• The Sober Club is open for new members and Janey interviews Juicemaster Jason Vale, author of dozens of books on juices and smoothies, runs amazing boutique retreats in Portugal and Spain and is the creator of the amazing documentary Superjuice Me
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    Put the date of Tues 8th Dec in your diary, I'm doing a Bossing your Christmas Sober online session, hope you'll join me
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  • The Sober Club is opening for new members on Dec 1st! Make sure you are on the waiting list to become a member, it will stay at the current price for 24 hours then the price will rise.  Hope you will join us for support, accountability and inspiration. Heres the info (https://www.thesoberclub.com/about-the-club/)   Grab our free guide and get on the waiting list (https://thesoberclub.lpages.co/the-sober-club-sobriety-rocks/) .

    This weeks podcast features Alex and Lisa hosts of The Sober Experiment talking about issues with lock-down and how difficult it can be for children with alcoholic parents, they are working with the charity Nacoa (https://www.nacoa.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering.html) who have volunteering opportunities.

    Don't miss this weeks Being Imperfectly Natural on Feel Good Factor TV, 9am Saturday morning. Sky 192 I'm interviewing organic hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan 

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  • This weeks episode features 90's icon and entrepreneur Meg Matthews on how the alcohol affects menopause, and our hormonal picture, please note these are Meg's recommendations, in Janey's forthcoming book Happy Healthy Sober - Ditch the booze and life the life you love (out Feb 21) she speaks to several aspects on different ways of dealing with menopausal symptoms. 
    Don't forget Janey is on Feel Good Factor TV Sat 14th Nov 9am Sky Channel 192 with the Imperfectly Natural show,
    You can still book the Champneys retreat Selfcare in Sobriety (https://www.champneys.com/retreats-pages/health-management/1-night-self-care-in-sobriety-with-janey-lee-grace/tring-16-01-2021/) 16th Jan at Tring in Herts, it doesn't matter what stage you are at, please ring them to book a standard room. see the testimonials! 

    We will be opening The Sober Club very soon, do let us know if you are interested in joining us. www.thesoberclub.com

  • Aled Jones MBE talks about faith and hope, as he launches his new book Everyday Blessing, inspirational words of comfort and hope, and the new album Blessings.   Buy the book here. (https://amzn.to/3l4jVw1)   Janey talks about choosing to stay sober even when you are feeling stressed, Grab the free mini ebook How to Get and Stay sober during lockdown (https://www.thesoberclub.com/how-to-get-and-stay-sober-during-lockdown-mini-e-book/) from The Sober Club 
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  • We've teamed up with Forward Together for this episode, Nicola Evans is an incredible woman who offers intervention services in the home, hear her inspirational story!  Check out her site and please donate if you are able
    Forward Together  (https://www.forward-together.org.uk/)

    As its Halloween check out the blog post Sober Halloween Trick or Treat? (https://www.thesoberclub.com/halloween/) and you may want to grab a copy of Goodbye Wine Witch, tips to tame the voice in your head, its a mini e-booklet of tips, only 99p from Amazon (https://amzn.to/3oIChov)

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  • It’s the 100th episode of the Alcohol Free Life podcast from The Sober Club, and Janey looks back over a few episodes and answers readers questions

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  • Janey speaks to Jo Soley from Bizology on using the power of numbers to enhance your life.  So many people find that when they ditch the booze they literally 'blossom' and want to get in touch with when is the 'right' time for them to take on new challenges and adventures.

    The Joy of Giving Back
    If you enjoy the podcast and want to support our work within The Sober Club there is also now a way of 'giving back' to sponsor coaching or sober club membership, you can make a one off donation or a regular monthly payment and 100 per cent of your contribution will go to fund someone who can't afford to continue their membership or who would benefit from coaching, and we will 'match' your donation so your money is doubled! Go to www.thesoberclub.com'giveback (https://www.thesoberclub.com/giveback-2/)

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  • Its World Mental Health day on 10th October, are you holding on to resentment which is exacerbating stress and anxiety?  Forgiveness should be taught in schools, its essential and often once we have ditched the booze we start to recognise past hurts that are still having an impact on our lives.  Kate Moryoussef is an EFT expert and Forgiveness coach and she explains the therapeutic benefits of forgiveness and also, importantly being able to be compassionate and forgiving of ourselves - not always easy if we have behaved badly during our drinking career!

    Want to join us for the next Selfcare in Sobriety retreat at Champneys Jan 21, it doesn't matter what stage you are at, we focus on the holistic picture.
    Its Jan 16-17 and while its not on their site yet, you can book by phone, spaces are very limited so get in quick,  All the info and number to call is here. (https://www.thesoberclub.com/self-care-in-sobriety-retreat-at-champneys/)
    One participant from last week said...
    'Wow I’ve just returned from a much needed weekend away with a group of incredibly inspiring people and many whom I feel will be lifelong friends . So much beautiful connection , honesty and raw , emotional conversation. Thank you for so much genuine support that has reminded me of why I don’t need alcohol in my life'  P D

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  • Yey! I'm 1000 days sober, rather than just chat I thought I'd chat with Lee Davy from 1000 Days Sober! Enjoy!
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  • Time for some more good news!  Another Sober Club member who has a lockdown legacy of sobriety! Janey interviews Lucy Chamberlain on her journey as a business owner through lockdown and ditching the booze. 
    The Sober Club is closed for new members for a while, but do please sign up to the waiting list, grab a Selfcare in Sobriety guide. (https://www.thesoberclub.com/about-the-club/)

    Congrats to our previous podcast guests from some of the amazing AF brands who won in the alcohol free category for the Platinum Awards. Congrats to Lyres, (last weeks pod featured Mark), Boucha, Sipling, Gin-esque and Wildlife Botanicals and Noughty AF - Well done!  You can  see the full list of winners at Imperfectly Natural.com

    Our Champneys retreat Selfcare in Sobriety at Tring in Herts is going ahead on oct 3-4 if you still wish to attend please ring them direct as standard rooms are not showing on their site. Info here (https://www.champneys.com/retreats-pages/health-management/1-night-self-care-in-sobriety-with-janey-lee-grace/tring-03-10-2020/) , if you are interested in attending one in January please contact Janey 

    Stay connected and feel free to DM or tag Janey who is...drum roll...1000 days sober next week!  @janeyleegrace

  • Janey interviews Kate and Mandy, authors of Love Yourself Sober. They discuss the 'mummy drinking' culture and the impact drinking has on mental health.  This episode Janey has teamed up with Lyres and chats to the founder Mark about this incredible global brand of award winning alcohol free 'spirits'
    You can try and win some Lyres HERE (https://imperfectlynatural.com/win-a-lyres-cocktail-set-of-your-choice/)

    Join us for Selfcare in Sobriety at Champneys Tring 3-4 Oct, an intensive luxury break for the sober curious, or long time sober!  If you want to book this 'socially distanced' break please phone for details as the website may not be showing standard rooms available. Heres the info (https://www.champneys.com/retreats-pages/health-management/1-night-self-care-in-sobriety-with-janey-lee-grace/tring-03-10-2020/)

    The Sober Club will open again for new members at some point so sign up (https://www.thesoberclub.com/about-the-club/) to be on the waiting list and get our guide to selfcare 

  • With so much fear based news around people drinking too much in lockdown, here's a bonus episode on 'lockdown legacies' chatting to Sober Club member Dominque McManus on how she got sober during lockdown, its a fascinating tale as she was in the Bahamas so had to face Hurricanes et al!
    Its never too late to ditch the booze and live your best life. 

    The Sober Club closes for new members on Thursday 17th Sept so join us now for accountability, inspiration and amazing content around nutrition, health and wellbeing, mindset, relationships et al. When you join you will get Mindfulness for releasing anxiety, hypnosis audio from Glenn Harrold, De-stress your life from Ailsa Frank, How I stay motivated audio and my new Sober Club Clean Eating Plan, those gifts alone are worth over £50
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    Do check out our intensive retreat Selfcare in Sobriety at Champneys too, covid secure, small number 3-4 Oct Tring Herts  Got to The Sober Club.com and click on events 

  • This week The Sober Club is one year old! We close our doors on Sept 17th so join us before then and get a whole host of great gifts worth £50
    Join us! (https://www.thesoberclub.com/the-sober-club-is-almost-one-grab-some-gifts/)

    This weeks guest is Chris Fitchew founder or Wonderment Wellbeing house, talking about the educational retreat Wonderment where Janey will be speaking next weekend.

    Our Selfcare in Sobriety weekend at Champneys is Oct 3-4 Don't miss out!
    Book by calling them as the site is showing only deluxe rooms, standard rooms are available if you phone  Heres the info (https://www.champneys.com/retreats-pages/health-management/1-night-self-care-in-sobriety-with-janey-lee-grace/tring-03-10-2020/)

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  • Janey interviews registered nutritionist Rob Hobson on nutrition and ‘sober sleep’  This is an interview recorded live for our Sober Club and includes some questions from members. 

    Sleep can be extremely tricky in the first few months and Rob gives some great tips!

    Rob’s book is The Art of Sleeping (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07QTFMFMJ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B07QTFMFMJ&linkCode=as2&tag=imperfectly07-21&linkId=f18b52d800d072810577e79da79fad74)

    The Sober Club is 1 year old 7th September.   We are doing a fab re-launch with some cool gifts for those who sign up including a new Mindfulness for releasing anxiety audio hypnosis from Glenn Harrold, and my How to stay motivated audio.  We have a member portal packed full of content and a small supportive facebook community.  Membership includes access to our 90 day course Get the Buzz without the Booze (worth £149)

    Also if you sign up for a year you get two months free AND the first 25 people who sign up will also get a free coaching call with me.  

    Join us before Monday 7th and you can be part of our online party too, (one at 10.30 am for our friends in Aus and one at 7.30pm with special guests and  an amazing virtual goody bag)
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    We will be closing the doors on the club on 17th September for a bit of 'consolidation' with our members so don't miss out!

    Join us at Champney's Tring 3-4 October

    Hope you can join us for our Selfcare in Sobriety retreat, full use of all facilities and intensive sessions with NLP, EFT and a Yoga Nidra relaxation session.  Check it out HERE (https://www.champneys.com/retreats-pages/health-management/1-night-self-care-in-sobriety-with-janey-lee-grace/tring-03-10-2020/)

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  • Janey interviews fellow Hay House author and entrepreneur Jessica Huie on her inspirational story and how important it is to find our purpose. 
    The book is Purpose find your truth and embrace your calling
    Buy it HERE (https://amzn.to/3aUT01t)
    Jessica Urcella Huie MBE is the founder of multicultural greeting card company Color Blind Cards and also runs a public relations company.

    Join us for Selfcare in Sobriety a one night retreat at Champneys Spa in Tring, Saturday 3-4 October, full use of all facilities and a fun but intensive programme of inspiration for behaviour change and motivation whatever stage you are at, we use NLP, EFT and theres a relaxing Yoga Nidra session   The link to book will be open soon, meanwhile register your interest or ring Champneys in Tring 

    The Sober Club is almost one year old!
    We will be offering some lovely gifts to new members and then closing the club for a while to implement some great new content, so don't miss joining at the current price!

  • We've teamed up with WildLife Botanicals for this show so Janey interviews Ellie from the brand on how they got started and why their alcohol free drink is in fact 'healthy' 

    Janey interviews leading 'soberfluencer' Dave Wilson AKA SoberDave on his journey to sobriety, and the impact he is making on the sober scene.
    There is a comp to win some a 'Go Wild' Wildlife gift box worth £45 and please vote for them in the Platinum Awards 

    STOP PRESS!  Want to retreat?

    Our Selfcare in Sobriety Champneys Retreat has been rescheduled from June to October 3-4 2020 if you were booked before and have a voucher let us know and if you want to join us places are v limited due to covid so please let us know, the booking link will be up soon.
    Its Champneys Tring in Herts, just 1 night but we pack a LOT in, and the facilities are amazing email your interest janey@janeyleegrace.com

    Don't forget The Sober Club is open but will close the doors for a while after our 1 year anniversary in September so get in now at the price of one bottle of alcohol per month   Join us here  (https://www.thesoberclub.com/)

  • This week we have teamed up with Gin-esque@ a great alcohol free botanical ‘gin’ which has nothing added or taken away,  (their process never uses alcohol) and Janey interviews Susie Pearl a best-selling writer, mentor, podcaster and coach to Hollywood A-listers. She regularly hosts workshops on creative writing, visioning and meditation.

    Susie has been part of the writing team for international bestselling titles including The Art of Eating Well with Hemsley and Hemsley and Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Rich. She is the founder of a celebrity PR agency in London.

    The Art of Creativity explains how to adopt 7 powerful habits that will unlock your full creative potential  Buy it here: 

    https://amzn.to/2FsScFD (https://amzn.to/2FsScFD?fbclid=IwAR10DVJzdbCa6xMDvNvfnGTH4t_pp3yZOd1h3Vlzj92QCbE50lSBgsVI0Vs)  

    You can win some Gin-esque


    Join us in The Sober Club for inspiration, group coaching, accountability and great content around nutrition, wellbeing spirituality and purpose


  • Janey interviews Heather Nickel a Certified Integrative Nutrition Life Coach based in Southern California and owner of Beyond Better Life.

    She has a passion for helping women all over the world obtain a better version of themselves through forming healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.  She helps clients identify food intolerances and embrace their new way of eating, which has led many to have life-changing physical and emotional wins.

    We chat about eating well in the early weeks of sobriety to support brain chemistry, and the importance of good sleep, Heather recommends early nights!

    This week we teamed up with Noughty AF, and Janey speaks with Amanda from the brand on the exciting alcohol free fizz and how it came about

    We have a case of 6 bottles to give away to one lucky winner, enter here https://imperfectlynatural.com/win-a-case-of-six-bottles-of-noughty-alcohol-free-organic-vegan-sparkling/

     If you want inspiration, accountability and support check out The Sober Club (https://www.thesoberclub.com/) It is a membership site with a full portal of content, an online course Get the Buzz without the booze, and a fabulous supportive private group, all for the cost of a decent bottle of wine a month. 

    Janey offers 1-1 coaching too, she is trained as a Grey Area Drinking Recovery coach, and also offers NLP and EFT
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  • The Alcohol Free Life podcast is 18 months old during July so we are running our last archive episode featuring Catherine Gray author of the life changing book The Unexpected joy of being sober - (if you haven't read it buy it here. (https://amzn.to/2BQYxcs) this interview was recorded in a cafe 15 months ago when we interviewed Catherine on the BBC so apologies for the sound quality!

    Don't forget if you would like to be connected and get inspired join The Sober Club membership includes our online course Get the Buzz without the Booze www.thesoberclub.com

    We have some great Alcohol Free drinks to give away including Wildlife Botanicals, some Gin-esque and some Noughty AF Scroll through the comps here  (http://imperfectlynatural.com/category/competitions/)

  • The Alcohol Free Life podcast is 18 months old and to celebrate we are running a few Archive episodes, this one with William Porter was flagged up as a fave by so many. William is the author of Alcohol Explained Buy it here (https://amzn.to/2ZWdDXd)

    To celebrate the anniversary we have three bottles of Noughty AF organic sparkling alcohol free wine to give away, and there are also comps to win more alcohol free drinks here (http://imperfectlynatural.com/category/competitions/) including Noughty and Wild Life Botanicals

    I hope you will join me next weekend for the online Mindful Drinking Festival hosted by Club Soda, I will doing a social 'lounge' on selfcare on Friday 31st at 5pm and I will be part of a panel 'Eat yourself sober' on Saturday 1st at 11am Make sure you register here  (https://mindfuldrinkingfestival.com/sober-lounges/)

    The Sober Club is open for membership till our one year anniversary when the price goes up, so check it out now. Read the testimonials here (https://www.thesoberclub.com/join-the-club/)
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