• To some, the term “social justice” is a dirty word. But to others, it means “basic human decency” and should be everyone’s default setting. When it comes to dating, relationships, sex, or navigating sexual sub-communities it’s important. It can make or break your dating and sex life. But how and why do things like race, gender, ability, size, etc, affect getting laid? Sex is just sex, right? Not necessarily. This week’s guest, Dirty Lola, explains why your dick (or whatever genitals you happen to have) should care about social justice.

    Guest bio Dirty Lola is a storyteller, edutainer, sex educator, sex toy peddler, and the creator and host of the live sex Q&A and variety show and podcast Sex Ed A Go-Go. During the last six years, she has shared her distinctive brand of kickass body and sex-positivity and her personal journey into the kink and polyamorous lifestyles with the masses on and off stage. Lola has taken Sex Ed A Go-Go across the country from New York City to Los Angeles and beyond. She has presented at various conferences and expos such as Catalyst Con, Woodhull, The Sex Expo, and AVN, and during sex week at Baruch College, Hofstra University and the University of New Mexico. When she’s not hosting Sex Ed A Go-Go or teaching folks about pleasure, kink polyamory and sex positivity you can find her behind the counter at Shag, a sex shop in Brooklyn.

    Episode 6 topics Donald Trump talking about sex to Boy Scouts, our favorite sex toys, racial dating preferences, POC representation in the media, 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, cultural trauma, growing up black, pickup artists/PUA, mixed chick problems, BDSM & polyamory, racial ambiguity, body size acceptance, being the only black person in the room, sugar daddies, Splenda daddies, light skinned privilege, sex club rules & inclusivity, Kevin Patterson, being fetishized for your race, how to get dates on OKCupid, how NOT to get dates on OKCupid, how to become a sex educator, titty pics, negging, white privilege, South Carolina, Mollena Williams-Haas, internalized racism, having a woke partner

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    Dirty Lola Instagram Dirty Lola Twitter To book Lola for workshops, bachelorette parties or her infamously funny and educational Sex Ed A Go-Go send requests to [email protected]

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