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  • دردشة عن كل ما هو عظيم في السينما المصرية والعالمية Mohamed Abousoliman, creator of the popular CINEMATOLOGY video series chats all things movies with guests from various backgrounds and with one thing in common- their passion for cinema!

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    لينك قناة فيلم جامد عاليوتيوب

  • In ‘You Should See The Other Guy,’ friends and film lovers Jenn, Sadie, and Samantha make the case for the spurned and rejected characters that rom-com protagonists don’t choose. Should she have seen the other guy? Often, the answer is yes!

  • Movie Podcast with Andrew LZ and Ashley. We have a conversation about movie news and reviews full of spoilers. The whole goal for me (Andrew) is to get my sister to rant about something with the news about upcoming movies.

  • Get insider Sopranos and showbiz scoop with actor Drea De Matteo and long time friend Chris Kushner as they explore real stories from Sopranos episodes with special guests about how they made it big, fell on tough times, got busted, and readjusted. Listen to candid conversations about life on the set, love behind the scenes, laughter, and hardships. More than just a re-watch-along-show, these Gangster Goddesses take you down the path of the strong, resilient, free-thinking gangster mentality to help you start living by your own rules.

  • “As you see, we’re flying over an island. A city. A particular city. And this is a story of a number of people, and a story also of the city itself.”That’s from the opening voice-over of the 1948 movie The Naked City, which was a very big deal when it was made, because it was a rare studio film that was shot entirely, lock stock and barrel, on the streets of New York City. You see, the American motion picture industry began in New York, at the end of the 19th century – Thomas Edison and other early innovators had their laboratories here, and shot their early films in and around Manhattan. But the movies moved to California in the 1910s, and rarely came back. Plenty of films were set in New York… but astonishingly few were shot here. Studios constructed fake New Yorks on their Hollywood backlots; maybe, if they couldn’t fake it, they’d shoot a scene or two in New York, or send a crew to shoot exteriors, or use stock footage. But that all changed with Executive Order No. 10, issued by Mayor John V. Lindsay on May 31, 1966. That document formed the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting—a one-stop shop intended to eliminate the red tape and copious permits of New York filmmaking, and to lure filmmakers East. It worked - perhaps too well. The problem was, the explosion of production that followed the establishment of the Mayor’s Office in the mid-1960s coincided directly with the beginning of the most troubled period of the city’s history… a quarter-century of rising crime, increasing debt, decreases in public service and servants, and general urban anarchy. And that period was captured over the course of the next two decades, vividly, in the likes of Midnight Cowboy; The French Connection; Death Wish; Dog Day Afternoon; Taxi Driver; The Taking of Pelham 123, The Warriors; Fort Apache, The Bronx; Do the Right Thing; and After Hours—portraits of a city’s decay and downfall, and ones that, ironically enough, might not have existed at all were it not for the incentives provided by the city itself. Now, from the safe distance of a Disney-fied and gentrified Manhattan, these films provide us with a window into a past that’s been razed and replaced by a safer present. 9/11 took a toll on The City… so did the rise of income inequality, rendering New York City, more than ever, a place solely by and for the rich. That shift, and the rapid suburbanization that accompanied it, has left New York nearly indistinguishable from other large American cities. And thus these movies…. become a valuable reminder of what once was. And what we’re witnessing, in the films made in New York, and set in the present, is a conversation of, of connections and reflections between the fictional lives in their foregrounds… and the real lives happening behind them. So in their own unique ways, every great New York movie is an accidental documentary of what The City was - at the precise point of its production, and not a moment longer. All of those movies, taken together, tell their own version of the history of New York. That’s the history we’re here to tell.

  • Come talk with us. we talk about everything and anything. Just talking here. Uploads are every Fridays.

  • Reviewing the latest films and occasionally doing breakdowns.

  • Switch/Flicks is a weekly film & TV review show where podcasters Omar Abbas and Hysum Ismail battle their opinions out in a game of wit and sabotage. The rules are simple. Every time a podcaster yells "SWITCH!!", they have to switch their opinion to the opposite argument.
    Blood will be shed every Monday.
    Swith/Flicks is a Dukkan Media drop.

    May the odds be ever in our favour.

  • كل حلقة هناقش حاجة محيرانا زي سؤال بندور علي اجابته او فكرة بنقول ليه متحصلش في هنفكر مع بعض و ندور علي الاجابة Support this podcast:

  • Do you want to know more about Disney? If so listen, PLEASE!!😁

  • A weekly film podcast decoding classic spy cinema. Hosted by Agent Scott & Cam the Provocateur.

  • Un podcast hecho por fanáticos y para fanáticos.
    Somos un dúo de amigos que decidimos crear este podcast para hablar de lo que más nos gusta. Series, películas, cómics y todo lo relacionado a la cultura pop...

  • بودكاست سوداني بهدف لنشر الثقافة السوداتية ببساطة
    و يسلط الضوء على شخصيات سودانية مبدعة 🇸🇩💛😊

  • Avid movie lovers Clare and Alaina discuss five movies from different topics every episode. The topics range from classic film genres, like horror, romance, drama, and science fiction, to more specific subjects that center around certain directors and production companies.

  • "شاب عراقي طويل محب للسينما، الكتب والفضاء"

    “Tall Iraqi Guy Who Loves Movies!”
    Movie Lover/Critic

  • Le nouveau film évènement de Christopher Nolan est arrivé: Tenet est en salles depuis le 26 août. Avec son casting impressionnant –John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Clémence Poésy, Michael Caine– le long-métrage joue autour du temps, de l'entropie et des palindromes. À voir et à revoir.

  • Enjoy the ultimate film buff's experience with Pop Sycon co-host, Dev Daneo, pressing play on his weekly film experience with both solo and guest hosted shows all dedicated to discussing films, the art of filmmaking and reactions to the universal experience that is moviegoing. Say Cheese, you're listening to The Movie Rat Podast With Dev Daneo.

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