• In this episode, we chat with Arun Venkatachalam, who comes from the Murugappa Group - family, and is also an active Angel Investor. 

    Arun has invested in 25+ companies including Posist, ZoomCar, ZestMoney, AdPushup among others. And he has also got successful exits from companies like Innov8 CoWorking (acquired by OYO Rooms), Yourbus (acquired by Naspers/Ibibo Group), Endless Robotics (acquired by Mojay) etc. 

    During the podcast, he also shares how he initially invested in equity markets to build his own capital, which he later invested in his studies and his portfolio companies.

    For anyone looking to start up as an Angel investor, this conversation can be of great value. From gaining a deep understanding of a particular space, to sourcing potential deals, to making your first investment, this podcast will really help you start and build.

    Notes - 

    00:55 - Belonging to Murugappa Group (Family Enterprise); starting in Investment Banking

    04:56 - Initial investments as an Angel investor

    07:42 - “In order to be an expert down the line, someone has to start somewhere.” 

    12:50 - Creating an impact on Cap-table

    25:21 - Investing in Recykal; creating impact because of ESG

    28:01 - Advice for a first time Angel investor

    32:12 - Having a conservative approach as an Angel investor

    34:32 - “Opportunity isn’t in running with the herd, it's always in running against the herd.”

    36:51 - Finding investment deals as a first-time investor

    39:17 - Having a nuanced view while investing in Fintech

  • In this episode, we chat with Nishith Rastogi, Founder of Locus.sh; a startup that uses technology and proprietary algorithms to provide smart logistics solutions to businesses such as route optimisation, real-time tracking, insights, and analytics, vehicle allocation, and utilisation.

    In 2015, Nishith along with his former AWS-colleague Geet Garg, built RideSafe, a real-time route deviation detection, for passenger safety in cabs. However, they eventually realised the potential of this concept in logistics & supply chain, which led to pivoting to Locus.

    Apart from India, Locus.sh is present in Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, San Francisco, and the East Coast.

    For anyone looking to explore horizontal pivot or growth strategy, this conversation can add great value. From identifying the problem statement to creating customer-focused solutions, by leveraging a committed team & inward focus for efficiency, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    01:55 - Graduating from BITS Pilani, joining Amazon

    03:11 - Creating RideSafe, a geo-tracking app for women’s safety

    04:26 - Identifying the problem statement in supply chain & logistics

    05:53 - Early adopters of Locus.sh

    09:30 - Having more PhD’s in the team than engineers early-on

    11:58 - Onboarding experience with Unilever; as first enterprise customer

    17:56 - Scale up journey from India to 20+ countries

    22:15 - Clarity of purpose both as a startup & founder

    30:40 - Inward focus on efficiency in terms of capital

    31:20 - Cultural shift with the growth of Locus.sh

    31:35 - Focus while hiring: Ambition, Commitment & Integrity

    36:48 - Concept of “Yes process, but no policy”.

    39:21 - Implementation & Ideation OKRs

    42:01 - Helpful books & resources

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  • In this episode, we chat with Bhaskar Majumdar, Founder of Unicorn India Ventures; an early-stage fund with portfolio companies such as - Inc42, OPEN Bank, and VLCC’s VanityCube among others. 

    Bhaskar spent his early career in various Media companies like - Zee Network & Times Group. He also had an entrepreneurial stint with Recreate Solutions in 2001, which he later sold to US systems integrator. 

    He has since been an investor in several early-stage technology startups over the years, in India and the UK.

    For anyone looking to start up in unconventional sectors, this conversation can add a great value. From identifying the problem statement to creating digital solutions, by leveraging trends & technology, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    02:04 - Early career in Media domain and founding Unicorn India Ventures

    04:25 - Traditional mistake - “Finding a Co-founder whose skillset is exactly complementary to your own”.

    06:26 - Identifying portfolio companies in uncommon sectors

    08:04 - Thesis behind investments: Digitization of old, rugged & broken systems

    11:07 - Investing in Neo Banks based upon the trend shift in large banks abroad

    16:59 - Enabling Indian portfolio companies to go global

  • In this episode, we chat with Geetha Manjunath, Founder of NIRAMAI; one of India’s most awarded health tech startups using AI to solve the detection of early-stage breast cancer. 

    Prior to NIRAMAI, Geetha has made her mark at CDAC, HP & Xerox, with her 25+ years of research and innovation background.

    Set up in 2016, NIRAMAI is India’s only startup among CB Insights’ 100 most promising AI startups. 

    For anyone exploring health tech, this conversation would be of great value. From identifying the problem statement to creating affordable solutions for the end-user, by leveraging AI & technology, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    01:33 - Her belief in “Karma Yoga”

    05:11 - Family background and upbringing

    06:20 - Getting into IISc, learned - “Enjoying the newness of something”

    07:36 - Joining CDAC -  Member of the team that developed the First Indian Supercomputer

    10:23 - NIRAMAI’s cause - Enabling early-stage detection of Breast Cancer

    15:16 - Identifying problem statements and creating solutions

    20:11 - Partnering with hospitals and health startups

    21:54 - Mammography vs NIRAMAI screening (in terms of OpEx & CapEx)

    29:06 - Challenges while fundraising as a Healthcare startup

    34:33 - Opportunities for Healthcare startups in India

    36:10 - Challenges Healthcare startups should brace up for

    42:53 - Future plans at NIRAMAI

  • In this episode, we chat with Viraj Sheth, Co-founder, Monk Entertainment and the man behind one of the fastest-growing Influencer marketing agencies in India. 

    At the age of 24, Viraj started his entrepreneurial journey with his college senior Ranveer Allahbadia who is better known as BeerBiceps on social media. 

    In this episode, catch Viraj talking about starting Monk Entertainment, getting their first few clients, achieving their current scale, working with companies like Nykaa Men, MamaEarth and much more. 

    For anyone looking to explore influencer marketing, this conversation would be of great value. From building an audience by sharing about your niche, to having a long term vision when working with a brand, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    01:14 - Starting Monk Entertainment with Ranveer Allahbadia

    06:33 - Working part-time on acquiring clients and Quitting a stable job

    08:07 - Growing the startup at the age of 25

    10:11 - Current scale at Monk-E

    15:35 - Building monetization & business model with creators

    19:39 - What differentiates them from other Influencer Marketing Agencies?

    22:16 - Setting the right practices for influencers while interacting with brands

    23:40 - How is India’s influencer market space evolving?

    26:27 - Segmenting creators 

    30:51 - Two rules to grow the audience on Twitter

    35:22 - Structuring and organizing the workflow at Monk-E

    39:50 - Learnings from Ranveer Allahbadia

  • On our 102nd episode, we chat with Jon Sakoda, Founder, Decibel Partners, a Cisco-backed venture fund. Jon founded Decibel to push through the conventional boundaries of early-stage investing in SaaS startups. 

    After being an entrepreneur for a few years and working as a General Partner at New Enterprise Associates, Jon decided to set up Decibel Partners. 

    With Decibel, Jon’s vision was probably an industry-first approach to provide a way for entrepreneurs to get access to unparalleled resources at a time and stage when they need it most.

    In this episode, catch Jon talking about pivoting as an entrepreneur, finding the right coach to guide you through your startup journey, and much more. 

    Notes - 

    01:39 - “I’m a recovering entrepreneur.”

    06:29 - Pivoting and finding product-market fit

    09:11 - Partnership with Cisco

    13:20 - Leveraging strongholds of industry dominant LPs in the VC firm

    17:20 - “What makes you great in getting you from 0 to 1, may not be great in getting you from 1 to 10 or 10 to 100.”

    23:10 - Coaching for early-stage founders; for Performance and Efficiency

    29:27 - Having an Advisor v/s having a Coach as an early-stage founder

    32:30 - “You should be more conscious about who you want to work with, rather than, where you want to work.”

  • The guest for our 101st episode of 100xEntrepreneur is Abhishek Asthana, Founder, Ginger Monkey, and the man behind one of the most followed accounts on Twitter, @GabbbarSingh with 1.3 Million followers. 

    He is amongst the few who have transitioned from an engineer to a successful marketer. He has been the brains behind some of the marketing campaigns at AirAsia, Bounce, Durex, and Urban Company among others.

    It was in 2019 when he decided to help companies with their branding and marketing strategies by founding Ginger Monkey. 

    In this episode, catch Abhishek talking about starting GingerMonkey, working with AirAsia, Durex India, Urban Company, and much more. 

    For anyone looking to explore digital marketing, this conversation would be of great value. From building an audience by tapping your creative side, to building a brand for a D2C company to reach your customers, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    01:39 - Abhishek’s journey as an engineer

    03:28 - Corrupted by Twitter

    04:21 - Getting featured in Outlook while doing his MBA

    06:37 - Founding GingerMonkey as a first-gen Entrepreneur

    08:02 - Taking calculated risk while setting up the business

    09:17 - Key milestones of GingerMonkey’s journey

    11:12 - “We don’t have a BD team, our clients are our BD team. It’s a complete word of mouth.”

    16:39 - Viral campaigns for Schindler - Getting Ankur Warikoo & Ranveer Allahbadia

    19:17 - Creating and going viral with @GabbbarSingh on Twitter

    21:43 - “If you’re not able to monetize your hobby, it will die.”

    32:02 - Indian D2C brands leveraging digital marketing

    38:18 - Branding without burning money on advertising

    44:12 - Reaching out to early adopters being a new D2C brand

  • Our guest for the 100th episode of 100x Entrepreneur Kunal Bahl is best known as the co-founder of Snapdeal & Titan Capital.

    He co-founded Snapdeal back in 2007 along with his high school friend Rohit Bansal. It initially started as a daily deals platform but soon expanded to become one of the largest online marketplaces in India. 

    Over the years, Kunal has mentored and invested in several early-stage entrepreneurs. In 2011, he decided to formalize it by setting up Titan Capital. Titan Capital has invested in the likes of Ola, Urban Company, Mamaearth, and Bira among others.

    In this episode, catch Kunal talking about starting Snapdeal, guiding and investing in early-stage founders, having the drive to keep going as an entrepreneur, and much more. 

    For anyone looking to explore entrepreneurship, this conversation is worth its weight in gold. From learning from your own mistakes & failures to keep going even when you want to give up your entrepreneurial dream, this podcast will guide you through it all.

    Notes - 

    01:43 - Launching Snapdeal after getting H1-B Visa rejected

    03:59 - Pivoting from coupons marketplace to a marketplace for physical products

    05:17 - “Identifying the type of businesses Rohit and I like to build”

    12:01 - Why not fearing being wrong/failing is important

    13:29 - “Our greatest powers will come from our greatest wounds”

    15:04 - What drives Kunal even after 13 years as an entrepreneur

    18:29 - Tectonic shifts in the Startup ecosystem over the last decade

    26:42 - Investing in D2C companies; Beardo, Mamaearth, & OZiva, etc

    39:02 - Investing in Urban Company based on their customer-first approach

    43:32 - Investing in companies prior to Product-Market Fit 

    51:48 - Starting up as an Angel Investor and eventually setting up Titan Capital

    56:59 - What has changed for Kunal after becoming a parent

  • Kunal Kapoor is someone who dons many hats - an actor, director, and entrepreneur. Some of the well-known movies he has been a part of - Rang De Basanti, Don 2, and Dear Zindagi among others.

    In 2012, he joined hands with Varun Sheth & Zaheer Adenwala with a mission to create a change in society and connect people to access healthcare and share happiness and co-founded Ketto. 

    Over the years, Ketto has emerged as Asia's most trusted crowdfunding platform with a network of over 55 lakh donors who have funded around 2 lakh, online fundraisers. So Ketto as a platform has successfully raised over ₹1100 crore in online donations since its debut in 2012.

    In this episode, catch Kunal talking about becoming an entrepreneur, what’s it like running an online crowd-funding platform, gaining the trust of investors in the vision, and much more. 

    To anyone looking to get into the crowdfunding space, this conversation is a great place to start. From making the right use of technology to building a sustainable business model for investors, this podcast will guide you through all.

    Notes - 

    01:30 - Intro of Kunal Kapoor & Ketto

    02:16 - Becoming an Entrepreneur & Co-founding Ketto

    03:27 - Democratization of Capital

    04:12 - Initial challenges with Ketto

    05:17 - Building an online presence for NGOs

    09:41 - Future plans at Ketto around medical & health services

    12:15 - Ketto’s impact during the pandemic

    14:20 - Business model at Ketto (As a Profit venture)

    16:46 - “Building a tech company is like bodybuilding, but building a tech company with a celebrity is like bodybuilding on steroids.”

    18:47 - Growth & Scaling-up plans at Ketto

    23:24 - Essential mental models for Kunal as an entrepreneur

    25:31 - “Whether it’s acting or entrepreneurship, it’s not as glamorous as it looks.”

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we chat with Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology- a leading "Full-Stack AgTech"​ organization that provides SaaS-based solutions to agribusinesses globally. CropIn serves 220+ agribusinesses and numerous governments and non-government organizations present in over 52 countries. CropIn has digitized over 5 million acres of farmland, enriched the lives of nearly 2.1 million farmers, and gathered data on 265 crops and 3,500 crop varieties. In this episode, Krishna shares his journey of being the change-maker and being one of the first entrepreneurs to step into Agritech in India.Listen to this podcast to learn about:01:57 - Intro of Krishna & his journey04:08 - Interacting with farmers and key-stakeholders within the Agri-Ecosystem05:10 - Identifying the problem statement06:43 - Building the team at CropIn10:30 - First project with Safal- a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board15:12 - Pooling initial $10k from his friends19:50 - Scaling up from first few clients to going global in 52 countries28:56 - Enabling banking ecosystem for lending & insurance for farmers34:55 - Tech Products & offerings from CropIn for farmers42:49 - Leveraging AI to transforming agriculture at scale45:15 - Potential for upcoming Agritech startups in India47:18 - Adoption of Agritech offerings by Enterprises

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we chat with Shailesh Ghorpade, Managing Partner and CIO, Exfinity Venture PartnersThroughout the podcast, Shailesh shares his deep understanding of the SaaS startups building for Enterprises from his close to two decades of experience working at Infosys, Suzlon & Azure Capital, and others.02:31 - Intro of Shailesh03:25 - Background in the VC ecosystem06:07 - Major milestones at Exfinity Venture Partners08:36 - Fund growth over-time & thesis change09:50 - Investing early-on in AI startups like Mad Street Den13:29 - Identifying Mega-trends while looking out for potential portfolio companies17:33 - Differentiating factor between top portfolio companies vs other portfolio companies funded around the same time19:59 - Essential fundamentals to get from 0 to $1Mn ARR early-on22:52 - Standing out amongst thousands of SaaS businesses in India25:47 - Approaching Enterprises to validate problem statements as a SaaS founder35:23 - Challenges restricting founders in between $1Mn to $10Mn ARR39:50 - India market not completely ready for SaaS offerings48:39 - Hiring the right people for Enterprise SaaS startups59:55 - Book Recommendation - Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Pranav Pai. He early on in his career implemented learnings from his father’s (Mohandas Pai) in his work and curated new approaches to finding horizontal & uncommon investment ideas. Listen to this podcast to learn about:Notes - 00:11 - Intro of Pranav & 3one4 Capital01:50 - Influence of upbringing and early career choices05:25 - Background and setting up of Aarin Capital by Mohandas Pai08:17 - Learnings & practices at 3one4 Capital, inspired from Aarin Capital17:25 - Balancing the Venture fund performance & relationship with LPs18:33 - Investing early-on in uncommon ideas like - Licious & Yulu22:17 - Investing in horizontal businesses like Darwinbox27:48 - Fund-III - Lookout for New format for Indian digital citizens29:12 - Changes in Fund-III - More variance & verticals35:42 - “Not enough Indian capital is available for Indian funds to raise.” 38:21 - Top 3 advice from his father - T.V. Mohandas Pai

  • In this special episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we have Sanjay Swamy & T.N. Hari with us who were once best friends in School. After many years, they reunited again to write a book - “Sailing Through a Storm: Making a Crisis Work for You”.Sanjay Swamy is the Founding Managing Partner of Prime Venture Partners. Sanjay who also co-founded ZipDial and EzeTap is known for his sense of humour and his impeccable expertise over fintech.T. N. Hari is the Chief People Officer at BigBasket. Hari is an advisor and mentor to numerous young entrepreneurs and startups. He is also a Strategic Advisor at Fundamentum, a growth Fund, co-founded by Nandan Nilekani and Sanjeev Aggarwal.Listen to this podcast to learn about:Notes - 00:31 - Intro of Sanjay and Hari01:52 - Background story of their friendship03:28 - Idea of writing a book together06:43 - “Socially nobody likes to talks about things which are not going well” - Sanjay Swamy07:31 - Biggest crisis faced in personal lives24:07 - Experiences/Lessons from the crises37:49 - Leadership traits a person must possess to make a crisis work

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO, Mad Street Den. During the conversation, Ashwini shares how she built the processes for scale while building the team, delivering the best value prop to customers, and more.Listen to this podcast to learn about:00:59 - Serendipity, luck, or intent? What initiated her journey in the creative field of AI?03:11 - Influence of Carnegie Mellon University on her career05:16 - Initial days of Mad Street Den07:51 - Challenges while building an AI startup in India08:08 - Building Vue.ai after 3 years of deep-research11:42 - Essence of storytelling in positioning their offerings14:28 - Building the team to scale to $1 Mn ARR24:32 - Getting Sequoia India, Exfinity, GrowX, and FalconEdge on board27:41 - Building processes to reach from $1 Mn to $10 Mn ARR35:31 - Learnings/Advice to early-stage SaaS founders38:18 - Early-stage founders comparing their journey vs some other founders’46:19 - Has her “Why” behind starting Mad Street Den changed during her journey?

  • “Always make more mistakes but make sure to recover quickly & learn from them.”In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Beerud Sheth, Founder and CEO of Gupshup, the leading smart messaging platform. He previously founded Elance (now Upwork), which pioneered the gig economy and went IPO in 2018.Throughout the podcast, Beerud shares his experience of over 22 years as an Entrepreneur building Elance and Gupshup.Listen to this podcast to learn about:Notes - 00:30 - His journey from IIT Bombay & MIT to founding Elance & Gupshup05:21 - Transitioning from a Wall-Street trader to an entrepreneur07:55 - How did the idea of Elance come up?10:02 - Key pivotal moments during his early days of entrepreneurship13:57 - Scale at which Upwork was operating when he left & why did he leave?22:56 - How did the idea of Gupshup come up?26:50 - Growing Gupshup to $100 Million ARR and plans of taking it to IPO30:41 - Highlights of the recent partnership with WhatsApp Business45:09 - Grit, perseverance & mental fortitude necessary for an entrepreneur47:23 - Learnings from his mistakes from over 22 years as an entrepreneur49:33 - Looking at resume value vs other soft-attributes while hiring

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Shripriya Mahesh from growing up in Madras (India) to working with eBay & Omidyar Network, making Films, battling cancer while founding Spero Ventures.Prior to Spero Ventures, she led Emerging Tech investing at Omidyar Network. Shripriya has been an active angel investor in, and board member or advisor to, private technology companies throughout her career. Shripriya formerly held several leadership roles at eBay including as Vice President of Product Marketing (US, revenue), and as Vice President of Global Product Management. Shripriya has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MFA in Film from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a B.A. in Economics from Stella Maris College, Madras University.Listen to this podcast to learn about:Notes - 00:58 - From growing up in India in the early 90s to moving to the US02:50 - Doing MBA from HBS & moving to Bay Area09:26 - After eBay what prompted her to move to NYC to do a film-making Course?15:47 - Joining Omidyar Network and later starting Spero Ventures21:39 - Investing in mission-driven founders23:44 - Battling cancer and building Spero Ventures29:09 - “How technology is designed/biased towards the mainstream audience”.30:51 - Building empathy in technology36:53 - “The mission & business model of a company needs to be perfectly aligned”.37:58 - Her perspective of Gen-Z’s mission-driven attitude to make the world a better place

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through Jay Vijayan’s journey from working with Tesla, VMware, Oracle to building a Billion Dollar Company, Tekion. Tekion has raised $150 million as part of its Series C financing led by private equity firm Advent International, at over $1 billion valuation.Jay’s insights which we discuss during the podcast are on -Notes - 00:58 - From working at Oracle, VMware, & Tesla to Founding Tekion 05:21 - From bootstrapping to getting VC funding10:25 - Thoughts on Founder & VC alignment13:40 - Challenges for startups in the Automotive retail industry16:13 - Building a single platform for OEMs, dealers & customers22:25 - Getting General Motors, Nissan–Mitsubishi, FM Capital, Exor (Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari) on Tekion’s cap table24:02 - Developing end-to-end solution for Mid-Small Dealers - Automotive Retail Cloud31:08 - ARR growth42:19 - Creating transparency for customers while buying a new car49:52 - “Life is a never-ending journey of learnings”.54:58 - What has always stopped him from settling down?58:19 - “When an egg-shell break from within - Life begins, but when it breaks from outside - Life ends.”- Jay’s philosophy on continuously pushing himself 1:03:25 - What made Elon Musk approach Jay twice in a span of 12 months for the CIO role at Tesla1:14:17 - What core things he learned from working with Elon at Tesla?

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Priya Mohan, Startup Sensei, Venture Highway. She became a VC after exiting her Edtech Startup - Vidyartha to Byju’s.During the podcast, Priya shares her story of breaking the glass ceiling, being one of the few women leaders in the Indian Venture Capital industry. Listen to this podcast to learn about:Notes - 06:23 - Problem Statement solved by her first venture Vidyartha11:30 - Having clarity to become a VC post-exiting as a founder14:56 - Investing experience in Swiflearn being a parent & ex-Edtech founder16:58 - Portfolio companies where she has led investments 19:36 - How does Venture Highway differentiate itself from other VC firms?23:03 - “Having the opportunity to learn from Failures”.23:48 - “The biggest bias is Confirmation Bias”.25:52 - Pros & Cons of being a VC with a background as an Entrepreneur34:01 - “There’s no good or bad news, there’s just news”41:38 - Recommended read for listeners - “Principles” by Ray Dalio

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the journey of Aloke Bajpai building ixigo over the last 13 years.Aloke is one of the few founders who experienced & survived the 2008 crisis. During the podcast, he shares how ixigo applied similar strategies and learnings to tackle the current pandemic. Aloke’s insights which we discuss during the podcast are on -00:28 - USP of ixigo - Built its major user base organically01:36 - Building quirky sharable content around travel03:56 - Where does ixigo stands in terms of net profits & GMV for FY20?07:26 - Launching ixigo assured & TARA assistant (i.e. Travel agent of the future)10:42 - How travel is going to open up in the next 6-12 months?13:50 - His lessons from surviving the 2008-crisis22:35 - 20% of ex-ixigo employees becoming entrepreneurs24:50 - Key-value props which have pushed ixigo into a higher orbit against its competitors28:49 - “ixigo Train App” having higher numbers of users vs all of its travel competitors apps combined31:19 - Pursuing Ph.D. in Survival Sciences32:39 - Identifying organic growth hacks to tackle Zero-budget marketing42:50 - Raising capital after the 2008-crisis50:45 - Destination for ixigo ahead: Becoming the most loved OTA in India56:33 - Mentoring first-time entrepreneurs & supporting them as an Angel Investor

  • In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we take you through the investment thesis opted by Jishnu Bhattacharjee, Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners, behind investments in SaaS platforms like - Postman, Druva, & Observe.AI among others.Jishnu began his stint in the VC world with Nexus VP in 2008, and since then he has been part of many cross-border investments in SaaS startups.Jishnu’s insights which we discuss during the podcast are on -Notes - 00:28 - Joining Georgia Tech for MS & Ph.D.03:02 - Finding his first job offer based on his Ph.D. research paper05:32 - Joining Business school to move-out of his regular desk-job06:10 - Connecting with Naren during the early days of Nexus10:52 - Why did he choose to focus only on SaaS?15:27 - Journey of his first SaaS investment, Gluster which later got acquired by Red Hat17:33 - Discovery of Postman23:49 - Nexus being one of the few VC firms to have a common cross-border investment team & fund25:41 - “Product-first thinking” the common trait of all the SaaS investments by Nexus VP33:30 - How did organic growth come early for companies like Druva & Postman?43:37 - Key aspects influencing Postman’s valuation going forward51:37 - Broadening the horizon being an Entrepreneur- “Think broadly but act narrowly”58:22 - Thesis for future investments in SaaS