• It's therapy Thursday Lifers, and we have this weeks dilemmas to get to the bottom of!
    Help, my bestie's Fiancé sent me a snapchat of him getting a blowy from a ummmm man,
    My house mate won't stop with the PDA with his new partner
    My boyfriend won't shag me because he has self esteem issues....
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  • Happy Tuesday Lifers! Today we opening things up, and we are talking non-monogamy and open relationships and by goodness WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!
    We have the wonderful Bianka Ismailovski from Damsel In Distress podcast joining us, Bianka is in a non-monogamous relationship with her boyfriend and she is here to answer your questions.
    How does it work?
    What are the rules?
    Don't you get jealous?!
    Whether you've ever considered having an open relationship or you're just curious about how it all goes down, Bianka should be able to provide some insight into a world that not many of us have experienced. 
    You can find Bianka on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/biankaismailovski/?hl=en
    You can find her podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/damsel-undistressed/id1535867660

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  • Welcome to your therapy Thursday Lifers and we're diving into some biggies today! 
    Producer Keeshia joins Britt today and FINALLY shares her own accidentally unfiltered. The girls talk about friendship-dating before jumping into your deep, burning questions.
    Today we look at:

    -My housemate has been sleeping with a married guy for 2 years. She is convinced he will leave his wife for her. I can't handle it any more.

    -I've been with my partner for 5 years and we aren't really in love any more. I've kind of just ended up here. I'm worried that we will just get married and I'll regret it.

    -My friend is dating a new guy and he's showing a lot of red flags. My partner says that I should shut my mouth and let her work it out for herself. What do you think?

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  • Happy Tuesday Lifers! 
    Or maybe we should be wishing you a content Tuesday? Because in today's episode we are diving into the happiness trap and how our goal should possibly be one more of content-ness than happiness. We sat down and chatted mental health and mindfulness with Hugh Van Cuylenburg from The Resilience Project.
    Hugh's story is interesting. It's thought provoking, and it's empowering. In times like how we are living right now, we couldn't think of a better time to talk to someone like him. 

    Hopefully after listening to this episode, you'll feel that little bit better and more ready to take on the week.
    You can find everything about Hugh here: https://theresilienceproject.com.au/about/

    Content warning: This episode touches on suicide, If this could be triggering for you in any way this episode may not be for you, x

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  • THIS IS IT! Our last Bach Uncut episode, we couldn't wrap the season until we sat down with Brooke to talk about her experience, her heartbreak and how she is doing now that filming has wrapped.
    Brooke shares how often her and Jimmy were in contact when she left the mansion, why she was convicted it was going to be her and how she is coping with life and heartbreak after the Bachelor.
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  • Its the big kahuna, the big cheese, the chat of the century... the Bach Uncut episode we have all been waiting with baited breath for. On today's episode we are sitting down with Holly and Jimmy and having a good old yarn with Australia's newest bachie royals.
    Holly shares the truth behind the mean girl drama, where things are at with Brooke and we also get our hands on a very saucy voice memo that Jimmy left for his new love, and well we don't call him the Kinky Captain for nothing.

    A big thank you to Starbucks At Home for making this episode possible and keeping us all caffeinated during lockdown.

  • Goodness gracious me it’s the final week of Bach Uncut! Jimmy’s already clocked off for the season so he’s making the last three remaining girls organise their own dates. Holly clearly snagged the entire remaining budget and she picks Jimmy up in a pimping two-story boat. They talk about what life would be like after the show and even though Jimmy admits he’ll work so much that he’ll only be around 2 weeks of the year, Holly doesn’t care because she admits she’s fallen in love with him. Whaaaat, love bombs already and it’s not even the finale !? Jimmy replies by pushing her in the water because he loves to give her hyperthermia on their dates. Jay is up next and all she can afford is a leaking kayak in the harbour. They paddle around, listen to classical music (Jimmy hates it) and then he confronts her about the 83rd rumour he’s heard - Jay used to date the Bachelor New Zealand. It’s at this point we knew it was all over for Jay. Brooke is up next and she’s stolen a puppy to play with in the park. Just when you thought Brooke was all glitter and fairies, she throws Jimmy in a hot tub and girates him until Osher kicks them out.

    Time for the finale and we’re all heading to Alice Springs to meet Jimmy’s family ! His mum, dad and sister are there and even his cousin.. Because we all know how invaluable dating advice is from your cousin (please explain Jimmy). Jimmy’s mum is team Holly and his dad is team Brooke and his sister is like.. just f*#king tell us who you’re going to pick already (the cousin literally doesn’t say a word). Brooke’s single date is very bloody adorable and she’s literally having the best time of her life as they enjoy a champagne sunrise in a hot air balloon. She’s so certain it’s going to be her at the end and oh god - our hearts are already breaking! Holly’s date is up next and they snag a cheap flight to Uluru but the only catch is that Jimmy’s parents paid for it so they’re coming along for the date (this actually kinda happened). The finale is as brutal as you can imagine but it’s not a total disaster because we’re gifted a beautiful love story with Holly and Jimmy, which makes it all worthwhile. WE LOVE LOVE !

  • Last night we said goodbye to Chess girl, our business class babe and Matty J's pick for the season Jay!
    Jay debunks all the rumours from the season, how she felt about being thrown under the bus by Steph and the truth behind her past relationship with New Zealand's Bachelor.

  • Happy Thursday Lifers, 
    It's time to get into your deep, dark and burning questions but FIRST we simply must know how the heck Britt manifested this friendship with Rebel Wilson that we're seeing all over the gram!

    Our deep dives for today are:
    -Friendship/sibling work relationships. Do they work with work? How do you get them to work?
    -I've been in a happy relationship for a long time and we have great sex. The catch is that I've been faking orgasms because getting to the big O has been tough and I have some factors like meds coming into it. Do I tell my partner that I've been faking it for 6 months or will that destroy him?
    -I'm pregnant and I feel excited, sad and terrified all at the same time. Is this abnormal or is it business as usual to have doubts as high as the ceilings?

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  • Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers!
    Today on the podcast we are diving into the history of racial injustice and inequality that so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face every day in Australia.
    We were lucky enough to be joined by Carly Stanley, the CEO and co founder of Deadly connections and Justice services limited, a proud Wiradjuri woman.
    Carly featured on the NITV documentary titled "Incarceration Nation."
    In this chat we speak to Carly about how her husband's life turned around after his experiences from juvenile detention & adult incarceration, to running an organisation that aims at healing First Nations people that have been impacted by the child protection and/or justice systems. 
    We talk about why so many Indigenous children are being locked up and how we need structural change and better solutions for these children. 
    Today's episode is not a light one, and we would like to add a warning that issues of violence, death and racism are addressed in this episode. 
    If you would like to check out the wonderful work that Carly does with Deadly Connections, you can do so here: https://deadlyconnections.org.au/
    If you would like to view the documentary, Incarceration Nation can be found here: https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/1930938947662/incarceration-nation
    The issues discussed in today's episode are heartbreaking and raw, but they are conversations that we think every Australian needs to have. Please share this episode with someone that you love.

  • Thursday night was hometown and we said goodbye to the divine Carlie and her spectacular teeth!

    On today's bonus episode Matt and Laura are sitting down to get the goss and are asking all the hard hitting questions...
    How did Carlie feel after hometowns, was she in love with the Kinky Captain and WHO IS HER DENTIST?!
    We hope you enjoy this tasty little snack!

  • YOOOOOHOOOO we have a little surprise today for all you Lifers that have been following along with Bach Uncut and the kinky captains search for love!
    Today we are interviewing Lily who sadly went home on Wednesday nights episode.
    Lily is giving us the download on Brooke's return, that steamy beach date and what she's up to now that her Bach journey has come to an end.

  • Hooly dooley can you believe it’s hometowns already !?
    Well we can… because it felt like we watched 82 eps of the Bach last week. We kick off ep 13 with Brooke getting the last single date up for grabs - Jimmy’s taken her to the world’s highest sex swing at the top of Centrepoint Tower. Look.. there’s no swing and it’s actually just a pilates class but they give the instructor the flick and make out like it’s going out of fashion. Next, Jimmy thought it’d be fun if they drank their body weight in coffee (we’re not even kidding with this part). Brooke manages to survive the tirade of coffee and decides to ask why he’s been so horny with all the other girls. OUR KINKY CAPTAIN ANSWERS TO NO ONE! The group date was a truly buck-wild concept where Osher found a body language expert who could pick out vulnerable personality traits just by looking at facial features of the remaining woman (there has to be someone in production smoking the wacky backy). At the cocktail party Brooke reveals that she still hasn’t slept a wink following their date, so Jimmy decides the only fair thing to do is send Lily and Ash home.

    Ep 14 and it’s hometowns bitches! Carlie is first cab off the rank, and can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful her teeth are!? Her family are equally as shiny and perfect, and she cements herself as this season's top wifey. Jay is next and her friend drops a bombshell and admits her last boyf is uber famous and she’s gunning to be a TV presenter. TAHNEE WAS RIGHT !? Holly’s hometown is bloody delicious and it’s everything you’d expect from this lovely gal - except just as she’s about to drop the L bomb as Jimmy’s walking out the door, she chokes (not literally). This leaves the door right open for Brooke (or Brookie as Jimmy now calls her). She’s clearly falling hard for him except all her family admit she hates coffee, Sydney and sex swings at the top of Centrepoint Tower.. which completely throws Jimmy. Then in this season’s biggest twist, Jimmy decides to send Carlie home at the rose ceremony. What in the name of porcelain white veneers is going on !????

  • Happy Thursday Lifers and today we have a couple of doozy questions for you!
    We're kicking off your therapy Thursday by asking how the heck to get a friend to not only admit that they damaged the house you rent, but also to pay to fix it!
    We then open a somewhat lengthy, and possibly 'please skip ahead if you're a little high brow' dilemma about whether you sit or stand...and whether potentially gender plays into it.
    Our third question is a little bit harder to stay neutral on. "I'm really into a guy who has a girlfriend. We hang out and talk a lot and the chemistry is so amazing. Nothing inappropriate has happened yet. What do I do?"
    Strap yourselves in for a yo-yo today lifers because we really tackle all sides of the equation!
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  • Happy Tuesday Lifers, and that is exactly what we plan on bringing you! The world has been a dark place lately and today's episode should help you feel a little bit better.
    Today we chat with Em Carey. In 2013, Em was on a trip abroad that should have been a fun, European trip of a lifetime when she had a skydiving accident in Switzerland that changed the course of her life. Em's parachute failed, causing her to become paralysed from the waist down. Em defied the odds and learnt to walk again, and through that experience her perspective on life and how we view our bodies evolved. 
    In this chat we talk about learning to love the lives and bodies that we have. We speak about the pros and cons of altering our bodies and the reasons that we should & shouldn't do it.
    Em has such a refreshing and inspiring perspective on life that really hits you in your core!
    She can be found here on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/em_carey/?hl=en
    Her website can be found here: https://www.emcarey.com/

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  • So how many episodes of the Bachelor do you think we’re re-capping this week? 2..14...28? Well if you guessed 3, you’d be correct! Wednesday was a big thick juicy double ep that kicked off with Holly getting a second single date. They waded through freezing knee-deep water in a national park, which is as good as single dates have been going lately. The group date saw all the girls having lunch with Jimmy’s mum, Susan. The only issue.. She likes her bachelorettes served well done. Poor old Steph copped the full brunt and if her bags aren’t packed… they should be! Things go from bad to worse for Steph and at the cocktail party, half the girls tell Jimmy she’s gotta go. Except wait for this big twist that Tahnee dropped… JAY WANTS TO BE RUNNER UP AND CASH IN ON HER NEW FOUND FAME! 

    Not sure if we’re now technically on ep 11 or still 10.. Who the hell bloody knows what’s going on or what day it is. Osher decides to throw a bush doof in the backyard of the Bach mansion, which is complete with teepee tents, glow sticks and DJ decks. As soon as they get there, Jimmy pulls Jay aside to make sure she’s not gunning to be a Matty J 2.0, which she staunchly denies. When they return Jay bee-lines it for Tahnne and things kick off. They both end up in tears saying the other one is lying - it’s incredibly awkward but equal parts entertaining. Jimmy decides that Jay is too good at kissing so he says goodbye to Tahnee. 

    The next single date is with Carlie and they’re tattooing each other.. Except it’s not real tattoos because Osher spent all the budget on the bush doof so they’re using sharpies he bought from the local servo. Sadly they opt for compases instead of southern cross tattoos (we can’t help but wish Sierah was on this date). The group date is an water obstacle course that’s being billed as a Bachelor Love Triathlon. Jay is the clear favourite to win, which is great because she needs to repair her reputation but she throws the game and let’s Ash win. WHAT ARE YOU DOING JAY!!!! Jimmy gets the extra time with Ash and he looks like a kid who got given an avocado for Christmas. At the cocktail party Brooke returns and she’s as horny as a teenager at Schoolies. After jumping Jimmy she proudly declares that she’s getting all the remaining single dates and if anyone gets in her way, she’s going to put them in a headlock. This prompts Laura to decide she’s had enough and calls for the first free limo back to Sydney.

  • You asked for it and we provided - On this tasty little snack of an episode we are sitting down for a chat with the unofficial Queen of Bachie 2021 Sierah.
    Sierah has brought us so many laughs over the past 4 weeks and we were so sad to see her leave the Bachie Mansion last week we needed a little bit more of the tall Phoenix.
    This is part one of our Friday Bach Uncut eps, check out PART 2 for Matty and Laura's recap of episode 10, 11 and 12!

  • Your free Therapy Thursday session, where we answer your deep dark and burning questions except today, producer Keeshia is stepping up to the mic and doing her best to give you her equally unqualified advice!
    - I got out of a serious relationship 12 months ago. We had great chemistry and even better sex. I've found that since we broke up, sex just doesn't compare with anyone else or I am comparing it to my last partner. So I am finding sex isn't as enjoyable and I don't feel a spark. Help!
    -I’ve been in a ‘friends-with-benefits’ situationship for 10 years and I think he is my soulmate. I’m scared I could lose everything but I want us to be in a proper relationship.
    -I live with my friend and we aren’t living well together! We just aren’t compatible. How do I get her to move out without losing our friendship?
    Lifers keep those questions rolling in! Slide on in to the DM's @lifeuncutpodcast and then sit back and enjoy the therapy session.
    Remember, tell you mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friends and share the love, because, well, we love love x

  • Content warning: This episode discusses domestic abuse, coercive control and violence. If this raises any issues for you, contact:

    Lifeline 13 11 14 

    Lifeline support chat service: lifeline.org.au

    1800 RESPECT or 1800 737 732

    Today we are discussing a very difficult topic but something so important. We have Jess Hill with us today. Jess is an award winning investigative journalist who has really put the difficult conversations regarding domestic violence and coercive control into the forefront of Australian media.
    Her book “see what you made me do” and SBS program of the same name introduced us to attempting to understand how and why domestic violence is such a problem in Australia. She has also recently started a podcast on this topic called “The Trap.”
    DV and conversations around coercive control is something close to our hearts. Some of you will remember the beautiful Bianca who joined us a few months ago on the pod, and told the tragic story of her sister Katie losing her life at the hands of her partner. Bianca’s story was first shared on Jess Hill’s SBS program and that is how we came to know Bianca.
    Having Jess with us today brings that story full circle and hopefully we shed some more light on a situation that is far too prevalent.

    We talk:

    Domestic violence and coercive control

    Early signs

    Love bombing and perspecticide

    Why it is not always so easy to "just leave"

    Behaviours like location tracking

    Groups and people at risk

    How it affects families including children

    Problems with the system

    Where both the victim and perpetrator can get help

    You can listen to "The trap" here 

    If you know anyone that may benefit from this episode in some way please send it their way and share the love, because, well, we love love. x

  • Another week of the Kinky Captain gracing our screens and we’ve been delivered a smörgåsbord board of (albeit less horny) goodness. Ep 7 kicks off with Jimmy gushing over his motorbike and the girls pretending like they’re interested in it. Lily is invited to take a ride to a secluded beach where Jimmy’s grandma had three heart attacks (we’re not kidding). It’s also the perfect spot to learn how to surf and make out.
    Meanwhile back at the mansion, Jimmy’s sister and cousin are joining the girls for dinner. But instead of dessert, they’ve brought an honesty box. Holly ends up getting thrown under the honest box bus as she’s accused of being two faced and fake. DRAMAAAAAAA!
    Ep 8 kicks off with Carlie receiving her first single dates at one of Sydney’s most romantic venues - Western Sydney Uni. They avoid any games of beer-pong and zipline into each other's mouths… oh, and there’s also a champagne tower and a fluorescent hula hooper because, Bachelor! Sticking with the educational theme, the group date was at an old high school where the girls enjoyed a debating competition, poison ball and a prom night, which was actually a rose ceremony in disguise (Osher you evil bastard). 
    So this is the episode of Bach that never ends because now we have our beloved Laura on an Italian themed date and we’re sorry to say it was a total disaster. Like pineapple on a pizza type disaster! They cooked pasta, it turned out awful. She leant it for a kiss, it was as successful as the pasta. Just when you thought it was game over for Laura, Jimmy convinces her to stay (we’re still trying to figure this one out). The group date was speed dating with 5 of the girl’s mums. Sadly, none of the mothers received roses or a kiss and they were all sent home. There was also a two second game of tennis with Jay at the Bach mansion where she addressed rumours that she didn’t want to have kids (she confirmed she wants all the babies).

    Shout out to all the women who left the mansion this week, but special mention must go to the one and only Sierah... WE STAN !