make sure you're subscribed, and send us all your best Love Island memes on #LoveIslandPodcast - we love to see them!

    Hope you can all look your eighty-year-old Nana in the eyes after that challenge ;)

  • You've failed your driving test. Here's a bit of feedback for next time - take off the blindfold before you get into the car.

    Matt Richardson is in the studio with Arielle and Kem this morning - and he's here for business.

    We were sad to see four Islanders leave last night. Rebecca, Jordan, Nas and Eva received the least votes from the public and got dumped. Kem was especially sad to see his main man Nas leave (but he's secretly pleased that he will be able to meet him sooner - every cloud has a silver lining!)

    Rebecca and Jordan have left us some voice notes to let us know how they are feeling after they got dumped. Is there a future for them? Maaaaaaaaaybe not.

    BUT there's a new couple in town - Lemi is a thing and we are here for it! Creds go to Luke T and Siannise for being the ultimate cupids. That's true friendship.

    We also discuss the Girl Racers challenge, and safe to say - we won't be asking any of the girls for a lift any time soon.

    If you've got a special Valentine's Day shout out for us - email us on themorningafter@itv.com and you can join our Crush Club! Oh - and send us all your hilarious tweets, commentary and predictions on #LoveIslandPodcast

    Hope you are enjoying your morning toast! (not code)

  • Evening plans? Oh, nothing big - just Sean Paul performing on a stage on top of a swimming pool in a massive mansion in Cape Town. It's going to be a quiet one.

    Kem and Arielle are starting off the week with a bang - Danielle Vanier is in the studio this morning to discuss last night's villa action.

    Paige and Finn are OFFICIAL! How cute was his speech?! And all our other Islanders were cheering them on - we love to see it!

    Something we didn't love to see was Natalia and Luke M calling things off - should she have told him sooner? What's next for Luke M, will he ever be lucky in love?

    Siannise and Luke T spent a night in the hideaway - and it got very spicy... there were feathers. But did they use the handcuffs?

    We play everyone's favourite snog-based guessing game, Who's That Behind The Snog! Kem tests Danielle and Arielle if they can recognise our Islanders' smooches.

    Tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast and make sure you have subscribed so every episode is delivered straight to you.

    Going to go now and have a small cry because Shaughna didn't couple up with Sean Paul. Shaughna Paul 4 eva.

  • Hello, is that 999? We would like to report a theft. It's Demi - she's been robbed of her time with Nas.

    Arielle and Kem have the lovely Georgia Kousoulou in the studio this morning. Georgia's been getting a lot of messages saying that she looks like Shaughna - we think they would make a gorgeous badass duo.

    We discuss how well Shaughna held it together after last night's recoupling - what's going to happen at that well awks hang out between her and Molly? Poor Shaughna :(

    Demi and Nas settled things with a VERY mature chat - but then Nas snogged Eva right in front of her. Poor Demi :(

    There's a lot of Islanders in the villa now... you could say it's going to GET BUSY when Sean Paul heads into the villa for the PARTY OF A LIFETIME on Sunday. He's even left us a very special message - our lives have officially been MADE. Is there still time to get us on a flight out to Cape Town to join in?

    We had a very special Crush Club today - if you want to join in, email us on themorningafter@itv.com! Cute as heck.

    See ya Monday morning for another week of Love Island action - if you've missed anything this week, you can catch up on ITV Hub!

  • That was a big moment. There were tears. Josh, Alexi, George, Biggs, Jamie and Jade - we will remember you forever. Always in our hearts.

    Radio 2 legend Richie Anderson is in the studio with Kem and Arielle this morning, and we couldn't have asked for anyone better to break down all the drama.


    The two villas came back together in the reunion of a lifetime - what is going to happen now?! We break down what happened last night - there are some super cute new couples, and some of our original couples have stayed loyal but Shaughna and Demi are now single pringles :(

    We can't WAIT to see what happens next - be there on ITV2 at 9pm to see the aftermath. Yikes.

    Omg - it's a week until Valentine's Day, and if you want to have a date - we can help! Email us on themorningafter@itv.com and we could ask out your crush right here on the podcast.

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  • "This town ain't Biggs enough for the both of us" said Ched

    It's a series three reunion because Kem and Arielle have Montana Brown in the studio this morning!

    So, it looks like tonight's reunion is going to be p r e t t y savage. We're going to be watching from behind the sofa (but secretly loving the drama - let's be honest)

    Let's break it down - we have The Swayers, like Nas who is getting his head turned by Eva, and Callum who has LOST HIS HEAD over Molly. Still slightly traumatised after that snog, is there any going to Shaughna after that?

    On the other hand, we have The Stayers who want to stick with their original couples. BUT anything could happen - cancel all your plans and be there on ITV2 at 9pm tonight to see the two villas get back together. Popcorn at the ready, peeps.

    Join our Crush Club by emailing us on themorningafter@itv.com and send us your hilarious tweets so we can read them out right here on the podcast.

    Why don't we all just get together after this and play a nice friendly round of the put your body parts on the emoji mat and then lick each others' necks game? Nobody?! Okay :(

  • Anyone fancy scrambled heads for breakfast?

    Kem and Arielle have a full feast of Islanders for you this morning - Wallace, Sophie and Leanne are all here (and they're all gorgeous btw)

    We play our favourite time capsule game with the Islanders to see if they predicted their own time in the villa correctly. Wallace addresses #avocadogate, Sophie talks dates with Connor and Leanne weighs in on Mike's mad moves.

    This series has confirmed Kem's theory that it's always the boys who misbehave in Casa Amor. We're sending all our love and support to Shaughna for when the two villas come together - are hearts going to break?

    Can we talk about Siannise in the raunchy races? She really always does the most (except for when she has to kiss Biggs, when she keeps her mouth firmly SHUT) Last night, Casa Amor and the Main Villa went head to head and it was a very good excuse for our Islanders to get some cheeky snogs in with the newbies, and some toe sucking - a lil treat for Finley there.

    Oh and for some reason, we all start talking about rice. Love Island cookbook anyone?

    Send us a CHEEKY (soz Arielle) tweet using #LoveIslandPodcast and join our Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com


  • Just looked in the Spanish dictionary, and apparently the direct translation of "Casa Amor" is "house where all our lovely couples completely lose their heads and start flirting with a bunch of mega-fit strangers and really stress us out for a whole week" - so it's quite an accurate name, tbh.

    Dr Alex is in the studio with Kem and Arielle this morning - and we are GLAD he's here because not only has he survived Casa Amor, but he can also give us some medical advice to help us re-attach our heads after last night's episode.

    We break down the new Islanders, and do a deep dive into who has their eyes on who. We discuss the best techniques for someone heading into the villa - should they keep their options open or go all out for one person?

    Are heads going to turn? Callum looks pretty interested in Molly, meanwhile back at The Villa Shaughna's stressing out, but don't worry, because model Josh is laying it on thick with her. And what about our man Nas... do we think he could be swayed by any of the new girls? Nooooooo!!!!

    There are no saliva cocktails on the menu at the podcast studio this morning - we got sufficiently put off last night... but what a way to get to know the newbies, eh?!

    It's going to be a juicy week - so make sure you're subscribed, so we get delivered straight to you the morning after every episode of Love Island.

    Let us know what you think is going to happen using #LoveIslandPodcast - and remember: we are strong, we are beautiful and we are independent!

  • Literally only on Love Island would you see someone getting annoyed that their partner chose to snog them rather than marry them...

    Arielle's away, so Kem has Nadia Jae in the studio to discuss who snogged who, who married who and who got well and truly pied last night - AND because we love you so much, singer-songwriter Declan J Donovan comes in for a chat after having his single played on the show!

    We said goodbye to Wallace and Sophie last night in a savage double dumping. The Islanders had a very difficult decision to make, but they chose to save Mike and Rebecca. We grabbed a villa exclusive (oooooh!!) and caught up with both of them after they were dumped... most importantly - is Sophie going to crack back on with OG Connor!

    Jess and Luke T called it a day, and Mad Moves Mike swooped in faster than the speed of light - and they had a SNOG. As Shaughna said... the devil works fast but Big Mike Moves faster. Do we think it has legs?

    We also discuss #spoongate and which Islanders we would snog, marry and pie.

    Join our Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com and tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast.

    Make sure you're watching ITV2 at 9pm tonight because it's time for Casa Amor - will what happens on tour stay on tour?

  • The Ocktobersesh celebrations didn't last for very long - because looks like we're going to be saying auf wiedersehen to another Islander...

    We've got two lovely guests for you this morning - AJ Odudu is in the studio with Kem and Arielle AND Connor pops by to give us all the villa goss.

    We find out whether Connor predicted his own time in the villa correctly, and we asked him what he felt about Mike trying to crack on with Sophie.

    Ok, so last night the Islanders voted for the couples they thought were the least compatible and then we voted on the app to save our favourite couple. We discuss who voted for who, and how we think it could go down...

    If you want to join our Crush Club, email us on themorningafter@itv.com - and we could ask out your crush right here on the podcast!

    We'll be back on Monday morning, but if you're missing Love Island until then, make sure you're watching Unseen Bits tonight at 9pm and head to ITV Hub if you've missed anything from this week.

    brb - just hyperventilating over that Casa Amor teaser...

  • Try not to get too giddy... but NAS AND DEMI FINALLY HAD A SNOG!

    This morning Kem and Arielle are joined by Butters Bread Basket Steve Bugeja.

    Mad Moves Mike has been at it again. He's all over Jess, and Luke is NOT HAPPY. Which one of them will bag the ticket to sail on HMS Jess?

    Leanne left the villa and her departure really shook things up - Sophie and Shaughna had a bit of a barney - which was sad because we LOVE their friendship. Should Callum have backed Shaughna up more?

    The Butter Churner is back! New power couple Nas and Demi bossed the speedy sex positions challenge - but have we actually heard of any of them?

    Tell Kem if you love cheeseburger pizza on #LoveIslandPodcast - you'll make his day.

    Subscribe to make sure you catch us tomorrow morning - and if you love the podcast, tell everyone you know about it. Cheers pals!

  • As the old saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking any eggs... or in Wallace's case, you can't do a weekly shop without buying 20 eggs.

    Arielle and Kem have the gorgeous Lauren Mahon in the studio this morning.

    We said goodbye to Leanne last night after a shock recoupling. Was Mike right to choose Sophie? Will there be a future for them as a couple? And what the HECK is going to happen in tonight's episode when Leanne confronts him?!

    Ding ding! Siannise and Rebecca went in for another round last night. Will the recoupling help solve the Luke - Wallace - Rebecca - Siannise square? Probs not, let's be completely honest here.

    Everyone else is quite loved up, eh? Shaughna and Callum continue to be a power couple and our man Nas is finally in a romantic couple (YES!)

    Finley and Paige got cosy in the hideaway - and everyone else was relieved to have a break from Finn's snoring for a night.

    Who needs dating apps when you have The Morning After? Join our Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com and we could ask out your crush right here on the podcast.

    If you've missed anything (where have you been?) you can catch up on ITV Hub.