• Rolling hills stand tall above the river as the dreams begin to flow.....

    MoeDreams was born and raised in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and in 2012 decided to continue his educational path to the next level which took him on an exotic journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He huddled for 6 years between the natures and clouds which really was the main influences and factors that shaped his dreamy musical style .

    His attraction of electronic music started in 2015 after he'd been to DWP “djakarta warehouse project” with his friend DJ Faresyassen. Natural sounds like birds sound in the early morning , sounds of waves , and the all encompassing mystical sounds that encapsulate hypnotic and emotive vibes .

    His music takes you places throughout HIS world where you could find peace and joy.

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    SC: @MoeDreams

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  • Nature is everywhere you go. Beautiful forever.......

    Producers Shakib Jakir and Eric Shans team up for this Canopy exclusive mix which highlights tracks coming on the Canopy Sounds label over the remainder of 2020.

    Shakib Jakir started his musical journey at a very young age. He grew up learning Indian classical music at the age of 4 playing harmony with his father. For years he played the bass, but his love for the melodic structures of deep house & techno drew him to produce his own crafted electronic creations. He learned production from some of his very close and talented friends, but his unique sound and production style came so naturally that he has since then taken his own path where he often blends beautiful strings, organic drums, and world sounds.

    Eric met Shakib a few years back on Soundcloud of all places when Shakib heard some of Eric's productions. He has been making music for two decades that range from ambient, to synth driven house, and electronic pop, and everywhere in between, while also running his own labels. The two have since built a lasting friendship which has since blossomed into a true production team. They've worked on many things over their time of knowing each other but now they've finally honed on a sound that truly works for both of them.

    Shakib and Eric's mix demonstrates the Canopy motif which is memorable, soul enriching music that stems from the heart's core. 3 of their tracks, "Yuhi"(Sunset), "Empyrean", and "Ardour" from their forthcoming Canopy EP "Ardour" can be heard on this exclusive mix. Their EP is set to be released in September.

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    SC: https://soundcloud.com/shakib-1/
    Beatport : https://www.beatport.com/artist/shakib-jakir/540588
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    FB : https://www.facebook.com/djericshans/

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  • "A message from a distant friend. A feeling of warm nostalgia."

    Canopy Sounds is honored to share this premiere of our beloved Greg Nairo's upcoming track, "Tierra Blanca" coming soon on Serbian based label, The Purr (June 1, 2020). The title track features warm flutes that calm the listener while invoking a passionate drive for brighter tomorrows. The loose, yet impactful groove resembles the organic rattle and shake you might here while passing through your favorite forest trail...

    The Purr is a staple for lovers of deep and melodic music and has featured releases from an outstanding number of artists such as Hraach, Erdi Irmak, Ultravizion, Bross, VieL, Forteba and many more. It's a special privilege to partner with such an impressive imprint with this premiere.

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  • "Silence spread across the water while songs sang from the inside..."

    Canopy Sounds welcomes our new friend, GastoM.

    GastoM started his life of music at a young age playing percussion within his school bands while growing up in Mendoza, Argentina. He then took to the guitar and piano, taking lessons from his brother. After discovering a passion for the vast world of electronic music in 2012, he embarked on a journey to become a producer at the School of Music of Buenos Aires (E.M.B.A.). Acts like Stimming, DAVI, Mark Alow, Kora, and others are among his biggest influences, which is apparent in his style of production; ebbing between Deep House, Techno and Progressive House. He is always adding in organic instrumentation and percussion, providing a unique and alive sound. Some recent releases have been showcased on labels such as The Purr and Outsider Records. We are happy to host this young and talented gentleman for this week's guest mix.

    Follow GastoM:
    SC: @gastom-music
    BP: https://www.beatport.com/artist/gastom/576997

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    This week's art was contributed by our friend, Dagmar Olschewski!

  • "While waiting for warmer days, relax and take in the present moment..."

    After his collaborative release with NODO on our VA compilation last year, Mule (ARG) returns to Canopy Sounds with a stunning mix featuring some original work alongside some of his recent favorite tunes.

    Mule is an Argentinian producer who thrives on the mellow and subtle flavors of organic house music. Frequenting collaborations with his friend NODO, his sound pallet is one of sultry summer afternoons as well as calm and cool evenings. The music revels in the simplicity of things and the beauty that exists within the smallest aspects of life. His latest productions with NODO have been released on Within Music and Mirrors Label. Stay tuned for his next releases with Loot Recordings later this month featuring a remix with fellow Canopy family member, Viktop. For now, float away with this special hour of breezy melodies.

    Check out Mule's pages to purchase and follow his music:
    BP: https://www.beatport.com/artist/mule-arg/648973
    SC: @mulearg
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Mule-Arg-421802135102798/

    This week's art was submitted by our friend, Dee Philips!

  • "Lonely days come and go. When you need them most, call on a friend."

    Canopy Sounds returns this with our good friend, trustless.

    Few can rival this Munich based producer and DJ's tender and careful ear for introspective soundscapes that pair with soft and thunderous grooves alike. As one of the founders of the beloved Nie Wieder Schlafen label and music collective, trustless and his friends yearned for something different than the music that was around them early in 2014. While waiting for a David August performance during the wee hours of the morning, Steppi and his crew knew they could not sleep, hence the meaning of NWS (Never Sleep Again). This whimsical story would become the root for what was to become one of the most captivating and inspiring underground deep house collectives around. Since then, the ideas has moved from festival fields, to T-Shirts, Youtube and finally a juggernaut label with releases from artists including trustless himself, Quatri, Modulo, Padre, Sam Goku, Kotu, Jayden Klight, Timo Chinala, Varaz and more.

    The idea of being "trustless" evokes feelings of having your head a bit up in the clouds. It embraces uncertainty but with an excitement for what might be uncovered. The music of the NWS crew aims to create atmospheres where a distinct emotion isn't so clear. In our current global context we are all asked to embrace the unknown, however we embark on this journey together, not alone. We hope you can find some solace in this special selection of tunes from trustless...

    Make sure to follow trustless and Nie Wieder Schlafen on social media and SoundCloud.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/trustlessofficial/
    SC: @trustlessofficial
    SC: @niewiederschlafen

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    This week's art was contributed by one of our German collaborators, Dagmar Olschewski. Stay tuned for more of her work!

  • "High above the mushroom fields sits a humble outpost where dreams of distant tomorrows take shape..."

    We are happy to officially introduce one of our favorite Chicago Canopy residents to our mix series this week, Kevin Watry.

    Kevin has been a deep dreamer for years now. While one of his homes lies out in Black Rock City, Watry has made Chicago his urban dusty playground. After an extended break from DJing for a few years, Kevin has been back in the saddle and played alongside acts such as Robbie Akbal, Christian Voldstad, Rodriguez Jr, Viktop and more. Had it not been for Covid-19, Watry was prepping for a special evening to play alongside the almighty Sabo. Kevin's taste ranges from downtempo world sounds, driving tribal, delicate and dreamy, to whimsical bangers. This special selection from Watry exemplifies the world he creates when behind the decks.

    This week's art contribution comes from our very own Chicago love, Alice Robinson aka Astralfay. Alice's art ranges in style and scope. From sketches and paintings and photographs, and of course her awe inspiring clothing design work - Alice is a true talent and we are honored to have her featured as a collaborator this week. Follow her Instagram to peek into her wonderful world!
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/astralfay/?hl=en

    Make sure to follow Kevin on social media and SoundCloud.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.watry
    SC: @simplemath-recordings

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  • "Along the path, we follow the light with energy for what may come..."

    This week we visit Montréal, Canada for a guest mix from rising talent, Mitch Oliver.

    This DJ and producer has developed a taste for deep and and melodic hooks that have already found their way onto labels such as Magician On Duty and Akbal Music. He isn't afraid to mash up classical piano elements against big synths and whimsical production. He has put together quite the mix session for us at Canopy Sounds for what we hope is the first of many future collaborations! If you happen to be in the Montréal area, check out the happenings at club Velvet, where Mitch hosts Aurora, a Friday night party.

    This week's art contribution comes from Turkish talent, Adem Potaş! Follow his instragram to peek into his wonderful artistic world!!!

    Make sure to follow Mitch on social media and beatport:
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/MitchOliverMtl/
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/mitch.oliver_dj/
    Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/mitch-oliver/744379
    SC: @mitch_oliver

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  • "Atop the mountain and looking out, thoughts begin roll off into the distance..."

    Samihe is a Miami based producer, record label owner and DJ. His sounds are delicate and crisp while calling upon classic house and lounge inspired moods and grooves as well as hints of melodic techno. This special selection of tracks that he has put together for Canopy shows signs of a true selector while showcasing his production style. He has recently released on labels such as Dream Culture, Seven Villas, L'enfant terrible Records, and his very own Minds Alike.

    Follow Samihe:
    Beatport www.beatport.com/artist/samihe/763427
    IG: www.instagram.com/samihemusic/
    SC: @mindsalikerecs

    This week's art contribution is from Canopy's friend, Tama Sarkar. Check out her facebook page and youtube channel if you want to learn more about her art and watercolor!

    This week's art contribution is from Canopy's friend, Tama Sarkar. Check out her Facebook page and youtube channel if you want to learn more about her art and watercolor!

    Follow Tama:

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  • A thin mist hangs over the valley as feelings of nostalgia dance through the air...

    Canopy Sounds welcomes Toronto based duo, Beije. The Canadian outfit describes their musical outlet as as a blend of hypnotic rhythms and melancholic melodies that come together to create unforgettable moments on the dance floor. Listeners can expect a blend of subtle melodic techno influences as well as minimalist, organic and natural sounding tectures. Recently their music has been featured on labels such as Endless Sands of Time, 3rd Avenue, and Nugget Music. After a successful 2019, we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for these outstanding producers!

    Follow Beije on Soundcloud, beatport and social media:

    Art this week was contributed once again by our German friend, Dagmar Olschewski.

  • The winter chills the air but calms the soul...

    Canopy Sounds welcomes one of the most exciting producers of the past year, Urmet K.

    With releases on labels such as Akbal, Souksonik, Sag & Tre, WAYU, Magician On Duty, Earthly Delights and more, London based Urmet K has quickly become a household name within the global deep house circuit. His music features hefty grooves, intricate organic percussive passages as well as introspective synth arrangements that make for quite the listening experience. His DJ talents stand on their own as well which is why we encourage you to sit back and enjoy his special mix for us at Canopy Sounds.

    Follow Urmet K on SoundCloud and Facebook:

    Listen and Download:

    This week's art was contributed by German artist, Dagmar Olschewski. Stay tuned for more of her work!

  • Canopy Sounds welcomes a producer, DJ, and record label owner who needs no introduction. It's NYE with Mark Slee!

    For our 70th episode, Manjumasi co-owner Mark Slee offers a laid back and sexy mix to provide the perfect soundtrack to easy your way into NYE.


    (00:00) Fulltone - Looped [Kindisch, 2019]
    (05:04) Sunlightsquare - Oyelo (Atjazz Astro Remix Instrumental) [Sunlightsquare, 2019]
    (10:21) Suave (Be) - No Doubts (Alffie Remix) [Hollow Lab, 2019]
    (15:20) Albuquerque, CANCCI - Chasing Time [Akbal Music, 2019]
    (20:35) Davide Ferrario - Drops [My Other Side of the Moon, 2019]
    (26:41) Ly Sander feat. Jules Etienne - Lay Down (Ripperton's Dream Sequence Mix) [Special place recordings, 2019]
    (33:02) Drep Dapps - We Are [Whoyostro White, 2019]
    (37:46) Dilby - Set Trippin (Daniel Meister Remix) [Bondage Music, 2019]
    (44:03) Louie Fresco - Mine [Music Is 4 Lovers, 2019]
    (50:05) Constantijn Lange - Phonic Knights [RVNSWY, 2019]
    (54:52) FC Kahuna - Hayling (John Digweed & Nick Muir Reprise) [Subtract, 2019]

    Follow Mark and Manjumasi:
    Soundlcloud: @mcslee
    Soundcloud: @manjumasi
    Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/mark-slee/320710
    Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/manjumasi/55855

    This week's art was contributed by watercolor artist, Steve Port.

  • "A peaceful walk, a quiet escape..."

    Canopy Sounds welcomes Budapest based, producer and DJ, Yöurr.

    Yöurr's style sits in between afro-house and melodic techno, often with melodic driven composition. His music has a playful and whimsical flare that is juxtaposed against driving synth-bass lines and hefty grooves. This mix he did for Canopy Sounds features nearly all his own work other than a few remixes - of his original tracks. We hope his outdoor and summery sound brings you some sunshine as winter settles in.

    This week's art was contributed by artist, Rahul Raman.

    Follow Yöurr on soundcoud, facebook and beatport:

  • "Winter settles in, but the sun continues to shine"

    Canopy Sounds welcomes the emerging and talented belgian producer, Greg Naïro to our mix series.

    Greg released the his original track "Azaar" on our Various Artist compilation earlier this year which has been supported by many melodic and dreamy DJs around the globe. With so much time spent in the studio in recent years, it is no surprise that the music emerging from his sessions is connecting with audiences far and wide. This year also featured a successful contribution to David Hohme's label, Where The Heart Is, with the hauntingly beautiful "Manaus Voices." This young producer will certainly be making more waves in 2020!

    Greg put his heart into this special live studio set featuring all original music as well as some collaborations with Modulo (@modulobelgium) which we are so honored to be able to share with you all.

    Follow Greg on SC and Facebook:

    Listen and download:

    This week's art contribution is from Canopy's friend, Tama Sarkar. Check out her facebook page and youtube channel if you want to learn more about her art and watercolor!


  • Canopy Sounds welcomes Nodo and Mule (ARG).

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  • Let's take a walk through the woods and see what we might find...

    Canopy Sounds is back with rising Russian deep house talent, Arina Mur. Arina's first release on Truesounds Music label received great support from such famous
musicians as Nick Warren, Soul Button, Nicolas Rada, Cid Inc., Igor Marijuan, Gab Rhome, and more. While only DJing and producing for a few years now, she has found herself playing energetic and vibrant sets in top Russian clubs around Russia like Gazgolderand Propaganda. More recent ventures have taken her abroad to Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia, Belarus and Cyprus.

    Arina's production style is very playful and whimsical, featuring elegant synth passages against organic and slightly progressive rhythmic shapes. Her recent release "Magic Wand" was met with great praise on Anjunadeep earlier this year. She has also proven herself as a serious remix artist with releases on Seven Villas and Truesounds Music. Keep an eye on this artist for more exciting music!

    Follow Arina Mur on Soundcloud:

    Listen and Download on Beatport:

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