• On Episode 165 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins recap the 2023 BIL NBA Draft Show. The ITP Crew was on the money with their top six predictions, but the draft was full of surprises thereafter. The crew dishes on whom they feel will standout outside the lottery and on some second round picks they look forward to seeing in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas and whom might stick.

    The crew also dish on NBA free agency and the latest moves, including Dame Lillard's trade request from the Portland Trailblazers. Did the Blazers make a mistake by not moving him earlier? Did the timing cause the Blazers to lose leverage with trade scenarios? How will he fit with the Miami Heat? The crew offers various opinions on the scenario.

    Ani and Chelsea also dish on the upcoming NBA Summer League and what their looking forward to while Ron and Ani detail their grassroots schedule for the month of July and recap the NBPA Top 100 Camp and the June Scholastic Live Period events they attended.

    Ani recaps the prestigious camp and the matchup between Cameron Boozer and Cooper Flagg. Ron dishes on the potential of the terrific 2025 class in light of Boozer's team at Columbus (Miami, Fla.) dominating the Section 7 Team Camp in Arizona. Is Columbus the best high school team in the country heading into the 2023-24 season?

    Ron also breaks down top stock-risers and both Section 7 and the inaugural California Live event in Orange County, while Ani dishes on his sleepers from the TABC scholastic live event in Texas. The fellas also dish on what the scholastic live period did for college coaches and what it means for July live period recruiting.

    There is alot that just went down in hoops and alot coming up in July, so make sure to tune in to Episode 165 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:14) - Recapping the 2023 NBA Draft

    (6:45) - NBA Draft: Winners & Sleepers!

    (11:22) - NBA Teams: Getting Out of the Middle

    (16:45) - Lonzo Ball: Career at Crossroads?

    (19:55) - NBA Free Agency: Dish on Dame Lillard

    (34:24) - NBA Summer League: Interesting Players/Storylines

    (38:49) - June Scholastic Live Period: How It Changes July

    (45:55) - Scholastic Period Rundown: Stock-Risers

    (54:20) - NBPA Top 100: Boozer vs. Flagg & Top Performers

    (59:31) - Class of 2025: How Good Can It Be?
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  • On Episode 163 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins welcome special guest Sonny Vaccaro to talk about the making, background and detail of the recently released movie "Air: Courting of a Legend". The former Sports Marketing Executive and Grassroots basketball event czar goes into detail about his role in convincing Nike boss Phil Knight to go all in to sign budding basketball star Michael Jordan to a unique endorsement deal while turning pro in 1984.

    Vaccaro, whose maverick marketing ideas for Jordan in a signature shoe revolutionzed sports marketing and American sports culture, dishes on how he initially hooked up with Nike to lead their basketball marketing efforts, talks about whom deserves credit during the courting of Jordan and candidly speaks on not knowing how the mock sneaker would turn out or just how wildly successful the Jordan Brand would become after the historic endorsement deal.

    Vaccaro also gives some detail on his relationship with George Raveling (the best man at his wedding to wife Pam), the background leading up to his working relationship with Nike, and talks about the star-studded cast of "Air".

    The ITP Crew gives their reactions to the interview and the movie and what they learned from both. Ani gives his perspective from just how big the grassroots basketball space has grown from the birthing of the Air Jordan, Chelsea gives her perspective from the growth of the sneaker industry and Nike's rise to dominance and Ron dishes on the background of Vaccaro from a fledgling national all-star game promoter in 1965 to being the go-to person for college coaches and parents trying to navigate through the grassroots ecosystem.

    The ITP Crew also give their prediction of the upcoming NBA Finals and what the L.A. Lakers and Boston Celtics are going to have to do to be in contention in the near future. Will Chelsea's Miami Heat prediction come to fruition? Is Denver just too strong for Miami as Ani and Ron predict? Will LeBron be on the Lakers when he plays with Bronny? Will he eventually play with Bronny in a NBA game? Do the Celtics need wholesale changes, or just a more experienced coach?

    The ITP Crew also touches on the issue of star players' seasons being deemed a "failure" without a championship, the media-player dynamic and how its changed over the years, and the shrinking window for successful coaches.

    Even veteran observers can learn plenty about Jordan, Nike, and the grassroots basketball marketing machine in this latest ITP pod, so make sure to tune in to Episode 163 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (3:54) - Hot Takes on Denver-Miami NBA Final

    (8:03) - Do Celtics Need to Break Up Their Core?

    (14:53) - Lakers: Where Do They Go From Here?

    (20:49) - “Air” Movie Intro & Players Meeting Expectations

    (30:27) - 2023 NBA Finals Predictions

    (36:26) - ITP Crew Instant Reaction to “Air”

    (44:19) - Background on Sonny Vaccaro

    (48:20) - Sonny Vaccaro Interview

    (50:22) - Vaccaro on Athletes’ Rights & Fair Share

    (52:58) - Vaccaro on Why He Would Have Paid Players

    (54:02) - Vaccaro on Connecting with Nike

    (57:52) - Vaccaro on Rob Strasser & Peter Moore

    (1:00:05) - Vaccaro on Building Nike’s Hoops Division

    (1:02:50) - Vaccaro on Meeting w/Jordan’s Parents

    (1:04:06) - Vaccaro on Famous Tony Roma Meeting

    (1:07:06) - Vaccaro on the Air Jordan Design 

    (1:13:41) - Vaccaro on Early Air Jordan Marketing

    (1:17:17) - Reaction & Lessons From Sonny Interview

    (1:28:35) - Nike’s Unique Approach Working

    (1:30:58) - What if Sonny Stays w/Nike?

    (1:33:53) - Is Grassroots System Killing Next Air?

    (1:36:44) - Adidas: Courting Kobe & Losing Him 

    (1:43:50) - All in on the Air Jordan 

    (1:45:32) - Courting LeBron: Risk vs. Reward

    (1:51:32) - Is Wembanyama That Guy? 
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  • On Episode 162 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard on the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, which ended up with the San Antonio Spurs winning the draft rights to Victor Wembanyama, the 19-year old, 7-foot-4 French pro who some feel is the best NBA prospect, ever. The ITP crew gives their reaction to the results of the NBA Draft lottery and give their rundown of where Victor rates among the all-time GOAT prospects. Is he the best ever?

    In this action-packed episode, the crew touch on all levels of basketball, starting with the NFHS rules changes at the high school level. What do HS coaches feel about the new rules that eliminate the 1-and-1 foul situation and foul carry over? Fouls will also rest after each quarter with two shots awarded on the fifth foul. We speak to an assortment of coaches and Ron, Ani and Chelsea give their take!

    Chelsea gives his WNBA update as the season is scheduled to tip-off on May 19. Some notable 2023 WNBA Draft choices were cut before ever making an opening-day roster. Is there anything that can be done to help the developmental aspect of incoming rookies? Is it bad P.R for the W to cut first round draft choices? Chelsea and the fellas dish on this explosive topic plus discuss the recent penalties levied on the defending champion Las Vegas Aces.

    Ani breaks down the top prospects at the third session of NIKE EYBL in Dallas. Is 2026 forward A.J. Dybansta one of the best prospects Ani has ever seen? Will be re-class up to 2025? Who are the best prospects the ITP crew has ever evaluated. The trio break down their choices from each of their unique perspective and talk about who would be the No. 1 pick in an all-time NBA Draft! Is it LeBron, Lew Alcindor, Wilt or Wemby?

    The ITP crew also breaks down the rest of the NBA Draft Lottery. Are the Hornets locked in on Brandon Miller at No. 2? What are the Rockets and Pistons going to do after sliding down to No. 4 and No. 5? The crew also discuss their sleeper draft pick with roughly six weeks to go before draft night!

    They close out this episode talking about the NBA coaching carousel and if Doc Rivers, Monty Williams and Mike Budenholzer deserved a pink slip after their team's playoff exits. Has the window a coach has before he loses his locker room shrunk all across the board? Who can replace that trio and be an upgrade for the 76ers, Suns and Bucks? Does Wembanyama benefit from a long-tenured coach like Popovich?

    The ITP Crew also react to the Nuggets taking a 1-0 series lead on the L.A. Lakers in the Western Conference finals, plus plenty more in the latest ITP pod, so make sure to tune in to Episode 162 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:35) - HS Rule Changes: Elimination of 1-and-1 FTs

    (8:57) - W Update: Chelsea Dishes on Draft Cuts!

    (26:46) - Ani’s Dish on 3rd NIKE EYBL Stop

    (31:33) - A.J. Dybantsa: Is He That Good?

    (36:38) - Why Top Prospects Hit or Miss?

    (40:43) - ITP Crew Top 3 Prospects Ever Evaluated

    (49:02) - ’23 NBA Draft Lottery: Instant Reaction

    (59:07) - ITP Crew Early Draft Sleepers!

    (1:03:22) - Victor Wembanyama’s Crystal Ball

    (1:13:12) - All-Time NBA Draft: Who Goes No. 1?

    (1:19:04) - Top Tier NBA Coaches Fired: Dumb Moves?

    (1:29:48) - Quick Hitting NBA Playoff Updates
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  • On Episode 161 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard on the thrilling 2023 Ballislife All-American Game and the rapidly changing fortunes of teams in the NBA playoffs, and those clubs that didn't make it.

    The 10th annual Ballislife All-American Game was played on May 6 at Cerritos College in SoCal and went into overtime as Team Future downed Team Elite in overtime, 157-154, behind the play of Kentucky-bound Justin Edwards (27 pts, 5 rbs), Washington-bound Wesley Yates III (26 pts) and the Michigan St.-bound duo of Coen Carr (23 pts, 18 rbs) and Jeremy Fears (11 pts, 9 asts, 2 stls). Team Elite was led by Marcus Adams, who broke the event scoring record with 44 points (8-14 3-pointers, 4 rbs, 5 asts) and by Duke-bound Jared McCain and Boise St-bound Andrew Meadow, who both finished with 22 points.

    Ani gives his take on the event as a guest analyst spearheaded by the record-breaking performance of Adams, while Ron breaks down the contest, the standouts performers of the event and the competitive nature of the all-star game spear-headed by Carr and Fears. Why were the national all-star games competitive in nature compared to recent seasons? What else stood out about the event?

    Ron and Chelsea also break down Bronny James' commitment to USC? Is he ever going to get a fair shake in regards to his status as a legitimate NBA Prospect?

    The ITP Crew also goes hard on the NBA Playoffs, where it looks like the Lakers and Heat will advance to the conference finals. What has been the difference in those two clubs taking a 3-1 series lead and the crew gives their take on the Nuggets-Suns and Celtics-76ers series. Are the Warriors done as a dynasty? Did they make a mistake in getting rid of James Wiseman and offering a big contract to Jordan Poole? The crew also discusses CP3's role with the Suns and how fortunes for these teams can change rather quickly.

    Chelsea breaks down Bronny James' commitment to USC and what it means. Is he really going to be a high 2024 NBA Draft choice? Will he ever meet expectations? The crew also discuss the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft and how fortunes can change rather quickly by making their right or wrong choice in the lottery. Ani and Chelsea also discuss the NBA All-Rookie teams and how that correlated to their 2022 NBA Draft position, led by No. 1 pick and Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero of the Orlando Magic. Ani gives some insight on reason why some teams might hit or miss at the position they fall at.

    The crew gives some terrific insight on the grassroots and pro level in this week's podcast, so make sure to tune in to Episode 161 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:58) - Travel Ball: Message To Young Players

    (4:14) - Girl Hoopers: Are They Emulating W Pros?

    (7:13) - WNBA Training Camps: Chelsea’s Insights

    (9:16) - Ron’s Dish on the 2023 BILAAG

    (14:58) - Ron’s BIGAAG Event MVP: Coen Carr

    (18:12) - BIL & Balldawgs All-American: Wrap Up

    (21:55) - Instant Reaction to Bronny USC’s Commitment

    (30:44) - Ani’s BILAAG Instant Reaction

    (37:07) - Ani’s Insight on '24 NBA Draft & All-Rookie Team

    (43:33) - Ani’s Dish on ’22 NBA Draft: What Went Right/Wrong?

    (49:23) - Jalen Green: Is The Jury Out On Him?

    (52:24) - NBA Playoffs Updates & Insight

    (1:00:53) - Denver-Phoenix: Suns Better W/O CP3?

    (1:05:51) - Eastern Conference Playoff Breakdown

    (1:13:43) - Steph & Warriors: Fortunes Change Quick!
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  • On Episode 160 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go in on the NBA Playoffs, the Ballislife All-American Game, and announce the recipient of the 2022-23 Mr. Basketball USA National Player of the Year honor.

    The 10th annual Ballislife All-American Game is set for Saturday, May 6 and Ron drops a discount promo code for tickets that can be purchased on ballislifeallamerican.com. Ani gives some quick insight on what he's looking forward to in this year's game and gives a quick recap of the Iverson Classic.

    Chelsea shares some insight she picked up while coaching her Mountain West Premier 15U club team on the circuit? Is the momentum from the historic W NCAA Final Four carrying over to the club level? Chelsea gives a quick breakdown and dishes on some future W NCAA standouts.

    Cameron Boozer, a sophomore from Columbus (Miami, Fla.), is announced as the 2022-23 Mr. Basketball USA National Player of the Year. He is the first sophomore ever to be named national player of the year. Ever. Ron goes over the voting results and what it means now and historically. Ani gives his reaction to the voting results (Boozer beat out seniors Isaiah Collier, Ron Holland and D.J. Wagner) and Chelsea dishes on the meaning of a sophomore earning the nation's highest individual honor. Have we learned our lessons about hyping young players?

    With the NBA's new Collective Bargaining Agreement in play for seven seasons (through 2029-30), crew dish on the "One and Done" era continuing and what it means for players on all levels.

    The ITP Crew goes hard on the NBA Playoffs and its storylines with the younger, less experienced teams knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. The ITP crew talks about the more experienced teams peaking at the right time with perhaps less emphasis on regular season record i.e. Load Management. Is experienced over-stated or do untimely injuries have more to do with first round results?

    Can Miami duplicate their 2020 bubble playoff run? Just how great of a playoff performer is Jimmy Butler? Why is the Denver Nuggets not getting their just due as a true title contender? Why are fans so far at either end of the spectrum when it comes to the Golden State Warriors? Is it the brashness of Draymond Green or are fans just tired of the Warriors winning?

    The ITP crew also gives their predictions of the conference semifinal round. Is the Lakers vs. Warriors the most highly anticipated conference semifinal matchup ever? Ate these legacy games for LeBron James and Steph Curry or are fans and the media being prisoners of the moment?

    The ITP crew breaks it all down in this action-packed episode, so make sure to tune in to Episode 160 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:41) - Ballislife A-A Game (5/6) Info & Ticket Promo

    (5:49) - Girls Hoops: Travel Ball Buzz & Impact HS Players

    (13:13) - Mr. Basketball USA: Sophomore Cameron Boozer

    (16:25) - Chelsea’s Dish on Pressure For Young Elite Players

    (19:07) - Breakdown of Mr. Basketball Tracker Voting Results

    (28:10) - One & Done Stays w/new Collective Bargaining Agreement

    (39:43) - NBA Playoffs: Experienced Teams Peaking at Right Time

    (45:58) - Playoff Jimmy: Knowing The Moment & Carrying The Heat

    (51:59) - NBA Playoff Predictions: Who’s Conference Finalists?

    (1:01:13) - Golden State Warriors: People Tired of Them Winning?

    (1:10:56) - Appreciating Steph Curry: Top 5 GOAT?!

    (1:18:59) - Jordan Poole: Fortunes Can Change Fast!
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  • On Episode 159 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, Ronnie Flores hosts its annual WNBA Preview with ITP co-host and analyst Chelsea Hopkins, who takes an in-depth look at the '23 WNBA Season and recent WNBA Draft and NCAA and WNCAA Tournaments!

    As an alum, Chelsea gives her insight on SDSU's incredible run to the NCAA Championship Game and background on the program built by former coach Steve Fisher and current HC Brian Duthcher. What does the portal and NIL do to future Cinderella runs? How does men's CBB deal with high roster turnover?

    As far as the WNCAA, the stars of the most-watched WNCAA Tournament will be back in 23-24. Nearly 10 million people watched LSU-Iowa final and there is great anticipation for next season and the '24 WNBA Draft. Who is the NCAA favorite next year. Is NIL darling Angel Reese of LSU a sure-fire W star? Is Iowa's Caitlin Clark a generational prospect? Chelsea answers those burning questions!

    What is the WNBA's next step to capitalize off the enormous popularity of women's NCAA basketball? Does the W need to expand? What areas is the 75 million dollar capital investment making inroads in? How can the W increase brand awareness?

    The ITP crew also welcomes on a special guest for the WNBA preview in which Chelsea gives a in-depth rundown of each of the 12 teams, and offers her odds-on favorites (W title, reach the championship round, MVP and ROY).

    Chelsea feels the W needs to do a better job of story-telling and marketing players other than the top stars and the ITP crew welcomes on a special guest Rebekah Gardner (Chicago Sky) to talk about her incredible W journey. She was named to the '22 W all-rookie team at 32, the oldest player ever to do so. Gardner talks about her journey from UCLA to pro ball and finally getting a shot in a WNBA training camp!

    After breaking down the W, Chelsea dishes on '23 NBA Draft and whom she feels was the best pick and which team has best draft. Chelsea also dishes on what impact she expects Aliyah Boston (South Carolina) to have with the Indiana Fever and gives her overall perspective on this current draft class? Is it a strong or average class and are there any generational players? Chelsea breaks it all down!

    The ITP Crew closes out the show taking a look into the future and the 2024 WNBA Draft. Clark and Reese have been getting unprecedented press, but what are their WNBA games like? Is Clark a generational prospect for next year? What kind of long-term prospect is Reese? Will W teams tank to have the top pick next season?

    The ITP crew and special guest Rebekah Gardner offer some terrific insight on the girls game, both college and pro, on this special two-hour episode, so make sure to tune in to Episode 159 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:19) - NBA Playoffs & Play-In: Quick Reaction! 

    (5:32) - Ballislife A-A Game (5/6) & Upcoming Pods

    (6:14) - Chelsea’s Reaction to SDSU's Title Game Run

    (10:52) - SDSU Alum’s Reaction to Final Four Run

    (14:16) - Reaction to NCAA Portal Reality & W NCAA Boom!

    (24:00) - Can the W Capitalize on NCAA Popularity?

    (26:08) - Who is the Early Line WNCAA Favorite?

    (33:26) - How Will the W Capitalize on NCAA Boom & NIL Brand Buildup?

    (46:23) - WNBA Preview: Team-By-Team Rundown (Phoenix Mercury)

    (50:55) - Washington Mystics Preview

    (52:09) - Seattle Storm Preview

    (54:53) - Atlanta Dream Preview

    (58:28) - Indiana Fever Preview

    (1:01:22) - Minnesota Lynx Preview

    (1:03:53) - Dallas Wings Preview

    (1:10:17) - Connecticut Sun Preview

    (1:14:56) - L.A. Sparks Preview

    (1:19:03) - Chicago Sky Preview

    (1:19:03) - N.Y. Liberty Preview

    (1:25:07) - Las Vegas Aces Preview

    (1:28:14) - Rebekah Gardner (Sky) Interview

    (1:45:57) - Reaction To 'Bekah Interview

    (1:50:20) - Advice For Sticking in W From a Pro

    (1:53:50) - Chelsea’s WNBA Predictions

    (1:57:08) - '23 W Draft Grades & ’24 W Draft Preview

    (2:09:45) - Caitlin Clark & Angel Reese: Translatable Games?

    (2:19:07) - Ballislife.com Shout-Out & ITP Schedule
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  • On Episode 158 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go in on March Madness, from the incredible Cinderella stories on the men's side to the heavyweight battles on the women's side, and get some 2023 McDonald's All-American Game insight from a special guest.

    The ITP crew briefly touch on how mass shootings barely register in light of the latest casualties and how guns are now children's No. 1 threat. The crew also touch upcoming pods, including the WNBA Preview, slated for April 11.

    Grant Rice, the coach of Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) and the West Coach in the McDonald's All-American Game, is the special guest with some insight on his club. Rice talks about the competitive nature of Ron Holland of Duncanville (Texas), the impact of Jared McCain of Centennial (Corona, Calif.) and how the sons of NBA players, Andrej Stojakovic of Jesuit (Carmichael, Calif.) and Bronny James of Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, Calif.) are faring. Rice talks about James' play and fitting in with his McDonald's teammates. Should Bronny be talking to the media?

    Ron and Ani break down their insights from scouts and contacts in Houston and how the East is the favorite in Tuesday night's game. Will the game action play out that way?

    Speaking of Houston, the ITP crew break down the miraculous run of San Diego State to the Final Four. Chelsea, a former point guard for the Aztecs, gives his insight on the men's program and his personal take on SDSU head coach Brian Dutcher. Ron and Chelsea also talk about one of the breakout players in this year's NCAA Tournament: SDSU point guard Darrion Trammel, who was twice passed over for scholarships before heading to a JUCO before landing at Seattle University.

    Ron also breaks down his other top breakout performer, Miami's Jordan Miller, a transfer from George Mason who was not well known nationally. Chelsea and Ani talk about the play of KSU's Marquis Nowell, arguably the top individual of the tourney who led K-State to the Elite 8, while Ani dishes on two more top performers: guard Jordan Hawkins of UCONN and Sir'Jabari Rice, a Texas native who spent five seasons at New Mexico St. before helping the Longhorns reach the Elite 8.

    Has the NCAA men's basketball landscape changed forever with the portal and older players, or will the cycle reverse itself once again in a few years? Ani gives his insight.

    The ITP crew also gives their Final Four predictions!

    Chelsea breaks down the W Final Four, which is a heavyweight affair with unbeaten South Carolina going for it all. Can No. 2 seed Iowa upset the Gamecocks? In the other semi, it's No. 1 seed Virginia Tech vs. No. 3 seed LSU.

    Is the Iowa-SC game the most anticipated W semifinal ever? Chelsea breaks it down plus gives insight on two more players you should know: LSU's double-double machine Angel Reese and V-Tech's Georgia Amoore.

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on the MCDAAG and both Final Fours, so make sure to tune in to Episode 158 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:33) - Mass Shooting in America: Going To Happen Again! 

    (5:09) - Ballislife A-A Game (5/6) & Upcoming Pods

    (5:35) - Chelsea’s Hot Take on SDSU Final Four Run

    (8:47) - Grant Rice (West McDonald’s A-A Coach) Interview

    (16:39) - More McDAAG Insight From ITP Crew

    (23:42) - Bronny James at McDAAG: Fitting In & Expectations vs. Reality

    (31:50) - No Mickey D's in Final Four: New Era or Cycle?

    (37:40) - Are Recruiting Labels (HM, MM, LM) Relevant Anymore?

    (41:33) - Chelsea’s In-Depth Insight on SDSU & Coach Dutcher

    (48:42) - Final Four Predictions

    (55:54) - Ron’s and Ani’s Dish on Amari Bailey & UCLA’s Injuries

    (1:02:12) - ITP Crew’s Tourney Breakout Players

    (1:10:18) - Chelsea’s Dish on W March Madness

    (1:19:40) - BIL Podcast Network Shoout-Outs & ITP Schedule
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  • On Episode 157 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores and Chelsea Hopkins go in on the latest high school and NBA news and give their hot takes on the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

    Ron and Chelsea talk about the latest gun incident (surprise) involving Shawn Kemp and Ja Moran't rehab stint away from the Memphis Grizzlies. Is this the first step to a total re-make for Ja?

    The ITP crew also talk about the issue of NBA load management and how guidelines could be put in place for player awards through the CBA.

    Ron also breaks down the CIF state championships and the atmosphere of the California state tournament. Is there going to be change in order to make it more appeasing to the average fan? Ron also talks about how the CIF and UIL (Texas) state tournament affect the latest FAB 50 rankings.

    Chelsea also gives her hot takes on the women's NCAA Tournament. Can anyone challenge South Carolina? Who are the favorites to reach the Final Four? Chelsea also breaks down players to watch.

    Both Ron and Chelsea give their team and players to watch in the wide-open men's NCAA Tournament? It truly will be March Madness this season!

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on all levels of the game and both genders, so make sure to tune in to Episode 157 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:16) - Gun Incident with Shawn Kemp...WTH!  

    (3:52) - Ja Morant in Rehab: Will he Turn the Corner?

    (10:49) - New NBA CBA Will Address Load Management 

    (13:28) - NBA MVP Debate: A Racial Thing or Flawed Process?

    (17:11) - Life of Pro: Preparing for Adjustment or Staying in Moment

    (19:45) - Ballislife Podcast Network Shout-Outs

    (20:04) - Ron’s CIF Championships Hot Takes

    (27:21) - Ron’s FAB 50 Update

    (28:24) - Ron’s UIL Final Four Break Down

    (35:15) - Chelsea’s Women’s NCAA Tourney Breakdown!

    (49:09) - Hot Take on Men’s NCAA Tournament!  
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  • On Episode 156 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Horace Neysmith go hard on state playoffs in Georgia, Texas and California, which are down to their last week!

    Horace breaks down the GHSA playoffs and if Cherokee (Canton, Ga.) has a shot against FAB 50 No. 33 Wheeler (Marietta, Ga.) in the 7A title game. Horace also breaks down the showdown in 5A between Eagle’s Landing (McDonough, Ga.) and Kell (Marietta, Ga.). Does the winner of this game deserve to be FAB 50 ranked? Horace also talks about the top underclassmen in the other GHSA title game and offers a sneak preview of his Underclass All-American Game set for March 26 in Atlanta. He also dishes on Wheeler's Isaiah Collier and his Mr. Basketball USA candidacy.

    Ani goes hard on the UIL State Championships, set for March 9-11 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The event features four FAB 50 ranked teams in its three top divisions and Ani makes his predictions for each! In 6A, No. 8 Lake Highlands (Dallas, Texas) and No. 13 Beaumont United (Beaumont, Texas) are on a collision course, but will San Antonio Brennan or DeSoto crash the party? In 5A, No. 40 Kimball (Texas) is the favorite, but Ellison (Killeen, Texas) could be a team to look out for! In 4A, No. 34 Oak Cliff Faith Family (Dallas, Texas) just knocked off No. 38 Carter (Dallas, Texas) in its regional final, but can B.T. Washington (Houston, Texas) get to the final and give Faith Family a real test?

    Ron talks about the SoCal and NorCal regional finals set for March 7 and some of the themes and players to watch for. Can Bronny James get to his first CIF state final after the state championships were canceled his freshman year because of COVID-19? Can Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) defeat league foe Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, Calif.) for the fourth time this season in the SoCal D1 final? Will it be a repeat between FAB 50 No. 7 Centennial (Corona, Calif.) and Modesto Christian (Modesto, Calif.) in the CIF open final on March 11 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento?

    The ITP crew also talk about the recent gun incident with the Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant and LeBron James' recent social media comments about Bronny. Where does Morant go from here? Why is LeBron pushing the gas so hard for Bronny?

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on state championships around the country and Ja's situation, so make sure to tune in to Episode 156 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:31) - Reaction to Ja Morant IG Gun Incident  

    (9:19) - Horace’s Reaction to Bron’s Bronny Comments

    (14:01) - Horace’s on his Underclass All-American Game (3/26) 

    (18:21) - Horace’s Take on GHSA Title Games (4A-2A)

    (19:57) - Horace’s Take on Wheeler vs. Cherokee (7A-5A)

    (25:14) - Dish on Isaiah Collier’s Mr. Basketball USA Candidacy

    (27:55) - Ani’s Dish on Top UIL 2026 Players Still Alive

    (30:09) - Ron’s Update on 2026 Standout Jason Crowe Jr.

    (32:08) - Ani’s Dish/Predictions on UIL Final Four (5A-4A)

    (40:19) - UIL FAB 50 Update: Every Game Counts!

    (46:16) - Ani’s UIL 6A Rundown & Predictions 

    (51:32) - Ron’s CIF Rundown!

    (59:08) - Advice For Seniors Still Looking!

    (1:04:31) - Ballislife Podcast Network Shout-out!

    (1:05:29) - What are Ron & Ani Looking Forward To?

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  • On Episode 155 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard relevant and trending topics at each level of basketball.

    The ITP Crew start off with the saga surrounding Alabama basketball and star player Brandon Miller. Should he be playing right now? What about coach Nate Oats, should he be coaching? Chelsea and the fellas give their hot take on the situation!

    Ron, who has been involved with Cal-Hi Sports state rankings for over 20 years, give his take on the CIF basketball players and why and how the California Interscholastic Federation needs a re-vamp of its regional playoff format. Ron gives his fix on how to make the section titles more meaningful and a process where everyone can understand what they are playing for.

    At the NBA level, the ITP Crew talks about the disappointment of the NBA All-Star weekend (ratings wise and entertainment wise) and the load management issue the league has right now that is starting to affect public perception of the league's direction. Ani and Chelsea dish on what can be done to rectify the issue. The crew also talks about Dame Lillard's 71-point game and his path to NBA stardom and what "loyalty" represents and means to them.

    Ron and Ani dish on the National All-Star Game circuit in the light of the closest Mr. Basketball USA (national player of the year) race in many years and the fact the 2023 class still has something to prove on a national level. Can front-runner Cam Boozer earn national POY honors as a sophomore? Where does Bronny James fit into this equation in light of the fact he's not a serious national player of the year candidate but is being pegged by ESPN as a Top 10 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on Lillard, load management, and Bronny James' stance in the scouting world so make sure to tune in to Episode 155 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:22) - FAB 50 Update 

    (5:23) - Deion Sanders’ Comments on Recruiting 

    (9:49) - Dish on Brandon Miller-Alabama Saga 

    (18:24) - Ron’s Dish on Revamping CIF Basketball Playoffs

    (24:17) - Dish On NBA’s Load Management Issue 

    (36:20) - Chelsea & Ani’s Dish on Improving A-S Weekend! 

    (45:35) - Quick Update on NBA Season & Dame Lillard!

    (59:03) - Bronny James’ Comparisons & Draft Status: WTF!

    (1:06:04) - Scouts' Lack of Focus on Production

    (1:10:24) - Bronny’s and Amari Bailey’s Unique HS Situation!

    (1:12:07) - Mr. Basketball USA Tracker Results/Reactions
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  • On Episode 154 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard on each of their Top 5 NBA GOATs in the backdrop of the Laker's LeBron James surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the league's all-time leading scorer. The ITP crew reveals each of their top five. Is LeBron now the GOAT? Who can knock off MJ as the GOAT if not LeBron? Where does Kareem stand especially with the younger generation? Is Kobe a consensus Top 5 player? What about Magic and Bird? Are some of the older stars like Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson forgotten in all-time GOAT conversations.

    The ITP crew reveals they're just missed player (No. 6) and if any current player outside LeBron has any chance to one day reach those heights. The ITP crew also talk about the game LeBron broke the record and what that moment meant to them and the lack of appreciation or mention of Kareem's accomplishments and activism over the years.

    The NBA trade deadline is the second big topic of this week's special podcast and the crew go over the best long-term and short-term trades that went down. Besides the Suns acquiring Kevin Durant, which team was the big winner? Did the Lakers upgrade their roster enough to make a big playoff push? Who in the East got better? What is Portland and Chicago doing by not pulling the trigger on anything of significance?

    Chelsea and Ani also talk about the Super Bowl and Rihanna's halftime performance and the greatness of two-time Super Bowl winning QB Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. How high can he climb on the GOAT list?

    Ronnie and Ani also give their take on the unfortunate circumstances of New Mexico St. shutting down their basketball program? What's next for the program and are some college teams on the verge of losing control of their roster or is this just a completely isolated circumstance?

    Chelsea also talks South Carolina-LSU and the Gamecocks' current WNCAA dominance!

    The ITP crew and its special guest offers some terrific insight on the GOATs on the NBA and there are a couple of surprises, so make sure to tune in to Episode 154 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:09) - Quick Thoughts on Lakers-OKC Historic Game

    (5:53) - Quick Thoughts on New Mexico St. Program Shutdown

    (13:28) - Super Bowl: Rihanna, Mahomes’ GOAT Trajectory

    (20:18) - Chelsea’s NCAAW Update: South Carolina Dominant!

    (25:59) - ITP Podcast Info & Shout-Outs

    (26:57) - Ani’s Quick NCAA Updates: Tobacco Road Blues

    (32:42) - NBA Trade Deadline: Reaction To Best Transactions

    (39:05) - Ani’s & Chelsea’s Best Short Term Move

    (46:03) - What Are The Bulls, Blazers & Heat Doing?!

    (53:35) - Chelsea & Ani’s Rihanna’s Super Bowl Grade!

    (56:04) - Bron Celebration: Missing Boat on KAJ’s Legacy

    (1:02:23) - Ceremony's Most Memorable Moment

    (1:05:51) - ITP Crew No. 5 All-Time Player!

    (1:12:08) - ITP Crew No. 4 All-Time Player!

    (1:18:28) - ITP Crew No. 3 All-Time Player!

    (1:26:47) - ITP Crew No. 2 All-Time Player!

    (1:28:23) - ITP Crew No. 1 All-Time Player!

    (1:34:47) - Reaction To Top 5s!

    (1:40:06) - Bron-MJ Debate!

    (1:53:20) - Bron-MJ Accolades Difference

    (2:01:31) - What Young Player Can Crack Top 10?

    (2:04:03) - Just Missed & Overlooked Players
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  • On Episode 153 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins welcome on special guest Jasen Powell (L.A. Clippers Director of Medical Sevices/Head Athletic Trainer) to dish on the inner-workings of NBA preparation, health and wellness and how it relates to longevity and peak performance.

    Powell has been tenured with the Clippers for nearly 25 years and offers ITP's audience some terrific insight on the differences and advances in medical technology and game preparation over the last quarter century. Powell also dishes on the evolution of what NBA franchises invests in when it comes to player health and wellness and how and why it's such a bigger part of the game day preparation in the current NBA than the days when Michael Jordan broke into the league in the mid 1980s.

    Powell also discusses how the average fan may not be aware when a player is laboring or not injured quite enough to sit out and how it's part of his job description to make sure they perform at a optimal or peak level, which may include some load management.

    This topic is obviously relevant and important as the Laker's LeBron James is on the cusp of passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. The ITP crew discuss the legacy of the NBA's two ironman superstars and what LeBron James' impending record-breaking achievement and career means to them. Ron also gives some background on Abdul Jabbar's career and how and why he's still somewhat overlooked by casual or young NBA fans.

    The ITP crew also break down the Kyrie Irving trade to the Dallas Mavericks and what it means. Did the Mavs make a mistake in not trying harder to keep Jalen Brunson? Was this move strictly made to keep Luka Doncic happy? What does it mean for the Lakers that they missed on on the Irving sweepstakes?

    The crew also dish on NBA All-Star snubs, which player each believes needs a change of scenery, WNBA dynasties and more!

    The ITP crew and its special guest offers some terrific insight on a inner-workings of the NBA and the topics related to KAJ's and Bron's longevity, so make sure to tune in to Episode 153 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:50) - Chelsea’s Quick-Hitting NCAAW Updates!

    (5:03) - Chelsea’s Pro Updates: Free Agency & W Super Teams!

    (9:47) - Big Money in Pro Ball: Spending & Ego!

    (14:23) - Gambling on Kyrie: Would You Do It?

    (21:30) - Trade Deadline: Any Other Big Upcoming Moves?

    (26:36) - All-Star Game Omissions: Owner-Agent Battle?

    (31:24) - Top NBA All-Star Game Snubs

    (38:00) - NBA Players That Need A Change

    (44:03) - Quick Reaction To LeBron Catching Kareem!

    (51:38) - Guest Jasen Powell (LA Clippers Director of Medical Services)

    (57:51) - Powell on Load Management & Old Heads’ Gripes

    (1:00:43) - Powell on Evolution of Pre-Game Preparation

    (1:06:46) - Powell on Recognizing Peak Performance

    (1:08:51) - Powell’s Advice on Game Prep For Young Players

    (1:10:04) - Chelsea’s Reaction To Powell’s Insight 

    (1:18:21) - Ron’s Background on Kareem Adbul-Jabbar

    (1:23:50) - Ani & Chelsea on LeBron’s Legacy
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  • On Episode 152 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores and Ani Umana welcome on special guest John Lucas III to chop it up about a variety of topics, including his upcoming "Camp Get Right, the JL3 Way" in Southern California, March 18-19.

    Lucas talks about the importance of mastering the fundamentals and developing a work ethic at a young age regardless of skill level. Lucas also talks about what separates his camp series in a diluted space and what one can expect to learn and take away from his upcoming camp for middle school players (6th-8th grade).

    JL3 talks about carving out a 10-year NBA career after a nondescript high school care at Bellaire (Texas) and offers tips and insight on what it takes to grind out a long pro career as a role player. JL3 also recalls his high school days during a glorious time in University Interscholastic League (UIL) basketball in the early 2000s and some of the future NBA players he played with and went up against.

    JL3 also breaks down development and training with players of all skill level, from middle schoolers to NBA players, and some of the keys to success in that aspect of the game.

    Ron and Ani also chop it up about the latest FAB 50 rankings and upcoming playoff scenarios, the NBA All-Star Game and a scary situation involving 2024 elite junior Tarik Watson of FAB 50 No. 21 Roselle Catholic (NJ), who collapsed on the court on January 29.

    The ITP crew and its special guest offers some terrific insight on a variety of topics related to basketball development, so make sure to tune in to Episode 152 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:36) - Long Streaks Ending in HSBB

    (5:35) - FAB 50: Beaumont United/Lake Highlands Collision Course?

    (9:42) - Scary: Roselle Catholic’s Tarik Watson Collapses

    (18:55) - Reaction to NBA All-Star Game

    (23:08) - Advice for Prospects on Spring/Summer Plans

    (29:46) - John Lucas III Interview

    (33:07) - Lucas on Dedication, Proper Steps to Excel

    (35:40) - Lucas on HSBB Playing Days

    (46:26) - Lucas on Keys to Sticking in Pro Game

    (51:34) - Lucas on Keys to Maximizing Workouts

    (55:18) - Lucas on "Camp Get Right, the JL3 Way"

    (1:05:41) - JL3 Camp Sign-Up Info

    (1:08:23) - Ron & Ani’s Closing Thoughts on JL3 Perspective
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  • On Episode 151 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana, Chelsea Hopkins and Horace Neysmith go hard on the 2023 McDonald's All-American Game and the announcement of the 24 players selected to play in this year's game.

    The big news from the standpoint of reaction to the roster is the selection of Bronny James of Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, Calif.) to the West team. Bronny, of course, is the son of Lakers' superstar LeBron James. Was Bronny deserving? Was it borderline and therefore justifiable to select him? Each member of the ITP breaks it down coming from a different point of view.

    Bronny and LeBron are the ninth father-son combo selected for the game since its inception and are joined by D.J. Wagner of FAB 50 No. 10 Camden (N.J.), who is actually part of the first father-son-grandson combo to play in the game. Ron breaks down the history with grandfather Milt (1981) and father Dajuan (2001) also playing in the game, while Horace gives his insight of playing against many of the 1981 selections and what the feel of the game was like in its early years.

    Ani give his take on how the state of Texas has grown from an afterthought in the early years to a McDonald's All-American hotbed in recent time and why that is from a recruiting standpoint. Ron and Ani break down the evolution of the game, while Chelsea give her thoughts on why top freshman classes are not cutting it in terms of winning the NCAA title and why the national all-star games will have a tough time getting back to the attendance hey dey it enjoyed in the 1990s and 2000s.

    The ITP Crew goes in on the rosters, talking first reactions, trends, snubs, and much more!

    Chelsea also gives a quick W update as it relates to the retirement of Maya Moore, security concerns surrounding Brittney Griner.

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on a variety of topics related to the 2023 McDonald's All-American Game, so make sure to tune in to Episode 151 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:33) - Chelsea’s W Takes: Maya Moore’s Retirement

    (4:59) - Chelsea on Aces-Sparks Trade!

    (9:14) - Brittney Griner’s Safety in the W!

    (14:50) - McDonald’s All-American Game Roster 1st Reactions!

    (24:44) - Bronny’s Production & McDAAG Player Production

    (29:46) - D.J.-Dajuan-Milt McDAAG Trio & Horace’s 1981 Recollections

    (33:03) - 1981 McDAAG & MJ’s MVP Snub

    (36:55) - Dujuan & D.J. Wagner: Both POYs?!?!

    (43:52) - Breaking Narratives For Long-Time No. 1s

    (48:21) - Texas McDAAG Players: From Rags To Riches!

    (56:13) - Evolution of Girls McDAAG Over Time

    (1:03:31) - ’23 McDonald’s All-American Snubs

    (1:07:33) - ’23 McDAAG Game Predictions

    (1:12:01) - ’23 McDAAG College Choice Breakdown

    (1:20:56) - McDAAG at Crossroads (Popularity-Wise?)

    (1:26:22) - Bronny’s Recruitment: Nepotism & Business
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  • On Episode 150 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores and Ani Umana go hard on MLK weekend hoops and the updated FAB 50.

    Ron and Ani welcome on special guest Bill Armstrong, the head coach at Link Academy (Branson, Mo.), which is currently 18-0 and No. 3 in the FAB 50. Armstrong talks about his team's title performance at the Bass Pro TOC and unbeaten start. Armstrong also discusses the differences between high school basketball when he played for his father in the mid-1990s and coaching at a level where nearly the entire rotation will play at Power 5 colleges.

    The first-year coach also talk about the preparation necessary to play at the elite high school level and the challenges of getting his team ready to finish off the season strong, including a big five-week gap between the end of the regular season and a potential run in GEICO Nationals.

    The ITP crew also break down other top performances from MLK weekend, including FAB 50 No. 1 Paul VI (VA), No. 2 Montverde Academy (FL), No. 6 Columbus (FL), No. 7 Centennial (CA), No. 10 Camden and No. 27 Kenwood Academy (IL), which will take on Camden this week.

    Ron and Ali talk about the mid-season grades of top seniors such as Camden's D.J. Wagner and give a quick take on some of their borderline McDonald's All-American picks.

    The fellas also talk about the perils of gunplay on colleges campuses in light of the arrest of Alabama’s Darius Miles and the perils for young student-athletes of speeding and not wearing their seat belts. How prevalent are these issues and will they become even bigger problems now that elite college athletes will have more money in their pockets (NIL) moving forward?

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on a variety of topics, so make sure to tune in to Episode 150 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:38) - Quick MLK FAB 50 Updates

    (6:25) - Difference between No. 6 Columbus (FL)/No. 7 Centennial (CA)

    (9:43) - Realities of Big-Time HS Basketball

    (15:10) - Bill Armstrong (Link Academy HC) Interview

    (17:56) - Armstrong on Bass Pro TOC Victory

    (25:01) - Armstrong on 90s vs. Current HS Landscape

    (30:21) - Armstrong on Handling GEICO Nationals Expectations

    (37:49) - D.J. Wagner: If He’s Not No. 1 Then Who?

    (42:16) - Kenwood (IL) Chances vs. Camden (NJ)

    (46:00) - Next Pod: McDonald’s Reaction + Borderline Picks!

    (48:44) - 150 ITP Podcasts: Memories & Fav Pods!

    (55:37) - MLK Statue & Ron Naclerio MLK Story!

    (1:00:15) - College Issues: Gun Play, Speeding & Seat Belts

    (1:09:38) - Leaving to Prep School: Serious Approach to Game
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  • On Episode 149 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard on a variety of topics, including the NBA, NFL and high school hoops.

    The ITP crew reacts to the Damar Hamlin situation in light of the Bills' announcement that the 24-year old safety will receive full play after suffering cardiac arrest on the field one week ago. Under NFL rules, the Bills could have cut his salary in half after he went on injured reserve. The ITP crew talks about the players' lack of guaranteed contracts and why it's such a different situation than NBA contracts. Will Hamlin's incident prompt change? How far will players be willing to go to fight for guarantees in their contract? Would players embrace lower salaries for more guarantees? The ITP crew breaks it down.

    Chelsea and Ani give their take on the scoring outbursts and high number of players averaging 20 or more PPG in the NBA (currently 44). Chelsea dishes from a players' perspective and her appreciation for skill level, while Ani dishes from a fans perspective. Will this continue? Is there a middle ground? Are fans getting cheated or getting the best product we've ever seen?

    Ron breaks down the latest in high school hoops, as FAB 50 ranked teams gear up for the big MLK weekend showcase events, particularly the Spalding Hoophall Classic in Springfield, Mass. Can Camden (NJ) bounce back from its loss to Columbus (FL)? Will Sierra Canyon's Bronny James be chosen for the McDonald's All-American Game? Is he deserving? Has the novelty worn off with Bronny (and Mikey Williams) as it pertains to fan interest?

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on a variety of topics, so make sure to tune in to Episode 149 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (4:08) - Bills’ Darmar Hamlin Situation: Reaction to Situation

    (6:50) - Lack of Guaranteed Contracts: Business vs. Player

    (10:38) - Ani’s Take on Full Guarantees: Less Salary?!

    (13:38) - NFL Roster Dynamics: Dirty Secret About Players

    (18:19) - NFL: Big Changes Coming or Business As Usual?

    (21:11) - Ron’s Personal Note on Junior Seau

    (23:28) - NBA: Chelsea’s Dish on 82-Game Grind

    (33:08) - Entertainment Factor of High Skill Level

    (37:39) - NBA All-Star Surprises

    (45:08) - HSBB Update: MLK Weekend Notes

    (49:33) - Bronny James-Mikey Williams: Over Exposure?

    (54:04) - HSBB MLK Preview

    (56:06) - Will Bronny Make McDAAG?
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  • On Episode 148 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores and Ani Umana discuss what has transpired over the holidays since the last ITP episode on December 13, including the cardiac arrest of Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin, the offensive outbursts in the NBA, and the unfortunate death of stalwarts such as Pele and Barbara Walters. The fellas also go hard in the paint on all the happenings surrounding the holiday tournaments, from the best teams, standouts performers and airline travel issues many teams faced.

    Ron and Ani discuss their reactions and feelings of Hamlin's unfortunate on-field situation and why it's important for all high school sporting events to have qualified medical personnel on-site.

    The ITP crew also give their reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers' Donovan Mitchell's 71-point outburst vs. the Bulls. He's only the seventh NBA player to crack the 70-point barrier, but Ron and Ani discuss why there have been so many insane offensive outbursts in recent weeks, especially by the Mavs' Luka Doncic. Can we expect more this season and why is this happening?

    Ron and Ani also go hard on the holiday tournaments and how all the results around the country produced the most highly-anticipated FAB 50 National Rankings update in years. There are 15 newcomers this week, but Paul VI (VA) stays No. 1 while there is a bunch of movement among top teams. Do teams that played murderous schedules deserve to be ranked ahead of a team that beat them that hasn't played as many tough teams?

    The fellas also discuss their top standouts and fast-rosing prospects over the past few weeks, the trials and tribulations of holiday travel from some top teams, and the fight coach Patrick Behan of FAB 50 No. 8 St. John's (Washington, D.C.) is in against ALS. Behan took his team to the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic in San Diego, where it won the title to remain unbeaten heading into the Behan Strong Invitational, where all the proceeds from the event will be donated to his fight against the disease.

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on the national landscape of high school holiday tournaments and the latest sports news, so make sure to tune in to Episode 148 from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (4:12) - Reaction to Bills’ Darmar Hamlin Collapsing

    (9:28) - Ron’s Plead for Qualified Personnel at HS Events

    (11:44) - Ron’s Memories of Kevin Copeland & Hank Gathers

    (17:52) - Recent Passing of Greats: Barbara Walters & Pele

    (22:16) - Reaction to Spyda Mitchell’s 71-Point Outburst

    (25:50) - NBA: Individuals That Talented or Covert Tanking?

    (29:01) - Reaction to Brooklyn Nets’ Turnaround

    (34:36) - New FAB 50: Parity in HS Basketball

    (39:40) - FAB 50: What’s Coming Up Matters

    (46:00) - Surprising, Fast-Rising Players

    (53:32) - Top Holiday Tournament Players

    (58:05) - LM & MM Programs Recruiting Up

    (1:02:51) - Holiday Tournament Travel Issues

    (1:06:39) - Coach Patrick Behan & His ALS Fight
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  • On Episode 147 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Chelsea Hopkins and Ani Umana discuss a variety of topics, including high school games produced as made-for-TV specials. 20 years after LeBron James made his national TV debut on ESPN, his son Bronny James at Sierra Canyon (CA) took on Kiyan Anthony (Carmelo's son) and Christ the King (NY) in a celebration of 20 years of HS ball on the sports network. Should more diligence be done to make sure the facts surrounding the game are accurate? Who is to blame when media outlets run with bad info? Does it matter? Do the positives of these events outweigh the negatives?
    The crew ITP also discusses the play of Christ The King (NY) and Cardinal Hayes (NY) and the latest FAB 50 national rankings. CTK lost to Sierra Canyon and Cardinal Hayes lost twice at Hoophall West. Can both programs bounce back? Ron and Ani break down how the various start dates around the country affect early results and the FAB 50.

    Paul VI (VA) is the new No. 1 team in the FAB 50 and heads to the City of Palms Tournament in Florida looking to sustain its No. 1 ranking. Ron and Ani discuss its chances to win the COP and also break down the upcoming Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas. Can host Bishop Gorman bounce back from its loss to Corona Centennial (CA) to come out on top?

    Chelsea gives her hot take on WNBA star Brittney Griner's return to the U.S. in a prison swap with Russia. Will Griner return the the W next season? Was the mixed reactions to her return warranted? Chelsea also reveals some shocking details about the realities of professional ball in Russia going forward.

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on the national landscape of high school ball and how the media tries to control certain narratives, plus gives insight to the Griner situation in their last episode of 2022.

    Make sure to tune in from start to finish, as the ITP crew appreciates your support throughout the year. Episode 148 will take place 1/3/23!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:03) - Ani & Ron's HS Eval Updates

    (3:07) - Chelsea’s Israeli/Pro/W Update

    (7:40) - NBA Parity & Re-Naming of Individual Honors

    (13:37) - Reaction to Brittney Griner's Return to US

    (20:19) - Chelsea’s Take on Griner’s Future

    (23:33) - Chelsea on Realities of US Pros Returning To Russia

    (27:29) - Reaction to Sierra Canyon/Christ The King TV Game

    (31:54) - Ron’s Take on 20 Years of HS TV Games

    (38:21) - Breakdown of CTK & Cardinal Hayes’ Struggles

    (45:00) - New FAB 50 Breakdown & Various Start Dates

    (47:22) - Paul VI (VA) at No. 1 Going to COP

    (51:40) - Tark Classic Preview

    (58:50) - Next Pod Update (1/3/23)

    (1:00:19) - Hoops Predictions for 2023!

    (1:09:06) - shop.ballislife.com Holiday Discounts
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  • On Episode 146 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Chelsea Hopkins and Ani Umana chop it up with "Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend" doc co-producers Dean Prator & Ryan Polomski about the making of their doc and its parallels to current events in sports. The ITP crew discusses their reactions to the hoop doc about arguably the greatest player to never play in the NBA and the mystery surrounding his rookie contract dispute with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1973. The ITP crew draws parallels to the current situations involving Kyrie Irving (who was recently let go by Nike as a top endorser) and Kayne West (whose Donda Academy program was shut down). 

    The crew also discusses Deion Sanders leaving HBCU Jackson State University for Colorado and the trend of older college basketball teams relying on the NCAA transfer portal. 

    Prator, who grew up seeing the Lewis legend grow, and Polomski, who first learned about Raymond in 2014 when he met Prator while searching for information on Los Angeles’ playground and high school basketball scene, talk about putting together the final product, what they learned about Lewis through the interviews process, and what they hope is the lasting legacy of his mysterious story. While Dean focuses on getting Ray Lew’s story out, Polomski hopes its theatrical and Video-On-Demand release will evoke some recognition or acknowledgement of Lewis’ talent by the NCAA and of the 76ers’ role in his downward spiral as a basketball talent. 

    How much is Lewis to blame for never playing in the league and will the NBA formally acknowledge any the role the 76ers played in his demise?    

    The ITP crew offers some terrific insight on the inner-workings of the NBA 50 years ago and now, so make sure to tune in from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (1:34) - shop.ballislife.com Holiday Discounts

    (2:04) - Balance in HS & NCAA Basketball

    (7:47) - Chelsea & Ani’s Take on Seasoned Transfers

    (13:46) - Raymond Lewis Background: What’s Changed in 50 Years?

    (16:29) - Deion Sanders Leaving HBCU: Getting a Fair Shake?

    (23:39) - Chelsea’s HBCU Aspirations & Recruiting Realities

    (33:36) - Ray Lew Doc: Kyrie Irving & Kayne West Parallels

    (40:07) - Ray Lew Story: Talent Being the Authority

    (41:53) - Chelsea & Ani’s First Reaction To Doc

    (46:31) - Ray Lew’s Contract & Doc Premier Background

    (52:13) - Dean Prator (Co-Producer) Interview

    (57:58) - Ryan Polomski (Director) Interview

    (1:18:54) - Chelsea’s Reaction To Interview Subjects

    (1:22:22) - What the Doc Failed to Mention

    (1:25:14) - Ani’s Final Doc Takeaways

    (1:30:35) - Chelsea’s Final Doc Takeaways

    (1:35:29) - Ron & Ani’s Holiday Plans
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  • On Episode 145 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Chelsea Hopkins and Ani Umana chop it up with Duquesne Associate HC Dru Joyce III on building a winning basketball culture and take a look back at the 2002-03 FAB 50 national title team at St. Vincent-St. Mary's (OH) that he was part of.

    The ITP crew probes the paint on a scary situation surrounding Natalia Bryant (Kobe's daughter), the World Cup, Chris Brown-Thriller40 controversy at the AMAs, and the return of EA SPORTS College Football after a 10-year hiatus.

    Joyce III talks about joining the staff of his old high school coach Keith Dambrot after playing for him at the University of Akron. Joyce also talks about the surprising coaching transition from Dambrot to his father, Dru Joyce II, after he took over the SV-SM program in his junior season. Joyce talks about taking on stacked Oak Hill teams as an underclassman, the stinging loss in the 2002 state title game his junior year and how that loss motivated the LeBron James-led St. V’s team to the 2002-03 FAB 50 title after opening up No. 7 in the FAB 50 (and No. 23 in the USA Today Super 25).

    Joyce also talks about his brother Cam Joyce coaching and going up against their father, reflects on his high school experience 20 years later and the motivation of the St. V’s crew to springboard their success to give back to the Akron community they grew up in.

    The ITP crew gets some terrific insight from Joyce in this week's episode, so make sure to tune in from start to finish!

    (0:00) - Intro

    (3:34) - Probe The Paint: Chris Brown-MJ-Thriller 40 Controversy

    (7:39) - World Cup & Ani’s Soccer Experience

    (11:58) - Natalia Bryant & Stalking Situation

    (17:34) - EA SPORTS College Football is Back in NIL ERA!

    (20:57) - Mikey Williams to Memphis & Penny’s Hot Seat

    (23:39) - Preseason Mr. Basketball USA Tracker Results 

    (27:52) - Ani’s take on Cam Boozer as Soph POY Candidate

    (31:40) - LeBron’s POY Candidacy as a SOPH (’01)

    (36:45) - Chelsea’s Recollection of LeBron in HS

    (42:34) - Wemby’s Stance Among Hoop Prodigies

    (48:58) - Wemby Comparisons & Ron’s Top Prospects Ever

    (58:27) - Dru Joyce III Interview

    (1:03:17) - HS Transition From Coach Dambrot to Father

    (1:08:10) - Joyce on Special Senior Season (2003)

    (1:11:21) - Mentorship of Dru Joyce II

    (1:14:54) - Joyce’s Advice & Giving Back to Akron

    (1:26:20) - shop.ballislife.com Black Friday Discounts
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