• In this episode of the Appleboys Podcast, we dive into the 2023 NFL season with our comprehensive preview. We go division by division, picking our winners, talking about how we think each team will do, player prospects, and more! In addition to picking the winning teams, we also predict the award winners for the season!After you listen, please jump into our Discord server to let us know what you agree and disagree with. Don't forget to subscribe, turn on notifications, share the show with friends, and leave us a review!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/X/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • In this episode of the Appleboys Podcast, Jimmy, Rob, and Josh cover a range of topics in their signature bar conversation style. They start off with a hilarious elevator pitch for the podcast, involving a friend with unconventional habits. The hosts also share a funny story about fixing an iPhone problem with a bit of showmanship. They discuss a promotional offer for phone upgrades and the financial benefits of selling phones. Listeners are invited to submit their life advice questions via email. The hosts also discuss their platforms and encourage listeners to rate, review, share, and subscribe. They mention their Discord server and provide the link to join. The episode covers work boredom, entertainment recommendations, and a forgotten bit. The hosts apologize and ask the audience to imagine something funny. Lastly, they tackle questions about relationships and advise listeners to focus on their own feelings rather than worrying about others.*Episode summary and transcript created automatically and instantly by AI using Castmagic. If you're a podcaster and want to try it out, please consider using our referral link: https://www.castmagic.io/?via=appleboysWebsite: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/X/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPodPlease don't forget to rate, review, subscribe with notifications, share with friends, leave a comment and join our Discord!

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  • - The episode kicks off with a chaotic vacation experience. Josh's father throws a curveball by choosing a bar over grocery shopping, leaving everyone scrambling to find an alternative. Cue a trip to Walmart that takes longer than anticipated, throwing their plans off track.- Upon returning to their resort, they are met with news of a scary incident involving Josh's two-year-old son and a pool mishap. However, thanks to their quick-thinking wife and niece, their son is safe with no lasting effects. Despite the guilt, the speaker shares their enjoyment of the beautiful weather, beach, and even a mesmerizing double rainbow.- The episode takes a sharp turn as Rob recounts a grueling work adventure. With an early morning market meeting, the speaker is on the lookout for a shift and ends up taking on double the workload, resulting in an exhausting day that starts at 6:30 AM and ends around 10:30 PM.- Along the way, Rob shares an amusing distraction with a website called "boobychristmas.com" and a coworker with an NFC chip implanted in their hand.- Josh reveals an unfortunate run-in with the law, receiving a speeding ticket during their vacation. They haven't discovered the cost of the ticket yet but share the experience with our listeners.- The Appleboys Podcast introduces a new sponsor, Contact Wearables, a cool and easy-to-use NFC product that allows users to program and share information with a simple touch.- The episode wraps up with a quirky tale of Cory's visit to the Clerks store, the metal-roll-up-doored video store next to Kevin Smith's podcast studio. Though they couldn't get in, the adventure was certainly memorable.- Finally, Rob shares some hilarious work mishaps involving colleagues that lead to improper sales handling, forgotten alarms, and a customer nearly receiving an extra phone.***Episode description and transcript created using AI by Castmagic. If you're a podcaster and would like to try it out, please consider using our affiliate link! https://www.castmagic.io?via=appleboys ***Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Twitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPodThank you for listening! Please consider leaving a rating and/or review, sharing with friends, remember to subscribe for future episodes, and please join us in Discord!

  • Picture this: our very own Rob found himself in an unexpected, and rather uncomfortable, situation with a drunk man accusing them of having cocaine. Stay tuned to hear how he handled this bizarre encounter and why someone just back from the military would be asking for drugs.And we can't forget our hilarious "Life Hacks" segment! This time, we're discussing the art of buying air filters and a sneaky trick to get a backup without raising any eyebrows. You won't want to miss this one!And finally, we're thrilled to announce that tonight's episode is dedicated to our incredible founder patron, Michael. We are beyond grateful for his support and his fantastic topic suggestions, which will lead us into a lively discussion about the legendary advice column, "Dear Abby."So buckle up, dear listeners, because tonight's episode will take you on a rollercoaster of laughter, unexpected stories, and thought-provoking conversations. We hope you enjoy these tales and insights as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. Without further ado, let's dive into the wacky world of the Appleboys Podcast!Transcript and episode description are automatically generated by AI. If you're a Podcaster and would like to try this out, please consider using our referral link! https://www.castmagic.io/?via=appleboysWebsite: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPodDon't forget to like, subscribe, turn on notifications, comment, interact with us on social media and Discord, and share with your friends! Happy Tonight!

  • In this episode, the Appleboys delve into various topics, including their favorite flat Earther video, a terrifying plane experience, and some interesting observations on Google Earth. They also discuss childhood memories, favorite foods, and share some funny and awkward moments. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another wild ride with the Appleboys.Show Notes:- Fun banter and updates from the hosts: Jimmy, Rob, Cory, and Josh- Rob's hilarious mishaps and musings throughout the episode- Speaker recalls visiting the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and their childhood fascination with dinosaurs- Childhood trip to Washington DC, and a funny incident involving their grandmother slipping on ice- Discussion of a favorite flat Earther video and the ancient Egyptian experiment to determine Earth's roundness- The speaker's sarcastic conclusion on the flat Earth debate- Humorous recounting of a bumpy plane landing experience with engine flames and an enthusiastic passenger mentioning a fire truck- Heartwarming and amusing stories of working with individuals with Down syndrome and the need for special communication- Surprise encounter with an unexpected topic while using Google Earth, resulting in hours of crescent moon shapes- Speaker's observation of a unique and delicious-looking chicken dish with green sauce and sautéed vegetables- The speaker's surprising enjoyment of mashed potatoes in a dish featuring chicken leg and breastTune in to the Appleboys Podcast for laughter, engaging conversations, and stories that take unexpected turns. Whether you're a fan of NFTs, music festivals, or just looking for some light-hearted entertainment, there's something for everyone in this episode.Episode Transcript and Description generated automatically via AI using Castmagic. If you're a podcaster and want to try it out, please consider using our referral link! https://www.castmagic.io/?via=appleboysWebsite: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, things get off to a rocky start when Josh arrives late to the recording. His performance throughout the episode is struggling, and there is no proper introduction to the podcast. The episode takes a humorous turn when Josh tells an unfunny dad joke about a hot dog, and a joke is made about him leaving for half an hour. Eventually, Josh leaves the recording altogether, leaving the rest of the team to continue for the next 45-50 minutes. The speaker discusses the podcast's future plans, including incorporating different perspectives from the members and continuing to record once a week, even if not all four hosts can be present. They also mention upcoming episodes like a "code liberal takeover" and a possible "Boomer takeover." Expressing gratitude for their listeners, the speaker encourages them to check out the podcast's backlog on Spotify for more content, highlighting episodes such as "Dripped In Blood" and "Chicken Bones." In a surprising twist, Cory arrives during the outro, creating an unexpected moment for the hosts. The speaker then transitions to another topic, discussing a training situation where someone impresses their trainer with their skills and predicts they will be the top salesperson. They explore the commission-based nature of the job, with the potential for higher earnings for top performers. Encouraging listeners to try something new, the speaker suggests listening to something outside of their usual preferences and interacting on Discord or Twitter. They express gratitude for the support during a difficult time and express a commitment to continue recording episodes every week. Among the personal anecdotes shared, the speaker talks about the cost of dog food and the discovery that their picky eater dog enjoyed plain chicken and rice. They also introduce a 14-year-old affectionate cat named Ellen that they brought home after a camping trip and the concerns about introducing her to their existing cat. Another personal story revolves around the speaker's experience at a festival where they took mushrooms and uppers to enhance their experience. They describe the initial enjoyment of the festival but also the overwhelming stress they felt while going through security. They touch on the assumptions about cellular salespeople and explain how they can actually help customers save money and leave with a better device. Lastly, the speaker shares their experience attending Bonnaroo for the first time and discovering that it's not just for a specific group of people. They discuss the atmosphere and visuals of the festival, acknowledging the influence of substances on their experience.Episode summary and transcript created via AI with Castmagic. If you are a podcaster and would like to try it out, please consider helping us out and using our referral link! https://www.castmagic.io/?via=appleboysWebsite: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, Rob, Cory, and Josh dive into a wide range of topics. They start off by sharing an amusing story about a colleague named Jim who was quite a nuisance. From buying things and returning them last minute to incessantly texting and calling even after they no longer work together, Jim seemed to be a time-consuming and annoying presence. The hosts discuss their friends' advice to block Jim's number and not answer his calls, considering the situation.Moving on, the podcast takes a futuristic turn as the hosts explore the concept of manipulating gravity for interdimensional travel, drawing inspiration from a science fiction movie. They ponder the potential real-life applications of this idea, acknowledging the need for more information.
    The conversation then shifts to thought-provoking theories, such as the grand filter theory, which offers explanations for the lack of contact between intelligent life in the universe and humanity. The hosts find these theories intriguing and contemplate their implications for the future.
    Virtual reality technology becomes the next topic, with the hosts using the movie Ready Player One as an example. They discuss the slow adoption of this immersive technology despite its fascinating concept, expressing their belief that realistic virtual reality experiences are on the horizon. The hosts draw attention to the exponential growth of technology and the significant advancements in AI within recent years.
    Taking a detour, the hosts delve into an intriguing topic about a mysterious island-like object in the Atlantic Ocean, most commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. This object allegedly moves, submerges, and even hides from tracking methods. The hosts mention claims of aggressive actions by the facility, including the vaporization of a fighter jet that approached. While acknowledging uncertainty about the credibility of these claims, they reference officially released UFO videos showing entities that outperform modern fighter jets.
    The discussion then takes a turn toward the potential impact of AI on jobs. The hosts express concern about the potential for significant job losses, particularly in areas such as customer service and sales. They reflect on the rapid expansion of AI technology and the worry that large corporations may prioritize cost-saving measures by replacing human workers with AI.
    However, the hosts counterbalance these concerns by exploring the potential benefits of AI. They emphasize that viewing AI as a threat is short-sighted, highlighting historical examples such as the Renaissance period where advancements in technology led to significant achievements. The hosts envision AI as an augmentation of human potential rather than a replacement, citing examples like AI tutors that can offer infinite patience and compassion to struggling students.
    To provide a well-rounded perspective on AI, the hosts refer to an article on A16Z.com that explores the risks and concerns associated with AI's impact on society and job displacement. They stress the importance of not dismissing the potential benefits of new technologies and caution against superstitions and unfounded fears.
    Additionally, the hosts take a moment to update their listeners on the frequency of their podcast episodes, now committing to releasing an episode every week instead of every two weeks. They assure their audience that they are dedicated to providing consistent content, whether it features all four hosts or different combinations of individuals. The hosts express their gratitude and appreciation for their listeners, assuring them that they are loved and valued.
    In closing, the hosts share a hilarious story about a wealthy individual named William who quit his job in a dramatic fashion. They recount how William simply slid an envelope with a...

  • Hear the thrilling conclusion to our two-part true crime series about the Wilson family from Oakville, Iowa!If you're a podcaster and want to check out Castmagic, please consider using our referral link! https://www.castmagic.io/?via=appleboysDiscord: https://discord.gg/appleboysWebsite: appleboys.usPatreon: buyusmillerlite.comTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • "On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, we cover a range of topics – from a vocal performance by Alex of Slaughter to Prevail to a new device purchased for earwax removal resulting in an accidental eardrum puncture. We also discuss attending a Taylor Swift concert, a spider bite incident while smoking with friends, and reaching the happiest point in life without a job they hate. Tune in to hear about these intriguing experiences and more."Website: appleboys.usDiscord: discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: buyusmillerlite.comTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • And now for something different! Hear the Appleboys dive into the world of true crime podcasting with the story of the Wilson family from Oakville, Iowa. They went missing in July of 2008, and the case has remained unsolved... or has it? Listen as we accidentally reopen an old cold case and insert ourselves directly into an investigation!Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Josh, Cory, and Rob go on our second annual "Leave Jimmy at Home and Go To Orlando Without Him" trip... time for you to hear (almost) all about it! There will be a Patron-exclusive bonus episode soon with a juicy subscriber-only story. Check it out at www.buyusmillerlite.com for less than the cost of a beer at your local bar!We talk about a private cooking experience with Michelin star chef Curtis Stone, someone accidentally trying to sneak a pocket knife into the Orlando Magic vs. New York Knicks game, Universal Studios fun, and then a visit to Hollywood Studios for good measure!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPodPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/

  • The boys are back in town! Josh sinks his claws into a coworker and creates a new daily fantasy degen. The episode gets a little off the rails. I'll leave the description short so you can just listen and find out!Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Apologies for the delay between episodes. We're having some issues with our audio being significantly out of sync, and it makes editing the episodes take substantially longer. There are still timing issues in this episode and we walk over each other more than usual. Also, big shout out to Jimmy for editing this episode for us. It was not going to get done any time soon if it had been up to me (Josh), as I just have no time.We open the episode discussing the new Hogwarts Legacy video game and our ability (or inability) to do cock pushup(s)... Then we discuss strategies to eat kangaroos. This leads us to some more animal discussion and an invitation for JK Rowling to come onto our show and discuss trans seahorses. Should Josh start tweeting at Jo daily about this?Josh gets blamed for our "Intrusive Thoughts" episode getting cut short and scrapped. Apparently, the rest of the group thought he was having gay dreams about his brothers and staged an intervention.Cory talks about his trip to Michigan. Jimmy gets defensive. Then he tells about going to IKEA in Atlanta to buy some rugs. Then he goes to a show to see "Show Me The Body" - which is a band, apparently. Do we use ChatGPT to script our show? Maybe...Jump on our Discord and let us know what you thought of the episode!Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Josh talks about the craziest, meanest customer he has ever dealt with. After that, the boys spend the rest of the episode playing an exciting game of "Would You Rather?"Don't forget to rate and review! Share the show with friends. Subscribe! Interact!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Rob tries to fool us with a weird screen name, we ask an awkward question that might be taboo in some social settings, we try to figure out if a certain descriptor is a "hate word", Josh's son pours hot sauce on his keyboard, how much research do we do before we buy stuff?, we discuss our new experiences with bidets, and more!Please don't forget to rate the show, leave a review, share with friends, and subscribe!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Twitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • In this episode, we're introduced to Cory's new recording studio, circle back around to fackets, hear the exciting conclusion to Rob's fence saga, hear about Josh's trip to the emergency room, learn about GFI, figure out that we are all handy opposite, and we talk about what animals would make the best podcasters.Don't forget to leave us a review, subscribe, share with friends, and hit us up on Discord and/or social media!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Twitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Jimmy comes back and tells us about his New Year's Eve DJ party extravaganza, tells us about his resolutions this year, and poses an important question or two about Disney Pixar's Cars universe. Cory and Josh talk about the monster truck show they went to. Rob's home improvement projects continue with a new fence, deck, and front staircase. We debate the pronunciation of the word aficionado. Cory's throat alien makes its weekly appearance on the show. The latest broadway show that Cory and Josh went to see was Tootsie, and they talk about that.Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysPatreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.comTwitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod

  • Our first episode of season 3 is finally here! Please hop into our Discord at discord.gg/appleboys or hit us up on Twitter @AppleboysPod to let us know what you think about this season's new intro and outro! Getting into our Discord will also get you ahead of some upcoming giveaways!In this episode, we talk a bit about what we did over the holidays and New Year's Eve specifically, we talk about Netflix's new show "Kaleidescope" and Rob deep dives into some of the problems he's got going on with his house, including his fence and foundation.Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboys/Twitter/FB/IG/TikTok: @AppleboysPodPlease don't forget to subscribe, leave a rating and review, and share with friends! Thank you for listening, Happy Tonight!

  • 24 hours after being completely hammered on Bourbon Street, Josh tells the boys about his trip to the Big Easy to compete for the DraftKings World Fantasy Football Championship. Hear all about the trip, celebrate another new Founder status Patron in Michael, hear about Jimmy's trip to an underground concert with a laser cage and more! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and thank you for listening!Please do us a favor, leave us a rating / review, share our show with friends, join our Discord, follow us on social, and just engage us in general. We love to hear from the audience!Website: https://www.appleboys.us/Patreon: https://www.buyusmillerlite.com/Discord: https://discord.gg/appleboysTwitter/IG/FB/TikTok: @AppleboysPod