• 3rd and Final Installment of MR PUZL's Summer Mix Series
    Free Download: https://www.toneden.io/lamp/post/mr-puzl-s-summer-mix-vol-3

    "This 3 volume mix series has been quite a journey for me. I pushed myself to explore my collection more thoroughly that I've done before. These mixes reflect a few different... let's call them personalities, that make up part of who I am as an artist and my enthusiasm and love for electronic music.

    The first 2 volumes represent the summer days and nights that I fell in love with while living in LA. Volume 3 is all about those moments in between."

    Much <3

    P.S. This mix goes out to the love of my life; who has always supported my passion to express my creativity in the many forms it has manifested.

    Volume 1: https://soundcloud.com/lamp/mr-puzls-summer-mix-vol-1
    Volume 2: https://soundcloud.com/lamp/mr-puzls-summer-mix-vol-2

    SC: @mrpuzl
    IG: www.instagram.com/mrpuzl/

  • Today we have a special mix from our good friend Alliey XO. We’ve known Alliey since she first got on to the LA scene a little over a year ago and it’s been a pleasure to watch her grow and collaborate with her along the way.

    Since moving to LA Alliey has made a name for herself playing at LA hotspots like Avalon, and Catch One, as well as recently joining Dances With White Girls for his new party series Vacay Mode. As a member of FAM Presents Alliey has been an integral part in bringing our collaborative party Side2Side to fruition.

    Last weekend we were lucky enough to have her join us for our latest installment of Tessellate at Pattern Bar in DTLA. Today we’re excited to bring you her mix from that night for this new edition of our guest mix series!

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  • For this week's mix, we have something special - a live set (with video! Link coming soon) from our good friend Julian Montenegro. Julian is a Costa Rican prodigy who has been rocking shows and releasing quality tunes for years already, through outlets like House Of Hustle, House of Bangerz, and Drop Low. We linked up with him on one of his numerous visits to Los Angeles, when he came to town to attend Desert Hearts and collaborate with a variety of producers (including LAMP's own Keyspan). Julian lives and works in Costa Rica, where he co-runs and teaches at production / DJ school Beatmatch Academy (http://www.beatmatchcr.com/), and contributes to Beats Radio Online (https://beatsradioonline.com/). Just last weekend, he performed an exceptional set at Costa Rica's Chepe Joven festival, which hosted 25,000 attendees.

    For his debut LAMP mix, Julian graced us with a really exceptional live set, weaving together a tapestry of diverse sounds. Take a listen on SoundCloud, or watch the set live via YouTube. Julian was also kind enough to sit down virtually with Keyspan from our team for an interview follow the link to check it out.


    Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more releases from Julian later this year. Enjoy!

    Follow Julian Online:

  • We are really excited to present a rising talent for you from the UK, Maxinne. Starting her career as a DJ she is highly sought after in her home country in addition to Europe's unofficial playground for all things house and techno, Ibiza. She has an insane work ethic and between her own label Red Alert, being an advocate for equality in the industry and all of her own production she is making the world well aware of her talents. Having caught the ear of some pretty big labels in the industry including Knee Deep In Sound and with 2 EP's on the schedule for Mark Knight's Toolroom she is set to rise quickly through the ranks of the house music industry. I am absolutely loving this mix she put together for us so sit back and give your ears some pleasure. We will have more from Maxinne over on the website later this week so make sure to check back tomorrow for our weekly interview with Maxinne and get to know more about her. www.losangelesmusicproject.com

    Instagram: @djmaxinne
    Twitter: @djmaxinne

  • Alex Wilcox is all over the place. He was born in Dallas, moved to Austin, then to LA, spent time in Berlin, and now he’s based in Detroit. He’s played in funk-rock bands, done vocal mixing for a member of @bangtan?, had techno featured in @EARMILK, worked at famous rap/pop Chalice Studios in Hollywood, made an indie-pop EP under the alias Hans Isn’t Driving that signed with 411 Music Group, and cries when he keeps getting the wrong mail sent to him. With his move to Detroit, Alex has focused his vision on pursuing the DJ route powered by his eclectic and diverse range of electronic productions. He’s been spotted spinning at TV Lounge, El Club, The Orange Room, and at other Detroit spots. He’s excited to have completed production on his first album, and is also cooking up exciting collaborations with Detroit locals - @DJHolographic, @tylerdetroit, and others. Expect an onslaught of original music over the next year as this serial producer emerges. Distilled in this mix is melodic and groove-based techno & house with pop-sensibility - one of Alex’s favorite styles to dance to.

    He'll be playing at an after hours in Detroit at the end of this month (July), DM him on instagram to find the address!

    It just clicked in my head today as I am putting this weeks mix together for you guys that we are rapidly approaching mix #300. I am constantly humbled by that fact that we get to bring this little series to you each week with the help of all of the other LAMP heads. 6 years ago we started this little project not expecting it to reach across the globe and it is going as strong today as it ever has. Stay tuned as we have some cool new guests coming up over the next few weeks on our way to #300. Thank you.

  • Let me tell you how pumped we are to have our man Kevin Knapp back with us again. This time for an exclusive mix for our weekly series. I can't remember the year but I think it was 2012 or something when I first hear this beautiful mans voice on a record for the first time. It was a track by Audiojack. From then on I kept coming across more and more tracks sampling his voice, which is one of the finest in the land in my opinion, in addition to building his own incredible library of productions. His passion for music shines through in the music he creates and watching him DJ is a pure treat. He has been on a massive run as of late and we couldn't be happier for him. If you have not yet experienced him live and in person and you are in the US right now he is back from Berlin where he is residing (and who can blame him) and you can catch him here in LA the 26th of July @ RESIDENT before he heads back.

    Make sure to check over on the LAMP website tomorrow for a more in depth conversation with MR Knapp. For now enjoy these lovely beats.


  • 2nd Installment of MR PUZL's Summer Mix Series
    Free DL: https://www.toneden.io/lamp/post/mr-puzl-s-summer-mix-vol-2

    "The days are getting longer and the nights more humid here in Boston. When I recorded this I looked back to the times on the Santa Monica pier when I'd get to play gigs during the sunset slot.

    It's always a special moment to have the sun hangout for just a bit longer to see what the night has in store for those on the dance floor."

    Stay cool out there 😎

    Much <3

    P.S. This mix goes out to the amazing woman who brought me into this world #discomom

    SC: @mrpuzl
    IG: www.instagram.com/mrpuzl/

  • If you are looking for something to get you through the day while you are staring out the office window waiting for your 4th of July to begin then look no further. Maikol is back with us for a special 4th of July mix and he is not holding back throwing in some pretty great heaters that are sure to have you bouncing around in no time.

    Officially calling it a tradition hopefully from this point forward. As long as we keep running this series our man Maikol is gonna keep bringing the 4th of July Funk to your ears. This man know how to get a party grooving with his love of house and disco. His selecting skills are impeccable and it is a pleasure to have him back. Enjoy and Happy 4th of July from LAMP have fun and be safe out there kids ;)


  • This week we throw it back over to our founder and curator PZB as he prepares to head back out to Michigan for Rothbury's annual Electric Forest festival. Taking a detour from the techno laden grooves that we may have come to expect PZB has put together a solid set that explores his deep love for all things house and the uplifting spirit that it embodies. We hope that this mix carries you through the week and if you happen to find yourself in Michigan this weekend check out our boy PZB in the Forest.


  • 1st Installment of MR PUZL's Summer Mix Series

    "Since moving back to the east coast, the seasons have had a larger impact on the music that I'm listening to and making. The weather in Boston finally broke into summer a few weeks back and inspired me to record a mix... and then another. I figured while I'm in the moment why not go for 3? So to celebrate the summer I'll be releasing 1 mix each month."

    This one is all about the warmth ;)

    Much <3

    SC: @mrpuzl
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/mrpuzl/

  • We are happy to have 333 back with us this week. He always puts his heart and soul in to everythin g that he does and we love when he sends us stuff for us to share with you! Here is a little something he wrote up about the mix:

    "I started work on this mix almost a year ago in preparation for a boat party my dear friend Jonathan Melvin from the Rhythm Alliance crew was hosting in Portland, Maine - one of my favorite places in the world to play. Unfortunately Jonathan suffered a tragic loss in his family and the party did not happen. I kept trying throughout the winter to finish it up but for whatever reason could not get it to a point where I was happy with it so I left it alone for a little while. As Spring arrived and the music I was buying brightened up I was finally able to put the finishing touches on it. It definitely has a summer vibe to it but still has that sharp edge that I always look for. The mix transitions back and forth between techno, progressive, house and deep house without ever really settling on one genre and is maybe a reflection of the diversity I see and embrace in the world as well as the range of emotions I felt regarding the gig and my friends’ loss. I would like to dedicate this mix to Jonathan and his family as well as all my brothers and sisters in the Rhythm Alliance and the scene at large. The mix was recorded late one night in May in St. George Studios (my basement in Staten Island) and was mastered by my brother from another mother Joe Flores (aka DJ Joeski) at Maya Studios in Queens, NY. " - 333


  • This week we have a unique and exciting new guest mix from an accomplished producer and DJ based in Park City, Utah by the name of Quincy Weigert. Over the past several years Weigert’s profile has risen quickly in the world of electronic music driven by his keen ear for production and masterful live performances.

    Weigert’s talents in the studio have been often recognized by some of the industry’s top artists with support coming from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, and Markus Shulz. In addition he’s managed to rack up releases on elite imprint’s including Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and most recently Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings, proving himself a bright young luminary in the world of trance music.

    For his LAMP guest mix debut he delivers an expansive two-hour mix showing the full breadth of his sharply honed taste as both an artist and DJ.

    Follow Quincy Weigert:

  • We got a rising young talent out of Chicago this week bring some straight fire with this week's mix. John Summit has been releasing music for a very short time, only about about a year and a half and has gathered the attention of major label owners Mark Knight, Claude Von Stroke, Gene Farris and Lee Foss who have all signed his tracks to their labels. You can also find his music on some of our other favorite labels Country Club Disco, Psycho Disco!, Audiophile Recordings and a few others as well. He can found doing his thing in Chicago's legendary Spybar along with the Mid & Soundbar. Coming up you can see him in Arizona where he is headlining BFF and then in Chicago June 15th for the Repopulate Mars party at Estate. Enjoy the mix and check back on the website later this week for a full track list and more from John Summit.


  • This week we have a great producer and DJ Devon James joining us for LAMP mix #281. Devon has a discography that spans some pretty impressive labels which include Country Club Disco, Audiophile, SOUP NYC, Nite Records and many more. His most recent release for SOUP NYC with Curntables is one you will want to add to the collection if you already haven't. There are also some great remixes by Franklyn Watts and Will Monotone. If you are out in Detroit this weekend make sure to catch him at the Country Club Disco warehouse party. Hopefully we'll get him out here in LA soon. We'll keep you posted. Enjoy the mix and make sure to check out the website later this week for the track list and more.


  • Keeping it close to the family again this week with Los Angeles based producer and DJ THomas Garcia in the mix. If you follow LAMP closely then you may remember we premiered a track of his about a year ago for Understated Recordings. He recently had another release with them on U|S vol 3 and will also be joining them for a couple stops on their mini tour at the end of the month right after a quick trip to Vegas and the famous Wide Awake Art Car at the biggest rave on the planet EDC! Thomas also just launched his own record label Vibrascura and is looking forward to its first release at the end of this month so make sure to keep an eye out for that as well. Enjoy the mix and make sure to check out www.losangelesmusicproject,com later in the week for the full feature and track list.


  • Excited to share this weeks new mix with you. Today we have a local talent that is definitely on the rise. Having grown up in three of the most iconic cities in the world Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo has surely had an incredible impact on the sound Sohmi is crafting and we are really looking forward to following her career. Under the mentorship of two of my absolute favorite producers Doc Martin and Sacha Robotti, Sohmi has been steadily rising in the LA community and working on busting out of the market with some of her new releases. Most notably is her recent track with Lubeski "Dip Into A Dream" which was also chosen by DJ Mag as one of the top tracks of Coachella 2019. Currently she is sharing her talents with the European Union and will be back in LA soon to keep the dancefloors poppin. Enjoy the mix and check back on the website (www.losangelesmusicproject.com) in a few days for more from Sohmi and LAMP.


  • This week we’ve got a special mix from one of the LAMP family’s very own rising stars, Keyspan, who laced us with not one but two unreleased cuts!

    Over the past year with LAMP Keyspan has been making waves in the LA underground, buoyed by the release of his debut single "As Within” (https://fanlink.to/As-Within) which garnered support from the likes of Dancing Astronaut and Deep House Amsterdam. Just weeks ago, Keyspan contributed a cranking remix to our latest SPECTRUMS compilation which was premiered by heavyweight tastemakers @gouranga . He’s also been heating up LA dancefloors in 2019 including two standout sets at The Echo (providing support for local heroes Masha and Rambo), as well as at Pattern Bar for our own SPECTRUMS album release party.

    With today’s LAMP mix, Keyspan serves up an expertly paced tour de force through his soulful, diverse, and genre-defying sonic palette - weaving elements of disco, deep house, afro house, and techno before bringing the whole thing full-circle with a sense of graceful bittersweetness throughout. The mix features an absolute dinger of an unreleased Keyspan original mid-way through which we are eager to get onto our USBs when it drops later in 2019, and closes with Keyspan’s unreleased edit of Two Another’s soulful R&B jam Waiting On You.

    Enjoy today’s guest mix and stay tuned for Keyspan’s upcoming releases, as well as a host of summertime sets from the man himself in Los Angeles and San Diego. As always, thanks for listening!

    Follow Keyspan:
    Listen to “As Within”: https://fanlink.to/As-Within
    Listen to “Makambo - Keyspan Remix”: https://soundcloud.com/gouranga/geoffrey-oryema-makambo-keyspan-remix

    - Love Sensation (DJ OMC Remix) - Loleatta Holloway
    - By Your Side (Original Mix) - Viers
    - Losing Someone is Never Easy (Original Mix) - Kev Sheridan
    - Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Extended Remix) - Finn
    - Jol (Original Mix) - Dena Amy
    - Half-Light (Special Request Remix) - George FitzGerald, Tracy Thorn
    - [Unreleased] - Keyspan
    - Everything in Its Right Place (Sam Goku Revision) - Radiohead
    - Sneaking Hotdogs into People's Pockets (Original Mix) - Tiger Stripes
    - Megalith (Original Mix) - Three Machines
    - Apollo 11 - Matador & ARTBAT
    - Music In My Heart (Original Mix) - Lebedev (RU)
    - Waiting On You (Keyspan Edit) - Two Another

  • This week we have a special all vinyl mix from Chicago House master Matty Harris aka The Narcoleptic. With more than 3 decades of experience as a selector holding down residencies at Smart Bar and many of the cities other top venues. Sharing the stage with legends Derrick Carter, Mark Farina and so many more. His talents have taken beyond the streets of Chicago as well having spent some time on the underground circuit across the US, from Las Vegas, to LA, Iowa, Nashville, Miami and Portland. Lately The Narcoleptic has been hard at work in the studio as well using his masterful knowledge to craft some excellent new music. His 'Way Back' EP was recently release with Kwench Records on april 19th and you can grab a copy here: https://kwench-records.lnk.to/WayBack

    We are excited to share his talents with you this week. Enjoy the mix, and check back as we will have a full tracklist and more from The Narcoleptic in our featured post over on the website later this week. www.losangelesmusicproject.com


  • Last week we premiered a new track that I have been really loving called 'In Tha Kitchen' part of a new EP from Chris Patrick titled '2 tha Face'. He has been tearing it up over on the east coast since his teens when he was holding it down in sub rural Pennsylvania's to today where he is one of the highly respected resident DJ's for the SOUP NYC crew and parties. Additionally he is also heading up A&R for the label putting his incredible ear to good use finding some top talent which includes himself to put music out for SOUP NYC. I was lucky enough to run into him not too long ago and can also tell you he is an absolute connoisseur and student of the music he has dedicated his life to. You are all in for an amazing treat and I am happy to share Chris Patrick's mix with you here today. Make sure you check back on the website later this week for our full feature and Track list at www.losangelesmusicproject.com Enjoy!



  • Today we have a special guest mix feature from our very own Damon Steele. Over the last three weeks, Steele has been busy making his presence felt across LA’s preeminent dance floors with back-to-back sets at Sound Nightclub, The Echo, and lastly Pattern Bar for our SPECTRUMS release party. For his April guest mix, he delivers an expansive 100-minute mix serving as an opus to this three week hot streak of shows.

    Not unlike his live performances, Steele’s selection ranges from bright disco grooves, to banging club-favorites, while also touching on deeper more brooding house tracks, keeping the energy fresh and the audience on their toes through out. Steele’s mix gives proof to his dynamic nature as a taste-maker, and his masterful mixing ability

    Follow Damon Steele: