• It’s so simple, it’s almost elementary. But this one tool can single-handedly cause your days to become more productive and less overwhelming. You’ll be able to accomplish more by doing less. It’s not magic—it’s the Daily Big Three.

    The Daily Big Three is the most foundational tool of the Full-Focus Planner. If you don’t know where to start or simply need a refresh, we’ll walk you through what the Daily Big Three is, why it matters, and how to leverage and adapt it throughout your weeks.

    You can stop ending the day feeling dazed with a half-finished to-do list. Narrow your focus and boost your confidence with the power of the Daily Big Three.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Why the Daily Big Three might just help you sleep better The danger of drift—and how the Daily Big Three combats it The power of connecting your annual goals to daily actions How the Pareto Principle applies to your productivity How and when to set your Daily Big Three
  • You’ve set SMARTER goals you’re excited about. Now what? You don’t want to stall your momentum, but your goals are risky enough that you’re not quite sure what to do next.

    Planning does little good without action. But figuring out how to move forward is simpler than you think. By asking yourself four simple questions, you can start making progress toward your goals—and keep going until you reach the finish line.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to know if your first step is too big The power of the next three steps to get you where you want to go Why you shouldn’t try to tackle a goal alone The relationship between seeing your goals and accomplishing them Why staying connected with your desire is essential for success

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  • Celebration isn’t a luxury. It’s essential. Without it, we lose sight of how far we’ve come—and undermine our motivation as a result. The truth is, we could all use a little more encouragement, especially in a year like 2020.

    That’s why today, we’re celebrating you. We asked our listeners to submit real wins from the past year, and you delivered. So join us for this community-wide celebration. You’re bound to learn something new along the way.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Courtney’s big news Three reasons ce;ebration is important Why Michael has been able to spend more time with his daughter How Orlagh got well on her way to writing a book A Q&A call from Marianna, a self-proclaimed Full-Focus “groupie” with great questions about leveraging an Executive Assistant
  • There’s so much possibility when you’re planning for a new year. It’s easy to want to want to see drastic improvements in every area of life all at once. But that’s a recipe for missing the mark—and burnout.

    The solution? You need a strategy for knowing what to tackle, when. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at four considerations for determining when to tackle your goals. When you stop sabotaging your goal achievement and start tackling the right goals at the right time, you’ll be able to go further, faster.

    You’ll finally be able to design a plan for your best year ever that you’ll stick to year-round.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Why you can’t put every area of your life under construction at once How to pick the goals that have the highest leverage What to consider if you’re only excited about work How to balance your number of habit and achievement goals Our farewell to Courtney as she prepares to go maternity leave

    This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Your Best Year Ever Live, a virtual event to help you set powerful goals for the new year. Claim your seat today at bestyearever.me.

  • “Can’t” is a powerful word. It can make you feel trapped, discouraged and small. It undermines your confidence and your results. And it’s a dead giveaway that you’re being held hostage by a limiting belief.

    We’ve been there, and we’ve got good news. You can exchange limiting beliefs for liberating truths by following four straightforward steps. When you do, you’ll stop seeing the world through the lens of scarcity and embrace greater possibility.

    You’ll feel empowered and hopeful—motivated to make a larger impact than ever before.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Tips for spotting a belief that’s holding you back Practical examples of how our thinking limits our success How to upgrade your thinking Steps to make your better beliefs stick Why you need to grapple with 2020 before you plan for 2021

    Upgrading your thinking is just the start of designing 2021. Take the next step and join us for our goal-achievement course, Your Best Year Ever, by visiting bestyearever.me.

  • And just like that, it’s December. You’re in the home stretch of your quarterly goals and looking ahead at the new year. But there’s a problem: you’re not feeling motivated. Your Q4 goals feel like a grind and setting new goals for 2021 sounds like a chore.

    We’ve been there. The good news is, you’re not the problem. Your goals are. After years of helping people set and pursue goals, we’ve discovered one characteristic that multiplies motivation and results. You need riskier goals.

    In this episode, the Full Focus team is joined by Michael Hyatt to discuss why setting risky goals is the key to success. They’ll show you how adopting this single change will supercharge your motivation, boost your success, and help you become who you want to be.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    What the SMART acronym gets wrong about goal setting Why doubt, uncertainty, and fear mean you’re on the right track How risk sparks innovation What makes quiet, confident belief contagious An invitation to design your future at Your Best Year Ever
  • The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year—but inevitably, the season feels chaotic. It seems impossible to really be present when so much is happening. And being spread thin can undermine your productivity during the most important quarter of the year.

    It doesn’t have to feel like the next few weeks are happening to you. We’ve identified four steps to help you thrive this holiday season. When you follow them, you’ll stop being swept away and start being present for what matters most.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to set and communicate realistic expectations Why you may need to adapt your habits Tips for making sure your most important priorities happen The advantage of resisting FOMO and exercising your “No” muscle A special segment with a guest caller that will leave you looking forward to your quarterly preview

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  • It’s easy to be discouraged after a year like 2020. But when we see ourselves as the victims in a narrative, we give up the only thing we always have control over—our response. The solution? We need to practice gratitude.

    Gratitude changes the way we experience the world. It opens us up to new possibilities. It builds up the relationships that matter most. It helps us persevere, even when faced with uncertainty. Gratitude is encouraging in the truest sense: it gives us courage.

    That’s why this Thanksgiving special is all about gratitude. We’ll delve into why gratitude matters and how you can cultivate it. Then, we’ll practice a little gratitude of our own.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Why gratitude can lead to hope The difference an abundance mindset can make How gratitude drives connection Simple ways you can integrate gratitude into your life Why Courtney and Verbs are grateful for listeners like you

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  • Somehow, it’s already noon—and you’ve accomplished nothing you intended to. You started the day with good intentions. But then, you had a string of morning meetings and split your time between too many tasks. Now, the day is half gone and you feel like it’s been wasted.

    We know what it’s like to feel at the mercy of your day. But we’ve discovered how to leverage the power of rhythms to start each day with clarity and confidence. That’s why we’re unpacking the three simple practices of a workday startup ritual built for breakthrough.

    At last, you’ll stop wondering where the day went and start each day with a clear path to success.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Why setting your priorities boosts productivity How to balance the meetings you need to attend and the work you need to accomplish What to do to prevent your inbox from derailing your day And, a special segment with a Full Focus community member about why goal setting and self care might just be the solution to feeling unmotivated
  • You’re convinced journaling is a good idea, but you just can’t seem to get started. You have a laundry list of reasons—there’s no time, getting started is overwhelming, or you just can’t seem to find a rhythm that works. But you’re tired of watching yourself make the same mistakes and lose out on personal and professional growth.

    Here’s the good news: you’re not the first person who’s tried to start a journaling practice. Our team, representing a range of journaling experience, just finished a 30-day experiment with the brand-new Full Focus Journal. In this episode, we’ll dive into what we learned and invite you to try an experiment of your own by joining us for a community-wide journaling challenge.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to fine-tune when and where you journal Why you might need to “mature” your view of journaling The value of prioritizing journaling in challenging seasons How journaling shapes the way you move through your day What makes accountability so powerful—and how you can leverage it

    This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by our new Full Focus Journal and Black Executive Pocket planner. Get them today at fullfocusstore.com.

  • You want to live with intention. But life happens so quickly that you feel like you’re just reacting. The world feels chaotic and you’re wearing thin. This can’t really be living, can it?

    We know what it’s like to long to feel grounded and confident about the life you’re leading. To get there, you’ll need to go beyond accomplishing your most important work. You need to learn from your life, shape your thinking, and cultivate self-awareness.

    In this episode, we take a practical look at journaling—what it is, why it matters, and how it fits into the Full Focus System. Whether you’re a tried-and-true journaler or just not the journaling type, you’ll learn how engaging in regular reflection can help you get more out of your work—and your life.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How journaling changes what you notice day-to-day Why even people who don’t like writing should journal The difference journaling for just 15 minutes can make in your day How journaling helps boost one of the most important skills of a leader What’s happening next week—don’t miss this sneak peek!

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  • You’ve mapped out your ideal week, but it never happens—and it’s hard not to blame your partner, spouse or roommate. It seems like you can never get on the same page, and that’s a problem when your lives are so intertwined. The miscommunication and foiled plans are creating tension that’s driving you crazy.

    We’ve been there, and we’ve got good news. The problem isn’t a person. It’s your plan. You can collaborate to create a shared ideal week that helps both people experience success and feel supported. All you have to do is follow four straightforward steps.

    When you do, you’ll stop having your ideal week derailed and start experiencing the benefits of designing your days. And, you’ll overcome the relational disconnect and finally feel like you and your partner are on the same team again.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to identify and communicate the most important parts of your ideal week Why prioritizing your partner is key to mutual support What question to ask when your ideal week is in conflict with your partner’s Why you should treat integrating your ideal weeks like an experiment How to improve your shared ideal week over time

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  • You want to do your best work and support the people you love. But interruptions to your workday are taking a toll on your focus and ability to do your important work. You hate feeling pulled in multiple directionslike you have to choose between your work and your family.

    You can accomplish your most important work without sacrificing your most important relationships. As parents, spouses, and full-time employees, we’ve been there. And we’ve developed proactive strategies that help us invest in the people and work that we love.

    When you implement them, you’ll be able to minimize interruptions and increase your productivity without sacrificing the relationships that mean the most.

    This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Michael Hyatt's Countdown to 2021. Join this exclusive newsletter and free community of like-minded achievers who are committed to turning 2020's disappointments into 2021's greatest successes. Learn more at fullfocusplanner.com/countdown.

  • You really believe in the Full Focus System and you know that it will help you feel less overwhelmedbut you can’t seem to get started. The tool itself feels overwhelming! There’s so much you know you need to change to increase your productivity and holistic balance, but you can’t do it all at once. It’s easy to feel discouraged before you even begin.

    We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve become experts in maximizing the effectiveness of the planner. We’ll walk you through four simple actions you can take to implement the Full Focus system gradually by adopting an iterative approach.

    When you do, you’ll stop neglecting your planner and start leveraging it to accomplish your most important work.

    You can finally stop feeling ruled by the chaos of your life and start living with intention.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Several approaches to begin using the Full Focus Planner How to identify your next step in using the Planner. The very first feature of the Planner you should use. The worst mistake you can make when starting to use the Planner. How to gain more value from using the Planner over time.
  • You sit down to start the day with a clear vision on your most important tasks. But then you check your email. Before you know it, you’ve spent half the day responding to requests and working on other people’s priorities instead of your own. You’re sacrificing your best time and energy in the name of inbox zero. You hate feeling at everyone’s beck and call and can’t stand the way you’re always behind. But what can you do?

    There’s another way forward. We know what it’s like to feel trapped by our inboxes. And we’ve developed a four-step strategy for making your inbox work for you. When you implement it, you’ll move from reacting to requests to accomplishing your most important work.

    Finally, you can stop being perpetually behind and feel empowered to make real progress towards your goals.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Why you should never operate out of your inbox for task management. How to stack habits and set aside specific times for checking email. The difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication. App suggestions that can make your life a lot easier. Tips on communicating expectations with team members and clients. The value of declaring email bankruptcy—and why it’s not as scary as it sounds.

  • You want to accomplish demanding work. But some days, you hit a wall. When you buckle down and push through, you end up burnt out. When you try to relax by scrolling on social media or doing downhill work, you feel stressed because you’re not making any progress. Either way, you wind up exhausted. There has to be a better way.

    We know the frustration of feeling stuck alternating between willpower and distraction. But we’ve cracked the code. The key is taking breaks that boost your productivity, not undermine it. Today, we’ll teach you three criteria for doing just that.

    You can finally stop ending your workday feeling stressed out and frustrated. Better breaks will help you stay refreshed while empowering you to do your best work.

  • You know that goal you set is important, but you always dread working on it. When you finally stop procrastinating, you never seem to be able to make the kind of progress you want to and walk away feeling drained. It’s so frustrating to feel unable to achieve work you know matters.

    You’ve accidentally turned a project into a goal. We’ve done it, too. But completing projects requires different strategies than accomplishing goals. Today, we’ll teach you how to make sure your important projects get done with three straightforward strategies. You’ll feel free to focus on the goals that make the biggest impact, without letting anything important fall through the cracks.

    Your days of dreading important work are behind you. It’s time to accomplish the work that matters most.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    Questions to ask yourself to determine if you are working on a goal or a project. How to avoid dependency on external motivation with your goals. The difference of things you should do versus things you get to do. How some efforts promote maintenance and others are for growth—and what that means. What to do with goals that are assigned to you that will make them more exciting.
  • You start the year energized by your list of SMARTER goals. But you get a few months in, and your goals aren’t working the way you want them to be. Life looks different now than you planned. When you read your goals each day, you’re feeling less motivated and more uncertain.

    We’ve been there. We’ve watched life change in ways we never could have expected. But we’ve learned how to keep our goals relevant by walking through the 5 R’s. When you master this simple process, your goals will give you energy and confidence, even when life throws you curveballs. You'll finally get unstuck and start making progress in life and at work.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to avoid the anxiety associated with the effect of changing circumstances on your goals. Why you need to revisit your annual goals every quarter. Tips on how to build goal checkpoints into your calendar. What to do when you feel like a failure for not accomplishing a goal. Strategies for achieving success—even in the midst of pandemics and chaos.
  • You arrive at work every day laser-focused on your Big 3. Then you walk into the office. Unread reports are stacked on your desk, so you rifle through them. You can’t find a red marker so you run to the supply closet. You open your Planner, then notice it’s sitting on top of that book you have to review. Better start now. You realize it’s lunchtime, and you haven’t started your first real task of the day. How did this happen?

    The real villain here is not you or your workload. It’s the clutter in your workspace. It constantly tugs at your attention, finally wearing down your ability to focus. But we can fix that in just a few simple steps.

    Follow this easy plan, and you’ll have a clean, inviting workspace that points you toward your top tasks every day. You’ll feel relaxed and focused on your work. And you’ll leave each afternoon feeling a greater sense of accomplishment.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    The negative impact of physical distractions on your work. What you must do before you ever tackle decluttering. Why you have to make a bigger mess before you can clean it up. How to overcome your emotional resistance to decluttering your workspace. Practical steps on how to group, sort, and select a home for everything.

    This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by our new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planners. Learn how you can equip your kids for this uncertain back to school season at www.fullfocusplanner.com.

  • The beauty of the Full Focus Planner is that it gathers all of your planning essentials into one package. Like a fine wine or an intriguing novel, the Planner has many aspects that some may not appreciate at first glance. You may even wonder what some of the elements are for.

    Here’s help. We’ve assembled the best tips, hacks, and customizations used by our team here at Michael Hyatt & Co. Our staff members are past masters in the Full Focus System, and they can show you how to get full value from your Planner.

    Try these tips, and you’ll go from scratching the surface to plumbing the depths of Planner use. You’ll gain insight, efficiency, and a high level of personalization, making the Full Focus Planner an even more valuable tool in your work and personal life.

    In this episode, you’ll discover—

    How to track daily wins in your Full Focus Planner. Practical tips on using timers and short sprints to get important work done. The value of accountability and how you can use it to increase productivity. Which portion of the planner you should use if you don’t use anything else. How annual goals and weekly objectives flow into your daily tasks.

    This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by our new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planners. Learn how you can equip your kids for this uncertain back to school season at www.fullfocusplanner.com.