• After dropping out of school with no qualifications aged 16, Daniel Hegarty got signed to the same label as Boy George and went touring with his punk band for just £100 a week. He then spent the next ten years carving out a career as a working musician in LA, writing for and performing with the likes of S Club 7, Robbie Williams and the Sugababes, before returning to the UK to be one of the first employees at Wonga, where he became fully immersed in the world of tech startups.
    Dan became frustrated with the whole property buying process after almost losing the house he was trying to buy due to mistakes made by his solicitors. He realised there was huge potential for change in the mortgage and property market, and in 2016, Habito was born.
    Habito is a tech startup that is dedicated to ending ‘mortgage hell’ and aims to streamline the whole process, cutting down the average transaction time from 21 days to just 10. Since its founding six years ago, Habito has seen rapid growth, from sorting just 245 mortgages in 2016 to a whopping £4 billion worth of mortgages in 2020. With £80 million of funding raised so far, Habito had recently expanded into lending their own mortgages, streamlining the process even further.
    In this week’s episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce sits down with Daniel to ask, how do you set up a business with no experience and raise millions in funding? Was dropping out of school the best decision he ever made? And what does the future of mortgage broking look like?
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  • Growing up on a farm in rural Suffolk, sisters Alice and Rosie never pictured a career in the fashion industry. After they both headed off to uni, they both started working the corporate life in London, and when a jacket made by their mother got a hugely positive response at a wedding, they decided to start Hicks & Brown together.
    Whilst originally focused on selling jackets at events, the sisters soon realised that although the jackets weren’t selling out, the hats were a huge hit, selling out every time. This spurred them to pivot to focusing on the hats, and when Kate Middleton was pictured wearing a Hicks & Brown Suffolk fedora in 2020, the brand shot to fame overnight, taking orders from royal fans across the globe. In less than two weeks, sales from the ‘Kate hat’ meant that they had already surpassed their turnover for the previous year.
    In this week’s episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce asks, how do you get a fashion brand off the ground with little to no money? How important are big events to brands like Hicks & Brown? Just how powerful is the ‘Kate Effect’, and how did the sisters capitalise on the unexpected opportunity?
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  • After being diagnosed at 18 with an autoimmune disease, Molly Johnson-Jones was fired from her job in investment banking after requesting to work from home one day a week. Molly then met Maurice O’Brien on the dating app Hinge, and after five dates they decided to start a business together which would provide a platform for people like them who wanted more flexibility in their jobs. From this idea, Flexa was born.
    Flexa is a website which only allows companies with flexible working environments to advertise jobs on its jobs platform. Flexa has introduced a benchmarking index of hundreds of companies to measure their flexibility, and the most flexible of these get put on the ‘Flexa100’ list. Since its founding in 2019, over 1200 businesses have advertised jobs on the platform and the company manages 10 million transactions and $3bn of business a year.
    In this episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce asks, should you give away shares of the company in the early days when you don’t have the cash? How do you start a business with someone you’ve just started dating? And has the traditional working week been replaced completely by a new world of remote working?
    Watch the best bits here - https://bit.ly/3sQBUwa
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  • From an early age, Hannah Chappatte was surrounded by successful family members, but her initial confidence took a knock when her teachers told her she had dyslexia. Despite this, she went on the secure As and A*s across the board in her A-Levels, before spending a globe-hopping year working in intern roles in various companies around the world.
    While studying English Literature and Language in Bristol, Hannah spotted a huge gap in the market for a platform that would provide reputable student accommodation, as well as help and support to students renting from private landlords in the tricky and often murky world of student housing.
    Thus in 2019 HYBR was born, and Hannah quickly won several competitions which gave her the initial seed funding she needed to get HYBR off the ground. Fast forward to 2022, and HYBR has hundreds of properties listed in 8 cities across the UK, and with a fresh round of funding that garnered £600k, it’s only up from here for HYBR.
    In this episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce asks - how do you go it alone as a founder of a company fresh out of university? How do you build a middle ground between students and landlords who mistrust one another? And who can you turn to for support when you’re in the lonely position of founder?
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  • Serial entrepreneur Martin Bysh started his journey living in East London with a passion for programming games. Seeking amusement and enjoyment in everything Martin did he built 20 top 10 games before he was 30.
    Having never worked for anybody, Martin founded, grew and exited multiple online businesses before the online space was comodosited by the arrival of the Apps. He even beat Facebook to it by founding MakeFriendsOnline in the early 00’s.
    Having co-founded Huboo which is tipped to be the next Unicorn of 2022, Martin Bysh tells Oliver how he’s set up businesses for exit, built a successful funding campaign raising nearly £100m (at point of recording) in seed capital and how the team at Huboo have gone from £0 to nearly £1bn+ in little over 3 years?
    Exclusive Content –
    Young, naive and forgetting tax!: https://bit.ly/3JNqVJw Commercial importance in a business: https://bit.ly/3vcwCNc Obsessive startup mentality: https://bit.ly/3thPkAH "We aren't holding back on any opportunities": https://bit.ly/3s9LMRv
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  • Jamie Barber is a prolific restaurateur and founder of the Hush Collection who started out as a lawyer and musician signed to George Michael’s record label. Myleene Klass started out in showbiz and in pop group Hear’Say, before turning her attention to the world of business when she founded her own children’s clothing brand, My K.
    After months of lockdown had given them both “extreme kitchen fatigue”, they decided to team up to launch My Supper Hero, a recipe box delivery service that provides gourmet meals in the comfort of your own home. Since launching in April last year, they’ve used their combined business experience to raise half a million pounds of funding and they already offer over a dozen different gourmet meals for delivery across London, with more on the way.
    In this week’s episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver talks to Jamie and Myleene about their beginnings, the pressures of business and fame, the balance of work and family, and how to turn failures into lessons for the future.

    Exclusive Content –
    The way we consume media now is fast: https://bit.ly/34Y1Dt4Learning through failure: https://bit.ly/3LAS83R"I don't get it all right": https://bit.ly/3rS7DwsThere's no silver bullet: https://bit.ly/3sEZsCZ
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  • Rory Sweet, Founder of Halo, who originally featured in Series 1 of Success Is In The Mind, has recently sold his business for a huge $715 million. Now, Rory returns to the podcast to discuss how he did it, and what’s next for him.
    In this slightly shorter episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver catches up with Rory to ask what it feels like to sell a company, how to decide who the right buyer is and where Rory’s going with his next venture.

    Exclusive Content –
    Snippet 1: https://youtu.be/xddFYlAg5fYSnippet 2: https://youtu.be/3nTpI2jOjbI

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  • Annabel Makin-Jones is a third generation Yorkshire farmer and Founder of Tame & Wild Drinks. Starting out at a young age helping out on her family farm, Annabel then went to Harper Adams to study Agri-Food Marketing with Business Studies, before returning to the farm to start growing strawberries and launch Annabel’s Deliciously British.
    After getting her strawberries stocked in several high-end retailers, Annabel realised that it was time to ‘diversify or die’ and began branching out into different products like jams, daffodils and gin. Then, in 2020, Annabel launched Tame & Wild, a range of sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks using strawberries grown on her own farm.
    In this episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce asks, how do you successfully diversify your business, how to balance raising children and running a farm, and how to never take no for an answer when trying to get your products into the market.

    Exclusive Content –
    How to get into bed with Ocado: https://bit.ly/3ufJK3ADiversify or die: https://bit.ly/3oglUB5Stretching the truth: https://bit.ly/3KZwciIHow to pitch to a food buyer: https://bit.ly/3rkA4Dk
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  • Freddy Ward is the Co-Founder of Wild Cosmetics, a direct-to-consumer subscription based deodorant company, with a heavy focus on using natural ingredients and cutting down on plastic waste with refillable deodorants.
    Starting out as the fifth ever employee at Hello Fresh in 2012, Freddy worked his way up to Marketing Director before deciding to start his own company, Wild, with a lifelong friend. Wild now has a loyal following of over 100,000 customers, after selling over 300,000 deodorants in their first 18 months.
    In this episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver asks, what are the pros and cons of crowdfunding your brand, how much does dyslexia affect a career in business, and what is the experience of building a brand with a close friend?

    Exclusive Content –
    The positives of dyslexia https://bit.ly/3tRZ8mKCustomers in the London Underground https://bit.ly/3rQ58tn "If you're going to start a business..." https://bit.ly/3tYIh1I Difficult being a good dad and CEO (link) https://bit.ly/3KAYf85
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  • Trigger warning: this weeks episode contains references to suicide.

    William Chase is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience running businesses. After a string of bad luck which resulted in him declaring bankruptcy and almost losing his family farm, William turned it all around when he began using rejected potatoes to create the hugely successful Tyrrells Crisps.
    In the following years, Tyrrells turned over millions of pounds and after selling the company to Langholm Capital for £30 million, William didn’t stop there, investing the money into a huge distillery which now produces Chase Gin and Chase Vodka.Even that was not enough for William Chase, who after recently selling Chase Distillery, is now already on to his next venture, Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar.
    In this episode of Success Is In The Mind, Oliver Bruce asks how to navigate the treacherous world of getting your product stocked in supermarkets, and how to keep pushing for success even in the face of complete failure.

    “Don’t let the corporate in” https://bit.ly/3Ac9lLV“Dealing with mental health problems” https://bit.ly/3FDXqYu“I’ll never be happy wherever i am” https://bit.ly/3nCN9pc
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  • Josh White, Co-founder of CanO Water, launched the brand after returning from a holiday in Thailand where they had been inspired to drive change after seeing the dire state of plastic bottles lining the beach and what started out as an eye-opening trip abroad became a mission to reduce single use plastic.
    Since launching in 2015, CanO Water has sold over 15 million cans in the UK and Ireland. Propelled by increasing consumer demand for more sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled water, CanO Water has built a national presence across multiple channels in the UK and Ireland, continuing its growth in new territories as the plastic problem becomes more globally recognised.
    Cut to 2022 and the brand is experiencing another exciting chapter with a seven-figure investment secured to drive the brand’s already exponential growth & a new Non-Exec Chairman, the former European President at Heineken.
    In this podcast Oliver Bruce asks, how do you launch a brand when people don’t believe in it for the first three years and how to trust your vision and remain tenacious in the pursuit of success?

    Exclusive Content –
    “no one wants to be the first or last” https://bit.ly/31VpkBq“failure is so important” https://bit.ly/3zQ40cO your water tastes a bit weird https://bit.ly/3qig3MU
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  • Entrepreneur Ellie Webb spotted a gap in the market when asked to be the designated driver. Ellie realised that there were no exciting alcohol-free options available at the venue, this got her thinking. Wanting a beverage with a little more punch, no alcohol but still grown-up, Caleño was born!
    As a solo female entrepreneur Ellie has come up against the ‘funding’ glass ceiling, a number of times but through research and hard work Ellie in just a few short months has managed to raise over £1 million to launch her business.
    Ellie’s first order of 1,000 bottles didn’t quite go to plan, when they turned up just before Christmas with bubbles in the label it took Ellie and her sister most of the festive week to print out and hand stick them all! That’s commitment!
    From giving out bottles at festivals to being stocked in Sainsbury’s, Caleño is now stocked in supermarkets nationwide.
    In this podcast Oliver Bruce asks, how do you develop a successful alcohol-free brand? What are the challenges of launching a business as a solo female and how do you raise funding when people keep saying no!
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    Women entrepreneurs get less funding - https://bit.ly/3HwBjEuNobody teaches you how to launch a brand - https://bit.ly/3sWYG62Launching a brand is hard on your own - https://bit.ly/3JL0iWL
    For more exclusive content visit Oliver's YouTube - https://bit.ly/32eboTi
    For more exclusive content visit Oliver's YouTube - https://bit.ly/32eboTi
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  • After weathering the storm that was the rural crisis of the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001, the pandemic was no problem for Corry Taylor.
    The founder, CEO and MD of outdoor clothing re-seller, Bradshaw Taylor, oversees 9 iconic outdoor clothing brands including Schoffel, Le Chameu, Keen and Sherpa.
    In this podcast Corry joins Oliver to discuss how his board helps him keep his feet on the ground and how and why he doubled down on Shoffel’s digital presence to stay ahead during the pandemic.
    From losses to acquisition, crisis to stability, Oliver asks, how does one weather a storm successfully or acquire a business, and can you really learn entrepreneurism?
    Exclusive Content –
    Business is always risky - https://bit.ly/3yR9lQJThe iconic gilet inception - https://bit.ly/3qlnNg7We doubled down and went for it - https://bit.ly/3H446jv
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  • Son of Mark Constantine founder of Lush, Simon Constantine stepped into the world of fragrance and entrepreneurialism launching ånd fragrance months before the pandemic.
    In this Christmas episode, Oliver Bruce asks the big question; what even is Frankincense?!
    Going from one of the world’s favourite cosmetic brands to launching his own start-up, Simon Constantine brings a unique approach to his perfumery, ånd fragrance, by focusing on grassroots projects, stemming from his role as Head of Ethical Buying at Lush.
    Growing up with entrepreneurial parents who eventually built a billion pound brand, how did this impact Simons’ entrepreneurial flair, appetite for risk and life ambitions?
    Simon is a man on a mission to help indigenous communities to preserve their endangered ecosystems by sustainably sourcing raw materials.
    Exclusive Content –
    What is Frankincense? - https://bit.ly/3EkQFdc
    I saw Lush grow from nothing - https://bit.ly/3edqt9VHow hard is it to fill a bottle? - https://bit.ly/3qiLzcs
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  • After burning out and quitting his job due to the poor selection of employee benefits when he needed support with his mental health, Ally Fekaiki founded Juno, the company reimagining how we access support from our employers.
    Conscious of the seemingly accepted notion that stress, and burnout are an endemic of work, Ally set out to improve employees’ lives inside and outside of work. Replacing forced company lunches and team building torture with personalised benefits that suit the needs of individual employees has proved extremely successful so far as the wellness tech platform have experienced exponential growth with revenues up 600% during the pandemic.
    Believing that when advice is non-contextual it can’t add the same value, Ally shares his thoughts on doing business differently, creating a modernised working culture.
    Looking after mental health isn’t a “perk”, and prioritising employees’ wellbeing is on the rise... with the help of Juno.
    Exclusive Content –
    Supporting mental health isn’t a perk - https://bit.ly/3dNdPycSacking people isn’t always the answer - https://bit.ly/3GvE0WuOffices aren’t collaborative - https://bit.ly/31ZScb5
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  • Earlier in 2021 the co-founders of Thursday (the dating app) boldly announced to LinkedIn that over the next 12 months they would take their start-up from a valuation of £0 to some £50m; brave to say the least. Where do you even start?
    What started as a dating app called HoneyPot, founded in an Officers’ Mess whilst Matt was serving in the British Army, is now undergoing a Series A fund for £20m (Dec 2021) - the two schoolmates (co-founders) George and Matthew have seen over 250,000 downloads in just 9 months.
    This Thursday (a unique day for us to release a podcast) Oliver Bruce chats to co-founder Matt McNeill Love about the ‘pointless pints’ behind the company’s infamous guerrilla marketing techniques and how they built a brand on just £500! Why did they rename their app ‘Thursday’ and why focus solely on 1 day of the week and not the remaining 6?
    It’s not all cardboard signs, pink balloons and reactive marketing in London, in fact most of what the team at Thursday do is incredibly proactive. From ensuring people get home safe on the night tube via push notifications to hosting parties for singletons in venues throughout the city, Thursday are 100% on the ‘ones to watch’ list…!
    Exclusive Content –
    How to fuel guerrilla marketing - https://bit.ly/31BgKajTop 10 apps in the App Store - https://bit.ly/3y0Hc9mHow to get the best when developing tech - https://bit.ly/3DBpt9M
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  • How do you build what is fast becoming the nation's favourite nut butter brand? With a creative mind, dyslexia but no clear career plan, founder Pip Murray launched her business off the back of a Government Startup grant. With a love for marathons, nut butter and health, the three go hand in hand and Pip & Nut was born!
    Founder of Pip & Nut launched her nut butters into the relatively untouched market in the UK. Wanting to introduce people to her healthy, protein filled product was one of her first challenges. This, followed by a lack of commercial knowhow, cash flow problems, and years of hard graft didn’t sway Pip from growing what is fast becoming the nations favorite nut butter brand.
    Even though the start-up life isn’t glamorous, Pip & Nut has recently been going from strength to strength, with new investors, advisors, supporters and team members Pip & Nut has seen significant growth over the past 18 months!
    With the CEO of Vita Coco, Giles Brook, on her board, Pip has built Pip & Nut to an authentic, B Corp Certified consumer brand that is still scaling. Pick up a jar of nut butter and see how it’s done better.
    Exclusive Content –
    Dyslexia helped me! - https://bit.ly/3G5yGsNGetting over imposter syndrome - https://bit.ly/3d1rEbIBusiness is a marathon - https://bit.ly/3d0PUuz
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  • With aspirations of becoming a dinner lady, Cathy Moseley was born into a family with very little. Poverty however didn’t stop her, Cathy forged a career in the City trading commodities. Working her way up the corporate ladder Cathy eventually decided to pack her job of 25 years in and follow her passion for food... What began as a kitchen experiment due to a diagnosis affecting her gut health turned into a flourishing healthy snack brand, Boundless Activated Snacking.
    Boundless produces Amazon’s No.1 gut health snack and is stocked in the likes of Sainsbury’s, Selfridges and Holland & Barrett. Cathy Moseley doesn’t forget her working class roots, and recalls how her parents enforced a strong work ethic in her.
    Gaining a rhinoceros thick skin from taking the ‘banter’ during her 25 years in the city, Cathy’s idea of success is now firmly rooted in teamwork making the dream work.
    Exclusive Content –
    Rob from Peter to pay Paul - https://bit.ly/3l1ufHlBeg, borrow, try not to steal - https://bit.ly/3xfFXCOCock-up or Start Up? - https://bit.ly/3xhgEQM
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  • From a milkround to Cambridge University and now founder and CEO of one of Europe's largest energy providers, Greg Jackson of Octopus Energy knows a thing or two about disrupting a market.
    A 21st century energy provider, Octopus put innovation and sustainability at the forefront of everything they do to drive a faster, green and cheaper solution for their customers. It’s clearly an approach that is working, as their new market valuation of $4.6bn makes them the highest valued brand we’ve welcomed onto the podcast!
    As a business that puts the planet, customers and their staff first (despite not having an HR department), Oliver talks to Greg about the power of disruption, how to scale and what the future of energy might look like.
    Exclusive Content –
    Are you wedded to an established customer pattern? - https://bit.ly/3wOQswZDo you really need a Human resources department? - https://bit.ly/3qIbPicIs your gran your target customer? - https://bit.ly/3cf7cnF
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  • Closing Series 4 with a bang Oliver has hand-picked his favourite nuggets, or what he calls “the tapas of conversations” so you can recap and refresh!
    From making £1bn in a year to not paying the VAT. Oliver’s spoken with entrepreneurs long in the tooth and those just starting out. From S4Capital to MOMA Foods, UpTime to Tenzing, we’ve covered failures and successes across multiple industries.
    With ‘Season X’ launching on November 17th 2021, we kick off our new unique 52 part season with Greg Jackson, Founder and CEO of Octopus Energy. With more investment into the podcast, more marketing, more staff, more conversation, new sponsors and more innovation, we’ve episodes with the likes of Boundless Snacks, Pip & Nut, Juno, CanO Water, Lush and many more, dropping a new episode every Wednesday at 8:00am GMT for 52 weeks solidly!
    Thank you for your continued support!

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