• On today's episode, we are joined by Tony Reyes, a proud member of the 'hundred pound plus club'. The Director of Partnerships at Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) shares his personal struggles with weight loss and the emotional challenges that come with being a member of the 'hundred pound plus club'. He emphasizes the importance of having a strong personal 'why' as the foundation for achieving and maintaining significant weight loss.

    The discussion delves into the critical aspects of facing setbacks with authenticity and the need to prioritize self-motivation over external validation. Tony stresses the continuous effort required in the pursuit of personal growth and health, acknowledging that the journey is ongoing and requires consistent dedication.

    Furthermore, Tony addresses the issue of binge eating and shares his approach to creating a balanced relationship with food. He also highlights the impact of a positive workplace culture on an individual's overall well-being and success in their weight loss journey.

    The conversation underscores the significance of self-reflection, developing healthy habits, and the power of community support in achieving lasting weight loss. Tony's story serves as an inspiration, emphasizing that with the right mindset, tools, and support, anyone can embark on a successful journey towards a healthier life.

    (00:00) Welcome to Ain't Dead Yet: Meet Tony Reyes(01:17) Tony's Journey: From BPN Ambassador to Weight Loss Warrior(01:37) The Emotional Rollercoaster of Weight Loss(03:11) Tony's Story: A Deep Dive into Personal Transformation(06:49) The Power of Social Media in Tony's Journey(12:12) Facing the Hate: Dealing with Negative Comments(35:17) The Turning Point: Finding a 'Why' for Weight Loss(39:13) The Reality of Weight Fluctuations and Body Dysmorphia(43:47) A Day in the Life: Eating Habits at Their Heaviest(50:35)The Struggle with Food Addiction and Weight Loss(50:52) Comparing Food Addiction to Substance Abuse(52:09) The Dark Side of Binge Eating53:44 The Journey of Weight Loss and the Challenges of Maintenance55:48 The Role of Coaching in Achieving and Maintaining Weight Loss01:33:26 The Importance of Discipline Over Motivation01:39:37 Reflections and the Impact of Sharing Personal Stories
  • On todays episode, renowned Austin chef and restaurateur Philip Speer joins us. Phillip is the owner and operator of Comedor, a highly acclaimed restaurant in downtown Austin. He is also the founder of the Comedor Run Club (CRC) and serves as the Austin chair and non-profit board member for Ben's Friends, an organization supporting hospitality industry professionals in their sobriety journey.

    Key topics discussed include Phillip's personal journey with addiction and sobriety, the challenges of overcoming addiction in the hospitality industry, the role of running and fitness in maintaining sobriety, the importance of therapy and self-work in recovery, building a supportive community, finding purpose and motivation in sobriety, Phillip's involvement with Ben's Friends, providing a safe space for those in the food and beverage industry to connect and support one another in their sobriety journey, the concept of rock bottom and its subjectivity, the transformative power of vulnerability and sharing one's story, the ongoing nature of personal growth and self-discovery in sobriety, and more.

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  • In this episode of the Ain't Dead Yet podcast, I sit down with Keeghan Hurley, a former Division 1 runner, professional triathlete, and testicular cancer survivor. Keegan shares his remarkable journey of overcoming adversity, battling depression, and finding purpose in life through endurance sports, coaching at NVDM, and developing Dash Hydrate. Through his honest and vulnerable account, Keegan offers valuable insights into the resilience of the human spirit, the importance of community support, redefining one's identity, and the transformative power of making and keeping promises to oneself.Other topics discussed include:

    Keegan's journey from being a talented young athlete to facing a life-threatening cancer diagnosisThe mental and emotional challenges of undergoing chemotherapy and the importance of community supportKeegan's struggle with depression, alcohol, and identity crisis post-cancerThe power of making and keeping promises to oneself and the role of accountability in personal growthFinding purpose and meaning in life through endurance sports, coaching, and helping others
  • Thanks for joining me on my inaugural episode of the Ain't Dead Yet podcast.

    In this episode, I, Trip share my journey from high school substance abuse and early career drug addiction to resilience, sobriety, and personal growth. I am joined by my good friend, Brett Ender, host of the Meat Mafia Podcast and we talk about the importance of faith, discipline, therapy, and supportive relationships in my recovery.

    Some of the key points we cross in this episode are the physical, mental and emotional transformation through Ironman triathlon training, the establishment of my own business, and turning the tragedy of my father's addiction-related death into a call to service.

    This conversation serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others struggling with similar issues.