• Meditation for OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a simple and effective method to help reduce anxiety and other ocd based issues that can cause mental and physical stress everyday.

    Guided meditation for obsessive compulsive disorder is an under rated tool to help various different degrees of OCD sufferers. Overthinking, intrusive thoughts and panic attacks are just a few of the problems caused by obsessive compulsive disorder. The key here to overcoming any of these is held in being able to calm your mind.

    Developing your mental capacity to such a level that you can calm your mind, even just a little can go a long way to relieving some of the stress of these OCD based issues. 20 minute guided meditation is a short but effective way to begin this process.

    Meditation for overthinking, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks or anxiety are also great guided meditations to try for an all round sense of how to use meditations to calm your mind and relax your body. OCD meditations like this one will help target obsessive compulsive disorder directly but if your main problems stem from a more specific issue then be sure to try out some meditations that focus more specifically on those subjects.

    Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself. Half the battle in overcoming OCD or anxiety is in knowing how to deal with yourself and your own mind. Some days will be successful and others will be days to learn from. But you're on the right path so just keep going and step by step progress will come.

  • Pain relief meditation focusing on how to heal pain naturally through the power of guided meditation. 15 minute meditation to help you reduce pain through the power of mindful meditation.

    Effective pain management comes in two parts. The first part is short term relief. Guided meditation really shines here. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to follow along to a guided meditation for pain relief is a simple and easy way to begin the healing process with a 15 minute meditation such as this one.

    The second part is long term pain relief. We can view long term as months, years or even the rest of your life. Relieving pain or at least managing pain in an effective way so that you can truly heal over time. The steps to long term pain relief comes from dealing with pain in the short term in the form of positive steps on a regular basis. We suggest regular pain focused meditations done regularly that facilitate long term healing over time.

    We all want inner peace and happiness, this comes from healing pain first. Reducing pain opens the door to healing which leads the way to inner happiness.

    Guided meditation for pain management continues to be one of the most under rated meditation topics out there. The reason for this is whilst we're all searching for happiness we skip over the first step which is healing our pain. The removal of pain or at the very least the effective management of pain creates happiness within itself.

    Removing pain doesn't take as much effort and hard work as it might seem. Remember that the greatest pain we feel is often caused by the way we view ourselves and events in our lives. Start the healing process today simply by changing the way you view things and you'll be amazed how quickly that feeling of pain can begin to shift.

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  • Zen meditation is a simple yet peaceful way to start meditation for beginners as well as following a guided meditation for a short 10 minute break from reality. Guided zen meditation is the perfect introduction to deep breathing and learning how to focus your mind.​

    The word zen itself translates to mean "feeling peaceful and relaxed". This is exactly the feeling we're going after when we perform a zen meditation guided or alone. Many people prefer a zen meditation simply because the focus is more on deep breathing, relaxation and softening our bodies. Learning how to meditate can be a tough process but zen meditations can be an easy route in.

    Meditation, especially guided meditation can help us relax and forget about our troubles during difficult times. 10 minute zen meditations like this one are perfect for a regular practice as you can listen to them daily without needing to change up what you're following. They can be used on a regular basis and still be just as powerful in 10 years time as they are today.

    10 minute guided meditations are all you need to help lower stress, reduce anxiety and provide your mind and body with a greater sense of calm and peace than at any other time in the day. Find a quiet space and take 10 minutes from your busy schedule for a short practice.

    Reducing stress is one of, if not the biggest factor in living a peaceful life. Especially in these unusual and unprecedented times, we can all do with lower stress for our minds and our bodies. Zen meditation, especially zen guided meditation is a way for us all to find some relief for a few minutes each day.

    Let's remind ourselves that we don't have to be experts, and that the goal of guided meditation isn't to beat our minds and bodies into submission but to let them flow into peace like a river on a calm day.

  • Morning affirmations are a positive and powerful way to start your day. Positive affirmations for confidence, success or self love can help boost your morning and change your life by starting your day right.

    Guided meditation comes in many forms and one of the most powerful and helpful are meditations that focus on affirmations. The power in affirmations lie in listening and repeating them back to yourself. A very simple but effective process. Even if at this very moment you don't believe in what you're saying. You don't have to start with the confidence, self love or strength you might think you do in order to complete this practice.

    Self love affirmations, positive affirmations, affirmations for anxiety or confidence. Whatever the reason you're listening to this affirmation we cover so many topics in one single session that you'll leave feeling not only rested and refreshed but also feeling the power of so many "I am" affirmations.

    This meditation for affirmations is a real mindfulness practice. Spend some time really focusing on speaking, feeling and internalizing these affirmations and you'll feel your mind begin to change over time. Slowly day by day breathing life into these affirmations means that you can start to really believe what you're saying even if you start nervous or shy in the beginning.

    Affirmations can change your life. Don't underestimate the power or a focused mind. Just a few minutes per day is all you need to begin to change your mind and then your life. "I am affirmations" can help you unlock your internal power very quickly.

    Please don't forget that this is a kindness practice to help you gently shift to a more self loving, kind, positive place. Give guided meditation and especially affirmations some time and you'll see the kind of positive and powerful benefits that a regular practice can release.

  • Meditation for intrusive thoughts can be very powerful and effective in not only reducing overthinking and anxiety but also in lowering stress, calming your mind and dealing with anything that might panic or worry you.

    Unwanted intrusive thoughts can enter our minds at usually the most terrible times. This is when guided meditation for overthinking and meditations focusing on intrusive thoughts can really help us instantly remove the stress and reduce the pressure inside of our own heads.

    Short guided meditations for stress, anxiety and panic don't have to take up a lot of time but they can very quickly be immediately effective. Intrusive thoughts can rapidly turn into constant overthinking, reoccurring anxiety or even frequent panic attacks. This is the last thing we want to experience whenever we're trying to keep a clear head and get on with our day in a positive and happy way.

    Frequent use of guided meditations mean that we are able to tune our mind into not only reducing these damaging intrusive thoughts in the moment but also positioning our minds in a way that helps to stop them all together over time. ​

    When we meditate, especially guided meditation we can end up feeling a lot of internal frustration if we struggle to calm our minds, and when we're battling intrusive thoughts this is often the case. But please remember that simply sitting down to attempt a meditation practice is a win in itself. Some days you'll be able to sit for longer than others, so any amount of time can be seen as successful.

    You can't fight away intrusive thoughts, that's why meditation is one of the most effective and peaceful ways to help calm your mind and reduce overthinking. Taking a few peaceful moments away from your own mind with a guided meditation can be the quickest route to a head full of peace.

  • New years meditation for a fresh start in 2021 provides a powerful guided meditation practice in only 10 minutes. Use this mindfulness meditation to go after your own success in 2021.

    Guided meditation for a fresh start can be used at any time of the year. New years is a fantastic natural time for a fresh start however using a new years meditation at any time of the year can help you trick your mind into feeling like a fresh start is truly possible for you in any area of your life you might need.

    2021 meditation doesn't have to feel different from many other guided meditations that stand the test of time. We have some new challenges that this year will bring however if we focus on how to set intentions for ourselves and our lives we can try our best to stay mindful and use a new years meditation like this one all throughout the year to keep our minds on a fresh start and focused whenever we need it.

    This guided meditation for 2021 is helping you focus on starting fresh and whether you use it as a morning meditation to start your day or just at times you're feeling particularly tested, it is here at your disposal to walk you through how to meditate effectively.

    Reducing stress and anxiety is a major factor in letting us feel a fresh start is even possible. Guided meditations like this one and many others here at meditation mountain are here for you to lean upon and use to give you some self belief and take some of the weight off your shoulders when things aren't always going to plan.

    Be gentle and kind to yourself whilst at the same time know that it is through regular practice and discipline that we get things done and move forward. That is the goal of this new year meditation for 2021. Your success is coming, allow meditation to help unlock your full potential.

  • This meditation for happiness, peace, positive energy and joy is a short 15 minute guided meditation focusing on bringing more happiness and positivity into your life.

    Happiness means different things to different people however this meditation has been designed so that we spend 15 minutes focusing on bringing more happiness into your life in whatever capacity you want it to appear. Some people want more peace, some more love, others choose to focus on relationships or success. Whatever happiness means to you is what your focus should be on throughout this guided meditation.

    Happiness meditation and any other meditations focusing on bringing positive energy into your life are relevant in two ways. The first is using these meditations to put powerful positive energy out into the universe. The energy you put out usually has a way of finding its way back, so we want this to be positive, joyful, and loving.

    The second is fine tuning our mind to create positive outcomes from as many situations as possible. This means we are taking an active role in our lives and consciously making them better through our actions. This is how we create happiness for ourselves, not just wishing it to happen but on actively doing things daily to make it more positive, more loving, more centered around creating happiness over waiting for it.

    Morning meditation is a powerful tool to get you started on the right track every day. It doesn't take long to listen to a guided meditation for happiness and the benefits to your mood and the rest of your day can be incredible.

    Please remember that this doesn't need to be an instant process. Of course we all want happiness immediately, but give yourself time to create it and I promise you it's worth working on day in and day out. I believe in you and your happy positive future.

  • During this 10 minute guided meditation we explore affirmations for anxiety in a positive and healthy, healing way. Morning affirmations for anxiety and positivity help reduce your anxiety throughout the day and over time help gently heal your soul.

    Positive affirmations are an easy and simple method to help you powerfully and sometimes permanently keep a lid on your anxiety. Coping with anxiety can sometimes feel impossible. With all the stresses of daily life, not to mention known and unknown dangers, it's easy for us to become overwhelmed by worry and panic. However regularly using meditations such as this one to take a small break from your busy day and focus on healing your mind can have instant as well as long term physical and mental benefits.

    Meditation for stress and anxiety through the use of anxiety affirmations means that we are spending the 10 minutes or however long we're meditating for talking to ourselves and convincing ourselves that we hold the power to help ourselves rather than having to give in to whatever the world throws at us that day.

    Knowing, believing and convincing yourself that you have the power is an absolute game changer. Affirmations for positive thinking doesn't just include motivational quotes. It's about resetting your brain to a state of mind where you know within yourself that you can overcome anxiety and deal with your problems.

    We have many meditations here that will help walk you through learning how to use affirmations correctly and even more focusing on stress and anxiety meditations and affirmations.

    Let me remind you that following guided affirmations doesn't always have to be with the view to remove or solve all your problems or even to make the anxiety disappear and never reappear. Our focus should be on learning how to deal with the anxiety when it arises and remembering these powerful affirmations at the times we really need them.

  • Law of attraction meditation is all about focusing on the type of energy you are putting out into the world. This guided meditation can be your key to manifesting more positive energy into your life through the law of attraction.

    Guided meditation and the law of attraction have been closely linked for a very long time. Attracting positive things into your life takes time, effort and focus, not to mention consistent action. However we can help speed this process along through the use of law of attraction meditation. Real results are possible through meditation even if at first you may be skeptical and question if the law of attraction even really works.

    We can break down the law of attraction into two areas. The first is the more practical side. The mindset component of attracting abundance, love, money, health or whatever you want. Simply by using guided law of attraction meditation on a regular basis we are focusing our minds to look for and seek out the positive things we want in life. We are literally shifting our focus and our conscious mind so that we notice the areas in our life we can already be grateful for and also those areas we can actively improve ourselves and take action on to help create a better life for ourselves.

    The second is the more spiritual side of attracting what you want into your life. By using powerful manifestation meditations that focus on the law of attraction we are aiming to increase our internal and external vibration and energy thereby attracting whatever we want into our lives. We are literally balls of energy giving off vibrations into the world, shifting that to a more positive vibrational frequency is the key to attracting more positive results.

    If you're a meditation beginner and this is the first you're hearing of the law of attraction (also known as The Secret) then give the meditation some time and attention. Manifesting anything you want into your life is truly possible through the right combination of meditation and positive consistent action.

    Don't be fooled into thinking this is an instant or guaranteed process. There are many law of attraction manifestation techniques out there but guided meditation is not only one of the easiest ways to get started but it's a powerful way to tune your mind into both consciously and subconsciously moving yourself in the direction of your dreams (and sometimes also pulling them in your direction).

  • This guided meditation for clarity has been designed to help guide you and focus your mind in a world full of distractions. Use this meditation to clear your mind and align your thoughts.

    10 minute meditations like this one can be the perfect vacation, just a small break from everyday life and the thoughts running through your head constantly. It's important to give our minds a rest and to take a moment to find peace in our busy lives.

    You don't have to be a meditation expert to enjoy the benefits of guided meditation. 10 minutes of focused meditation and you can open your eyes feeling refreshed with a clear mind and a light heart. You can use this as a meditation for beginners as well as a daily practice to allow you to align your mind and body.

    Meditation for clarity and decision making has been around for a long time. Removing distractions and spending a few minutes of focused time to allow your mind to center itself is something some cultures have been doing for thousands of years, and that's because it works.

    The important thing to remember when it comes to clarity meditation is that you don't need to force it. This isn't a weight you're trying to lift, try instead to think of it more as a wall you want to melt away. That way your focus is on removing obstacles peacefully and easily, rather than speeding up we're trying to slow down.

    It may be possible for you to come out of your first meditation with a clearer mind, even if you are a beginner. But if you're not as clear of mind as you want to be then no need to panic, you did your best and we can try again tomorrow. Progress in meditation comes over time.

  • Meditation for creativity and inspiration doesn't just need to be done when you're struggling to be more creative or lacking creative inspiration and focus. Use this guided meditation to boost your creative powers and imagination to help keep you on an inspiring path to your best self.

    Creativity and imagination are mental muscles. They're part of the right side of your brain and as such are focused on the more artistic and creative side of life. We can use focused time through meditation to really dial in and decide we want to become better at the skill of being creative. This is both an instant and long term process. We can have creative ideas descend upon us in a moment but also learn to develop these ideas over time to become more artistic.

    If this is your first guided meditation for creativity and focus then really listen to the words and try to concentrate deeply on the words being spoken. Know that your have the power inside of you to create whatever it is in your life you're aiming for. Developing the mental muscles required for creative thinking can be built over time so try not to get discouraged after just one session.

    You can use this creativity meditation as often as you need to in order to help you on your path to developing your artistic talents.

    Creativity doesn't just need to be for those of us that want to be artists. We all create our own lives and need inspiration and imagination to turn our dreams into reality, but also to create the dreams in the first place we need to develop the ability to create.

    Guided meditation allows our minds the calm and fluidity to be inspired to create another world inside of us that we can bring into existence. Meditation is a simple practice that holds the key to unlocking our imagination in ways we can't even explain consciously. Surrender to it and watch as your creative juices begin to flow.

  • Guided meditation for addiction recovery is a very real and practical tool used frequently by many successful long term recovering addicts. Drug addiction and alcoholism along with other addictions can be a serious challenge to overcome but with the help of meditation may become a little easier.

    Addiction recovery is often a long and lonely road for many and a successful journey for even fewer, however using helpful tools like guided meditation for mindfulness and to help you stay present can assist in developing the inner strength and positive frame of mind needed to take on that daily battle.

    Self compassion, self love, discipline, loving kindness and self awareness are but a few of the keys to drug addiction recovery as well as successful recovery from many other addictive substances. All these tools can be developed through the use of regular meditations.

    Meditations focusing on these key traits help you kick start your life and thoughts into a frame of mind that is better suited to where you want to go, rather than where you've come from. Learning how to love yourself, be aware of your behaviors and thinking, along with knowing you need to develop the discipline to put key practices into place daily can help you take small steps regularly to reach a better place both within yourself and reflecting that into your outside world.

    The world of guided meditation for recovery is no quick fix. For any of you out there who have been down the recovery route before or who are currently on it you will already know the many challenges that exist down this road. Meditation is to be used as just another weapon in your arsenal, another tool in your tool belt that you can call on when needed.

    Different methods work for different people and meditation for cravings and desires should not be used as the only fix to help you battle addictions but just as a useful addition to many other stronger methods and techniques developed by addiction specialists.

  • Meditation for overthinking is a powerful tool that can help clear your mind, cope with stress and reduce anxiety. Learning how to stop overthinking with mindfulness meditations and guided stress reducing methods can help calm your mind instantly.

    Overthinking can feel very overwhelming almost immediately with almost no signs it's about to happen and make you feel helpless, scared, worried or even hopeless. When we begin to overthink our minds can often create situations and scenarios that not only aren't really happening but also have a very small chance of ever happening.

    When this happens it can feel almost impossible to overcome and can take incredible inner strength to find a way to stop. What we suggest is that you don't try to battle this alone. Using a useful tool like guided meditations are a fast and simple way to sometimes instantly be pulled out of that hole we can all feel we fall into when overthinking.

    The goal here isn't to think our way out of it. That just sends our mind in circles. The two fastest ways to stop overthinking and calm your mind are to get into your body, some form of exercise or movement is a great way to take the focus out of your head and into your body. The second is to give up control to something else for a moment. We suggest guided meditation. Even a short meditation for overthinking or a mindfulness meditation for anxiety is a way to calm your mind and relax your thoughts.

    If you're new to meditation and looking for some meditation for beginners to help you stop overthinking, cope with stress or relieve some anxiety then look no further. Short guided meditations like this one here are a perfect introduction to meditation.

    Let me remind you that meditation doesn't need to be a perfect practice. A successful meditation is achieved just be you sitting down for a moment to practice. We're not looking to achieve transcendental enlightenment here, instead just a few moments of peaceful calm to help our mind limit it's response to overthinking.

  • 15 minute guided deep breathing meditation to reduce stress and help lower anxiety. During this session we'll focus on deep relaxation through affirmations to relieve tension and melt away your stress.

    Guided breathing meditation is one of the most effective ways to fully relax your body and start the process of removing stress and anxiety from inside your body and mind. This 15 minute meditation if done regularly can be the start of relieving tension from your muscles and frustration from your mind.

    Meditation for stress and anxiety doesn't need to be long or complicated to be effective. Often times simple guided meditations can be the most powerful due to their simplicity. We're not trying to overthink our way to enlightenment. So deep breathing guided meditations that involve positive affirmations are often times your best friend.

    This can be a useful meditation for beginners due to it's length and entry level content. Learning how and when to breathe deeply and effectively means that a meditation like this is a soft entry into the meditation world and can open up the benefits of meditation we can all gain from regular practice.

    Reducing stress is something we all over complicate. All we need to manage stress is ourselves and a quiet space to reconnect with our inner self. It doesn't need to be any longer than a few minutes and we can start to move our mind back into a state of abundance and peace.

    Our 10,15 and 20 minute meditations are focused on reducing stress, relieving anxiety, pulling you out of depression and teaching you how to meditate even if you're a complete meditation beginner. Including powerful affirmations along with manifestation exercises and visualization techniques.

  • During this 15 minute guided meditation for success we'll be manifesting wealth, health and happiness through the use of success affirmations. Unleash your inner power through guided meditation.

    In order to manifest money, boost health or create happiness in your life, it all stems from your mind. Being able to visualize and maximize affirmations is key to manifesting what you want into your life. Guided meditations for success, love, wealth, happiness or whatever your dreams may be all help in manifesting these incredible things into your life.

    Success means different things to different people. The success affirmations in this meditation may resonate with what you want in your life or they may not. Try to remember that what we're doing here isn't just trying to manifest wealth, health or happiness into our lives but actually learning how to manifest as a whole. This is a skill that over time can bring huge value into your life and into the lives of those around you. Don't under play it's importance and you might be able to manifest success into your life sooner than you think.

    Performing a guided meditation for happiness may seem like a no brainer because we all want happiness in our lives. But meditation for success or performing affirmations for success may not be the first choice for many of you. But don't be fooled into thinking this is a meditation for money or finances only.

    As we said above success comes in lots of different forms. What this means is that even though you may start using this meditation, you may decide to write your own success affirmations and recite them to yourself in an unguided session using meditation music alone. This is a fantastic next step for you to truly manifest in your life everything you consider success to be.

  • Chakra meditation specifically for opening your third eye begins here with this 20 minute guided meditation. Unblock your chakras and clear negative energy with this positive, mindful meditation.

    Guided meditation is used for so many different reasons. Some of the most powerful are to balance or unblock your chakras. If you're unaware what chakras are then the best way to think of them are as spinning wheels of energy located along your spine. Chakras send and receive energy affecting nearby organs.

    There are 7 chakras and they are (in order from top to bottom):
    - Crown
    - Third Eye
    - Throat
    - Heart
    - Solar Plexus
    - Sacral
    - Root

    This meditation mentions the third eye chakra specifically as many cultures believe it to be the most important and powerful of all the 7 chakras. This is because the third eye chakra is all about seeing clearly and removing mental blockages.

    Unblocking your chakras may seem impossible in a short 20 minute guided meditation. But don't underplay the importance of regular meditative practices especially powerful sessions that can help guide you deeper and deeper within your own mind.

    Learning how to meditate on a regular basis for a beginner can be difficult and trying to reach a state where you feel your higher self can be a long process. However if you practice meditation regularly, specifically meditations that focus on opening your third eye or many other chakra meditations then you may find you're able to reach a deeper state of awareness and depth to your mind you haven't experienced before.

  • This 20 minute guided meditation for weight loss is a stepping stone to help you focus on your weight loss journey. Motivation, inspiration and affirmations for weight loss all adding towards your future success.

    Guided meditations for weight loss are here for one thing, and one thing only. To help you develop the right mental tools and state of mind to lose weight. Quick fixes and overnight transformations don't exist here. They don't exist anywhere. Which is why through the use of weight loss meditations like this one here we can reshape our minds in as little as 20 minutes at a time to be tuned for weight loss.

    When it comes to the best way to lose weight there are many diets. Different plans will work for different people for a variety of different reasons. But the one thing they all have in common is needing the right mindset to stick to them and follow a plan to achieve the results that you're looking for. Strengthening our mind is what we're doing during these guided meditations and that means walking through reasons we've failed in the past and may do in the future.

    But with the help of structured guided meditations focusing on weight loss, we can begin to chip away at the mental blockages we have holding us back from achieving the body we want and the weight loss targets you've set for yourself.

    Weight loss affirmations hold a lot of power. Affirmations in general help us rewrite the story we have about ourselves and this is a crucial step in believing that we can have a better brighter tomorrow.

    Believing that you can achieve something is always the first and most important step followed closely by action. But to take the right action we need to believe what we want is actually possible for us. If you're struggling with that belief then use this guided meditation for weight loss as often as you need to in order to help restructure what you believe is possible for yourself in your life.

  • How to meditate for beginners using simple and easy to follow methods. During this 10 minute guided meditation on how to meditate we're going to be going through some techniques designed with meditation for beginners in mind.

    Learning how to meditate can seem like a big task. You may be wondering how to meditate properly to get the full effects or if a quick meditation (as short as just 10 minutes) is enough to really see any meditation benefits at all. But believe me when I tell you guided meditation for beginners doesn't need to be an hour of silent enlightenment. Beginner meditation can be as simple as just a few minutes of mindfulness to help melt away the stresses of the day.

    Mindfulness is our key to successful meditation for beginners. Short guided sessions of 10-20 minutes are all you need to begin to feel and see some of the benefits of meditation in action. Many people use meditation to help reduce anxiety, lower stress or even pull them out of depression. Using a guided meditation like this is an even easier way to get started because all you need to do is just find a quiet spot and listen along to what's being said.

    Remember the goal doesn't have to be transcendent enlightenment. It can just be to improve your mindfulness, or relieve some stress. To bring a few minutes of calm into your mind or release tension from your body.

    Learning how to meditate as a beginner you may think takes a lot of time. But that's only because of the expectations we put on ourselves to be experts from the start. Try to remember the goal is just to make it to the daily practice. To turn on the meditation and to do our best to make our way through it.

    Let's not put targets to clear our mind or release all our tension from our body. These aren't the right ideas when approaching a meditation. The only targets are to try our best in the moment and to stay present. Some days will be tough, some days will be more challenging or distracting. These aren't bad days, these are just more opportunities to practice the qualities of mindfulness and presence.

  • During this 20 minute guided meditation for awareness we'll be focusing on how to be present in the moment. Use this meditation to develop mindfulness to help you become more present and enjoy life in the moment every single day.

    We all want to live in the moment, but our minds cause us to overthink, stress out and pull us in a thousand different directions most of the time throughout the day. But if we can learn to become more mindful through the use of awareness meditation then we can focus on loving and enjoying the moment we're in whatever it may be every day.

    Guided meditation is all about being present. Meditation in general helps us with mindfulness. Therefore if we want to live in the moment more and more then developing out ability to be present and be more mindful are keys to achieving this. Even though this is only a short meditation of 20 minutes, doing it regularly day by day will help develop and condition our minds to focus on the present moment we are experiencing.

    Here we have lots of different meditations on a wide range of topics. But they all come back down to one topic. Being present. This is the start of all meditations and the key to getting the most out of them. If we can learn how to be present then not only can we get the most out of our meditations but we can start to really focus on what's happening within our own lives.

    Being present increases our awareness of ourselves, others and whatever situation we're in at the time. It helps us to limit overthinking as well as calming our minds from running away and making us anxious, stressed or even depressed. If you are present then it's easier to show love, gratitude and kindness because all we're focusing on is the present moment.

    Practicing this in our daily lives outside of just this meditation is key to controlling our own minds and living with peace and calm in our head and hearts.

  • This guided meditation for depression is here to help you deal with depression, cope with anxiety and calm your mind. A simple 15 minute meditation to help you stop overthinking or worrying.

    Dealing with depression and anxiety can overwhelm many of us without warning. Mental health issues are growing rapidly and without many cures. It's hard to know where to turn so guided meditations may be an uncommon choice, but if you're willing to give more meditations a try you might just find that meditations for depression are just what the doctor ordered.

    Short guided meditations are a chance to take a moment out of your day no matter how you're feeling and be walked through a meditation for depression or an opportunity to learn how to become more mindful. You can meditate at any time of day, here at Meditation Mountain we like to suggest morning and evening meditations as that's a common time most of us are naturally more calm with more free time. But the truth is meditating can be tough so finding the time at all is something worth congratulating yourself for.

    The causes of depression are vast and many unknown. Sometimes chemical, sometimes situational, all of which take place in some form within our own minds. Dealing with depression in the moment can feel impossible. You can overthink, become anxious or worse. So this 15 minute guided meditation doesn't just need to be for times you feel depressed. The thought's we share are useful to listen to before depression hits as they can become ingrained within your subconscious mind and slowly over time perhaps even help you develop the mental and emotional tools to handle depression in a better way.