• Starting back in 1997, dozens of men have been found killed under eerily similar circumstances. Almost all of them were dubbed accidents fueled by a night out drinking with friends. But when investigators started noticing a similar calling card left by each body, graffiti paint of a smiley face, they began to suspect these seemingly random deaths were connected by one or more serial killers. This is the story of the Smiley Face Killer.

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  • In October of 2018, a 16-year-old girl disappeared from California after a party. Her stepmother picked her up from the side of the road after finding her running in the dark. When they got home, they went to sleep side by side for safety since she was agitated, but the next morning, she was gone. Blame began to shift within the family as inconsistencies in the story emerged, and all the family’s dirty laundry surfaced. This is the story of Karlie Guse.
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  • In April of 2003, a psychologist was found dead in his car from a car crash. But shortly before his death, he had received threatening letters, and the day he died, he was seen driving erratically before crashing into a tree. Though police ruled his death a suicide, his autopsy revealed unsettling details indicating that he had potentially been tortured and held captive before he crashed his car. This is the story of Philip Shue.
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  • In August of 2022, a 22-year-old woman headed out for a late night snack with the promise that she would be right back, but she never returned. Since then, her family, police, various organizations, and locals have been scouring the area looking for evidence. And with cell phone pings and surveillance footage, they’re hoping to find answers as soon as possible. This is the story of Jolissa Fuentes.
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  • In August of 1993, a 22-year-old college student in Illinois was found dead in her apartment, strangled and stabbed with a pair of scissors. With numerous potential suspects in the realm of possibly, one was convicted. But was he really behind it? Or was it someone else all along? This is the story of Jennifer Lockmiller.


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  • In August of 2017, a 22-year-old film student in Philadelphia was murdered after a night out. What started as a missing persons case quickly evolved into a murder investigation after her remains were found in a storage shed. And it was soon discovered that her killer had transported her body over 100 miles in a Lyft before disposing of her. This is the story of Jenna Burleigh.
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  • In October of 2018, a 26-year-old postal worker went missing in Chicago after leaving her apartment to run errands. But suspicious surveillance footage and a thought-to-be fake sick call made into her work the next day have led her family and investigators to believe something sinister happened to her. This is the story of Kierra Coles.
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    6. The Shade Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9NNvIQXBFo
    7. Black and Missing Foundation: https://www.blackandmissinginc.com/
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  • In April of 2022, a 12-year-old boy was found dead in his backyard, and the police ruled it a suicide despite the baffling and bizarre details associated with the crime scene. His family is desperate for help in re-opening the investigation, fully believing that their son was murdered. This is the story of Sean Daugherty. Also known, as What Happened to Sean?
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  • In 2011, a 22-year-old graduate student in Idaho was baking cookies with friends when she stepped out for a cigarette and was murdered on her porch. Police would soon uncover that an obsessed professor who referred to himself as a “psychopathic killer” had been behind it all. This is the story of Katy Benoit.
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  • In August of 1993, a 16-year-old Indigenous girl went missing in Hawaii after going out with a friend. Earlier that day, she and her friend had been picked up by a hitchhiker who asked them to hang out later, but despite this detail, Police initially believed she had run away. Years later, they would finally received a confession that detailed the horrible truth about what happened to her the night she disappeared. This is the story of Sequoya Vargas.
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  • In September of 2006, a grisly murder scene was uncovered in a picturesque farmhouse bed & breakfast in rural Maine. Four people, including the innkeeper and her daughter, were murdered and dismembered by the young cook who lived there, shocking the small town and the entire region. This is the story Julie Bullard, Selby Bullard, Cynthia Beatson, and Jimmy Whitehurst, and it’s also the story of the Maine Bed & Breakfast Killer.
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  • In August of 2009, a 15-year-old girl left home to hang out with friends in a neighboring Wisconsin town, and never returned. Her brother's 24-year-old friend had actually been the last person to see her, claiming to have dropped her off at the home of her ex-boyfriend. But her ex-boyfriend claims they didn’t even have plans to see each other. So which of these men is lying? Or was it someone else entirely? This is the story of Kayla Berg.
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  • In August of 1983, a 20-year-old woman working as a cocktail waitress and a DJ was found strangled to death in a vacant field in Texas. When police began investigating her murder, they released the sketch of a mystery man they called “the cowboy”, hoping someone could identify him. Then, her mother began receiving threatening calls from an unknown man, but police had no idea if they were coming from her killer, or who her killer even was. And it would be decades before they would find out. This is the story of Susan Eads.
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    In April of 2022, an 18-year-old woman went to some house parties with her friends in Mexico. But after she began acting erratically, her friends sent her home in a car service. During her ride home, she excited the vehicle and stood in the highway before wandering off. Her father scoured the city looking for her, only to find her deceased in a motel’s water tank. After 3 very different autopsies were conducted, her family is still wondering what on earth happened to her, and who is responsible. This is the story of Debanhi Escobar.
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  • On August 5, 2022, a 16-year-old girl went to a campground party near her home and never returned. When records showed her phone last pinged at the campground before turning off minutes after she supposedly left, her family feared for the worst. Both she and her car are both still missing, with few clues as to what could have happened to her. This is the ongoing story of Kiely Rodni.

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  • In August of 2006, a 21-year-old man attended a party after relocating to Louisiana to reconnect with his biological father. Multiple reports came out from party attendants that he had been acting paranoid and then left suddenly. But the most eerie account of all came from his father, who was the last person to speak with him, and remembers his son whispering into the phone that he thought someone was following him. This is the story of Clinton Nelson.
    1. Disappeared: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/amzn1.dv.gti.66a9f71b-8203-457b-d271-568cbd72e555?ref_=imdbref_tt_wbr_pvc_truecrime&tag=imdbtag_tt_wbr_pvc_truecrime-20
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  • In July of 1989, an 18-year-old woman was heading home to her parents house when she was shot in her own car. Her mother, an acclaimed mystery author, launched her own investigation and spent years hunting for her daughter's killer. And finally, after many years, answers came to the case. This is the story of Kaitlyn Arquette.
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    6. People: https://people.com/crime/suspected-serial-killer-indicted-in-1989-murder-of-authors-daughter/
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  • In January of 2022, a 23-year-old woman living in the Bay Area went missing after being spotted on surveillance footage at a local gas station. The next day, her car was found abandoned on a dead-end street with the keys in the ignition, but she was nowhere to be found. Throughout the investigation, police discovered numerous suspicious clues leading to one specific suspect. This is the story of Alexis Gabe.
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  • In the spring of 1992, a string of murders began off the I-70 freeway in the Midwest. The killer claimed at least six victims, all of whom were store clerks, but to this day, no one has ever been caught, despite numerous eyewitness accounts. This is the story of the I-70 Killer.
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  • In August of 1981, a 20-year-old woman in Ohio disappeared in broad daylight from her office. When her boss arrived to find her car still in the parking lot, and signs that she had been there that day, but no trace of her, she was reported missing. Weeks before her disappearance, she had been receiving threatening phone calls, had numerous dreams about being abducted and murdered, and was concerned about a stalker at work. To this day, she has never been found. This is the disappearance of Cynthia Anderson.
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